Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 87

Chapter 87


Yuan Ci Xian secretly thought while using brush and paper on the table beside her to write a note for Lu Shi Qing later, when suddenly she heard a soft whisper in the silent carriage, which seemed to come from Zheng Zhuo’s mouth.

She turned her head to look at his face when she heard the sound, and saw that although his face was still pale, the dark and lifeless aura that had settled on his forehead had subsided a little. Thinking that his life was no longer in danger, she didn’t move closer to take care of him.

However, it was too quiet in the carriage, even if she was far away, she could still hear him calling “water”, as if he was extremely thirsty in his sleep. Seeing that Chen Zhan had not yet returned, she had no choice but to rummage out a water bag in the carriage. After unscrewing the lid of the bag, she supported the back of his neck with one hand, and tilted the mouth of the bag toward his mouth with the other hand.

Zheng Zhuo seemed to be aware of something in his half-dream state, and started to drink by himself.

Yuan Ci Xian was afraid that the cold water would hurt his body, so she didn’t give him more to drink, and took it back after pouring a little. He frowned as if he hadn’t drink enough, but he didn’t subconsciously fight, just lay down peacefully, and then continued to talk nonsense and babble intermittently.

Yuan Ci Xian packed the water bag, looked back and saw that the quilt on his body had slipped a little because of the movement just now, so she stepped forward to cover him, and heard him vaguely said: “Mother, no one pushes this son…”

She was slightly stunned, thinking that the dream talk was related to the assassination incident by the Qujiang River just now, so she put her ear closer, but kept hearing him repeating: “No one pushed this son, I fell by myself…”

Yuan Ci Xian frowned, thinking that she was wrong, and just about to retreat from the low couch, when suddenly the back of her hand was cold, and Zheng Zhuo, who was dreaming drowsily, grabbed her hand: “Mother… I’m fine, no one bullied me… …You don’t have to speak for me…”

Her eyebrows twitched in embarrassment, and hurriedly withdrew her hand, but unexpectedly, even thought he was seriously injured and fell asleep, his strength was amazingly strong, and she couldn’t pull it out, instead it made him hold tighter.

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and tried to pry her fingers but it was in vain, then she put one hand against the edge of the couch for strength, and desperately pulled her hand out, while calling him: “Your Highness, I’m not Xue Cairen, please let go!”

She failed to wake Zheng Zhuo up, but fortunately Chen Zhan soon came.

When Chen Zhan lifted the curtain and saw this scene, his face turned pale in fright. He put aside the Hu clothes and hurried forward to help free her. After putting Zheng Zhuo’s hand back in the quilt, he apologized to her: “County Princess please don’t be offended, His Highness didn’t mean it.”

Of course Yuan Ci Xian knew that he didn’t mean to call her his mother, so she quietly flicked her red and sore hand behind her back twice, relaxed a little, then reached out and took the Hu clothes, while explaining: “There are some important officials in the wine shop, I think the assassin will not dare to chase on this alley, you just wait here for news from Assistant Minister Lu.”

Chen Zhan nodded, and saw her get up and was about to lift the curtain to go down, when suddenly she turned her head and asked: “Just now His Highness was talking in his sleep, saying that no one pushed him, he fell down by himself, what is this all about?”

He was stunned, thought for a while and said uncertainly: “Maybe he was talking about things when he was a child. This servant heard that His Highness had a bad childhood and was often bullied by his brothers. He was pushed down a rockery once and almost broke a leg. Xue Cairen was so distressed that she cried and asked him who did it, but he just refused to say it.”

Yuan Ci Xian was stagnant after hearing this, sighed, and went down without saying anything.

After a stick of an incense, she successfully disguised as the wine shop’s Hu Ji with the help of Jian Zhi. When she arrived at the door of Lu Shi Qing’s wing, she opened the door while carrying a fruit plate.

There were a few Hu people playing music inside, and two Hu Ji were dancing beside them, their long blue skirts twirling like wind and water. At a glance, she saw Lu Shi Qing sitting at the farthest position from them, talking to an official next to him, and didn’t seem to notice that some cute little Hu Ji had mixed in.

While she was satisfied, she was also slightly worried. The fiery red dress she was wearing was very similar to what she wore when she was dressed as a Huihu girl in the suburbs of Chang’an last year, and the veil was almost the same. She was not afraid that Lu Shi Qing would not recognize her with his eyes, but she couldn’t predict that he would not look at her at all.

But it was not good if she made a sound to attract his attention, afraid everyone present would find out that something was wrong.

After she put down the fruits, she should have withdrawn, but Lu Shi Qing really didn’t give her half a look from the beginning to the end. Before retreating to the door, she heard the sheng music playing to the boiling point. The music became more and more urgent, and the two Hu Ji spun around quickly, she closed her eyes and turned around to join them.

Several officials at the side of the long table were provoked by this sudden act of “sending fruits Hu Ji” to look over. However, Lu Shi Qing was still talking unhurriedly to an old minister beside him: “What you said is not wrong…”

When he said this, he suddenly felt a fragrant wind blowing against his face, like a cluster of red and bright flowers of peonies was approaching, and when he turned to look, he saw a Hu Ji who appeared out of nowhere and was spinning her way towards him, about to slam into his arms.

Lu Shi Qing didn’t have time to think deeply, his body had already reacted first, and the moment she was about to fall on him, he suddenly got up and retreated.

With a “bang”, Yuan Ci Xian fell to the ground with her chest down, and let out a painful “hiss”.

“…” She really shouldn’t have hope for him.

The officials on all sides were startled by this loud noise, they turned their heads to look at her, and the music in the room also stopped abruptly. Lu Shi Qing was frowning and was about to straighten his clothes and sleeves, when he heard the somewhat familiar “hiss” sound, he suddenly felt that something was wrong, and couldn’t help but lower his head.

