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Who Cares – Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Unravel


In the previous life, Xu Guangzhi was known for his good policy theory, and every splendid article would be spread and highly sought after by his disciples. When Guan Suyi was bored she often read it, and when she was sent to the estate village, desperate for life, she studied it word by word like a demon, to compare where he won over her grandfather and father.

To tell the truth, he was indeed a prolific writer, and his literary talent was outstanding. If there was rank of seniority in terms of writing, he should be the top of the list. From presenting arguments to step-by-step verification, and then to throwing conclusions, it could be called seamless and brilliant. And his writing technique was very distinctive, so after only reading the opening, Guan Suyi was so sure that this must be his article!

“Father, have you really discussed this article with Shang Chongwen, is he very familiar with the essence of it, was he answered fluently?” Guan Suyi confirmed again and again.

“Naturally, after each discussion, he can come up with more subtle points, and then revise them together with me.” Guan Father noticed something was wrong and frowned, “Why Yiyi ask such a question? Could it be that there is something wrong with this article?”

“Father, this article is no way written by Shang Chongwen, but by Xu Guangzhi. You must have watch the Ten Days Word Battle. You can carefully recall every sentence of his, from the concise and sharp beginning to the middle of the argument, and then to the thought-provoking ending, this kind of link-style prose is his unique technique. Father, you quickly send someone to investigate, I suspect that Shang Chongwen has joined hands with him, intending to drag you and grandfather down.”

Old Master Guan’s eyes glazed over, and said solemnly, “Bring the article here and let me look again.”

While Guan Father secretly sent people to investigate Shang Chongwen’s recent whereabouts, he and the old man read the article carefully, and really found many traces. They were naturally familiar with Shang Chongwen’s writing style, but they were very unfamiliar with Xu Guangzhi’s prose, but those who listened to his ten-days debate would be impressed by his profound knowledge, so it was not without evidence.

At the beginning, this article did seem to have the style of Shang Chongwen, but after studied in depth, the essence of its skeleton was Xu Guangzhi’s handwriting, and the understanding of “Inquiry into knowledge*” is completely in line with Xu Guangzhi’s point of view in the ten-days debate. But because it only involved one or two sentences, it had not attracted other’s attention.

Old Master Guan and Guan Father were the literary giants of current age, and they were best at viewing people with literature, how could they miss all kinds of doubtful point? They didn’t notice it before because they had great trust in their students, and didn’t think about conspiracies and tricks at all. Now that Guan Suyi had exposed it, they naturally understood the key to it.

“Shang Chongwen is good, every time he was able to reply fluently, it seems that he has discussed and negotiated with the real author, and then sent it to me. Now I have recommended him to serve as an official, if there is a rumor of stealing article and stealing names in the future, not only I and your grandfather will incur the crime of nepotism and deceiving the monarch, but will end up with losing our literary reputation. The thousand-year-old reputation of the Guan family will be destroyed by our hands!” Guan Father was heartbroken and furious.

Old Master Guan was as steady as Mount Tai, and said solemnly, “What’s the hurry, let’s wait for the people below to get concrete evidence. For scholars, the crime of stealing a literary name is comparable to beheading, which can make one unable to turn around forever. Once the scandal breaks out, our Guan family would be unlucky, and Shang Chongwen would definitely be doomed. Why do you think he is willing to lose his future and reputation? Xu Guangzhi must have held a deadly handle on him. Dig deeper into his background and you will be able to find clues.”

Guan Father quickly calmed down and cupped his hands in obeisance, “Son will follow what father said and send some more people to investigate. The emperor has not issued a decree to recruit Shang Chongwen to become official. If Xu Guangzhi wants to retaliate, this is not the best time. We still have time to turn the tide.”

“It’s good if you know, go check it out.” Old Master Guan looked at his granddaughter and said with relief, “Thanks to Yiyi today. Your senior brothers, including your father, can’t do anything for you, so I have to teach you personally to become a worthy person!”

