Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 115

Chapter 115


Hua Yang walked out of the tent.

It was dusk, the setting sun was bright and soft, and the wind blew from the north, picking up the dust raised by the army and heading south, just like the tide of the war was about to be reversed.

Wu Run and Zhou Ji stood guard beside the grand princess, accompanying her to greet the victorious soldiers.

Not to mention Ling Rucheng and other soldiers who went out to fight, even the soldiers who stayed behind in the camp had been exposed to the scorching sun all day. Sweat mixed with dust settled on their faces, making the yellow-faced ones even darker and turning the white-faced ones into dull faces.

The grand princess walked calmly past these soldiers. She was dressed in plain white clothes. Even without makeup, her radiant white cheeks made her appear like a pure white peony blossoming in a muddy pool—beautiful and dignified, to be admired from afar but not to be trifled with.

Wherever she walked, the soldiers couldn’t help but hold their breath with rapt attention. They didn’t dare to be rude and offend the grand princess, yet their gazes couldn’t help but stick to her cheeks and the hem of her skirt.

The grand princess walked calmly. When Ling Rucheng and the other generals who had just dismounted found that the grand princess actually came out to greet them in person, they quickly walked over and saluted with cupped hand.

Hua Yang’s eyes swept past Chen Jingzong who was still far behind, and then fell on Ling Rucheng’s face. She raised her hand to let him get up and said: “Generals doesn’t need to be polite. I wonder how the battle is going today?”

The generals stood up straight, Ling Rucheng smiled modestly and replied: “Go back to the Princess, we were fortunate not to disgrace our mission. The rebel army recklessly advanced, falling into an ambush set by our forces in the Hu’er Mountain. Their morale was shattered and they fled in disarray, only to be pursued and further decimated by our troops. Including casualties and defectors, the loss was at least thirty thousand troops.”

Hua Yang said sincerely: “It’s all thanks to Commander Ling and the other generals’ extraordinary military tactics.”

After talking briefly for a while, Hua Yang asked the generals to rest first, while she herself returned to her tent.

Two or three quarters of an hour later, when night fell, Chen Jingzong came.

The tent was divided into inner tent and outer tent. The former was used for resting and the latter was used for entertaining guests.

Hua Yang met Chen Jingzong in the outer tent and instructed Chao Yun Chao Yue to raise the curtain of the outer tent, meanwhile Zhou Ji and Wu Run were guarding at the door.

Soldiers often patrolled by. If they looked inside, they would know that the grand princess and prince consort were just talking.

Coincidently when Chen Jingzong came by, Hua Yang was preparing to eat. When he came over, they naturally had to add an extra set of bowls and chopsticks.

Before eating, Chao Yun and Chao Yue brought a copper basin over, put a wet towel on it and handed it to the Prince Consort, telling him to wipe his hands and face first.

Chen Jingzong took the towel, turned to Hua Yang, and wiped it while staring at her, as if Hua Yang was the dinner he was about to feast on.

Hua Yang caught a glimpse of the white scarf that had turned into a gray scarf, then she looked away and only looked at foods on the table.

She and the generals all ate from the big pot of rice in the military camp. While the soldiers had meat to eat, Hua Yang still had to mourn for her father, so the only food served in the end was clear porridge, steamed buns with vegetable fillings, and two vegetarian dishes.

However, she brought her own set of tableware. Against the backdrop of those exquisite plates, the simple meal also had a bit more color.

Before Chen Jingzong came over, he took off his blood-stained armor. Inside it was a set of crimson commander’s robes with a white belt around his waist. It was regarded as a son-in-law paying tribute to the late emperor.

Knowing that Hua Yang loved to be clean, Chen Jingzong did not move closer to Hua Yang. He asked Wu Run to get a small table and sat on the lower right side of Hua Yang, keeping a few feet away, looking more and more like a prince-consort who always abided by the rules.

Hua Yang looked at his exposed flesh and asked, “What did you do today?”

Chen Jingzong was hungry. He took a big bite of the bun first, swallowed it and drank some water. Then he said: “In the beginning, we just laid an ambush on the mountain. When the rebels came, we would throw stones down. When the rebels fled, we would go down to chase and kill them. After fighting for half an hour, Commander Ling ordered to withdraw the troops, and we retreated.”

