Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 113

Chapter 113


It was just dawn, and Hua Yang’s carriage and her three hundred soldiers had already appeared outside the city gate.

Commander-in-chief Ling Rucheng came over to salute her.

Ling Rucheng was a Jinshi, and he was in the same school as Chen Tingjian, but Ling Rucheng was older, now fifty-eight years old.

Ling Rucheng had been familiar with military literature since he was a child. After serving as a civil servant for several years, he began to show his talent for leading troops. He pacified bandits in the southwest, attacked Japanese pirates in Fujian, and intercepted the Oriat Mongol cavalry in the north. He was a fierce general of the dynasty, and his reputation was second only to General Qin.

Hua Yang respected all talents and treated Ling Rucheng very politely.

While the two of them were talking, there was movement above the city gate. It was Empress Dowager Qi and the Young Emperor who had arrived to see off the army going to suppress the rebellion.

Hua Yang stood slightly in front of Ling Rucheng and Chen Jingzong, looking up at the city wall.

The young emperor, wearing a dragon robe and a white hat on his head, took a quick glance at his sister, and then looked at the vast army with a solemn expression.

Empress Dowager Qi first announced the crimes of Prince Yu, and then told all the soldiers that she would send Princess Hua Yang to negotiate peace with Prince Yu, hoping to persuade Prince Yu to cease the war.

At this point, the young emperor took over the speech and threatened that if Prince Yu was still stubborn, all the soldiers would capture the rebel Prince Yu for him to comfort the late emperor’s spirit in heaven!

It was the most noble pair of mother and son in the world. Empress Dowager Qi’s voice had the softness of a woman, while the emperor’s voice was clear and young common to a thirteen-year-old boy. But the royal majesty in their words was the same, and it was clearly transmitted to the ears of every soldier.

All the soldiers shouted loudly: “Capture the rebels! To comfort the late emperor!”

The cry was like thunder, soaring into the sky.

Now that the oath had been taken, the army would set off immediately!


During the march, Hua Yang’s grand princess carriage drove in the middle with the troops led by Ling Rucheng.

It was only the tenth day of Seventh Month, and the sun was scorching hot. There was not a drop of water on the ground, and patches of dust were trampled wherever the army passed.

Hua Yang stayed in the carriage and did not need to be exposed to the sun, but the dust could still get in through the gaps in the door and gauze curtains, making the carriage stuffy and dry. From time to time there would be some strange smell wafting in, probably what Chen Jingzong said about horse dung everywhere. After all, only people would find a place to solve their problems, but those horses would defecate wherever.

Chao Yun and Chao Yue took turned fanning the princess, with a bit of worry on their brows, fearing that the princess wouldn’t be able to endure the hardship.

Of course Hua Yang was uncomfortable, but when she thought about how many soldiers were running around under the scorching sun without any protection, wearing more clothes than she did and carrying heavy loads, how could she have the right to complain?

“Princess, would you like some water?”

Chao Yun wiped her sweat and persuaded.

Hua Yang shook her head: “Drink less during the day, and we’ll wait until we set up camp at night.”

There were soldiers all around, and they were in the middle of a journey. If they drank too much water, where would the three women, master and servants, go to relieve themselves? Even if it was sent out to be cleaned, it would not look good.

Noticing that the two maids were sweating, Hua Yang told them to stop fanning and rest themselves.

At noon, the army settled in a wild forest. They took a temporary rest for half an hour, ate some dry food and water, and took a nap before having a hot meal in the evening.

The soldiers hid under the shade of the trees.

The horse pulling Hua Yang’s carriage needed to rest, so she also had to get off.

Chao Yun took out a veil hat.

Hua Yang felt useless. She didn’t want foreign men to see her appearance while the soldiers were risking their lives for the imperial court on the battlefield. They could even sacrifice their lives, but was her face as a princess so precious?

