Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 127

Chapter 127


Qi Jin returned to the capital with the army in the middle of the Twelfth Month last year. At that time, his injuries were almost healed. At First Month, Old Madam Qi once again mentioned the issue of heirs, so Qi Jin took in two concubines at once.

By Third Month, the two concubines were diagnosed with happy pulse one after another.

For Old Madam Qi and Marquis Madam, even if was concubine who pregnant with shu children, Qi Jin would still have descendent, so this was good news.

The only awkward thing was Tian shi. But Qi Jin’s mother, Marquis Madam, felt that the Tian shi had always had difficulty conceiving children, and Qi Jin had only been taking concubine now, which already showed consideration for Tian shi, and Tian shi should not have any complaints. Even if this thing was spread outside, others would not accuse her son of anything.

What the entire Qi family didn’t expect was that Tian shi, ​​who had always been gentle, suddenly wanted to get divorce.

Qi Jin was the first to agree. After Qi Jin verbally agreed, Tian shi immediately moved back to her parents’ home, and then asked her elders to come to Qi’s house to get the official divorce letter.

But Old Madam Qi, Marquis Wu Qing, and Marquis Madam all felt that there was still room for hope in this marriage, and Qi Jin was not allowed to write a divorce letter.

The Qi family was the Empress Dowager’s natal family and the Emperor’s maternal uncle’s family. The more this was the case, the more the Qi family should abide by their duties and avoid complications.

The Qi family still wanted to maintain the marriage relationship with Tian shi. Unexpectedly, Tian shi suddenly went to the Grand Princess Mansion and revealed the matter to Hua Yang.

Hua Yang knew about it, which meant that Empress Dowager Qi would soon also know about it.

As a result, as soon as Tian shi came out of the Grand Princess Mansion, Old Madam Qi who got the news, hurriedly entered the palace to see Empress Dowager Qi.

At this time, Emperor Yuanyou was still studying in the imperial study, and Empress Dowager Qi was entertaining her mother in the Xinuang Pavilion in the back hall of Qianqing Palace.

The palace people were all standing guard outside, and only the mother and daughter were talking in low voices inside.

Regarding the fact that Qi Jin liked Hua Yang, Empress Dowager Qi only told her mother back then, and asked Old Madam Qi to arrange a marriage for Qi Jin as soon as possible, which completely made him give up.

Both of them knew the inside story. At this time, Old Madam Qi also directly told her daughter her guess: “Although Qi Jin married Tian shi, ​​I can see that he doesn’t like Tian shi at all. After all, comparing Tian shi to Panpan, where can it be compared. I originally hope that Tian shi can slowly impress him, or that he will slowly let go as time goes by, but Qi Jin looks gentle and easy to talk to, but he has a stubborn temper. He has not liked Tian shi and didn’t accept concubine for so many years, in the final analysis, he still couldn’t let go of Panpan.

“Last year, Prince Yu rebelled, and Panpan followed the army. Apart from the major peace talks, Panpan must also be worried about her prince consort, right?”

Empress Dowager Qi nodded. How could she not understand her daughter? If it weren’t for her prince consort, how could her daughter be willing to wronged herself so much?

Old Madam Qi: “They stayed outside for five whole months. The affection between Panpan and Prince Consort, Qi Jin must have seen it. His body was hit by the arrows of the rebels, but his heart was hit by the arrows that Panpan personally pierced. This arrow completely broke his thoughts, and only then he accepted concubines.”

Empress Dowager Qi looked calm: “It’s good to break it, otherwise it will only be him who suffers. From the beginning to the end, Panpan doesn’t know his thoughts.”

Old Madam Qi: “Yes, it’s all Qi Jin’s obsession, and it has nothing to do with Panpan. It’s just, I always hope that Qi Jin will give up, and hope that he and Tian shi will have a good life, but Tian shi finally couldn’t bear it anymore because of the concubine’s pregnancy, and insisted on getting divorce. We were still discussing with the Tian family to see if there was any room for reconciliation, but Tian shi actually went to find Panpan. What’s this?”

“Why is she looking for Panpan? Could it be that she knows what Qi Jin is thinking?”

“That shouldn’t be. Even Qi Jin’s mother doesn’t know so how could Tian shi see it, and it’s impossible for Qi Jin to tell her this. It’s just Panpan is kind-hearted and advised Tian shi to take care of her body when she was seriously ill. Most likely, Tian shi hopes that Panpan will show kindness again, and let Panpan persuade us to let go.”

Empress Dowager Qi: “Since she doesn’t want to stay, then it’s fine to leave. It’s not been easy for Tian shi all these years.”

