Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 Treasure


The other person probably wanted to take advantage of the moment when she jumped out of the window and flipped her upside down to restrain her.

It was pitch black all around, Yuan Ci Xian tried her best to swallow back the scream that overflowed in her throat, and while she was upside down in mid-air, she quickwittedly put her hands behind and wrapped it around the man’s thigh.

Unexpectedly, when this man was hugged by her, he trembled all over, gave up his restraint, and raised his feet desperately trying to throw her this sticky thing.

Yuan Ci Xian was dizzy from being thrown, her hands softened, she landed on her back with a “bang”, and fell down crookedly.

At the same time, a night pearl accidentally slipped out of the man’s sleeve and rolled to the ground.

This cottage had solid wooden door, and the window paper was impenetrable, so the light inside could not be seen from outside. But this movement still caused several guards outside to whisper.

Yuan Ci Xian who didn’t know the Huihu language also understood, it seemed there was someone with a good ear who told everyone that there was a sound inside, and the others told him not to be suspicious.

Her back hurt from the fall, her palms supported her body on the ground, she raised her eyes with a bitter face, and saw a familiar face through the night pearl.

It was really Lu Shi Qing. He wore a dark color suit with narrow sleeves and pinched waist, and was looking down at her eyes that were not covered by the veil, and after recognizing who she was, he showed a slight helplessness.

Yuan Ci Xian stared back at him. What you look at. Now that you know it’s me, can you pull me up?

Lu Shi Qing bent down under her sullen look.

She was just about to think that this person still had a bit of conscience, but then saw him turn his hand and pick up the night pearl instead.


Without any help, Yuan Ci Xian had to rely on herself and silently got up, but before she could stand firmly, she saw a mass of black and huge monsters leaping in from the window.

She was shocked for a moment, and before she could reach out to catch it, she heard four dogs’ legs landed on the ground with a heavy, muffled sound. It was several times louder than the sound of her falling down just now.

My big brother!

The guards outside whispered again, and there was some rustling, as if someone took out the key and was about to come in to check, but someone stopped him with a few words.

Yuan Ci Xian suspected that Lu Shi Qing had placed an inside man here. While she was looking around nervously, looking for a place to hide, he suddenly pulled her wrist and led her to an open wooden box on the side.

She understood, broke free from his hand, hurriedly turned around and closed the window first, and then went to pull Xiao Hei.

Lu Shi Qing paused, trying to stop her ridiculous move.

At this moment, if they jump out of the rear window, it would be difficult to sneak in again, so finding a box to hide was the best choice. Tell the dog to stay outside, then the guard who went to check what happened naturally would think that the noise just now was this animal trying to break in. What unnecessary thing she’s trying to do?

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t want to pay attention to him. Xiao Hei was her brother’s pet dog, and she could not let it be slaughtered by others, so they had to hide together, she couldn’t do the kind of thing of selling a dog to survive.

The guard’s key had been inserted into the lock, so Lu Shi Qing had no choice but to compromise, gave her a bitter look, and stepped into the wooden box first and lay down.

Yuan Ci Xian followed closely behind, dragged Xiao Hei to lie down, and smoothly closed the lid the moment the person entered.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but Lu Shi Qing’s breathing tightened.

The wooden box was not very spacious, and more than half of it already filled with silks, so that two people and a dog lie down side by side there was no gap between the left and right, just a little extra space in the top and bottom. Xiao Hei was squeezed in the middle, its fat body squeezed the two of them.

Yuan Ci Xian could feel Lu Shi Qing’s trembling through the dog.

His back was firmly pressed against the box wall, his eyes were closed tightly, his eyelashes were trembling like a delicate flower that had been ravaged by wind and rain.

Although she didn’t know why he was afraid of dogs, Yuan Ci Xian was also worried that he would be so frightened and suddenly died here, making her bear the charged of murdering a court official.

While listening to the movement of people outside, she patted Xiao Hei’s stomach lightly, signaling it to change places with her.

Xiao Hei understood, and stride over its dog’s legs.

Yuan Ci Xian moved her body with difficulty to make room for him, but unexpectedly, the dog was too fat, and when she was squeezed by it, her whole body slammed forward uncontrollably, unreservedly… sticking face-to-face with Lu Shi Qing.

Lu Shi Qing suddenly opened his eyes.

The tips of their noses were almost touching, and there was only a thin veil in between, so close that they could smell each other’s breath. But what’s more important was not here, but the position below, which suddenly made him feel so soft and full.

He was startled for a moment, loosened his hand slightly, then took advantage of the faint light of the night pearl and lowered his eyes to take a look.

