Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Meeting The Emperor


Yuan Ci Xian chose the day when Lu Shi Qing was serving Emperor Huining to enter the palace, and as soon as she arrived at Danfeng Gate, she was welcomed by Zheng Yun.

Before the court meeting in Xuanzheng Hall was dispersed, Zheng Yun proposed to lead her around the palace. Yuan Ci Xian nodded in response, and shared a sedan chair with her. Seeing that she was still dressed in men’s attire, she asked casually: “Your Highness usually likes riding and archery?”

Zheng Yun shook her head: “Cannot be say likes, just to strengthen the body, actually not as skill as County Princess.”

“Your Highness overpraises.”

Ever since Zheng Yun came to Yuan Mansion, Yuan Ci Xian paid attention to this person. She heard that this noble princess has a gentle nature, but she accidently fell into water in the early spring of last year and almost unable to recuperate. Later, she was instructed by the imperial physician to train her strength frequently, so she learned riding and archery skills, and now she often dressed like a young man and went out on a horse ride together with other aristocratic children.

Yuan Ci Xian felt that these playing around did not match the noble princess’s temperament.

Zheng Yun said with a smile: “You don’t have say Your Highness over and over again, I have met you three times, it seems too unfamiliar. Call me Shaohe.”

Yuan Ci Xian tilted her head to look at her, slightly puzzled: Where did this three times come from?

Zheng Yun explained: “I heard from Shuang Yu, in the early spring last year, you saved her at Lu Bridge?”

“That’s right.”

“That’s it, I was there that day.”

Yuan Ci Xian remembered. That day, there were two women standing by the bridge railing, but because she couldn’t reach in time, she only dragged one. It turned out that the person who fell into the water was Zheng Yun. No wonder she saw a group of attendants jumping down like dumplings.

As she was thinking about it, she heard Zheng Yun continued: “Luckily you happened to go to Lu Bridge and saved Shuang Yu…” She paused here, and seeing that Yuan Ci Xian didn’t answer, she smiled and continued, “Otherwise, my sin will be bigger. After all, I took the initiative to invite her to go out together that day.”

Yuan Ci Xian felt that her string of words were rigid, and the gaze that fell on her face was also have a strong sense of exploration. She immediately turned her head away in discomfort, pulled the corner of her mouth and said: “Not able to save Your Highness is Ci Xian’s fault.”

Zheng Yun retracted her gaze in embarrassment, and then smiled: “What fault? Besides, I’m fine.”

At the end of summer, the residual heat had not yet disappeared, and the sun was still very vicious. Although a curtain was hung on the sedan chair for shade, it was not as cool as the inside of the house.

Yuan Ci Xian was afraid of the heat, so couldn’t enjoy the scenery at all. What’s more, the genuine beautiful scenery of this Daming Palace was inside, but Zheng Yun kept walking around with her outside, and she was even more bored. Actually surprised that this noble princess still pointing this and that with great interest.

She answered nonchalantly all the way, and when the palace servant reported that His Majesty had already done with the court, she hurriedly ran to this “savior”. Zheng Yun didn’t keep her either, said goodbye and let her go.

Yuan Ci Xian went to the front hall of Zichen Palace with the palace servant. This was the daily living place of Emperor Huining, with glazed tiles and vermilion roof, carved railings and jade bricks, every brick and stone were dazzling and extravagant.

After entering the gate of the hall, from a distance she saw the emperor buried his head on the table, it seemed he was reading some official documents. Lu Shi Qing, who wore deep scarlet official robe sat in the lower seat, answered the emperor’s questions from time to time, and occasionally took a sip of tea, looking very relaxed. As for trivial things such as grinding and drafting articles, it seemed our Assistant Minister Lu didn’t need to do it at all.

It was the first time Yuan Ci Xian knew that there was such a comfortable way of serving, which was simply more comfortable than the emperor.

When she got closer, she glanced at the tea pot in Lu Shi Qing’s hand, and found that it was really different from the one on Emperor Huining’s table.

Ordinary courtiers couldn’t even enter Zichen Palace to discuss matters, this person not only could come and go, but also had a special tea set here because of his special habit, which was really unscrupulous.

But Emperor Huining seemed to really like this courtier, and when he heard what Lu Shi Qing said, he burst out laughing, and behaved as if they were a parent and child.

Seeing Yuan Ci Xian approaching, the two stopped laughing. Lu Shi Qing lowered his eyes and sipped his tea, as if he didn’t see her.

She stole a glance at him, then moved away, and bowed to the main seat.

