Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 158

Chapter 158


General Qin Yuantang had two sons. The eldest son Qin Ji was twenty-seven years old, and the second son Qin Lu was just turn twenty.

The tiger father has no dog sons. Both Qin Ji and Qin Lu were born with dignified appearance, and they had already made military merits. Judging from their temperament, there was a tendency they would be better than their predecessors.

Chen Tingjian truly appreciated these two young people of the Qin family. Civil servants were selected through the imperial examinations. Every year, there were so many good candidates waiting for the court to select, but it was difficult to get real generals from a few examinations. Although the imperial court also sets up martial arts competition, but people with good martial arts might not good at leading troops, and people who were familiar with the art of war might panic when they really arrive on the battlefield, just like the saying military tactics on paper.

He specially asked the Qin brothers to sit on one side of Qin Yuantang, very close to Emperor Yuanyou and their five cabinet elders.

During the conversation, Chen Tingjian stroked his long beard and praised the Qin brothers with a smile.

As soon as he praised him, Qin Yuantang immediately praised Chen Jingzong in return, saying that even in Jizhou, he had heard about prince consort’s military exploits in quelling Prince Yu’s rebellion!

Chen Tingjian:……

He really didn’t need Qin Yuantang to be like this, as if he just threw compliment just to promote his own fourth son!

As Sun shi said, Chen Tingjian had been praised by those around him as long as he could remember. When he was young, everyone praised him personally. Later, as his official position became higher and higher, not only did his colleagues praise him, but they also praised his eldest son and third son. Chen Tingjian was used to all these things and dealt with them calmly. But at this moment, Qin Yuantang, a majestic god of war, was excessively praising his young son who had only fought in one battle. Chen Tingjian couldn’t help but feel embarrassed for his son and himself!

Fortunately, the seven consecutive days on the road made the chief minister’s face look haggard and darker than usual, and even the slight redness was difficult to detect.

Qin Yuantang praised a lot, consciously giving the chief minister enough face, and finally stopped.

Chen Tingjian waved his hands, with a helpless gesture of “don’t mention it”. He didn’t dare to be humble anymore, fearing that if he was too humble, Qin Yuantang would praise him forty more times.

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and ate his meal slowly.

He Qingxian looked at Qin Yuantang, then at Chen Tingjian, and suddenly laughed: “Just listening to your empty words, it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two young generals. Why don’t you ask them to have a match after the banquet is over, so that I can see what good skills these young people are like?”

Chen Tingjian and Qin Yuantang looked at him at the same time.

Before the two of them could speak, Emperor Yuanyou made the decision: “Zhen also have this idea.”

After saying that, he looked at Chen Jingzong, who was a few seats away: “Prince Consort, do you dare to have a match with the Qin brothers?”

Chen Jingzong was drinking with his colleagues next to him. Hearing this, he put down his wine cup and stood up from the table. He looked directly at the Qin brothers who were sitting side by side: “Dare is dare, but Second Master Qin is too young. I only want to have a match with First Master Qin.”

Qin Lu looked displeased. He was twenty years old, why was he called “too young”? No man like to hear others say this about him.

Qin Ji stood up and cupped his hands at Chen Jingzong: “In that case, I will ask Prince Consort for advice later.”

Chen Jingzong returned his salute, and after receiving Emperor Yuanyou’s approval, he sat down and continued drinking.

After eating and drinking, the match between the two became the highlight that everyone was looking forward to.

Chen Tingjian said to his fourth son in a lecturing tone: “You pride yourself on your extraordinary spear skills, but today, you should see what it means when they say there’s always someone better, there are mountains beyond the mountains.”

Qin Yuantang immediately said: “Cabinet Elder’s words are incorrect. How can a dog son of mine compare to Prince Consort?”

Chen Tingjian:……

Speaking of which, while he was in the capital, Qin Yuantang was either on the coast area or at the border. In short, the two of them mostly exchanged letters, and there were not many opportunities for real face-to-face communication.

