Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 93

Chapter 93


Lu Shi Qing walked out of the palace gate like a wandering soul, he got into the carriage back to the mansion, but his soul didn’t return for long time.

He really lost to Yuan Ci Xian. Heavens knows what kind of dangerous life he had been living for more than a month.

Since last time she realized that she was tossed all night by him for nothing, she learned the lesson and began to study hard on the bedroom art, vowing to make every hard work pay off, and she would strike him day and night until she got pregnant, telling him to hoe the ground at night and plant rice seedlings in the morning.

This kind of thing was very exciting. For example, he was sitting in the study and working, and she would suddenly get out from under the desk and pull off his belt. Another example was when he was taking a bath in the clean room, and she would use the excuse of going to the toilet to come in and jump into his bathtub.

He was a hot-blooded young man, so how could he withstand this kind of tricks. His mouth told her to stop, but his hands and feet didn’t listen to the order and defeated step by step. He realized that her harsh words earlier were indeed true, and whether or not they had children was entirely up to her. He was just a laboring ox, sweating and toiling away. Over the next month, he had been ridden hard in every possible way.

But Lu Shi Qing was not without foresight, in order to prevent her from giving birth too soon and making him live like a widower for ten months, the first few times he always retreated at the critical moments. After a few times, Yuan Ci Xian became anxious, and when she saw him wanting to escape, she pestered him and clung to him. He had no choice but to give up struggling and spent inside.

Therefore, it was not surprising that she was able to conceive after working so hard.

Lu Shi Qing sighed all the way back to the mansion, got out of the carriage and hurried in. When he saw Shi Cui, he asked: “Has the doctor come to check?”

He was just asking casually, never expecting to get a negative answer, but she actually answered: “Master, the doctor hasn’t arrived yet.”

Lu Shi Qing stopped abruptly and stood in front of Yuan Ci Xian’s room.

Seeing him stunned, Shi Cui hurriedly explained: “But Lady took her own pulse, and she seems very sure.”

“…” Checking the happy pulse herself, she is sure really capable.

Lu Shi Qing opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say. It took him a moment to realize why he would waste his words with Shi Cui, while he could just go in directly, so he pushed the door open and entered.

Yuan Ci Xian was sitting cross-legged on a low couch, with her right arm spread out and her palm facing upward. She pressed three fingers of her left hand on her right wrist, looking like a living immortal with her head tilted and her eyebrows furrowed. When she heard the door open, she quickly asked through the screen, ‘Has the doctor arrived?’ She probably thought it was a maidservant coming in.

“It’s me.”

Yuan Ci Xian was stunned when she saw the speaker walked around the screen, then asked strangely: “Aren’t you in the palace, why are you back at this hour?”

Lu Shi Qing choked. In fact, the report just now had nothing to do with her. Although she had been pestering him to have a child recently, she had always known how to behave and would not hinder his official business. The servant who came to Daming Palace was specially ordered by him to stay at the mansion to keep an eye on her, and he probably came in a hurry after hearing the word “pregnant”.

Great, if Yuan Ci Xian took her pulse incorrectly, the Lu family might be considered deceiving the emperor.

But this was not important.

He sat down beside the low couch, and asked without answering: “You really took a happy pulse?”

Yuan Ci Xian knew why he came back suddenly after hearing these words, and nodded affirmatively: “This time it will definitely not wrong!”

The monthly period had been late for more than ten days, and in the first two days, she called the doctor again in fear. But perhaps because the pulse was not apparent at that time, the doctor didn’t detect a conclusive pulse, just asked her not to be anxious, and observed it for a few more days. Afterwards, seeing that she didn’t have any other obvious symptoms, she stopped bothering others to run over again and again, and simply learned the method of taking the pulse by herself.

Thirty times a day, she could take pulse as much as she wanted, anytime, anywhere, easy and cheap.

But since Lu Shi Qing spent the whole night worrying about her for nothing last time, he no longer dared to trust her. Seeing that the doctor hadn’t arrived yet, and he was idle, he grabbed her wrist, imitating her posture and started taking pulse.

