Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 94

Chapter 94


Xuan shi probably didn’t remember that she forced that bowl of sour plum soup, which he originally gave to Zhao Shu, on her own son to drink while pinching his nose.

He drank it as if it were poison, and he wanted to done it quickly, so how could it become enthusiastic?

Lu Shi Qing was about to explain, but Yuan Ci Xian gave him an elated look, as if she was proud that he had already fallen in love with her beauty at that time.

He suddenly couldn’t bear to tell her the truth, so he swallowed back the explanation that came to his lips, then silently picked up the chopsticks, and with difficulty picked up a sour bamboo shoot.

Lu Shi Qing was already prepared for a long battle with vinegar and sour plums, but when he had dinner that night, he saw that the dishes had changed, and he didn’t see anything sour. Instead, there was a plate of fried shredded mutton in front of him.

He didn’t really care for foods, as long as it was not a taboo dish, the rest were pretty much the same to him. But he knew that there was a person who mistakenly thought he liked to eat mutton.

Earlier, when he went to the Yuan Mansion’s banquet as his teacher, because his face was covered with a mask, it was inconvenient to eat big pieces, so he kept reaching for a plate of shredded mutton on the table. At that time, Yuan Ci Xian had specially placed this dish in front of him so that he could eat more conveniently.

Unexpectedly, she still remembered.

Lu Shi Qing then knew that the dishes for this dinner were changed by Yuan Ci Xian, and his heart went soft and floating, so he especially moved his work to the bedroom, wanting to spend more time with her.

Ge Zheng said that it was rare to conceive twins, and it was also rare to give birth to one. Although Yuan Ci Xian grew up healthier than ordinary weak girls because she had been running all over the mountains and wilderness since she was young, but in the end it was her first child, afraid she would suffer a lot at that time. So it’s best to pay attention right now, raised her body’s foundation more solidly, while keeping a peaceful mind, and don’t add too much stress.

He didn’t dare to take it lightly, thinking that as long as it was something that pleased her, he would do it. A few days ago, she complained that he sat in the study for half a day, and she had to try her best to lure him back, so now he would stick to her while doing his work.

Lu Shi Qing was sitting on a low table next to the bed, flipping through a stack of reports in his hand, while hearing the rustling sound of dressing in the clean room, thinking that Yuan Ci Xian had finished taking a bath, he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh.

When there was flood, he died from flood, when there was drought, he died from drought. He plowed ten thousand acres of land overnight, but was suddenly fired the next morning.

Listening to this seductive sound, he couldn’t help swinging his little… no, big hoe.

Yuan Ci Xian finished dressing and came out. As usual, she was about to sit down next to Lu Shi Qing, but he grabbed her arm and said, “Go to bed, it’s easy to catch cold on the floor.”

The summer had not even end, how could she get cold easily. She subconsciously wanted to contradict him, but then thought that today was different from the past. She said “oh”, obediently climbed onto the bed, lay down and covered herself with the quilt, then turned her head to look at him, trying to look at the letter in his hand.

Lu Shi Qing didn’t have any secrets from her now, and when he noticed the prying eyes behind him, he thought that her eyes was about to be twisted, so he took the initiative to explain: “The news from Nanzhao said that Shaohe is pregnant.”

Yuan Ci Xian was a little surprised when she heard this: “So fast?”

After she asked, her head turned and she realized it herself. The situation in Nanzhao was unstable, and Xi Ju needed an heir with the blood of Great Zhou to stabilize the situation and gain the trust and support of the pro-Zhou faction. He certainly wanted to rush to have children, and the days were indeed similar.

Lu Shi Qing didn’t answer, just said: “You just need to raise your own baby with peace of mind.”

“You think I’m being nosy?”

He didn’t want the movement in Nanzhao make her worry, so he spoke a little tougher, but listening to her upset tone, he hurriedly turned around and said, “No.”

Seeing that he was nervous, Yuan Ci Xian was in a good mood, she reached out and pinched his nose, twisted it, and said with a smile: “What are you afraid of, I’m not a tigress. ”

Her action was like coaxing a child, and Lu Shi Qing who was treated offhandedly was about to raised his hand and slap her away, but he stopped abruptly at the last moment.

No, be gentle.

He paused his hand in the air, frowned slightly, looked down at her thin white hand and said: “Yuan Ci Xian, that’s enough.”

Yuan Ci Xian originally wanted to let go, but now she looked at him and asked, “What did you call me?”

Lu Shi Qing quickly realized that she didn’t like to hear him call her by her full name, so he quickly changed his words: “Ci Xian.”

“It’s not right.” She pouted at him, “What did you call me when you were ‘huh huh huh’ before, don’t you remember?” (tn: if you haven’t guessed it, it’s panting sound)


Who was ‘huh huh huh’ at her.

He felt both angry and funny for a moment: “Then what did you call me when you ‘Ah ah ah’ before? Tell me.”

Yuan Ci Xian choked, and when he mentioned this, her face became a little ashamed, so she let him go, and muttered, “When did I!”

Seeing her hot face, Lu Shi Qing’s whole body was also boiling, thinking that he was not in the mood to work anymore, so he simply pushed aside all the reports, put out the candle and get on the bed, then said indifferently: “If you haven’t, you haven’t. Go to sleep.”

Lu Shi Qing slept on different quilt for caution sake.