In the letter, Qin Yuantang indeed seemed very in awe of him. He claimed that he would become a “dog and horse” for him and send some gifts every year. At first it was gold, silver and jewelry, but Chen Tingjian returned them and severely criticized him. Qin Yuantang then changed it to some rare local products instead. Chen Tingjian was also a smart man and guessed that Qin Yuantang wanted to find a backer in the court. If he continued to refuse, Qin Yuantang might be preoccupied with taking sides, which would delay military affairs.

Therefore, Chen Tingjian accepted Qin Yuantang’s local products and repeatedly told him to train troops and consolidate the border without worrying about anything else.

This was the kind of friendship between the two, which was neither deep nor shallow. After all, Chen Tingjian also admired Qin Yuantang very much.

It was just after they met, why did Qin Yuantang behave like this? It really gave him a headache.

Chen Tingjian glanced at He Qingxian secretly. He would rather go head-to-head He Qingxian every day than be put on pedestal by Qin Yuantang like this.

He Qingxian gloated, enjoying the show while stroking his beard. Who made Chen Tingjian love to be the chief minister? Being praised by others was also one of the benefits of being the chief minister.

Chen Tingjian did not answer Qin Yuantang’s words, so Qin Yuantang instructed his son Qin Ji to let him humbly observe prince consort’s spear skills.

Qin Ji looked humble: “Yes.”

Chen Jingzong snorted heavily.

In front of everyone, his son was so rude, of course Chen Tingjian became angry again, so he asked Qin Ji: “You can use all your skills to teach him a lesson.”

Qin Ji smiled bitterly: “Cabinet Elder flatters this junior too much.”

Chen Jingzong said impatiently: “Are you comparing spear skills with me, or just exchange pleasantries with him?”

Chen Tingjian:……

Chen Jingzong had already turned around and walked towards the yard.

Qin Ji laughed, saluted Emperor Yuanyou, and followed him.

Emperor Yuanyou led everyone to the veranda.

Both Chen Jingzong and Qin Ji had a wooden spear used by ordinary soldiers. They were of similar age and stature, but one was full of energy and the other was steady and restrained.

When the fight started, Chen Jingzong naturally wanted to win, but Qin Ji wanted to give Cabinet Elder Chen some face. He just wanted to not lose too obviously and too quickly, which would damage the reputation of the Qin family’s spear skills.

Qin Ji’s plan was to use one sixth of his strength.

However, as soon as they fought, he felt the fierceness of Chen Jingzong’s spear skills and immense power came from the spear. Qin Ji was shocked to find that this prince consort did not gain fame in vain because of Cabinet Elder Chen’s glory. If he didn’t use all his strength, he might lose within ten moves.

Meeting a worthy opponent, Qin Ji felt excitement instead of fear, and he began to spar with Chen Jingzong in earnest.

The two young and tall military attachés both had long arms and long legs, moved like tigers and leopards as they leaped and dodged. Each of their moves was more swift and agile than the other, with no superfluous flourishes. The two spears clashed like two dragons vying for a pearl, captivating the audience to the point where they dared not to blink, afraid to miss the decisive moment of victory.

No one knew how many rounds had passed. Chen Jingzong then leapt into the air, wielding his spear and slashing down towards Qin Ji. Qin Ji, unable to dodge, could only raise his spear to block. With a crisp “crack,” the two spears broke at the same time! Half of Chen Jingzong’s spear hit the ground heavily, and Qin Ji took a few steps back to avoid Chen Jingzong’s sharp spear blade that flew up.

Chen Jingzong put down his spear and stood up straight, looking at the broken spear in his hand with regret.

Qin Ji also stopped, threw away the two broken sections of his spear, cupped his hands at Chen Jingzong and said: “Prince Consort’s spear skill is excellent, and I am willing to accept the defeat.”

Chen Jingzong didn’t appreciate it and said coldly: “A tie is a tie. Let’s have a match again if there is a chance.”

After speaking, he looked at Emperor Yuanyou.

Emperor Yuanyou was in a very good mood. He didn’t want Chen Jingzong to win because Qin Ji was deliberately modest, nor did he want his brother-in-law to lose to Qin Ji because his skills were inferior. He was happy to watch such a hearty and enjoyable fight.

