Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 88

Chapter 88


After a stick of incense, Yuan Ci Xian looked down at the person who was eating hard in front of her, and couldn’t help but think in disgust, what Xǔ Sanniang said was actually true. She used the wrong method at the beginning, dealing with Lu Shi Qing, this kind of person who put serious face at the front but “shameless” inside, it was better to directly seduce quickly.

She was paralyzed at the corner of the bed by him, and when he intoxicatingly raised his head, her hands and feet were already limp and her face was flushed, she gave him an annoyed look and said, “It’s done!” Then she went to close her front lapel.

Her monthly period had not finish, so Lu Shi Qing only had this bit of sweetness to taste. Fearing that things would get out of control if it went on, he took the initiative to help her arrange her clothes, while saying, “If you think it’s not enough, then continue.”

Did he think his saliva is a golden tonic. Yuan Ci Xian wanted to gouge out his eyes with a knife: “Go **** yourself.”

“…” Lu Shi Qing held his belt, feeling that a certain place was unbearably hot, and only sighed that Emperor Huining really knew how to choose a date. A newly wed during monthly period, he really wanted to boil him to death.

Seeing him deflated, Yuan Ci Xian felt happy. She climbed up and rubbed his chest with her shoulder, and said seductively, “Say something nice, and I’ll help you.”

Lu Shi Qing looked at her stiffly, “Helping how?”

She stretched out her hand, spread her five fingers, and waved in front of his eyes.

He almost fainted looking at her delicate and white hand shaking, struggled a bit, and couldn’t help asking, “What’s something nice?”

“Do you want me to teach you word by word?” She took a step back, “If you don’t want to then forget it.”

Lu Shi Qing fell into silence. He really couldn’t say it.

He thought for a while, and chose a more vague way: “I will accompany you to the West Market tomorrow, and buy all the things that you didn’t buy last year.”

Who is it last time that was ordered by the emperor to go shopping with her and put on a stinky face.

Yuan Ci Xian raised her chin, pointed at him, “You said, you’re not afraid that I will spend all of this month’s salary?”

Lu Shi Qing made a struggle with himself, gritted his teeth and said “Um”.

She was so happy, fearing that he would go back on his word, she immediately pounced on him and pulled his belt, and said excitedly: “Quick, take off your pants!”

Lu Shi Qing probably thought, anyway this month’s salary was lost, so the sweetness should not be less. After she served a few times, he felt that it was not enough. After putting her down, he opened her front lapel again, and boldly changed the method.

Yuan Ci Xian really didn’t know where he learned this trick that made people blush, and she forgot to stop it under her astonishment. In broad daylight, it was the first time she saw him clearly from a close distance, and she could only sigh for underestimating him earlier. Right now, she simply released an evil dragon with her own hands.

Lu Shi Qing was inherently outstanding, he only lacked knowledge before. But in the past few days, he studied a pile of Bihuo picture, and naturally made rapid progress. But because of her delicate skin and tender flesh, he didn’t dare to use too much force and torment her for too long.

She was healed again with another “tonic” by him. Even though she was originally a bold person, she was so ashamed that she refused to look directly at him after it finished, buried her head in his arms, was carried by him to the clean room to take a bathe.

Every time Lu Shi Qing acted impulsively, he would start to doubt himself after doing shameless things. At the moment he was actually a little embarrassed, even his steps and the hands holding her were trembling. He finally managed to get to the clean room, but when he arrived at the side of the tub he actually “fail when it’s about to succeed”, and accidentally slipped and dropped her off.

With a loud bang, splashes of water flew everywhere, Yuan Ci Xian was thrown into the tub with precision.

Both of them were stunned, and after a moment of shock, the one who was thrown first reacted. She slammed her hand onto the water surface and roared, “Is this all the strength you have? Are you still a man? Get out!”

Lu Shi Qing was so embarrassed that he wanted to run away, but after turning around and walking a few steps, he stopped and went back to carry her out of the tub. “You can’t wash like this with your period. Come out, and I’ll dry you off.”

She pouted and looked at him suspiciously, “Are you going to drop me again?”

“No, I won’t.”