Old Madam Qi: “I’m just afraid that the outside world will say that we rely on you and His Majesty to bully Tian shi…”

Empress Dowager Qi: “Outsiders don’t know anything about it. They’ll only think that Tian shi left due to her own guilt and shame for not bearing a child for many years. They won’t be able to blame Qi Jin and the Qi family.”

Old Madam Qi: “What about Qi Jin’s next marriage? Both concubines are pregnant. Abortion is out of the question, it’s too sinful. Let them give birth, if it turns out to be shu son, it would be unseemly to propose marriage.”

Empress Dowager Qi: “Qi Jin is still young, and he’s a talent with a lot military achievement. Don’t worry that no one will take the initiative to propose marriage. Just don’t rush him this time, and tell him to take a look slowly. After all, he still has to choose someone he likes, so that the husband and wife can live a good life.”

She was anxious last time because she was afraid that her daughter would notice and insist on marrying Qi Jin.

Now that her daughter and her prince consort were in love, Empress Dowager Qi did not want to wrong her nephew again.

When she heard that Jinwu Vanguard was almost wiped out and her nephew was also hit by an arrow, Empress Dowager Qi was deeply worried. Her eldest brother’s family had only this son, and he was her only nephew. If anything were to happen to him, how could she bear it?

Knowing her daughter’s attitude, Old Madam Qi left the palace with peace of mind, and then went to Hua Yang’s Grand Princess Mansion.

Hua Yang entertained his grandmother well.

Regarding the matter between Qi Jin and Tian shi, ​​Hua Yang was completely on Tian shi‘s side, but she was not stupid enough to complain to her grandmother about her only precious grandson because of Tian shi.

Old Madam Qi was very ashamed: “Panpan, your cousin-in-law has been making a fuss to divorce your cousin recently. She just came here to complain to you?”

Hua Yang: “It can’t be called complaining. She just wanted to explain to me the whole story, and hope that I won’t blame her.”

After saying that, she took the initiative to paraphrase Tian shi‘s words, and then expressed her doubts: “Grandma, if Cousin dislikes Cousin-in-law so much, why did he agree to marry her in the first place?”

Of course, Old Madam Qi couldn’t tell the truth, and sighed: “I can only say that the twisted melons are not sweet. At that time, your aunt and I both took fancy on Tian shi. We felt that Tian shi was the best among all the young ladies of the right age, and basically force your cousin to marry her. How should I know that he just couldn’t like Tian shi no matter what, and he had delayed others for so many years in vain. Alas, it’s also our fault for being stubborn, always thinking that our vision is the best, and young people doesn’t know anything.”

Hua Yang couldn’t say anything more.

Old Madam Qi: “In short, their marriage has come to an end. When I get back, I will ask your cousin to write a divorce letter for Tian shi. Panpan, you can stay at home with peace of mind, no need to worry about them.”

Hua Yang really didn’t bother to worry. Even if her grandmother didn’t come, she wouldn’t go to the Marquis Mansion to get involved.


In the evening, Chen Jingzong returned to the mansion. When he came to Qifeng Hall, he learned that Hua Yang had gone for a walk in the garden after dinner and had not returned yet.

The days began to get longer, and the scenery in the garden was beautiful. Chen Jingzong guessed that she might be attracted by the scenery and forget to return.

Chen Jingzong quickly ate dinner, rinsed his mouth, and then went to the garden to find Hua Yang.

Hua Yang was in the peony garden.

There was a flower-viewing pavilion in the middle of the peony garden. Because the grand princess didn’t want to leave, Wu Run asked the young eunuch to hang lanterns on the four corners of the pavilion.

Night had just begun to fall, and the halo from the lanterns illuminates the peony bushes around the pavilion. The grand princess, dressed in a white dress, was lying on the gooseneck chair softly, admiring the budding peonies outside the pavilion.

After Chen Jingzong came over, Wu Run, Chao Yun and others consciously retreated to a distance.

Chen Jingzong sat next to Hua Yang and saw that she was holding the backrest of the gooseneck chair with one hand, resting her chin on the back of her hand, and unconsciously turning the peony petals with her other hand, but her expression was a little gloomy.

“I didn’t offend you, did I?” Chen Jingzong recalled first, Wan Yi was so obedient and could only please her, so the only one in the mansion that could make her unhappy was him.

Hua Yang shook her head, still looking listlessly at the peonies below.

The wilted appearance that had been beaten by the rain, Chen Jingzong suddenly reached out and took her into his arms.

Wu Run who saw it in the distance, left with a group of maids waiting to serve.

The night was like water and the lights were hazy. Hua Yang rested her head on Chen Jingzong’s strong arm and raised her eyes. What she saw was his handsome face and inquiring eyes.

Hua Yang then explained: “My cousin and cousin-in-law are getting divorced.”