Hua Yang: “How do you feel?”

Chen Jingzong: “There are too many mosquitoes on the mountain. Fortunately, I don’t attract mosquitoes. Everyone around me has been bitten on the face and neck.”

Hua Yang: “What are the casualties at your guard station?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at her and said, “It’s okay. Let’s eat first and then talk after eating.”

He was afraid that if he said those bloody things, she wouldn’t be able to take a bite of food.

Hua Yang nodded, scooped out the porridge with a spoon and drank it.

She ate unhurriedly, while Chen Jingzong ate quickly and continued to stare at Hua Yang after eating.

After the meal, Chen Jingzong invited Hua Yang to go outside for a walk, if they stayed in the tent and talk, it would be more constraints.

Hua Yang agreed.

Chao Yun took out the sachets containing insect repellent powder and hung two on the princess’s waist. There were also two small ones, made of white silk that was turned into silk flowers and pinned into the princess’ hair bun.

At this time, most of the soldiers were resting in their respective tents, and the soldiers on night duty also kept their distance, so as not to affect Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong’s whispered conversation.

The couple walked side by side, with Chen Jingzong holding a lantern in his hand, and Wu Run and the others following at a distance.

Hua Yang: “Looking at your face, it seems fine. Are there any injuries on your body?”

Chen Jingzong: “My waist was poked by someone else’s sword handle. It still hurts a little. Maybe it’s bruised.”

Hua Yang was a little scared, but she didn’t quite understand: “Why the handle?” If it was a real fight, the enemy should point the blade at him.

Chen Jingzong sighed: “When I was transporting stones to the mountain, I was walking up and one soldier was walking down. The soles of his feet slipped, and I went to help him, but accidentally poked by the handle of the sword on his waist.”

Hua Yang:……

Seeing her looking like she was being choked, Chen Jingzong took a step closer to her: “What, you really expect me to get hurt?”

Hua Yang glared at him.

Chen Jingzong: “It’s much more dangerous when going down the mountain to fight the enemy. There are people in all directions. This one wielding a sword, that one playing with a spear, and there are people shooting arrows in the distance. I just thought, I can’t have an accident, otherwise you’d be happy…”

In other matters, Hua Yang tolerated him without covering his mouth, but not in this matter. She was really angry, stopped in her tracks, and said coldly: “If you say another nonsense word, don’t think about getting close within three steps with me in the future.”

Chen Jingzong raised the lantern in his hand.

The dim yellow light illuminated her frosty face. Seeing this clearly, Chen Jingzong lowered the lantern and promised, “Okay, I won’t say that.”

Hua Yang looked behind him: “Is there anything else? If not, I will go back first. You should also go to bed early.”

Chen Jingzong stopped in front of her with the lantern, looked at her and asked: “There is one more question, but you must answer me truthfully and cannot lie.”

Hua Yang: “What is it?”

Chen Jingzong: “Swear first that you will gain ten pounds if you lie.”

Hua Yang:……

She lifted her feet and walked back.

Chen Jingzong: “Okay, okay, no need to swear, just answer me.”

Hua Yang didn’t speak.

Chen Jingzong: “I just want to ask, did you miss me when I was on the battlefield?”

Hua Yang said without hesitation: “No.”

Chen Jingzong: “Look, I know you won’t answer honestly.”

Hua Yang: “Then why you still ask?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s been a hard day, and I just want to hear you say something nice.”

Hua Yang: “Be content. Other soldiers have gone through life and death without even being able to see their relatives. At least you can still see me.”

Chen Jingzong: “You’re not a relative.”

Before Hua Yang could glare at her, Chen Jingzong suddenly approached her face and whispered in her ear: “You are my wife.”

Hua Yang tilted her head.

A lamp was lit in the tent next to them, and someone unknown inside was taking off his clothes. That movement, and the broad shoulders and narrow waist that were subsequently exposed, clearly showed outside the tent.

Hua Yang immediately looked away.

Chen Jingzong also noticed it and sneered disdainfully: “Go and walk outside my tent. I’ll take off my clothes and look better than him.”

