Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 157

Chapter 157


Jizhen was the head the nine important frontier towns. Its jurisdiction stretched from Shanhai Pass in the east to Juyong Pass in the west. It protected the important areas of the capital from the east, north and west. Its importance was self-evident.

Jizhou City, the seat of Jizhen governance, was located nearly four hundred miles east-north of the capital. It would take six to seven days to travel at the speed of imperial entourage.

The weather was perfect in mid-Eight Month, and Emperor Yuanyou often got off of his carriage and rode his red-bay Fire Qilin to stretch his muscles.

Invited by her brother, Hua Yang changed into her riding attire and rode her snow-white horse, accompanied by Chen Tingjian to the left and Emperor Yuanyou to the right.

Chen Tingjian was well-read and knew the local condition and customs of various places. He could explain in time what Emperor Yuanyou was curious about along the way.

The Chief Minister was dignified and stern when dealing with political affairs, but when “traveling around”, he became more like an elegant scholar, and his conversation was both literary and humorous.

Whenever he spoke, the siblings would listen carefully and smile happily.

Although Chen Jingzong was far away, he could still see the old and young people chatting happily in the middle of the official road.

After setting up camp at dusk, Emperor Yuanyou ordered people to light a bonfire, and then sent people to invite his sister, Prince Consort, and Qi Jin.

During the day, he spent more time with the cabinet elders, and even five cabinet elders took turns coming to the emperor’s carriage to give him lessons. This was naturally the arrangement of his good teacher, who was not willing to let him waste his time on this journey. Emperor Yuanyou was also willing to cooperate, but in the evening, he no longer wanted to study or listen to politics, but wanted to chat with his sister, brother-in-law, and cousin.

Hua Yang’s grand princess camp was the closest, so she was the first to arrive and sat on her brother’s left side.

Emperor Yuanyou: “Why don’t I see Prince Consort?”

Hua Yang: “He must be over there at the guard camp.”

Emperor Yuanyou remembered that Prince Consort seemed to have lived and ate with the soldiers in the guard station in the past two days. It’s unknown whether he didn’t dare to go to his sister’s camp, or whether he did so but was disliked by his sister.

Not long after Hua Yang sat down, Qi Jin arrived. He was wearing the crimson official uniform of Jinwu Vanguard’s commander. With the fire dancing, it showed his face that was like a crown jewel.

Although Emperor Yuanyou admired Chen Jingzong’s genuine nature more, Emperor Yuanyou was only occasionally bored by Qi Jin, a civil servant who liked to be conciliatory and submissive, and could treat him fairly most of the time. As an emperor, when in a good mood, he found everyone agreeable, but when in a bad mood, even his own mother and sister could not escape his criticism. What he had to do was to try not to let these personal preferences influence the handling of state affairs.

After saluting, Qi Jin sat on the right side of Emperor Yuanyou, with an empty seat in the middle.

Emperor Yuanyou: “Why are you sitting so far away? Stay closer so that we can talk more easily.”

Qi Jin smiled and moved over calmly. From this position, once he looked up and he could see Hua Yang opposite.

There was a tea table in front of Hua Yang, and the white porcelain tea cup was reflecting the red firelight, attracting her attention. Yet without her knowing, at that moment, her face was more captivating than the flickering flames.

Qi Jin’s gaze did not linger too long and asked Emperor Yuanyou: “A row of wild geese flew in the sky this afternoon. Did Your Majesty see it?”

Emperor Yuanyou: “Well, it’s a pity that it flew too high, more than a hundred zhang, right? Otherwise, we can still try our shooting skills.”

Qi Jin: “Your Majesty has good eyesight. This range is difficult for ordinary bows and arrows to reach. Maybe we can try crossbows.”

The two began to chat about bows and arrows and hunting skills.

The sound of guards saluting prince consort was then heard in the distance. Hua Yang raised her head and saw Chen Jingzong, also wearing the crimson robe of a third-grade military attaché, striding towards them. His handsomeness was definitely not inferior to Qi Jin, but he was carrying a long branch, with indistinguishable game animal hanging from it.

Hua Yang looked back.

Emperor Yuanyou looked at prince consort getting closer and closer with surprise.

“This minister greet Your Majesty.” Holding the game in his hand, Chen Jingzong did not salute so politely.