Hua Yang got off the carriage in a grand manner and found that Ling Rucheng was standing not far away waiting for her to get off the carriage. The ten commanders were also there. Hua Yang said hurriedly: “Sirs doesn’t have to be like this. Just pretend that I am not accompanying you. If you need to discuss military affairs, you should discuss military affairs. If there is any delay because of me, I will feel guilty.”

Ling Rucheng really didn’t have time to pay attention to formal etiquette with the grand princess. After hearing what the grand princess said, he nodded obediently and went to another place with the ten commanders.

Chen Jingzong took a deep look at Hua Yang before following the commander-in-chief.

Wu Run had already laid out a coarse cloth under the shade of a tree. The princess said they should not be too ostentatious on this trip, and all utensils that were not for personal use should be kept as frugal as possible.

After Hua Yang finished eating the food in the food box, Wu Run glanced at Chao Yun.

Chao Yun leaned close to Hua Yang’s ear and whispered: “Princess, Wu gonggong said you no need to worry about washing your hand. As long as you want, he will ask Zhou Ji and the others to escort me to find a place to clean the bucket, and ensure that no one else will handle it.”

Hua Yang glanced at Wu Run, who was talking to Zhou Ji not far away.

Hua Yang felt even more awkward when she thought that these two confidants were worrying about her relieving herself.

“Let’s talk about it in the evening.” Hua Yang said the same thing.

The soldiers were tired from running, but Hua Yang who was tired from sitting, slowly circled around the trees around her.

Ling Rucheng and the other officers were not far away. After they dispersed, Chen Jingzong and Qi Jin walked towards Hua Yang together.

Hua Yang kept walking. When the two of them got closer, she spoke first: “I’m fine. You don’t need to worry. Just go ahead and do whatever you need to do. I don’t want Commander Ling to waste his energy on me. The same goes for you. If you come to ask about my well-being at this time, I won’t appreciate it.”

Qi Jin laughed and said: “Fine, fine, obedience is better than politeness. Grand Princess please has a good rest. This minister will retire first.”

The first sentence was speaking as a cousin, and the following honorific was a bit more teasing.

Hua Yang watched her cousin leave with satisfaction, then her eyes fell on the prince consort, who was sitting nonchalantly on the piece of coarse cloth.

Fu Gui shamelessly sent his master dry food and water bags.

Chen Jingzong leaned against the tree trunk, taking a mouthful of dry food and a mouthful of water, while his long and narrow black eyes were always staring at Hua Yang.

Hua Yang couldn’t do anything to him, so she gave Chao Yun some instructions and then walked to Chen Jingzong.

Before she sat down, Chen Jingzong reminded: “I’m covered in sweat. Princess, it’s best to stay away.”

With this familiar sarcasm, Hua Yang glared at him and sat down opposite him.

The continuous sun exposure made Chen Jingzong’s handsome face show two shiny red patches, and his lips were also a little dry.

Chao Yun brought a food box from the carriage over. Inside was Hua Yang’s unfinished lunch. It was brought from the Grand Princess Mansion. The lower part was always kept in ice, which was also the only piece of ice that Hua Yang brought with her on this trip, and she would also eat solid food at noon tomorrow.

“Eat.” Seeing that Chen Jingzong did not touch the food in the food box, Hua Yang persuaded him.

Wu Run and others kept a certain distance. Chen Jingzong looked at Hua Yang and smiled: “I’m not allowed to care about you, why do you still care about me?”

Hua Yang: “I’m already full. It’s a waste to just throw it away. I might as well feed you.”

Chen Jingzong had already put down the dry food, took out the small white porcelain bowl from the food box with one hand, and picked up the vegetables with chopsticks in the other.

Hua Yang quietly observed her surroundings.

Although the other soldiers were far away, if they looked here carefully, they could clearly see what she and Chen Jingzong were doing.

“This time is fine, but next time you don’t have to come at rest time during the day.” Hua Yang quietly said.