Yuan Ci Xian moved her body, leaned closer to him, rested her chin on his shoulder, and looked at him expectantly: “Have you touched it? It’s like dub dub dub.”

Lu Shi Qing twitched the corner of his mouth: “Wait a minute.” After saying that, he raised his head and straightened his chest, relax and breathe, press down his fingers, and try his best to take pulse.

“Isn’t the flow even, and the pulse rounded and smooth, like rolling pearls on a jade plate?”

“…” He felt it silently for a while, then tilted his head and said truthfully, “I don’t feel it.”

Yuan Ci Xian got upset and pulled out her hand, said with disgust: “You don’t know how to take pulse.”

This specialized art, Lu Shi Qing really didn’t know how to do it. Seeing that she was eager for a child, it was not good to hit her, so he grabbed her hand again and held it in his palm, admitting: “It’s because I don’t know how to take pulse.”

She glanced at him: “Then hurry up and urge the doctor for me.”

Lu Shi Qing choked, feeling that this scene was very familiar. It was the same as last year when Jiang Bi Rou had a miscarriage in Lu Mansion, she treated him, this dignified Assistant Minister, as a servant and ordered him to invite a doctor.

It’s just that at that time she lived here with an unjustified name, but now she was the wife he legally married.

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt that even if she asked him to bring a basin of water for washing her feet, he would be willing.

Lu Shi Qing got up to urge people, and not long after, he personally led a doctor surnamed Ge back, and watched him diagnosed Yuan Ci Xian’s pulse.

This doctor named Ge Zheng was quite famous in Chang’an City, he usually worked in the medicine hall, and rarely made a home visit. It was really giving the Lu family a big face for him to come in person.

Yuan Ci Xian began to play scoundrel on the old man again: “Doctor Ge, as soon as I look at your face, I feel that you are more pleasing than that Doctor Fang last time. Looking at your ruddy forehead, it seems you can detect a happy pulse with one touch.”

Ge Zheng’s hand that was about to reach her paused, and said calmly, “Lady Lu, if you talk again, your pulse will run away.”

Yuan Ci Xian pursed her mouth and looked at Lu Shi Qing who was standing on the side.

Lu Shi Qing lowered his chin, motioning for her to sit quietly. Even if she was really pregnant, it would only be one month at most, right now the pulse would be really difficult to detect, so naturally it shouldn’t be rushed.

The room fell silent. Lu Shi Qing secretly stared at Doctor Ge with bated breath, and waited for him to take pulses back and forth on Yuan Ci Xian’s left and right hands then removed the pillow before asking, “Doctor Ge?”

Ge Zheng got up and cupped his hands to him: “Congratulations Assistant Minister Lu, your esteemed wife is indeed pregnant.”

At first Lu Shi Qing was afraid that there would be another misunderstanding, and he didn’t really believe Yuan Ci Xian’s nonsense. Now his head was dizzy, and the hands behind his back were shaking. Then he asked with a calm face, “Is the pulse stable?”

Ge Zheng shook his head.

Unstable? His heart sank, and when he was about to ask question, he heard him explained first: “Your esteemed wife’s middle and lower veins are both vigorous, it’s likely to be a twin, so the pulse condition will not be stable for the time being.”

Lu Shi Qing’s legs became soft, he reached his hands to support himself on the table: “What did you say?”

It was really difficult for ordinary doctors to identify the pulse of twins, but Ge Zheng was very skilled in medicine, one grasp, one accurate. Because of the special situation, before leaving he explained a lot of things that should be paid attention to in terms of diets. When the whole Lu family got the news, everyone was busy.

Lu Shi Qing was originally happy and worried, but when he heard that it was twins, he felt that this abstinence would be very cost-effective. He sat on the low couch and for a while stared at Yuan Cixian, who was also caught off guard, before accepting the glorious fact of her extraordinary talent. He cautiously reached out to touch her abdomen and asked, “Can it really fit two?”

He looked at her belly, which had no extra flesh, and found it difficult to imagine it could even accommodate one baby.

