Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 32

Chapter 32


Of the two outer clothes, one was missing sleeves and the front was torn, the other was missing a hem and a collar.

What could he do with these two piles of rags!

Lu Shi Qing was so angry that he wanted to drag the culprit who was sleeping soundly, but when he lowered his head, he froze.

Yuan Ci Xian was soaked in the rain longer than him, so her inner clothes were also wet. Just now she was busy roasting the outer clothes, but the one on her body was also not dry. At this moment, the thin white shirt was still clinging to her torso, lining her slender waist particularly delicately, and even faintly revealed her jade white skin.

This time was different from the last time in the bathtub. At that time, she was wearing the servant’s coarse clothes, which were wide and thick, and when it was wet the inside couldn’t be seen through. But now he really could see it all. Fortunately, she also knew that her appearance was easy to cause trouble, so she wore men’s clothing and wraps her chest when going out, otherwise the scene at this moment might be more “eye-catching”.

But even so, sparks had already exploded in Lu Shi Qing’s head.

He rolled his eyes, took three deep breaths, calmed down for a while, and called her.

Yuan Ci Xian did not respond.

He hesitated on the spot for a long time, finally sighed, picked up the two piles of rags on the ground which could not be called clothes anymore. Then he thought for a while, looked for a spot that looked cleaner, tore off a strip of cloth, put it over his eyes and tied a knot at the back of his head, then proceed to stripped off her soaking wet inner clothes.

Lu Shi Qing tried his best to avoid touching her skin, and after he finished taking off the white shirt on her body with his eye blindfolded, his back was already sweating from tension. He really couldn’t remove the remaining chest cloth, so he had to leave it alone for the time being.

He let out a sigh of relief, removed her hair bun’s cloth too, loosened her bun, groped a bit, picked up her coat that had been burnt, and wiped her hair with the slightly clean inner layer.

Her hair had to be dried, otherwise when she woke up, she would have a headache even if she didn’t catch the cold.

Lu Shi Qing moved very carefully, for fear of touching something that shouldn’t be touched. But unexpectedly the overly gentle wiping and serving made Yuan Ci Xian felt so comfortable. This girl seemed to feel something in her dream, and actually tilted her head, treating him as if he was her mother, and rubbed her face against his hand.

“…” There is no way to do this job.

Blindfolded, the tactile sensation of the cool smooth skin was so clear that it scratches his heart and lungs. Lu Shi Qing held his breath and concentrated, thinking that it was almost done, so he hurriedly finished the job, and prepared to cover her with the coat.

In order to cover it well, he had to test the position of the fabric, and unexpectedly felt an uneven place on her waist, like a scar.

His hands froze, frowned, he wanted to clarify what it was but hesitated again and again, then he said in a deep voice: “Yuan Ci Xian, there’s a snake.”

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t move.

Very good, it seemed that she would not wake up.

He removed the fabric where his hands rested, touched it lightly, and found that the scar was probably on the back of her waist, it was three inches long, almost hideous, and originally it should have been very deep.

He was startled, remembered that when he went to the banquet in Yuan Mansion as Xu Shan, he heard what she said.

She really wasn’t lying.

In an instant, he lost all the amorous thoughts, as if a basin of water was poured from head to toe, his heart went cold. He got up and grabbed her inner shirt, and seriously went to dry it by the fire.

The straw bedding was uncomfortable, and there was continuous thunder outside. In the end, Yuan Ci Xian didn’t sleep for long. When she woke up, she looked down and stayed still for a few counts. With the torn clothes covering her body, she was struggling to sit up, then saw Lu Shi Qing sitting by the fire with his back to her, roasting her inner clothes.

She was dumbfounded: “Lu… Lu…” she couldn’t continue for a long time.

When Lu Shi Qing heard her wake up, he couldn’t help sighing in his heart. Seeing that the clothes were almost dry, he originally wanted to hide his good deeds, but now it was too troublesome.

Without turning around, he threw her inner clothes back and it coincidently hit her head: “Put it on.”

“No, wait…” Yuan Ci Xian grabbed the clothes and tried to recall. Under the great shock she also not used the honorific, “You took it off of me?”

“No.” He said with certainty, “I helped you took it off.”

“…” Is there any difference?

Of course not. “Help” means kindness, “of” means a beast, the two were different. Still with his back to her, he raised a piece of cloth at his hand, indicating that he was blindfolded while doing it.

Yuan Ci Xian was speechless for a while, looked down anxiously at herself, then raised her eyes to look at his seemingly upright back. When she was about to say something, she suddenly heard a “clacking” sound of horseshoes, it seemed very urgent, mixed with the sound of splashing muddy water.

Startled, she quickly put on her inner clothes.

Lu Shi Qing obviously heard it too. Knowing that this post station was conspicuous, if the killer came, it absolutely impossible for them not to come in and check, so he didn’t plan to hide, and asked very quickly: “Who are they, what do they want, do you have any clue?”

He wanted to ask her about it earlier, but seeing that she was extremely tired, he was delayed until now.

Yuan Ci Xian picked the most important information and replied: “I don’t know the specific identity, but there is their master in the team. They should want to capture me alive, not to take my life.”

“Stay here and don’t move.”