“It’s been a long day, so you should rest first. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future.”



The officials sent Emperor Yuanyou to the post house. After personally watched Emperor Yuanyou entered his separate courtyard, only then Chen Tingjian and other officials from the capital who followed him dispersed.

Chen Tingjian looked at his fourth son. Unexpectedly He Qingxian walked over first, and asked with concern: “Did Prince Consort get hurt in the match just now?”

The two young generals were both ruthless, and they gave each other a few real blows. With such a long spear, once it hit the shoulder and back with great force, it would almost like being whipped.

Chen Jingzong shook his head, and when he saw the old man coming over, he said calmly: “Old man, please go slowly. I will go first.”

After saying that, he strode away.

When the others had almost dispersed, He Qingxian teased Chen Tingjian as he walked: “If Prince Consort hadn’t looked like you, I would have thought he was an adopted son you picked up from outside. Such a good skill, it’s not something you can teach him. ”

Chen Tingjian: “My grandfather also learned martial arts, and the Old Four inherited his talent.”

He Qingxian: “Now you’re actually praising him. How come you blindly praised the two boys of the Qin family just now? Fortunately, General Qin also praised Prince Consort, otherwise Prince Consort would be embarrassed.”

Just as Chen Tingjian was about to speak, he saw Qin Yuantang standing in front of the moon cave gate. When he saw him, his eyes lit up, obviously he had something to say to him alone.

Chen Tingjian put on a smile, then whispered to He Qingxian: “Just say that you and I have something to discuss later.”

He Qingxian smiled and said nothing.

Just like that, Chen Tingjian directly sent Qin Yuantang away, and did not spend time alone with him.

On the other side, Chen Jingzong came to Hua Yang.

Hua Yang took a comfortable bath and was almost finished with her nap when the sound of Chen Jingzong entering the room woke her up. She lifted the gauze curtain and came face to face with Chen Jingzong who had just turned around the screen.

Before Hua Yang could speak, Chen Jingzong began to take off his outer robe.

His face didn’t look like he was going to do anything, so Hua Yang watched indifferently until Chen Jingzong revealed his strong and muscular chest. When he turned sideways and threw his robe to the screen, two red bruises on his left shoulder and back were clearly visible in Hua Yang’s eyes.

Hua Yang’s expression changed: “Who hurt you?”

Chen Jingzong said angrily: “The old man.”

Hua Yang:……

What did Chen Jingzong do to make her father-in-law so angry that he beat his own son with a stick on today’s occasion?

Not only that, how could her father-in-law, with his weak body, have the strength to beat Chen Jingzong like this?

Hua Yang subconsciously doubted the truth of this statement.

Chen Jingzong walked over, hung the obstructive gauze curtains on both sides, looked down at the bruises on his arms, and asked her, “Is there any medicine?”

Hua Yang called Chao Yue.

When the maid was about to come in, Chen Jingzong lie on the bed behind him and pulled the quilt to cover his back.

It was just that he didn’t completely cover himself up and exposed part of his narrow waist, so Hua Yang helped him cover it up.

Chao Yue quickly found the ointment for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis from the medicine box, handed it to the grand princess with downcast eyes, and then quickly stepped back.

As soon as the door closed, Chen Jingzong threw off the quilt, tilted his head and looked over: “The injury is on the back, can I bother the Grand Princess to please take care of it?”

Hua Yang looked at the stick-shaped bruise that almost ran across his entire back, frowned and said, “First tell me how you got injured.”

Chen Jingzong complained more and more about the old man. If the old man hadn’t praised the Qin brothers so much, he wouldn’t have caused this incident.

Hua Yang listened silently, wet a towel, wiped the area on his back where he was beaten, and started to apply medicine.

Chen Jingzong let out a muffled groan as the gentle, cool touch fell on the injured area.

The sound was strangely evocative, making Hua Yang pause for a moment. Seeing that he was still lying there obediently, facing the head of the bed, she then continued.

The author has something to say:

General Qin: You bastard, you actually treated Prince Consort so cruelly. You go to Chief Minister and apologize!

Qin Ji: Ahh!

Cabinet Elder Chen: ….

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