Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 112

Chapter 112


After Chen Jingzong left the Ministry of War, he went to the guard station and worked with the two deputy commanders to organize the troops, weapons, and equipment in preparation for gathering outside the city gate tomorrow morning.

After being busy until nightfall, Chen Jingzong ran to the capital as quickly as possible and entered just in time before the city gate closed.

Because of the curfew, almost all the people had gone to bed, and the faint moonlight enveloped every empty street.

Only at this moment Chen Jingzong had time to think about her, wondering whether she would be afraid of chaos in the capital because of Prince Yu’s rebellion, and whether she would be worried about him going out to fight.

But he couldn’t put these two emotions on her bright and noble face.

After all, she was not an ordinary woman. Even when the late emperor passed away, she only shed tears once in front of him. After leaving the palace, she quickly regained her composure and did not need anyone to comfort her.

Ahead was the Grand Princess Mansion. The mansion was brightly lit, and there were guards patrolling outside the gate.

“Prince Consort.” The four guards guarding the gate saluted him respectfully.

Chen Jingzong nodded, handed the horse to the servant who was responsible for holding the horse, and walked in quickly.

It was a scorching summer, and he was running around more today than in the past. The official robe on his body was wet and dry with sweat several times. As a habit, Chen Jingzong still went to Liuyun Hall to take a shower first.

Fu Gui had been waiting for his master for a long time. Now that he finally saw the person, he almost flew to his master’s side and said excitedly: “Prince Consort, have you heard that the Princess will go out with the army?”

Chen Jingzong paused.

Fu Gui continued: “The Empress Dowager personally issued an edict in the afternoon, saying that Prince Yu is His Majesty’s own brother. The Empress Dowager could not bear the fratricide between Prince Yu and His Majesty, so she arranged for the Princess to go to the front line to persuade Prince Yu, hoping that Prince Yu would put down the weapon and turn around. But I think this should be the Princess’ own request. She was worried about you. When she knew that you were going to go out to quell the chaos, she hurriedly went to the palace!”

The princess has such a deep affection for his master, and Fu Gui was also happy for him!

Chen Jingzong didn’t share Fu Gui’s good mood at all. He turned around, walked a few steps, turned back, and ordered Fu Gui in a cold voice: “Get some water, I want to take a bath.”

Fu Gui smiled and said, “It’s ready. Two buckets are cold and one is still hot.”

Chen Jingzong left him and went to the inner room.

While wiping, Chen Jingzong looked at the water sloshing in the barrel, his brows furrowed deeper. Just nonsense.

Half an hour later, Chen Jingzong came to Qifeng Hall.

Hua Yang was already lying in bed. The army would gather outside the city gate early tomorrow morning, and she, the grand princess, could not be late. While she may live a pampered life at home, since she wanted to follow army, she must present herself in a proper military manner. She could not allow the soldiers to look down on her or, saying that the grand princess was just there to drag their feet.

It’s just that the plan was very good, and she had been lying on the bed for half an hour, but the longer she lie down, the more energetic she became, not feeling sleepy at all.

Is she scared?

No, the court’s deployment of troops this time was almost the same as in the previous life. The commander was still General Ling Rucheng, and the ten guards who went into battle were still the same ten guards. She was also confident that she could help Chen Jingzong avoid his death. After all, the reason for her father emperor’s death was that his dragon body had already lost its foundation. As for Chen Jingzong, she didn’t believe that even though she had warned him, he could still rashly fall into the enemy’s siege.

Maybe it was just because she had never been to the front line. No matter how likely they were to win, it was a battlefield where soldiers throw their lives and blood.

Hua Yang turned over again, and then heard Chen Jingzong coming over.

Not long after, Chen Jingzong pushed the door open and entered.

The room was dark, and just when Chen Jingzong thought she was asleep, Hua Yang said, “Light two lamps.”

The voice was calm and quiet, with a hint of excitement.

Chen Jingzong found the fire match, lit the two lamps closest to the bed, and then looked at the woman inside. She was wearing a plain white middle coat, with loose black hair, a white and pink face, and a pair of bright starry eyes.

Chen Jingzong knew that he couldn’t think of her as an ordinary woman. Looking at her excitement that was similar to Fu Gui, where was the slightest bit of uneasiness?

“Did Niangniang want you to go to negotiate peace with Prince Yu, or did you take the initiative to go?” Chen Jingzong put down the fire match, walked to the bedside, looked at her and asked.

Hua Yang didn’t like raise her head while talking to him, so she patted the edge of the bed and asked him to sit down first.

Chen Jingzong sat down with a puzzled expression.

Hua Yang then said: “I want to go myself. Just as the imperial decree said, I went to have peace talks to show the kindness of Mother Empress and brother to Prince Yu.”

Chen Jingzong: “You really think that Prince Yu will give you face and obediently surrender to the court after listening to your words?”

Hua Yang: “He has rebelled. How could he be so stupid? But my trip was just a matter of honor. Mother Empress and I didn’t expect to end the war with just a few words.”

Chen Jingzong laughed angrily: “Since you know it’s a matter of honor, why do you have to go? Do you think accompanying the army will be as simple as our trip to Lingzhou? Where we leisurely travelled only forty miles a day, stayed at inns every night, and had a constant supply of hot water? Let me tell you, this time the army will march day and night, with at most three hours of rest a day. Even if there are rivers nearby, there won’t be time for you to boil water for bathing. Not to mention the nuisance of outdoor mosquitoes, there’s horse dung everywhere.”