Lu Shi Qing walked out after giving this instruction, opened the door and then saw seven to eight killers galloped in, and the one at the head was the master of these killers that Yuan Ci Xian had judged before.

He got off the horse, and through the dilapidated windows, he saw a person with black hair and disheveled clothes inside the house.

Sensing his gaze, Lu Shi Qing moved his footsteps, covering the window behind him. Seeing that he was only looking at Yuan Ci Xian’s direction, but hadn’t spoken for a long time, he smiled and said, “I don’t think Your Excellency still has the leisure to stay here.”

Hearing this sentence, the man’s eyes finally fell on Lu Shi Qing.

Lu Shi Qing put his hands behind his back and said, “A while ago, Lu has sent a message to the governor of Shangzhou with a falcon. Now, the land you are stepping on has been completely sealed off. Within a stick of incense, thousands of garrison troops in Linxian County will rush to this place. If you leave quickly, you may still have a chance to survive.”

“Of course, you can also kill me while the incense burns. It’s just a coincidence that Lu right now is not acting as Assistant Minister, but an imperial envoy who symbolizes His Majesty. Once I die here, it will not only Shangzhou that is blocked. At that time, the Shannan East Province, including the sixteen prefectures, will become a cage, and the capital in the north will also be alarmed. If you are from Great Zhou, you are making an enemy of His Majesty. If you are not from Great Zhou,” He smiled lightly when he said this, “It’s tantamount to making an enemy of the entire Great Zhou.”

“Counties in the four seas, vast territory, this monarch’s domain, you can step in, but you may not be able to get out. Lu is here, the opportunity to provoke the monarch prestige and even the national prestige is also here. If you want to take her, you might as well try to kill me first.”

The rain gradually stopped, the sky became brighter, and the surroundings were silent, with water hanging on the window dripped down drop by drop. His voice was clearly transmitted into the room, word by word.

Yuan Ci Xian clutched her clothes and stared at his back through the window.

After he finished his last sentence, for a moment, she didn’t seem to remember that in the future this person would be the powerful Imperial Teacher of Great Zhou. Only knew that he was Lu Shi Qing.

The man in the lead remained motionless and silent. Finally, he glanced in Yuan Ci Xian’s direction, then got on his horse, gestured “retreat”, and galloped away without saying a word.

Lu Shi Qing pushed open the door as if nothing happened, and seeing Yuan Ci Xian staring at him, he raised his eyebrows: “What?”

She returned to her sensed, shook her head, somehow felt a little hot. She then smiled and chatting randomly: “It’s nothing, I just think you look very imposing.” After saying that, she added, “Wearing inner clothes to confront people is also very imposing, it’s truly admirable.”

Lu Shi Qing’s face darkened.

She’d better hope that the other party were people of Great Zhou, otherwise he would lose face until the foreign country, and he would definitely not be able to spare her.

Seeing him approaching, Yuan Ci Xian coughed, wrapped herself more firmly with the torn clothes, and then asked: “When did you release the falcon, after a stick of incense, the rescuers will come?”

He sneered, sat down by the fire: “Where did I get a falcon?”

Yuan Ci Xian choked. It turned out he caught white wolf empty-handed.

“Are you not afraid that they will really kill you?”

He glanced at her: “If they really don’t care about killing me, they would have done it last night on the river bank. It’s just a calculation, you don’t have to be too impressed.” After saying that, he pointed to the straw “Now you can sleep.”

“Since there are no rescuers, they will find that they have been deceived, and it’s unknown whether they will go back. I will not sleep, the rain has stopped, let’s go on our way.”

“Who said there are no rescuers?” He glanced at her, “I don’t have a falcon with wings, but don’t I have a servant with two legs?”

Oh, these words means that Zhao Shu had already reported the news, but he was not as fast as the falcon. Afraid that the so-called blockade and support would have to be one step late.

Seeing that he was sure that the other party would not return, Yuan Ci Xian lay down with her back to him, fell asleep again, and woke up at dusk. She faintly heard the sound of disorderly footsteps, as if many people were coming, and when she opened her eyes, she saw that Lu Shi Qing was fully dressed, with a clean robe in his hand, and seemed to be preparing to wake her up.

Seeing that she had opened her eyes, he handed her the clothes: “Come out after changing.”

Yuan Ci Xian looked out through the window and saw that the soldiers were all very honestly turning their backs from this place, so she put on her clothes and tidied herself up before pushing the door and go out.

Lu Shi Qing heard the movement behind him, turned to look at her, and said: “I have sent a letter to report your safety to your brother, but Shangzhou is blocked, you can’t go out for the time being, and the people from the capital will not be able to catch up for a while. I’m on an official errand and cannot be delay to accompany you here.”

Yuan Ci Xian curled her lips and said “Oh”: “Then you go and get busy, just find me a place to stay…”

Before she finished speaking, he interrupted: “So you follow me to the south.”

Yuan Ci Xian was stunned, and after a while felt joyful, she tugged on his arm and said, “Really, Assistant Minister Lu? ”

The soldiers on all side secretly shifted their eyes and casted an ambiguous look at the two of them.

He coughed, looked down, motioned her to take her hand away and pay attention to propriety, and then said: “It’s just a stopgap measure. When the suspect is arrested, you will go back.”

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