Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 148

Chapter 148


When Chen Jingzong said that he wanted to create a good father-and-son’s story, Hua Yang didn’t pay attention at all.

She didn’t believe that Chen Jingzong would show filial piety to her father-in-law in a serious way. But to be fair, he also wouldn’t provoke the old man and get scolded in vain.

Unexpectedly, her aunt suddenly came to the door and made her turned red.

“Why is your Chen Jingzong so funny. I heard that Cabinet Elder Chen’s beard go crooked with anger. Too bad I didn’t get to see it in person.”

Eldest Princess Anle, dressed in a satin brocade jacket with a dark plum-blue background, sat across from Hua Yang. She peeled a small tangerine while watching her blushing niece with amusement: “Ultimately, it’s your fault for complaining about Chen Jingzhong. Well, if you hadn’t blame him, he wouldn’t have gone to the Huangji Palace to cause such a scene.”

Hua Yang gritted her teeth secretly.

She and Chen Jingzong had been married for five years, and when they seldom talk seriously, they always poke at each other. Chen Jingzong loved to see her glare, and Hua Yang also liked to see him choked into silence by her. The two of them had ridiculed each other countless times just because of her father-in-law. How could she have expected that Chen Jingzong would actually get serious this time and even go so far as to mess around in front of all the civil and military officials!

Hua Yang was just glad that she was not there and didn’t have to be angry like her father-in-law and two brothers-in-law.

Princess Anle divided the freshly peeled tangerine into two halves, eating half for herself and passing the other half to her niece.

Hua Yang took it and said angrily: “You’re really well-informed, even know it before me.”

Princess Anle smiled a bit mysteriously: “Don’t underestimate your aunt. Your aunt also has people in the court as well.”

Hua Yang was stunned: “What do you mean…”

The Eldest Princess Anle did not want to mention her own affairs, and continued to talk about her niece’s husband: “If you ask me, Chen Jingzhong is very good. There are too many smart people in the Chen family, so someone should be as straightforward as him. If he were like his two older brothers, cunning foxes who only expose others’ faults while being flawless themselves, who would dare to trust him and befriend him?”

She winked at Hua Yang meaningfully.

Hua Yang just pretended not to understand.

But she knew better than anyone that Chen Jingzong was far from straightforward. He was full of cunning tricks. Even when Chen Xiaozong, this Tanhua, tried to outsmart him, Chen Jingzong could turn the tables on him. And the last time her brother summoned him to the palace, Chen Jingzong saw through her brother’s jealousy over their freedom to leave the city, so he intentionally played the victim in front of her brother and ended up getting a pair of white jade lotuses for her.

Therefore, Chen Jingzong’s mischief outside the Huangji Palace was intentional. He used the couple’s “quarrel” to once again show his “straightforward” temperament.

The ministers were not worth his trouble, he was just showing it to her brother.

Accompanying a monarch is like accompanying a tiger. Chen Jingzong had long understood this truth and would not underestimate her brother just because he was young.

Hua Yang recalled since her brother was still the crown prince, Chen Jingzong was very honest in front of her brother. Even when her brother asked Chen Jingzong, he would pretend to look at her face before speaking.

In other words, all three brothers of the Chen family were actually cunning foxes. Chen Jingzong, the youngest fox, actually the most cunning.

“Hey, it’s snowing!”

The little maid’s surprised voice came from the yard.

But it was not surprising. Although it was only the end of Tenth Month, this was already the third snowfall this winter. The previous two were not heavy, didn’t know about the snow this time.

Princess Anle looked out the window and asked, “Is Chen Jingzhong still run back and forth every day?”

Hua Yang nodded.

Princess Anle said enviously: “Priceless treasures are easy to find, but a devoted husband is hard to come by. In terms of marriage, you are far better off than Nan Kang by more than just a little.”

Hua Yang didn’t take it seriously: “It has nothing to do with that. He just dislikes that the food in the guard station is not delicious, and the kang bed is not as comfortable as the bed at home.”

Princess Anle lowered her gaze, looked at Hua Yang’s lips and commented: “Your lips looks like petals, but it’s actually harder than a stone.”

Hua Yang:……

By the time Princess Anle left after lunch, there was already a layer of snow on the ground, and snowflakes as big as goose feathers were still falling.

Hua Yang stood under the eaves and looked towards the outside of the city.