Chen Jingzong showed his due confusion: “Why is it so tense all of a sudden?”

Hua Yang couldn’t mention the couple’s marital affairs, but said that the marriage was forced by the elders from the beginning. Now that Tian shi didn’t want to be trapped in the Qi family anymore, she naturally wanted to get divorce.

Chen Jingzong listened silently and said: “Since they are unhappy couples, it’s good for them to get divorced. Your cousin-in-law can remarry a man who really likes her, and your cousin can remarry a girl he wanted, why are you unhappy? Do you feel bad that your cousin-in-law who has been treated coldly for so many years, or do you feel sorry that your cousin has been forced to wronged himself for so many years?”

Hua Yang: “Of the two of them, I definitely sympathize with Tian shi more. My cousin doesn’t like Tian shi, ​​but he can still pamper his concubine and live happily. Tian shi not only unable to relieve her loneliness, but also has to bear the pain of losing a child.”

In the past, Hua Yang admired her cousin very much, thinking that he was a master of pen and sword, gentle and elegant, a true gentleman in every sense.

However, after she learned that her cousin had gotten concubine pregnant while neglecting Tian shi, ​​when Hua Yang thought of her cousin again, the only word that was left in her mind was “sanctimonious”.

Maybe her cousin had his own grievances, but Tian shi was such a gentle woman, if her cousin had been nicer to her, even if it was just saying some nice words, Tian shi would not have died young and unhappy in her previous life.

A true gentleman would not treat a weak woman like this.

However, what really made Hua Yang felt gloomy was that while she was dissatisfied with her cousin, she suddenly thought of her and Chen Jingzong.

Speaking of which, she was willing to marry Chen Jingzong, but in her previous life, she always treated Chen Jingzong coldly. Wasn’t it similar to how her cousin treated Tian shi?

Although Chen Jingzong also had a lot of problems at that time and was far less cute and sweet than Tian shi, ​​who made Chen Jingzong die early?

Hua Yang couldn’t help but compare Chen Jingzong with Tian shi. The more she sympathized with Tian shi, ​​the more she felt bad for Chen Jingzong.

She was a princess, whatever she gave, Chen Jingzong would have to accept it. Just like Tian shi who couldn’t resist her cousin who had a more distinguished status.

“When you and I first got married, I never put you in my eyes. Was it hard for you too?”

Hua Yang looked at Chen Jingzong, lowered her eyes and asked.

Chen Jingzong:……

Does she think of him as the second Tian shi?

He thought for a while, raised her chin, looked into her eyes, and said very seriously: “It’s fine during the day, but it’s really uncomfortable when you don’t let me touch you at night.”

Hua Yang:……

She scowled and was about to get off him.

Chen Jingzong hugged her tightly, kissed her first, then held her annoyed face, and explained seriously: “You are stupid, why we have to compare ourself to them? First, I’m not as fragile as Tian shi, getting depressed and toss and turn after being treated coldly by you. Secondly, you are not as hateful as your cousin. As long as you stood there and I see you, all the anger in my heart will disappear. Unless you take the initiative to leave me, there is no way I make a fuss to divorce you first.”

Hua Yang: “You’re living well now, of course you can say that. If I don’t give you a good face for three to four years in a row, and not let you get your way, will you regret marrying me, this princess?”

What she wanted to know even more was that when he died alone in Baihe Ridge in her previous life, did he regret his icy marriage with her, and did he feel his heart broken by her like Tian shi?

Chen Jingzong: “No, I will only think of ways to let you give in to me a few more times, preferably willingly.”

Hua Yang:……

Although it sounded very immature, Chen Jingzong had indeed been like this for two lifetimes.

No matter how angry or stubborn he was, as long as he could bring her to the bed, he would immediately call her ancestor again.

The result of the conversation in the pavilion was that before going to bed tonight, Chen Jingzong took advantage of his “ancestor’s” stupidity and soft-heartedness and prepared the lotus bowl as he wished.

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  1. thanks! tian shi was the biggest victim in this whole thing. i’m glad her family allowed her to go back home and have a divorce. i really wish that we’d be able to see a short excerpt of tian shi being happily married.

    honestly, they(qi family) should have at least gotten a lady who would have been informed of the matter of not being loved, prior to marriage. who marries another family without expecting to have, if not loving, a cordial family relationship? in this case, the fault lies with qi jin, the empress, and the qi fanily grandmother. urgh, the sexism is old societies, and even current ones!

  2. the ending .. i think chen jingzong is the most shameless male lead that i encoutered in a chinese novel
    i liked how hua yang criticized qi jin’s behaviour. it’s understandable the lack of love in an arranged marriage, but you can’t call yourself a gentleman if you don’t respect your spouse, in particular in a setting where there is such disparity between men and women

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