She sniffed and gestured for him to make up for his mistake.

Lu Shi Qing turned around and took a towel to wipe off the stickiness on her body. By the time he finished cleaning her up, he himself was covered in water stains, and found that he had returned to the original state of being burned.

He was afraid that it was… a wasted effort.

The young couple stayed in the room, fiddling around until dusk. After dinner, they somehow got serious and talked about Zheng Zhuo’s assassination in the afternoon.

Yuan Ci Xian asked for details and found that the whole thing was a ruse orchestrated by the Second Prince.

Since being stripped off the command of the Jinwu Guard, the Second Prince had been harboring resentment towards Zheng Zhuo. This, coupled with his defeat at Ziyu Pavilion in late Fourth month, made him even more bitter. Despite being released from house arrest, the emperor increasingly ignored him and favored Zheng Zhuo instead, which made the Second Prince unable to sit still.

However, looking at the current situation in the court, the prestige of the emperor was still remained. This power struggle for the throne could not be resolved simply by one prince killing another. The Second Prince would not be so foolish as to assassinate Zheng Zhuo and bear the crime of killing his brother, thus causing both of them to be defeated and allowing Ping Prince to reap the benefit of the fisherman. Therefore, he came up with this insidious tactic and assassinated himself, in an attempt to win the sympathy of the court officials.

As for whether he could successfully shift the blame onto Zheng Zhuo, it didn’t really matter. As long as the two walked together, he would be suspected, and in this kind of situation, no evidence or conviction was necessary. If it could change the emperor’s mindset even a little bit, then the objective would have been achieved.

Originally, this plan was not a bad one. After all, the Second Prince had been too competitive before, while Zheng Zhuo had always put himself in a weak position, using retreat as a way to advance.

However, the Second prince did not expect that his Sixth brother was even more ruthless than him, seeing the assassination attempt, he actually “throw caution to the wind” and blocked the knife for him.

At this time, he was stunned, and the assassin was also shocked, so he hurriedly gave him another attack, but in the end, he lost the careful and tricky calculation of the first shot, which failed to achieve the perfect result of seemingly serious injury but in fact it was not dangerous. As a result, Zheng Zhuo got a great achievement of “almost losing his life for protecting his brother”.

Yuan Ci Xian now understood why he risked his life to go to the Hu Ji wine shop. This was an excellent time to win over the high officials of the court. This was the so-called hearing is false; seeing is believing, spreading this matter to the court through the mouths of others, and compared to letting them witness the scene of his bloody injury themselves, the shock was completely different.

And he didn’t have to worry about the emperor suspecting his intentions in going to the Hu Ji wine shop, because he could freely admit that he only went there because he knew there were many officials in the wine shop—he was being chase and desperate, so he had no choice but to ask Lu Shi Qing and other courtiers for help.

Thinking of this, Yuan Ci Xian secretly admired Zheng Zhuo’s ability to adapt, but she couldn’t help but sigh with emotion, wondering how much he had endured from a child who was pushed down the rockery to the present, after all how many people could endure it.

But she didn’t think his current scheming was evil. As Lu Shi Qing said before, people are selfish, and in a desperate situation where either you die or I die, it’s not wrong to fight back. If it were her, she would also fight.

She asked Lu Shi Qing: “Did you ask him to meet the courtiers afterwards?”

He nodded: “It’s nothing difficult, just check the time. Tomorrow the court will explode.”

But let them do it themselves. He was still on his wedding leave and wanted to accompany Yuan Ci Xian to visit the West Market.

Yuan Ci Xian let out a “hmm”, and then asked, “How is His Highness’s injury?”

Lu Shi Qing’s face darkened when he heard this. He hadn’t asked her  how she met Zheng Zhao.

He said: “Did you help wrap his wound today?” Wrapped up with your own hands? With the hand that served him just now?

Yuan Ci Xian choked, and said honestly: “I can’t just leave him to death, can I? It’s because he’s your close friend.”

This made Lu Shi Qing a little more comfortable, but when he thought of what she said about being his fiancée in her dream, he was still a little wary, trying to snuff out any trace of her sympathy, he replied: “It just look dangerous, it’s not as bad as my injury last time.”