At Daxing Left Guard, Fu Gui brought Snow Tower over while persuading his master who came out in a big cloak: “This time the snow is heavy, even if you stay in the guard station for a few nights, Grand Princess will not blame you.”

Since his master got this precious divine horse, there was no need for Fu Gui to get up early and going to bed late to follow his master, but Fu Gui still felt sorry for his master.

Chen Jingzong: “You wouldn’t understand.”

He didn’t explain much, walked around to Snow Tower’s side, get on him and ran straight outside. It was only because of Snow Tower was completely black that in the vast flying snow, people could still see a person riding a horse.

Fu Gui looked at his master’s back getting farther and farther away, and suddenly curled his lips.

What he didn’t understand? Prince Consort just liked sleeping in the same bed as the grand princess. But Fu Gui felt that even if he was given a fairy, it was not worth to freeze himself into a dog.

In the snowy day, there were fewer people entering and exiting the city gate. Chen Jingzong came quickly, and after a slight delay when entering the city, he then galloped towards the Grand Princess Mansion.

When there was movement in the yard, Hua Yang approached the glass window and saw Chen Jingzong’s figure walking along the corridor wearing a large cloak. As he walked, he flicked the snow off his hair and shoulders.

The breath she exhaled turned into a white mist on the glass window, making it difficult to see clearly.

When Chen Jingzong looked up, he only saw a hazy beautiful face next to the window.

With just one glance, Chen Jingzong felt it was worth it.

Dinner was placed on the couch in the side room, and a pot of wine was warmed for Chen Jingzong in the kitchen.

This wine pot was Hua Yang’s birthday gift for Chen Jingzong this year. It was a thin-necked pot adorned with gold filigree and peony patterns.

Chen Jingzong still remembered what Hua Yang said on the day she gave it to him: “It’s cold, and since you like drinking, I’ll give you a wine pot. From now on, you’ll be allowed to drink a full pot in winter, just to keep warm.”

Chen Jingzong was so happy, and even more pleased than when she gave him a peony handkerchief back then.

Before he saw the wine pot, Chen Jingzong imagined that it was a large wine pot commonly used in ordinary restaurants, which could be filled with at least two bowls of wine. However, Hua Yang took out a gift box from behind. It was long and narrow. Jingzong secretly thought something was wrong.

As expected, it was a very luxurious and exquisite wine pot, with a long and slender neck, but the belly of the pot was not as big as her fist. When all the wine was poured out, it was only half a bowl!

At this time, Chen Jingzong picked up the long and thin wine pot again, turned it upside down and poured it into the bowl until not a drop was left out.

But he couldn’t deny that this wine pot was indeed beautiful, especially the peony patterns carved on both sides of the pot belly. When placed it on its side, it looked like it was smiling at him.

“Auntie came today and told me about the good things you did in the morning.” Hua Yang spoke slowly.

Chen Jingzong: “You have so many ears.”

Hua Yang: “You dare to do it, are you afraid that I will know about it?”

Chen Jingzong: “I’m not afraid. I showed my filial piety to the old man. Everyone who hears it will praise me.”

Hua Yang looked at his natural cheeky expression and felt that even if her brother was coaxed by him, it only meant that Chen Jingzong was too skillful, not that her brother was gullible.

After the meal, the two of them went to sit on the bench in the corridor to enjoy the snow.

The maids all retreated, so there were only two of them in the whole courtyard, with their eyes full of falling snow.

Chen Jingzong was afraid that Hua Yang would be cold, so he hugged her into his arms while Hua Yang admired the snow. His eyes were always glued to her face, looking at her long and thick eyelashes and her small cherry lips.

After looking enough, Chen Jingzong turned her face to him.

Hua Yang closed her eyes and let him kiss her gently and deeply, and soon she leaned into his arms. Small snowflakes fell on the tip of her nose, and then disappeared silently within prince consort’s hot breath.

The cloak had become a nuisance. The grand princess felt so hot that she was sweating and her cheeks were flushed.

Chen Jingzong finally picked her up and strode back to the inner room.

“My aunt said that Eldest brother and Third brother are like cunning foxes.”

“Then what am I?”

“She didn’t use a metaphor, just saying you are straightforward.”

“I’m not straightforward person, but this part of me is the straightest.”



When the heavy snow melted completely, it was already the tenth day of Eleventh Month.

Early in the morning, Chen Tingjian had already took his eldest son and third son out.