“Grandfather, are you complimenting me or complimenting yourself?” Guan Suyi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and asked again, “If we can’t find any concrete evidence, what will our family do?” Xu Guangzhi was extremely cunning, and since he already push Shang Chongwen as a scapegoat, he would certainly not leave any evidence involving him. It was very difficult to confront him. Ye Zhen, Zhao Luli, and even Qin Lingyun have not been able to hurt his fur in the previous life, his treacherous means were very evident.

Old Master Guan was not at all frightened, and said indifferently, “If we can’t catch his tail this time, then we will see the real chapter in the next round. But Shang Chongwen will definitely leave a lot of clues, after all, Xu Guangzhi will have to expose his plagiarism crime later, the evidence must be sufficient, so we take it directly from him.”

“What about after you take it?” Guan Suyi was still worried.

“After I take it, I will report it to the imperial court for your father’s crime of negligence.” Old Master Guan said word by word.

The crime of negligence? This was much less than the three crimes of nepotism, deceiving the monarch, and stealing literary names. If the father impeaches the son, and the son stand up to repent, the Guan family’s reputation would not only undamaged, but would also go to a higher level. From then on, the Guan family would become a model of selflessness, loyalty and patriotism, and the emperor would not severely punish him for her grandfather’s face, at most he would be told to reflect behind close door and his salary would be reduced.

Guan Suyi thought about it for a while, and finally calmed down. She smiled at the old man and sighed, “Grandfather, they all said that ginger get spicier as it gets older, I finally have a deep understanding of this today.”

Guan Father also bowed his hands in shame and apologized again and again.

Old Master Guan was still in the same state as before, waved his hands and said lightly, “The officialdom is like a battlefield. It can be said that the situation is ever-changing, and every step is unstable. If we are not careful, we may lose our life. However, I still stand by this sentence, just follow the path of loyalty and uprightness, be worthy of the monarch above, be worthy of the people below, and to die without regrets.”

“Father’s teaching, son will keep in mind.” Guan Father bowed deeply, and Guan Suyi also quickly bowed.

Old Master Guan thought for a while, then added, “Although you almost fell into the villain’s trap, but in the future, when recommending talented people you should keep your eyes open and at the same time not be too shy. Even if it is your disciples and followers, those who have real talents and practical skills must be recommended, you must not stop eating for fear of choking*. If Yiyi is not a daughter, I would have written a letter of guarantee to recommend her as Commander-in-Chief*.”

Guan Father was waiting to answer with compliance, when he heard the last sentence, he couldn’t help but laugh. The old man really treasured his granddaughter. He always thought that his granddaughter was number one in the whole world, even him as her father has to retreat.

Guan Suyi also laughed “Pftt”, holding her grandfather’s arm for a good laugh.


As Guan Suyi expected, the matter of Shang Chongwen stealing the article really left a lot of evidence, but Xu Guangzhi was not implicated in the slightest.

Xu Guangzhi first went to Jueyin Temple to worship the Buddha, and then “improvised” an article to share with the senior monk Xuan Guang, still pretended to be modest, let him not making it public. The monks didn’t like to talk nonsense, so Xuan Guang silently accepted the manuscript and did not pass it on. A few days later, Shang Chongwen also went to Jueyin Temple to enjoy the scenery. He saw the article by “coincidence” and was astounded, so he secretly made a copy, hid it in his arms and took it away. After returning home he studied it repeatedly and imitated it. Soon after he found the original owner, used the identity as Chief of Ceremonies’s disciple to “coerce and induce” him, and ordered him to not say anything, then he submitted it and took the opportunity to enter the officialdom.

Now the original manuscript was in Jueyin Temple, and the copy and imitation manuscripts were in Shang Chongwen’s place. The three manuscripts and Xuan Guang’s testimony were ironclad evidence. When Shang Chongwen won an official position and this matter revealed, Guan Father’s crime of deceiving the monarch and deceiving the world to usurp a good name would be carried out, even if he jump into the Yellow River, he could not wash it away.