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and said: “Dispense the courtesy, is this the game you caught during the day?”

Chen Jingzong said: “This minister didn’t go hunting specifically, just saw something moving in the grass while riding on horseback, and was lucky enough to catch two. If Your Majesty hadn’t called this minister, this minister would have shared it with the soldiers over there. It shows that you are still the most blessed”

Hua Yang frowned and said, “His Majesty has never eaten this kind of roasted food. Will his stomach be uncomfortable?”

Emperor Yuan You: “Sister, you are worrying too much, Zhen is not that delicate.”

Hua Yang continued to glare at Chen Jingzong.

Chen Jingzong looked at this pair of siblings, as if he didn’t know who to listen to.

Emperor Yuanyou was the first to compromise with his sister: “I’ve already had dinner. I’ll just take two bites and have a taste.”

Hua Yang’s expression brightened slightly.

Chen Jingzong breathed a sigh of relief and threw a rabbit to Qi Jin across the bonfire. He walked around to the left side of Hua Yang, sat upright, and grilled rabbit meat without saying a word.

The tongue of fire roasted the rabbit meat that had been sprinkled with seasonings. The rabbit meat was sizzling with oil and exuded an alluring aroma.

Hua Yang was silent, and Emperor Yuanyou smiled and asked Chen Jingzong: “Did you often eat these game meats before?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at the dignified and graceful grand princess next to him, and quietly gave Emperor Yuanyou a meaningful look, hoping that his brother-in-law emperor would not mention this issue.

Emperor Yuanyou wanted to hear the story and insisted him on telling it. Anyway, it wasn’t a day or two since his sister disliked the vulgarity of prince consort.

The emperor held the highest authority, so Chen Jingzong had no choice but talk about his deeds of hunting in the mountains and fishing in rivers when he was a boy. As he talked, he seemed to have forgotten the grand princess, his expression became more and more animated, and his voice became louder and louder. Seeing that her brother liked to listen so much, Hua Yang simply exchanged places with Chen Jingzong.

After the rabbit meat was roasted, Chen Jingzong tore off the crispiest and most delicious parts and handed them to Emperor Yuanyou without thinking.

Emperor Yuanyou glanced at his sister.

Chen Jingzong reacted and quickly handed it to the grand princess.

Hua Yang looked disdainful: “You guys eat, I’m afraid my stomach will hurt.”

Chen Jingzong felt resentful and handed the roasted meat to Emperor Yuanyou.

Emperor Yuanyou tasted it and didn’t know whether it was because the roasted rabbit was delicious or because Chen Jingzong’s craftsmanship was so good. Anyway, he was pleasantly surprised and helped persuade his sister.

The two coaxed together, and Hua Yang reluctantly agreed to eat some, but she refused to touch the greasy roasted meat, so Chen Jingzong tore off a strip and fed it to her mouth.

Hua Yang lowered her eyes and took a bite. Her delicate cheeks, glowing red in the firelight, exhibited a color that was both shy and extraordinarily radiant. Even Emperor Yuanyou, her own brother, was momentarily stunned by the sight.

Chen Jingzong looked fixedly at the grand princess even more and continued to stretch his hand.

Hua Yang glared at him.

Chen Jingzong lowered his head in embarrassment, but the corners of his lips rose up.

After all, they were a couple, and the affection shown unintentionally made Emperor Yuanyou could only look at Qi Jin, who was also single at this time.

Qi Jin smiled and tore a piece of roasted meat from his own side and presented it to Emperor Yuanyou.

The four of them ate and chatted until Cabinet Elder Chen, with his elegant beard, strolled over. Emperor Yuanyou, who immediately understood what Cabinet Elder Chen meant, coughed and reluctantly announced that he was going to rest.

Qi Jin walked alone in the direction of Jinwu Vanguard.

While Chen Jingzong escorted Hua Yang back to her tent.

It was not far and they soon arrived.

When they reached the tent, Hua Yang turned around and looked at Chen Jingzong who was two steps away.

Previously, she went with the army for half a year, and Chen Jingzong didn’t sneak over to her tent until it got cold and he offer to act as hand-warming stove for her. Now even if Hua Yang invited him in, Chen Jingzong wouldn’t go.

He only asked: “Tonight’s roast rabbit, isn’t it delicious?”