Chen Tingjian was sitting in the carriage, while Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong were riding horses. Although the former Zhuangyuan and Tanhua were both in their thirties, they were still slender and handsome in appearance, attracting countless attentions along the way.

The three of them drove out of the city gate and after ten miles away they stopped at a teahouse on the side of the road.

Chen Tingjian got out of the carriage, ordered a pot of tea with his two sons, and sat at the same table.

The three people were all wearing regular robes, but their appearance and bearing were all very obvious. The waiters in the tea house all called them Masters and served them carefully.

Chen Tingjian faced the official road and occasionally touched his long beard.

He didn’t say a word, perhaps planning some big things in his head. Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong also did not talk, but only accompanied their father silently.

When the sun was three pole high, a carriage suddenly appeared on the official road heading towards the capital. The coachman drove the carriage, and on the other side of the shaft sat a twenty-year-old attendant.

The attendant noticed Chen Tingjian and the other two people in the teahouse at a glance.

The Chief Minister’s beautiful beard was famous all over the world. The attendant hurriedly said to the inside of the carriage: “Sir, look at the teahouse on the side.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the person inside the carriage said: “I saw it, stop!”

Soon, the carriage stopped in front of the teahouse.

When He Qingxian revealed his thin figure in plain clothes, Chen Tingjian smiled and went over with his two sons.

“We haven’t seen each other for more than twenty years, but Brother He is still as charming as ever.” Chen Tingjian said, looking at his former friend who had just stood on the ground.

He Qingxian snorted and looked him up and down: “Twenty-five years later, I have become a rotten old man. What kind of charm do I still have? But Chief Minister is so energetic. If it weren’t for this beautiful beard that everyone knows, I wouldn’t have recognized you.”

As he spoke, he looked at the brothers Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong.

The two brothers saluted together, one dignified and restrained, the other personable.

Chen Tingjian smiled and introduced them to He Qingxian: “These are my eldest son and third son. I hope Brother He will give them more advice in the future.”

He Qingxian: “One is Zhuangyuan, one is Tanhua, I don’t dare to show off my meagre skill. Isn’t there another Prince Consort who has made military exploits at a young age? Why you didn’t bring him with you?”

Chen Tingjian smiled slightly.

Chen Bozong explained: “Fourth Brother has something to do today. I will ask him to come and visit Uncle another day.”

He Qingxian was noncommittal.

Chen Tingjian pointed to the tea table and said, “How about sitting down and chat?”

He Qingxian: “It’s freezing cold, let’s go into the city quickly.”

Chen Tingjian got into the carriage with him, the one belonging to He Qingxian.

The Chen Bozong brothers continued riding.

He Qingxian lifted up the curtain to look at them and snorted heavily.

Chen Tingjian: “In the past, you were far away and didn’t know them well. But now that you see them, you will know whether they have genuine talent or false reputation. You should not wrongly accuse these two children just because you don’t like me.”

He Qingxian: “I only know that if I were a Cabinet Elder and my own son had the talent to be the top scholar, in order to avoid suspicion, I would also ask His Majesty to only make them ordinary Jinshi, so as not to chill the hearts of the students all over the world.”

Chen Tingjian: “In term of high moral integrity, I’m not as good as you. But the children have their own future, and I also disdain those fishing for fame tricks.”


He Qingxian: “That was then, this is now. When you and I were still working in the Hanlin Academy, when did you ever dare to be in the limelight? Later, when you entered the cabinet, your head getting bigger. I’m afraid that in a few years, your eldest will also be called Cabinet Elder Junior.”

Chen Tingjian: “When I am in the cabinet, he will stay in Dali Temple. Brother He can rest assured.”

He Qingxian was silent.

Chen Tingjian: “I invite Brother He to the capital this time because I hope that Brother He will help me implement the reforms. I also hope that Brother He will put aside our past grudges and work together with me.”

He Qingxian: “Your new policy is not good at all. Since you asked me to come, you should listen to me!”

After saying that, He Qingxian opened a box at his feet and took out a thick memorial: “This is the new policy I want to implement. You take a look first, and I will hand it over to His Majesty in person tomorrow.”

Chen Tingjian:……

The author has something to say:

The next day.

Emperor Yuanyou: Where’s Cabinet Elder He?

Cabinet Elder Chen: He couldn’t adapt to the climate here, so he returned to Nanjing overnight.

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