Without waiting for Xu Guangzhi’s action, Old Master Guan got the manuscripts one by one, asked Xuan Guang to write his testimony, and forced Shang Chongwen to confess his guilt, and then went to the court meeting with all kinds of evidence.

The various incidents that happened in the Guan family had long been reported to Emperor Sheng Yuan by the spies. The two Mount Tai were in trouble, how could he sit back and ignore it. He originally planned to take care Xu Guangzhi and Shang Chongwen himself, but when he saw that the old man had formulated a solution swiftly and decisively, he felt deep admiration in his heart, so he went with flow.

In today’s court meeting, the one standing at the forefront was no longer Prime Minister Wang. After the division of the two governments and three divisions, all power was spread out, everyone seemed to have benefited, but no one could monopolize, and in the end they have to listen to the emperor’s decision. However, even so, it was better than the past when they were suppressed by Prime Minister Wang and unable to lift their head, so the capital was calm and tranquil, content with the status quo.

Emperor Sheng Yuan stepped onto the throne and raised his voice, “Does beloved ministers have any important thing to announce?”

Immediately, several people stood up to report, but the old man never moved. Emperor Sheng Yuan thought for a while, suddenly realize: This is to wait for him to take the initiative to mention Shang Chongwen’s entry to the officialdom! All right, Zhen will issue the imperial edict to help you build a ladder.

After listening to the government affairs patiently, he approved a few more memorials, and then took out a volume of imperial edicts and said slowly, “Chief Minister of Ceremonies recommended Shang Chongwen to join the Third Division, and Zhen have seen his article which indeed very unique, really talented, so then… ”

“Your Majesty, this minister has something to report!” Old Master Guan interrupted loudly.

Emperor Sheng Yuan pretended to be surprised, “If Emperor Teacher has something to say, it’s the same to say it later, why interrupt the Holy’s word?”

Old Master Guan took a step forward and knelt down to make a report, “This minister want to impeach one person, and it is related to Shang Chongwen’s entry to become official, so has no choice but to be disrespectful in front of the emperor.”

Impeachment again? Who is it this time? The courtiers immediately changed their faces, some were apprehensive, some secretly speculated, and some were looking forward to it. The Emperor Teacher unfolded the memorial, then he recited in full-spirited manner. Oh man, last time he impeached Ye Quanyong and the emperor, this time even his own son was not spared, the Emperor Teacher is really cruel!

At the end, the courtiers who were either horrified or gloating over someone’s else misfortune all bowed their heads, showed the appearance of deep contemplation and reflection. It turned out that Chief of Ceremonies did not make any big mistakes, but he was negligence for a while and was deceived by his disciple. But the Emperor Teacher was not lenient at all, and he did not dare to cover up the slightest bit, even directly disclosed it to the emperor here. In the heart of the Emperor Teacher, afraid there were only the sentence “loyal to the monarch and loves one’s country”, without any selfishness and distracting thoughts. His iron bones and vast righteousness were unparalleled in the whole country!

Before they could finish their sighs, they saw Chief of Ceremonies removed his official hat and robe, knelt down and repented, and bluntly said that he was negligent in his duties, and his eyes were so confused that his tolerance raised a villain and mistreated talents. He was not worthy of the post of Chief Minister of Ceremonies, and implored the Emperor to dismiss him.

The courtiers were gasping with shock. They never expected that Chief of Ceremonies would have such a destructive momentum. If it were them, they would just kneel down, confess their guilt then beg for mercy. How could he destroy his future for a student? Guan Family is so daring, truly strong-willed!

Not only did the civil servants kneel down in unison to plead for mercy, but even the military generals also came out one after another to vouch for Chief of Ceremonies.

Emperor Sheng Yuan looked down at the clear and righteous court, and couldn’t help laughing. Good! What he wanted was such a wide-ranging situation, and what he longed for was this extraordinary atmosphere. Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies were really the trusted aides that would bring peace and stability to the country!

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