Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 56

Chapter 56


Yuan Yi Zhi raised his eyebrows, took off his sword and put it on the table in front of him with a “bang”, and said word by word: “Why do you ask for marriage?”

Lu Shi Qing answered without thinking: “To follow her wishes, I am willing and able to give everything. First, she wants the Yuan family to be free from disasters and troubles, have a safe and smooth life, and I can deal with the court so that her life will be worry-free and safe. Second, she hopes that the politics will be well ordered, and the water of the Yellow River is clear and the sea is calm, and I’m willing to set an example myself, and return the Great Zhou to peace and prosperity. Third, she admires picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, the comfortable life of escaping the world, and when the court situation is settled, I will immediately resign and take her back to live in seclusion, and become an idler in the mountains and rivers.”

His tone was slow but solemn, Yuan Yi Zhi was slightly taken aback when he heard the last sentence, a strange look flashed in his eyes, and the hand holding the sword slowly loosened.

If the first two points were what he believed a man should do his best as a husband and a courtier, then the third was something that he never expected, and Lu Shi Qing seemed to have no reason to do it.

Throughout time, to hold power was easy, to keep power was difficult, and to give up power was even more difficult.

At first, he thought that this young man who looked a little proud and arrogant might be planning to praise his daughter eloquently, expressing his affection, and show off his self-cultivation and future, but he didn’t expect him to say this.

It was as if all he wanted in his life was to give her everything she wanted.

And he really understood her, even no less than her father.

In this situation, it was impossible for Yuan Yi Zhi to remain unmoved. The burning anger in his heart gradually dissipated, and after a long time, he chose the top seat and sat down, as if he was willing to give Lu Shi Qing a chance to open his heart and talk. His hands curled into fists, put it on his knees and said: “But if it’s possible, I hope that the person she marries is not rich, is not prominent, but the simpler and more ordinary the better.”

The implication was that Lu Shi Qing obviously did not meet these criteria.

As if he had expected it long ago, he smiled lightly: “You also said ‘if’. Looking at the situation in the court today, it’s impossible for the Yuan family to be by itself, and it’s impossible for her to marry the so-called simple person that you want. Then, why can’t this person be me?”

It was true that Lu Shi Qing was not simple, but at least he was not a member of the imperial family.

Yuan Yi Zhi’s gaze suddenly became extremely sharp, and instead of answering, he asked: “The Yuan family can’t be by itself, and Assistant Minister Lu is in a high position, afraid you can’t get a swift retreat between His Majesty and the princes, right?”

“Of course.” Lu Shi Qing said without hesitation, “Lu also doesn’t plan to retreat bravely. I will support whoever is worthy of the great position. Looking at the imperial family of Great Zhou, you should see that such a person, there’s only one.”

This was revealing where he stood.

Yuan Yi Zhi was silent for a long time after hearing this, and sighed: “Assistant Minister Lu, I am grateful for your unreservedness, and I also see your determination to win. You are a politician who is good at words, knows how to read people’s hearts, and is good at convincing people with reason. But I’m a father.

“If today, you were talking to me about the grain harvest in Diannan or the garrison of the border, I might have agreed with you. But this is not going to work.” He pointed to his ear, “It’s about my daughter’s life, as a father, I can’t listen with my ear, I have to see with my eyes.”

The corners of Lu Shi Qing’s lips curved slightly, then he stood in front of him and cupped his hands and said, “Thank you, Your Highness Diannan Prince for your concession. Today’s words from you are my purpose.”

Yuan Yi Zhi was taken aback by what he said, and seemed a little surprised.

He explained: “I want to marry her, but I’m not in a hurry. Here today, I won’t convince you with much effort, just getting an opportunity to show what I’m capable of is enough.”

The reason why he was eager to tell Yuan Yi Zhi about his intention to marry Yuan Ci Xian was because he knew that the emperor would definitely intervene in this marriage, and was afraid that he would discuss it with the Yuan family soon. Once he explained one step later than the emperor, even if he really wanted to marry Yuan Ci Xian, the Yuan family would find it hard to believe it.

He didn’t like falling into that kind of indefensible passivity.

While Lu Shi Qing was calculating secretly in his heart, Yuan Yi Zhi was thinking, this young man was really amazing. This act of asking marriage was like the army borrowing food while marching. A thousand dan were asked, a thousand dan were given, not only the food giver was willing to give the food, but contrarily felt like they owed something.

Means, sincerity, courage, this person was not lack in anything.

Yuan Yi Zhi nodded, got up and raised his sword, and said, “In this way, I hope Assistant Minister Lu will agree to my request.”

“Please tell.”

“I think, until the Yuan family is willing to accept this marriage, you should not meet with my daughter again. The little girl was inappropriate before, and it was me, as the father, who was incapable to discipline. But you should understand what I mean.”

Lu Shi Qing smiled: “I promise you.”

“Then farewell.”

“I will see you off.”

Lu Shi Qing sent Yuan Yi Zhi out of the mansion, when he arrived at the gate of the mansion, he saw Cao An rushing towards him, and asked him for instructions: “Master, Lancang County Princess left some clothes in the mansion before, do you want to ask Diannan Prince to bring it back for her.”

Yuan Yi Zhi’s face suddenly turned cold.

Lu Shi Qing acted as if suddenly realized, blinked his eyes quickly, and then replied: “No need, she said to leave it here for her.”

This was simply challenging a father’s bottom line.

After Lu Shi Qing finished speaking, he acted as if nothing had happened. He nodded and smiled at Yuan Yi Zhi, who had a livid face, and said, “Please go slowly.”