Chen Jingzong raised his eyebrows: “Do you think I am a disgraced and not worthy of staying with you?”

Hua Yang glared at him: “I’m afraid of damaging your military prestige. Other commanders are with their own soldiers, but you’re the only one who likes to run towards me.”

Chen Jingzong: “That doesn’t matter. This is not a battlefield. Besides, the soldiers in our guard station have long known that I can’t do without you. It doesn’t matter if I say a few words to you now.”

It was broad daylight, and there were so many people around. Hua Yang’s face was slightly heated by his straightforward words, and asked in confusion: “What do you mean can’t do without me? Why do they know?”

Chen Jingzong: “Think about it, I would always run to the city even when it snows in winter. If it’s not for you, do I go home to be filial to my mother?”

If you say it like this, which man can believe it?

Hua Yang:……

She ignored him.

Although Chen Jingzong was talking, he also ate very quickly. After eating, he looked Hua Yang up and down: “Do you want to go to wash your hand?”

Why everyone cared about this. Hua Yang didn’t even want to explain, and said with a straight face: “After eating, go back to your guard station to rest.”

Chen Jingzong didn’t move: “You brought this on yourself, why be embarrassed now. There are few people over there, I will take you there to dig a hole…”

Hua Yang: “If you don’t leave, I’ll call Zhou Ji to see you off.”

Chen Jingzong understood, she really didn’t need it now. Looking at her peony-like face again, Chen Jingzong stood up and left.

The resting places of Daxing Left Guard and Jinwu Vanguard were next to each other.

When Chen Jingzong came back, Gao Dazhuang and other soldiers showed tacit smiles, some even boldly jeered.

The more than 5,000 people in Jinwu Vanguard all leaned against tree trunks and took this time to close their eyes and relax.

Only Qi Jin glanced at Chen Jingzong.

Chen Jingzong didn’t look at him. He sat down against the tree and closed his eyes.

After half an hour’s rest, the army continued to set off.

This time, except for a brief rest of half an hour, the army did not set up camp near a riverbank until the first watch of the day.

The summer was long and at this time the sky was still bright. The cooks and soldiers were fetching water and washing rice, busy and orderly.

Chen Jingzong came to look for Hua Yang again, and then the couple took Chao Yun and Chao Yue to walk upstream along the river bank. After passing a small forest, Chen Jingzong went in first to check and make sure there was no danger before calling the three master and servants in.

When Hua Yang walked out of the woods, she saw Chen Jingzong squatting by the river, splashing water to wash his face. His sleeves were rolled up high, and water droplets were winding down his strong arms.

Hua Yang walked to him.

Chen Jingzong looked at her and asked, “The water is still warm. Do you want to take a bath here?”

Hua Yang: “Wash yourself if you want. We’re leaving first.”

Chen Jingzong held her hand: “What’s the hurry? Stay with me for a while.”

Hua Yang refused: “You can go to my tent for dinner later. If you want to talk, we can talk then.”

Chen Jingzong: “That won’t do. During the day, everyone knows we behave properly. But if I enter your tent at night, even if it’s just for a cup of tea, they’ll start having all sorts of wild thoughts.”

Hua Yang:……

She sat down next to him.

Over there at the military camp, smoke curled up, rising higher and higher against the backdrop of the darkening sky in the distance.

“Do you regret it?” Chen Jingzong suddenly asked.

Hua Yang didn’t bother to answer.

There was a buzzing sound, and Chen Jingzong quickly slapped the mosquito that flew toward Hua Yang to death.

Where Hua Yang still have the leisure mood. She just wanted to quickly return to the tent where it had been sprinkled with insect repellent powder.

Chen Jingzong washed his hands, stood up, and followed their master and servant.

After returning to the military camp, Chen Jingzong returned to Daxing Left Guard and ate with the soldiers. After the meal, he went to talk to Ling Rucheng and the others, and then went into his tent without even looking for the grand princess.

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