Hua Yang lowered her eyes: “It’s not bad.”

Chen Jingzong smiled: “Next time we travel alone, I will roast one for you.”

Hua Yang responded vaguely and went in.

Chen Jingzong watched her slender figure enter the inner tent, watched her sit down, and then left.


Four days later in the morning, the imperial entourage arrived at Jizhou City.

Liu Jie, Governor of Ji Province, and General Qin Yuantang led local civil and military officials ten miles out of the city to welcome them.

Hua Yang got off the carriage in advance and rode beside her brother. The two siblings accepted the kneeling of the officials together.

The eyes of both siblings fell on Qin Yuantang, the current number one general.

Qin Yuantang was fifty-two years old this year. At this age, a civil servant would have looked old, but Qin Yuantang still looked like he was in his forties. He was more than eight feet tall, with a stalwart figure and a face that had been bronzed from years of fighting in the north and south, but there was also a hint of scholarly elegance and modesty between his brows. He looked at the Hua Yang’s siblings with respectful and restrained eyes, and his voice was also gentle and mellow.

The people praised him as a tiger general, but he didn’t feel intimidating to others, but rather very approachable.

Of course, this had something to do with his appearance, and also because he was kneeling before the emperor at this time. If he appeared on the battlefield among the soldiers of the three armies, he would definitely have a different look.

The two siblings dismounted, and Emperor Yuanyou personally stepped forward to help Qin Yuantang up: “General should dispense the curtseying. Duoyan was defeated in three days this time. It’s all the hard work of General!”

Qin Yuantang said humbly: “Your Majesty praised too much. It’s all thanks to your appropriation for this minister to strengthen the city wall, develop firearms, and increase the city defense force that make Duoyan difficult to attack and difficult to retreat.”

While the monarch and minister exchanged compliments, Liu Jie, the governor of Ji Province on the side, lowered his eyes respectfully. Then his eyes vaguely turned to Chen Tingjian, the chief minister a few steps away.

The civil servants of this dynasty controlled the military officers, and Qin Yuantang should listen to him, the governor of Ji Province. Qin Yuantang won the battle, and the credit should be shared equally between him and Qin Yuantang.

But who let Qin Yuantang climbed the high branch of Chen Tingjian, the chief minister of the cabinet?

Since Qin Yuantang was transferred to Jizhou as the commander-in-chief, several governors couldn’t tolerate his unauthorized deployments and refusal to follow orders, and they all submitted complaints to the court. The final result was that Qin Yuantang’s power was getting bigger and bigger, and the governors who complained were demoted by Chen Tingjian or transferred to other places.

Liu Jie could see clearly, so he didn’t bother to restrain Qin Yuantang after he took office. Qin Yuantang could do whatever he wanted, and he would just turn a blind eye.

After the greetings, everyone entered the city.

The post house had been cleaned up, with Emperor Yuanyou staying in the front and the grand princess staying in the back.

Next, Emperor Yuanyou and the five cabinet elders would listen to Liu Jie and Qin Yuantang’s report on military affairs, and then have a banquet. Hua Yang would not interfere and would go directly to the post house.

Chen Jingzong, Qi Jin and other commanders would always by Emperor Yuanyou’s side.

When Chen Jingzong was still an unrestrained young man in Lingzhou, he often heard people talk about the heroic deeds of General Qin who fought without defeat in a hundred battles against the Japanese. It could be said that Chen Jingzong admired Qin Yuantang far more than he admired the cabinet elder of his own family.

Today, he was finally able to see Qin Yuantang’s elegance with his own eyes, and even sit in the same hall with Qin Yuantang for a drink. Chen Jingzong’s heart was surging, and his eyes were glued to Qin Yuantang’s face. Whether eating or drinking, he couldn’t help but steal glances at him.

After watching more, Chen Jingzong soon discovered one thing. Qin Yuantang was respectful enough to Emperor Yuanyou, but the way Qin Yuantang looked at his old man was even more humble than the old man looked at Emperor Yuanyou!

The food and wine in his mouth suddenly lost its taste. Chen Jingzong retracted his gaze and no longer looked at Qin Yuantang.

The author has something to say:

Old Four: If you kiss the old man, I won’t like you anymore.

General Qin: ???

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