Yuan Yi Zhi was so angry that his nose fluttered, and he almost crushed his teeth. But what he could do, it was his daughter who wanted to leave it at other people’s house, and he couldn’t beat Lu Shi Qing unreasonably to vent his anger. After all, the person standing opposite him was not a hooligan from the market, but an official of the imperial court.

He finally put the sword back on his waist, and said word by word: “Good boy, you wait for me!”

At the same moment, Yuan Ci Xian who was in the carriage somewhat felt something and hugged Feng shi’s arm tightly, nervously said: “Mother, I seem to have suddenly felt Father’s anger, why don’t we go back.”

She had already chatted with her mother just now, and learned that they had returned home first. When they heard that she went to Lu Mansion, they hurried to Yongxing Lane without even getting off the carriage, and came just to catch her.

Feng shi couldn’t help but laugh, she tapped her forehead with her index finger, and whispered softly: “Your father is not a bandit, when did he ever act so recklessly. Are you so worried about that Assistant Minister Lu?”

Yuan Ci Xian put her head on her mother shoulder, muttered: “Of course I’m worried.” If Father beat him badly and another Jiang family come to make trouble, who would help her fix it.

Feng shi pulled the corner of her lips and recalled: “He’s handsome, no wonder he fascinates our Yaoyao so much.”

Yuan Ci Xian grinned: “I know Mother can recognize what’s good. In that case, call you let him become your son-in-law?”

“It depends on whether he can pass your father, this mountain.”

Yuan Ci Xian returned to Yuan Mansion, and waited with her heart hanging, until finally Yuan Yi Zhi entered the gate. Seeing his livid face, she wanted to ask but dared not ask, so in the end she had to ask her brother to probe for her.

In the end, the answer she got was that Lu Shi Qing had no intention of marrying her, and had promised her father that he would no longer associate with her in the future.

Yuan Ci Xian could not believe it. Instead of telling her to believe that Lu Shi Qing didn’t have the slightest affection for her, it was better to say that her father must have bullied people and forcing him to submit.

What, her beauty can’t beat the fists?

Yuan Ci Xian felt very frustrated, and wanted to go to Lu Shi Qing to ask for clarification, but Yuan Yi Zhi was not allowing it. For several days, walls were climbed, windows were jumped, and doors were squeezed, but she was always caught. In the end, she could only accept the cruel fact: Lu Shi Qing really succumbed to her father’s despotic power.

Otherwise, how could so many days have passed without giving her any news.

Yuan Ci Xian’s heart was roaring. It took her more than half a year to get this person, but he was scared away by her father. He’s not her real father! Are they still father and daughter!

She cried and mourned for several days in a row, and finally one day, she heard that the emperor had invited her father into the palace to discuss matters, only then she came back to life and quickly cheered up. She was about to escape again, but as soon as she slipped out the side gate, a black carriage came slowly and stopped in front of her.

Subconsciously, she felt that the carriage looked familiar, so she stopped, only to see an acquaintance who was not an acquaintance getting out of it.

It was Xu Shan who had never been seen again after she sent him to Yongxing Lane.

She was slightly taken aback, looked around a few times to avoid being seen, then hurriedly welcomed him in. She asked nervously, “Why is Sir here?” In her impression, Xu Shan had never visited so suddenly, and she was afraid that he had something urgent to inform.

Lu Shi Qing stared at her for a while, then sighed inside. He also didn’t want Xu Shan to come, but he agreed to Yuan Yi Zhi and would not have any contact with her for a while, so Xu Shan had to do what Lu Shi Qing couldn’t do. It’s just that if he picked the day when Yuan Yi Zhi was at home, it would definitely risky. That’s why, as soon as he heard that the emperor had called him into the palace, he hurried to Shengye Lane.

He didn’t have any other purpose, he just wanted to see her.

What Yuan Ci Xian didn’t know was that in a month when the two of them hadn’t seen each other, he would often deliberately go around Shengye Lane, and when he arrived at the gate of Yuan Mansion, he would lift the curtain to see what kind of snow horse she and Yuan Yu had made, and then he made a sketch. Those drawings were piled up in his study, already have a thick stack.

Lu Shi Qing retracted his daydreams, made a fake voice, and found an excuse to answer her: “It was Sixth Highness who ordered Xu to bring a message to County Princess.”

As soon as Yuan Ci Xian heard that he really had something important, she couldn’t care about her itinerary, hurriedly invited him to the study, sat down face to face with him, and motioned him to talk.

Then Lu Shi Qing said slowly: “His Highness said, thank County Princess for reminding him to pay attention to the Jiang family in Wangji Temple last time. ”

Yuan Ci Xian was stunned for a moment before remembering that there was such a thing, and seeing he didn’t continue talking, she anxiously asked: “And then?”

Then? Then there is no more.

Lu Shi Qing shook his head: “It’s just this sentence.”


Yuan Ci Xian almost fume from anger. She missed the opportunity to find Lu Shi Qing, just to hear Xu Shan say thank you for Zheng Zhuo? Who wants his thanks!

She pulled her face along with her heart, looking like she wanted to cry but had no tears.

Lu Shi Qing was panicked, and asked: “What’s wrong with County Princess?”

Yuan Ci Xian pouted and said aggrievedly: “It’s nothing, maybe it’s just Heaven’s will. I originally wanted to go to Assistant Minister Lu while my father was away.”

Lu Shi Qing choke. She actually had the same mind with him, had he known this, he would be honestly waiting in Lu Mansion.

His heart was bleeding, but he restrained himself and said, “It’s Xu who came at the wrong time. I’m really bothering you, so I’ll leave now.”

He wanted to hurried back to the house and waited for her.

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