Yuan Ci Xian was wearing a Huihu’s open collar jacket, the neckline was originally low, and after some tossing and turning just now, her clothes were slightly dishevelled, the veil that originally covered the front was also turned to one side, and the snowy mountains and the ravine was so obvious. A pair of majestic rounds were squeezed as if they were about to spill out of their clothes, and they were tightly pressed against his front.

People usually dressed less in summer, and the few layers of barrier could barely count as “better than nothing”.

Lu Shi Qing stopped trembling, and also forgot about the dog. The rubbing made him burn from head to toe.

For some reason, he suddenly remembered the steamed buns he saw in the West Marker during the day – steaming, snow-white, round, soft and tender.

His Adam’s apple rolled involuntarily, and at the same time, something quickly raised up.

There was a loud bang in his head, and he was so embarrassed that he stuck to the wall of the box, wishing he could pass through the box. He closed his eyes in order to calm his mind, but on the contrary, he felt more clearly the soft and boneless delicate body that was clinging to him… Wait, how to read the “Great Treasure Sutra” that mother often recite?

The footsteps in the house were chaotic, and the Huihu were still rummaging back and forth with torches.

The box was practically seal up, and after a while, the breathing of both of them became heavier and heavier. Especially Yuan Ci Xian, who couldn’t remember the shyness of her body touching, because she was almost suffocated by the oppression.

She knew that Lu Shi Qing’s back was stuck to the wall of the box, so she had no choice but to push Xiao Hei with her elbow to see if it could move, but didn’t know how this dog misunderstood, it actually leaned against her instead.

She was so angry that a mouthful of blood was stuck in her chest and couldn’t get out. Seeing Lu Shi Qing’s brows were deeply frowned and his eyes closed tightly, she thought that he was still afraid of Xiao Hei, so she didn’t dare to push him, lest he yell out in fear, so without better option she had to use the small hole on top of the box, with difficulty stretched out one hand to groped around the bottom of the box, and struggled to support her upper body.

Breaking out of the encirclement like this, she took a few deep breaths silently, and regained her life in an instant.

But Lu Shi Qing was dying.

When she raised her upper body, her round soft object grazed his chest, and directly set him on fire. The branding iron, which had calmed down slightly, raised up again uncontrollably.

Such a situation could be described as quite critical. As long as Yuan Ci Xian leaned forward a little bit, she could be poked head-on and realize what was wrong with this man.

He opened his eyes and looked at her warily.

Yuan Ci Xian was stared at inexplicably for a while. She’s not a dog, what kind of look is he giving?

She also became vigilant, and pulled up the loose neckline, and because of the difficulty of supporting her body sideways, she slightly bent her legs to adjust her posture.

A warning sign suddenly appeared in Lu Shi Qing’s head, hurriedly stretched out his hand to block her legs from approaching.

She froze for a moment, and followed his movement to look down.

Lu Shi Qing knew that their clothes were so close that people could see the sky-high tent at a glance, so he was startled and hurriedly covered her eyes.

Yuan Ci Xian was even more puzzled, and wanted to see what happened, breaking his hand while pushing his knee over.

He had no choice but to raise his legs and entangled her lower body tightly.

Still not convinced, she twisted his hand and elbowed his chin.

There was no way for Lu Shi Qing to avoid it, so in a fit of anger he pushed her, raised his body and pressed her down firmly.

She was really pressed underneath, the kind of pressure from the back to the chest, the kind of pressure that wasn’t seen in the romance story book.

“…” Yuan Ci Xian opened her mouth and almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

This silent close combat ended in Lu Shi Qing’s “overwhelming” victory.

Yuan Ci Xian was dizzy, unable to breathe, and wanted to raise her hand to push him, but because the box was too crowded, there was nowhere to move her hands, and when she wanted to cry but had no tears, she pinched his waist fiercely to vent her anger.

The pinch didn’t even reach the flesh. He seemed very nervous, and his whole body was as tense as iron. Seeing that she seemed to want to do it again, he simply grabbed her hand.

Under the pain, Yuan Ci Xian noticed that his palms were hot and sweaty.

She looked at Xiao Hei who was close to him, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Now you know that you’re afraid?

What kind of treasure is it worth him to hide and lock up like this?

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TN: I hope you understand what branding iron means, it’s kinda long, hard, and in the olden days used as a kind of torturing tools that was burned red. Well the word the author use is 烙铁, which in today times means soldering iron (well that works too), but it’s too modern calling it that isn’t it?!

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