Emperor Huining invited her to sit opposite Lu Shi Qing, his eyebrows were raised high: “Just now Ci Xian took a glance, it seems not at Zhen?”

She didn’t hide it, and replied with a smile: “Your Majesty is very discerning, Ci Xian was looking at Assistant Minister Lu.”

He laughed loudly when he heard this, and turned his head to ask Lu Shi Qing: “Zhen’s niece, isn’t she very cute?”

Lu Shi Qing raised his eyelids.

Yuan Ci Xian was looking at him with her cheeks propped up. After a long while, she heard him say calmly, “Your Majesty knows everything. If you say cute, then it must be cute.”

He replied reluctantly, but she seemed to enjoy it, blink her eyes at him: “Thank you Assistant Minister Lu for your compliment.”

Lu Shi Qing turned his eyes away from her.

Seeing the two going back and forth, Emperor Huining probably found it interesting, so he simply put down the official document and started talking with Yuan Ci Xian, first asking about her parents’s situation.

She replied: “My mother is in good health. My father fought to the death with Nanzhao last time, so new injuries adding to the old injuries, and his muscles and bones inevitably not as good as before, but he is resting well.” After she said that, she sighed sadly, “It’s all Ci Xian’s fault for causing such a disaster, causing Your Majesty to have trouble sleeping and eating, and worry about it day and night.”

Emperor Huining waved his hand: “It is Nanzhao who deceived others too much, how can blaming you.”

As if she had been forgiven, she quickly echoed: “Your Majesty is absolutely right! This Nanzhao Crown Prince is too much. You say if he’s as handsome as Assistant Minister Lu it still fine, but he has a thief eyebrows and rat eyes! Thanks to your love for me, would rather send troops to fight than to marry me away!”

Seeing her deeply grateful, Emperor Hui Ning couldn’t help but feel pleased with himself: “It’s just a few soldiers. You are Zhen’s niece, if Zhen doesn’t love you, then who would?”

Yuan Ci Xian smiled coquettishly, but lowered her head with a hint of sarcasm that was not easy to detect.

Lu Shi Qing couldn’t look at Emperor Huining, so he glanced at her. The two drama queens came together, the fake feelings were so hypocritical that he couldn’t bear to listen to them.

The hall was harmonious and beautiful, and after talking about daily life, Yuan Ci Xian told Emperor Huining about the scenery of Southern Yunnan, which she told very vividly, making a living image. But at the end there was a sudden turn: “But Ci Xian thinks that Chang’an City is the most beautiful. Looking at the houses here, they are neat and bright, in line with the most orthodox style of the Great Zhou, it’s by no means comparable to the superficial splendor of Yaozhou!”

This kind of good skill of supress then praise, reined the horse on the edge of the cliff  was so beautiful that it went straight to Emperor Huining’s heart.

He felt gratified in his heart, and when he was happy, he said: “In that case, how about Zhen release a decree to let you build a separate mansion in Yazhou, modelled on the style of Daming Palace’s building.”

How can this be a mansion, afraid you have to build a small palace! Such a large construction project is really something only you the emperor can do.

Yuan Ci Xian was disgusted in her heart, but she didn’t show it on her face. After a burst of joy, her eyes soon darkened again.

Emperor Huining felt strange, and when he was about to ask a question, he heard her said while frowning, “This is naturally good, but…” She raised her eyelids and looked at Lu Shi Qing on the other side, “But if Yaozhou has a magnificent mansion, and Chang’an has dashing Assistant Minister Lu in, Ci Xian doesn’t know which one to choose…”

Emperor Huining was stunned at first, then laughed.

Lu Shi Qing, who was compared to bricks and tiles, did not look good. Do these two really think he’s not there?

When the emperor finished laughing, she continued with a bitter face: “Your Majesty please allow me to think about the matter of this mansion.” Saying that, she gave Lu Shi Qing a shy look.

Seeing this, Emperor Huining shook his head helplessly. This girl’s mind was too obvious, and he, who was over half a century old, felt that he was an eyesore here.

He pondered for a while, and said to Lu Shi Qing: “Ci Xian has been away from the capital for many years, and doesn’t remember much about the scenery of Chang’an. Assistant Minister Lu doesn’t have to teach Hong’er to study today, accompany Zhen’s niece to stroll around the city.”

Lu Shi Qing’s face froze.

Yuan Ci Xian smiled secretly, raised her eyebrows, and asked triumphantly: “Assistant Minister Lu, why, do you want to resist the decree?”

Emperor Huining laughed, imitating her tone and said: “Assistant Minister Lu, why, do you want to resist the decree?”

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