When he lowered his head, the person lying on the ground turned her head angrily and aggrievedly, and looked at him with tears like peach petals on her eyes.

He recognized Yuan Ci Xian at a glance, and his two phoenix eyes instantly became four times bigger, but he quickly realized where he was and who was around him, and he quickly returned to normal.

Unexpectedly, the official closest to Yuan Ci Xian saw this and sighed at him: “Assistant Minister Lu really doesn’t know how to pity the fragrance and cherish the jade.” After saying that he himself pitied the fragrance and cherish the jade and went to pick up the people on the ground.

His pupils shrank, he immediately bent over and took a step forward, stretched out a hand to block at the right time, and grabbed Yuan Ci Xian through her sleeve, and then said flatly and apologetically: “Lu is rude.”

After that, he quietly squeezed her arm in a place where no one else could see, as a punishment, as if blaming her for running here to play.

Just now when her “twin peaks” landed on the ground, Yuan Ci Xian was so painful that her eyes were filled with tears, and now she still wanted to cry, but she didn’t forget the business, quickly stuffed the note into his hand the moment she was picked by him.

Lu Shi Qing immediately understood, his face remained unchanged, quietly hid the note between his fingers, then returned to his seat. He took a brocade handkerchief to wipe his hands, and under such a cover-up, he could see the contents clearly at a glance.

Naturally, everyone present thought that he felt that the Hu Ji was dirty, and some people couldn’t help asking: “Could it be that Assistant Minister Lu is also so ruthless towards Lancang County Princess?”

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t plan to stay long, and had already retreated to the door, prepared to assume a dejected and injured looks while leaving, but then stopped when she heard this, she was a little curious about his answer.

Lu Shi Qing looked ahead, and noticed her pause from the corner of his eye, thinking that she must felt wronged and wanted to hear something good, and replied with a smile: “At home, my wife’s behavior is even more ruthless than Lu’s.”

Everyone around was stunned then sighed.

Although he didn’t answer bluntly, his words clearly had more impact than “no”. It was hard to believe that Lu Shi Qing, this notoriously stinky face, could still be henpecked.

Thinking about it this way, the poor little Hu Ji just now was also fell unjustly.

When Yuan Ci Xian heard the words, she opened the door and went out happily, and was covered by Jian Zhi to go out of the wine shop.

After the news had been sent, she decided to let go of Zheng Zhuo’s matter, so as not to provoke the eyes of people with intentions. After she came out, she chose the old way to go home, rubbing her swollen and painful chest all the way.

About half an hour after she returned to the mansion, Lu Shi Qing also came back. Hearing from the servant that she was in the bedroom, he rushed into the courtyard carrying a bunch of miscellaneous things. When he arrived at the bedroom, he saw that she seemed to have just finished taking a bath. She was wearing a thin inner clothes, her black hair draped lazily over her shoulder as she lay on the bed, dozing off with her head resting on her arm and a pillow under it.

At the side, Shi Cui was massaging her shoulders and thumping her back.

Seeing that she didn’t seem to notice him coming, Lu Shi Qing quietly gave Shi Cui a look to signal her to retreat, then lightly put down the pile of food bought from the West Market to make amends, sat down by the bed and took over Shi Cui’s work.

Yuan Ci Xian had a sore waist and pain back, so tired that she almost fell asleep, so she didn’t notice the difference in strength and technique between the two of them at all.

Lu Shi Qing had never done this kind of work for anyone, and didn’t know how to control the strength for a while, so he went lighter to avoid hurting her, but he was probably too cautious, and after a while, Yuan Ci Xian said in a daze: “Why are you tickling like a cat, heavier…”

He didn’t breathe a word, quietly increasing the pressure. Though separated by a layer of inner clothes, the skin he touched was smooth, tender, and indescribably wonderful. He felt that Yuan Cixian’s body was perfect, with just the right amount of fullness and curves in all the right places, so people who massaged the shoulders and beat the back also enjoyed it

Even Lu Shi Qing himself didn’t notice, but before long, his palms started to feel hot, and his movements were tainted with lust. He went from massaging to caressing, sliding his hand up and down her waist, and without conscious control, passing under her side to the front, where he gave a gentle squeeze.

Yuan Ci Xian let out a short “ah” as she suddenly rolled to the side of the bed, clutching her chest where he had touched her, staring at him in shock and horror.

Only then did Lu Shi Qing realize what he had done and looked back at her with wide eyes, as if he was extremely amazed at his own shameless act.

“You… When did you come!” Yuan Ci Xian came to her senses in an instant and asked him angrily, her eyes burning.

Lu Shi Qing coughed, turned his eyes away and said, “Not long ago.”

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t let him fool her, and said angrily, “It’s not enough for you to let me fall, you still have to squeeze my chest!”


Such a straightforward words, afraid there was only Yuan Ci Xian in the world who could say it.

Lu Shi Qing had no choice but to explain seriously: “Didn’t I see that you hurt from the fall? Getting rid the swelling will make it get better sooner.”

Still makes excuses. She’ll get rid the swelling for him!

Yuan Ci Xian picked up the thin quilt next to her and angrily threw it at him, gesturing for him to leave.

At this time, he had no choice but to let go of his face, took the quilt and put it aside, took off his boots and climbed into the bed, and said: “I’m serious, let me take a look.” As he spoke, he reached out his hands to the front of her clothes.

Yuan Ci Xian slapped his hand away in disgust: “Lu Shi Qing, you are getting dirtier and dirtier!” He climbed onto the bed without bathing and washing his hands, and even tried to defile such a fresh and clean her.

Lu Shi Qing smiled and moved closer: “Then I will use my mouth.”

The hands might be dirty, but the mouth was clean.

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