Oh, Lu Shi Qing is really, really small-minded.

Yuan Ci Xian let out a “tsk”, but didn’t diverge, and asked seriously: “What do you think of him now?”

Lu Shi Qing knew that she was asking about the dream, and said calmly: “I have thought about it carefully. It’s not surprising that you would become his fiancée in your dream. If you hadn’t taken the initiative to chase me, I’m afraid that I would indeed support his decision, and persuade your brother as Xu Shan to set the marriage between you and him. This is probably what happened in the dream.”

“As for the marriage contract being cancelled later, it’s also not surprising. Zheng Zhuo will need to come out from the dark one day, but if he come out when the emperor’s time has not be exhausted, it will arouse his jealousy. He will definitely try to cut off your relationship and destroy this marriage.”

Yuan Ci Xian nodded. This idea was consistent with what she had deduced.

Talking until here, Lu Shi Qing changed the subject: “These things are all reasonable, but the contradiction lies later. You can obviously see Father-in-law’s appreciation for Zheng Zhuo. He supports him, but it has nothing to do with whether you have a marriage contract or not.”

When he said this point, Yuan Ci Xian couldn’t help but nodded in agreement.

That’s right, it’s no wonder that she has no engagement with Zheng Zhuo in this life, but Father still supported him.

Lu Shi Qing continued: “Since their cooperation is not based on marriage contract, how can they be easily separated by others?”

Yuan Ci Xian frowned, and then heard him ask: “Do you know, under the circumstance where His Majesty makes a move to sabotage your marriage, what I will do?”

Lu Shi Qing was actually very unwilling to make such assumptions, but for the sake of the overall situation, he had to put himself into that dream and think about it.

He went on to say: “I will choose a plan to beat the opponent at their own game, and tell you both to pretend to turn against each other. On one hand, Zheng Zhuo will temporarily withdraw his edge to protect himself, and on the other hand, it will also protect the Yuan family.”

Yuan Ci Xian suddenly raised her head. This was indeed very similar to Lu Shi Qing’s usual style.

If he really arranged such illusion, many of the remarks in the dream might have to be overturned.

He continued to explain: “So, I have doubts about whether Zheng Zhuo really killed your father and brother, and I also have reservations about the so-called rebellion of the Yuan family. As for the rumor that I killed Zheng Zhuo…” He smiled and said, “I can’t imagine what kind of conflict would cause me to do something to him. Most of them are rumors from the people.”

Unless he really killed the Yuan family and Yuan Ci Xian.

Lu Shi Qing glanced at her, and suddenly said with emotion: “Do you know, two years ago, when you went to the capital with Father-in-law to receive the title, why was I sent by His Majesty to Xunyang for disaster relief, and failed to meet you in the palace?”

Yuan Ci Xian was puzzled: “To brush past, isn’t it because there is no fate?”

“No.” He said, “The empress suggested that His Majesty sent me to go south that time.”

“Why the empress…” Yuan Ci Xian suddenly realized halfway through the question, “You mean, it was Shaohe who asked the empress for help and asked His Majesty to send you out on business, thus preventing our first meeting?”

“It was just what Shaohe thought was the first meeting “Lu Shi Qing said, “Actually, long before you rescued Shuang Yu, I went out to do errands as Xu Shan, and saw you from afar, so I was able to recognize you at the Lu Pavilion last year.”

Yuan Ci Xian thought this roundabout way was quite interesting, so she rubbed into his arms a little proudly, and whispered, “You’ve seen me from afar, and you remember my face?”

Even though Lu Shi Qing didn’t want to admit it, he still had to admit it, and nodded.

Inside she was very satisfied, but pretended to be indifferent on her face, and said: “Without any reason, how can you recall the past?”

“Because I was thinking just now, since Shaohe tried everything to stop our first encounter, then it means in her previous life…” He stopped here and didn’t continue.

Yuan Ci Xian put her arms around his neck, and continued for him: “It means that in her previous life, you also liked me very very much.”

Lu Shi Qing looked down at her, and sighed with a smile.

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