Hua Yang:……

She walked faster.

Chen Jingzong sent her outside the grand princess’s tent.

Before Hua Yang went in, she looked at him and told him to wait for a while before leaving.

Chen Jingzong was standing at the door, and Zhou Ji and Wu Run were also there.

These two were Hua Yang’s confidants and loyal to Hua Yang. Chen Jingzong had no ill intentions towards them, but he also had nothing to say.

Not long after, Chao Yun came out, holding a box in her hand, and told Chen Jingzong: “The Princess asked you to go back to the camp first before taking a look.”

Chen Jingzong looked at the inner tent, took the box and left.

As for the issue of lamp shadows, Chen Jingzong had reminded on the first night she set up camp that whatever Hua Yang had to do, such as bathing and changing clothes, she had to turn off the lamp first.

Chen Jingzong’s camp was not far from her side.

Fu Gui had already prepared a bucket of water. When he saw his master holding a very elegant box in his hand, he guessed that it was a gift from the princess. Fu Gui smiled and said, “The Princess is so kind to you.”

Chen Jingzong went straight to the inner tent.

Just as Fu Gui was about to follow, Chen Jingzong said, “Go and guard outside.”

Fu Gui secretly curled his lips and retreated obediently.

Chen Jingzong sat at the table, opened the box with his back to the copper lamp, and found two things inside. One was an insect repellent sachet she had just worn tonight, with white silk cover, and the other was a bottle of ointment for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Chen Jingzong grabbed the insect repellent sachet, put it under his nose and smelled it. It smelled like mint leaves. Anyway, if he was a mosquito, this smell would never stop him from biting her.

Chen Jingzong hung the sachet on the bedside.

Chen Jingzong took off his sweaty robe and wiped himself quickly. He did not completely lie to Hua Yang. There was indeed a bruise on his waist, but it was not caused by one of thier own people, but by a young general in the rebel army who fought so hard that the head of his spear was broken and he stab him before he died.

This was Chen Jingzong’s first time on the battlefield, and the first time he could die at any time.

Everyone in the capital was afraid of him because he was the prince consort and the fourth son of the chief minister’s family. The rebels would only be more eager to kill him for meritorious deeds.

Sitting on the bed, Chen Jingzong opened the lid of the ointment, dug out a lump, lowered his head and applied it to the bruise.

The ointment was refreshing and cool, but Chen Jingzong was distracted, imagining that she was sitting next to him, with tears in her eyes as she gently helped him apply the ointment.

That picture brought a smile to his lips.

He smiled and shook his head. He didn’t know if he would ever see her cry for him again in this life.

Inside the tent of the grand princess, Chao Yun and Chao Yue turned off the lights, and then served the princess to bathe in the darkness.

After all, it was a military camp. Hua Yang didn’t dare to linger in the bathtub for too long. She quickly put on her clothes after washing.

Remembering that the purse had not been finished sewn, and that Chen Jingzong was going to fight again after the peace talks tomorrow, Hua Yang asked the maids to light the lamps again.

Chao Yue advised: “Princess, you can resume sewing tomorrow. Sewing at night can easily hurt your eyes.”

Hua Yang lowered her eyes and moved the needle: “Then move the lamp closer.”

Bamboo reports safety, who would deliver only half the report and then stop?

At this moment, her heart felt peaceful. It only took Hua Yang half an hour to embroider and sew the back.

The only regret was that her embroidery was really not very good. The bamboo leaf should be thin, instead of the round and chubby one she embroidered. She wondered if she will be laughed at by Chen Jingzong.

The next day, Hua Yang sent Chao Yun early to deliver the box to Chen Jingzong’s tent.

Chen Jingzong still went back to the inner tent before opening it.

Next to the delicate green silk purse, there was a piece of paper with her handwriting on it: I picked it up and gave it to you.

Chen Jingzong turned over the purse, which was no bigger than his palm, and looked at it several times.

How can such fine silk be picked up casually?

And her stitches, even if the bamboo leaves were embroidered like that, the bamboo actually followed its master, showing a bit of arrogance, as if it was the most beautiful bamboo in the forest even if it was fat.

Chen Jingzong raised his purse and kissed it hard!

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