Yuan Ci Xian was a little unconvinced when she heard this, pointed her flat stomach at him, and said, “It can grow bigger!”

Lu Shi Qing couldn’t help laughing, then saw her throwing her arms around his neck, and asked triumphantly: “I conceived two at once, aren’t I awesome?”

She was so reckless, really not afraid of pressing her stomach.

Lu Shi Qing avoided her a little, raised his eyebrows and said, “Shouldn’t it be me who ask this?”

“What’s so awesome about you?” Yuan Ci Xian snorted, “I calculated just now, this baby must be conceived while I was on top.”

“…” Lu Shi Qing choked, and asked, “Which time?” It seems that he was usually the one that worked on top.

She replied shamelessly: “You were writing official documents in the study, and I climbed into your chair that time.”

Lu Shi Qing said “Oh”, then recalled: “Didn’t we continue on the table later?” Also destroying a pile of official documents, and made him have to recopy all the documents that night until his hands went soft.

“When we were on the table, you were standing, not on top of me.”

Lu Shi Qing’s stomach tensed when she said that, he frowned and said, “Stop it.”

After talking about it, he immediately had pictures in his head.

Yuan Ci Xian smiled slyly: “Anyway, it’s my credit.”

The two argued for the credit for a long time, until the servant said that Xuan shi called them to have lunch.

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t have any symptoms of morning sickness, her stomach was indeed really hungry. When she heard this, she swung her legs off the bed. Lu Shi Qing grabbed her arm and frowned, “Why are you getting up like that?” Then he helped her up like he was assisting an eighty-year-old lady and led her out.


Yuan Ci Xian felt that he was overly cautious, but she had never been pregnant before. She thought that there were two after all, so it’s better to be cautious. With his support, she took very small steps, and moved towards the dining hall inch by inch.

When there were steps, the two stopped in unison. Lu Shi Qing went down one level first, then stretched out his arms in a posture that could catch her at any time, and then waited for her to slowly walk down.

Just a short distance, the two of them dawdled for nearly two sticks of incense.

Xuan shi waited in the dining hall until the food turned cold, after waiting anxiously for a while, she saw the two people who were barely moving from a distance, and she couldn’t help but hold her forehead in a daze.

On the side, Lu Shuang Yu thought that she was not feeling well, and hurriedly asked: “What’s wrong Mother?”

She shook her head and smoothed her chest, “How can I give birth to such a stupid son…”

After another half a quarter of an hour, Lu Shi Qing finally overcame all difficulties and obstacles, gently helped Yuan Ci Xian to the dining hall, and apologized to Xuan shi who had been waiting for a long time: “Mother.”

She really wanted to say that she didn’t have such a stupid son like him, but she held back and only said, “It’s just walking, are you taking Ci Xian to embroidery with you?”

Lu Shi Qing choked: “Mother, she’s pregnant.”

“If because she’s pregnant you have to walk like that, you might as well take a nine-month leave from the court, and stay at home every day to support Ci Xian like this.”

Yuan Ci Xian frowned when she heard this, and immediately threw away Lu Shi Qing’s hand: “Exactly! I told you not to make such a big fuss! Look at mother, how knowledgeable.”

“…” When did she say that? She was obviously very comfortable being held by him just now.

But Lu Shi Qing could only acquiesce, apologized to Xuan shi, and then sat down with Yuan Ci Xian. When he was about to move his chopsticks, he suddenly smelled a very strong sour smell.

He froze while holding the chopsticks, and raised his eyes to scan the tables — shrimps in vinegar, fried crucian carp in vinegar, fried bamboo shoots in vinegar, braised fire goose in vinegar…

Xuan shi immediately called out to Yuan Ci Xian: “Ci Xian, today’s dishes are all sour, try to see if it suits your appetite.”

Lu Shi Qing raised his head slowly while his neck stiffened, and asked suspiciously, “Mother, have you forgotten again… I don’t eat sour food?”

In any case, can you give him something to eat?

Xuan shi blinked twice, and said with a smile: “Really? I think Ci Xian gave you a bowl of sour plum soup last year. Didn’t you drink it enthusiastically?”


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