Hua Yang:……

“These are all trivial matters. Enemy troops may rush over at any time on the battlefield. If you encounter a powerful soldier, even Commander Ling cannot guarantee that he will be able to protect you. You, with your delicate skin and tender flesh, if they tie you up with a rope, you’ll be crying and screaming. If they actually wield their swords and spears, don’t expect the rebel army to show any respect for your status as a grand princess. If they dare to rebel against the emperor, why would they fear you?”

The more Chen Jingzong spoke, the more fierce he became, and the eyes that looked at Hua Yang became more and more unkind.

Hua Yang just looked at him patiently. When Chen Jingzong said enough, Hua Yang suddenly smiled.

Chen Jingzong:……

What’s so funny?

Hua Yang explained: “This is the first time you speak to me in this tone since Father Emperor’s death.”

Since the first day she married Chen Jingzong, he never treated her like a lofty princess. At night, he would speak crudely, and during the day, he could be sarcastic or ambiguous. Even though their relationship had improved significantly in this life, their verbal sparring never stopped. Sometimes Chen Jingzong would prick her, and sometimes she would prick him. It wasn’t until her father emperor passed away that Chen Jingzong suddenly changed. He couldn’t say words of comfort and concern, but he also refrained from saying anything inappropriate. He remained silent most of the time.

To be honest, Hua Yang was not used to the silent Chen Jingzong. She wanted the two of them to argue and make a fuss like before.

But as soon as Huayang spoke up, Chen Jingzong tightened his lips again. Fortunately, Hua Yang smiled just now. If she changed her expression, Chen Jingzong would worry that he had spoken too harshly and was trying to make the princess who had just lost her father cry.

Hua Yang looked at his awkward look and began to retort: ​​”I admit I can be a bit squeamish. Like when I first married into your family, you suddenly asked me to travel thousands of miles to honor an old lady I had never met, of course I wasn’t happy. I felt uncomfortable, and I would nitpick about everything along the way. But this time, accompanying the army is a matter of stabilizing the court, and it concerns the lives of the common people and soldiers. If you think I would still act like a Grand Princess at a time like this, then you really underestimate me.”

Being pampered was not equal unable to understand the bigger picture or being stubborn and capricious. When it’s allowed to be particular, she would be. But if she couldn’t, Hua Yang would definitely put the overall situation first.

Chen Jingzong still had a straight face: “Even if you’re not afraid of hardship, are you not afraid of being kidnapped by the rebels?”

Hua Yang smiled and said: “I believe in Father and Mother Empress’ strategy, I believe in Commander Ling’s troops arrangement, and I believe that no matter what happens, Zhou Ji will lead 300 soldiers to protect me.”

Chen Jingzong’s face turned darker.

Hua Yang knew that he turned sour because of Zhou Ji, and she did it on purpose.

When Chen Jingzong was about to lose his patience, Hua Yang moved over, sat on his lap, put her arm around his neck and said, “Of course, I believe even more that even if I am in danger, someone will save me in time.”

Chen Jingzong’s whole body stiffened, not only to prevent her from saying another irritating name, but also to try his best to suppress his body from changing due to her long-lost approach.

Because the late emperor had only passed away for more than a month, if he dared to think about that, she would definitely be unhappy.

Hua Yang stopped talking, rested her head on his broad shoulder, and said sleepily: “Go to sleep, we have to get up early tomorrow.”

Chen Jingzong:……

His tone was cold: “Since you want to sleep, why don’t you lie down on the bed?”

Hua Yang: “It’s more comfortable here than the bed.”

Chen Jingzong breathed heavily: “You are comfortable, but I am not.”

Only halfway through his words, Hua Yang knew where he felt uncomfortable.

She just pretended not to notice and continued to rest her head on his shoulder and hug his waist.

Chen Jingzong endured and endured, then suddenly he lifted her up with one hand, stood up, and turned off the two lights first.

The room fell into darkness. Chen Jingzong held the princess who had lost a few pounds in his hands, and finally came to the south screen window and placed her on the table.

The half-moon casted its bright light, illuminating the princess’s long black hair with a soft luster like silk.

Chen Jingzong kissed the top of her head, held one of her hands and asked, “I go to war and you accompany the army. Are you not afraid of that the soldiers and the people will misunderstand, saying that you’re going for me and that the peace talks with Prince Yu is just a cover for you?”

Hua Yang thought for a while and said nonchalantly: “It’s not a misunderstanding. I’m just doing it for you.”

Chen Jingzong heard the ridicule in her words.

This turned the words Chen Jinzhong wanted to hear the most into the moon in the water, seemingly both real and illusory.

Just like he had never seriously said that he liked her, she also refused to express anything clearly, even though she could entrust him with her own life.

Sometimes he didn’t care, and sometimes, like now, Chen Jingzong would be a little irritable.

This irritability was caused by her. She deliberately didn’t make him feel at ease, so why should he be polite anymore?

His right hand left her strands of hair to grasp her chin, and as he lifted it, Chen Jingzong lowered his head.

It seemed intense, but in fact it still contained a hint of probing. Maybe if Hua Yang just hide back, he would let go immediately.

But Hua Yang didn’t hide.

She missed her father emperor, but there was no contradiction between missing him and continuing to enjoy life.

Although she would not be as deviant as Chen Jingzong, mourning but still ate meat, drank alcohol and even indulged in bed exercise. Such kisses could still be done occasionally.

After all, they were about to set out on an expedition together tomorrow, and for the next three or four months, there might not be the same leisure they were experiencing now, nor the freshness that came after both had just bathed.

Hua Yang hugged his neck.

Chen Jingzong’s whole body was excited.

When the two of them fell to the bed together and Hua Yang didn’t hide away, Chen Jingzong endured it again and again, and still suggested in her ear: “Or, I’ll go and soak one quietly?”

Hua Yang:……

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