When he lay down next to her, Yuan Ci Xian said “Oh” and closed her eyes, but she still felt a little itchy. After a while, she sneaked her hand into his quilt and poked his ribs lightly.

Lu Shi Qing was so ticklish that he shrunk all over, gritted his teeth in the dark and said, “Yuan Ci Xian, don’t be naughty!”

“Why are you calling me by my full name again? Have you lost your memory!”

She was much fiercer that him, and his momentum was weak because he just heard a word called “fetal qi“, which was something that could not be moved.

Lu Shi Qing hugged her through the barrier of the quilt, and softened his tone: “No, I was worried about you recently so my memory becomes bad, but now I remember.”

“Remember what?”

He said quietly: “Remember what do I call you when I say ‘huh huh huh’.”

“Then tell me.”

After all, Lu Shi Qing was still stubborn, only when he was affectionate, he couldn’t help calling her by her nickname. And now he was so worn out by her that he had no choice but to lower his head and lean into her ear, calling her: “Yaoyao.”

Yuan Ci Xian’s heart was comfortable, then she grope in the dark to give an earth-shattering “Muah” on his face: “Reward for you, go to sleep.”

Lu Shi Qing hugged her with one arm, touched her cheek with the other, the corners of his lips curled up slightly, smiling like a twenty-three-year-old fool.

The next day, Yuan Ci Xian woke up in the middle of maoshi (5-7am), and seeing that the quilt beside her was empty, she knew that Lu Shi Qing had gotten up early and went to Daming Palace. She didn’t know whether she slept too soundly or if he moved too lightly, but she didn’t even know when he got up to wash.

Yuan Ci Xian was still a little sleepy, but if she slept again, she would miss the time for breakfast, so she hurriedly got up and dressed, and went to the dining hall to drink porridge with Xuan shi and Lu Shuang Yu. While being idle she chatted with them about the future name of the baby in her stomach.

The three of them had a lively discussion for a while, and Yuan Ci Xian asked curiously: “Mother, where Shi Qing’s name came from?”

Xuan shi liked that the two of them called each other intimately, so Yuan Ci Xian kept calling Lu Shi Qing like this in front of her, and she was not worried that her mother-in-law would think that she was unruly.

Xuan shi was really happy when she heard this, and recalled: “It’s me who chose this name. Back then, I met Shi Qing’s father on a rainy day…”

It was raining heavily, and he was holding a stack of books in his arms, but the person was drenched like drenched cat, so she kindly lent him an umbrella. Later, she developed affection for him, so she went to his house to ask for the umbrella back, and chased him back and forth. The two got married and had a child, so she said she would name the child “Shi Qing”, which means “When it rains, you meet Qing (term of endearment between spouse)”.

After hearing this, Yuan Ci Xian revealed a little longing, and said: “Then I know why Shi Qing’s literary name is called ‘Zishu’. The word ‘Shu’ means ‘timely rain’. Father is telling you that you are his timely rain.”

Xuan shi smiled from ear to ear, and said to Lu Shuang Yu: “Your sister-in-law is so good at talking, no wonder she can make your elder brother obedient.”

In the Daming Palace, Lu Shi Qing who was discussing something with several ministers suddenly sneezed.

Lu Shi Qing was very busy for several days. With Zheng Ji collapsed, the trees fell and the monkeys scattered, and the former Second Prince’s party in the court was in chaos. Emperor Huining then just handed over the mess to him, this “think tank”.

He wanted to stay at home with Yuan Ci Xian and their unborn baby, but he was unable to do so. Seeing that another morning passed, he finally free, but when he was about to leave the palace gate, he was blocked by an old man in a blue official robe.

He recognized this old man, he was the assistant teacher of the Imperial Academy, a sixth-grade official. Although his position was not high, he was quite famous in the academy because of his profound knowledge.

Of course, the more important thing was that his surname was Dou, and he was the grandfather of the scholar named Dou Azhang who had been pestering Lu Shuang Yu endlessly.

After Dou Azhang was rejected several times by Lu Mansion’s servants, he began to take a detour, calling every day for a month to worship Lu Shi Qing as his teacher and study the sage classics.

Of course Lu Shi Qing, who knew that he just wanted to take the opportunity to infiltrate the Lu Mansion to find “Hong Ju”, resolutely refused to accept such ill-intentioned students, and he refused several times with a black face. Well, now even his grandfather had come to intercede.

Dou De Fang was straight to the point, and what he said was indeed about his grandson. It’s just that the old man obviously didn’t know his grandson’s true intentions, and just thought that he was eager to learn.

Lu Shi Qing wanted to hurry back to the mansion to accompany Yuan Ci Xian for lunch, where did he have the leisure time to talk to him, seeing that the Dou family was so persistent, he simply agreed, and planned to meet that Dou Azhang again another day.

Dou De Fang thanked him repeatedly, stepped aside and watched him leave.

Lu Shi Qing got into the carriage and went straight to Yongxing Lane. When he arrived at the gate of the mansion, he heard someone shouting outside the wall: “Miss Hong Ju, Miss Hong Ju!

He frowned, and after lifting the curtain and was about to speak, he suddenly saw a woman dressed in coarse linen coming out from the gate of his house. She was about three times the size of Lu Shuang Yu, spoke with a southern accent and shouted to Dou Azhang who was calling at the bottom of the wall: “Who is calling me?”

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