Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 77

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Guan Suyi took out the stones and examined them. Feeling that it was novel, she picked up a few more and put them in the food box, and let Hunnar smash them one by one.

“It’s amazing!” Every time she generously complimented, clapping her hands in praise.

Emperor Sheng Yuan played with her tirelessly, and as long as Madam showed a cheerful expression, he was also satisfied. After playing for about a quarter of an hour, Guan Suyi finally realized that she was a little rude, and said apologetically, “Your cultivation of inner strength must not be inexhaustible, right? Stop playing, lest you exhausted your inner strength and affect your job.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan was about to wave his hand to say it was no problem, but he heard Madam laugh lowly, “It’s rude not to reciprocate. Since you have performed a stunt, then I will show my skill too.” while speaking she rolled up her wide sleeves, looked very domineering.

“Madam also practice martial arts?”

“No, it’s just a small trick compared to your Yinzhang. Jinzi, get me some rice.”

Jinzi accepted the order and go, and Minglan, who was always left to the side, pouted, as if dissatisfied. Guan Suyi glanced at her and said indifferently, “Are you still complaining? In this inner garden of the forbidden palace, if I send you to find food boxes and rice, will you be able to find them successfully? Do you dare to deal with those palace maid whose eyes above their head?”

Minglan thought for a while, and couldn’t help but turn pale and murmured, “This servant doesn’t dare, this servant knows its’ wrong, and will never be angry with Sister Jinzi in the future.”

“As long as you figure it out. Jinzi is not a simple character. You should learn more from her. The rules are strict in the palace, don’t write all your thoughts on your face, and leave people with the handle.” After Guan Suyi finished speaking she cupped her hands in salute, “The little girl is ignorant, let you laugh.”

“It’s no problem, as a subordinate, who doesn’t want to get face in front of the master, I can understand.” Emperor Sheng Yuan also climbed up step by step from the bottom, and naturally understood Minglan’s mood, and carefully pondered Madam’s words just now. Knowing that she had doubts about Jinzi’s origin, she did not deal with it, but used her to the fullest extent and waited to see what happened.

However, she could never imagined that the master behind Jinzi was sitting in front of her, the “little bodyguard” of Marquis Zhenxi Mansion, so she said those words without any precaution. Madam trusts him very much, but he… Thinking like this, Emperor Sheng Yuan felt even more guilty, but it was absolutely impossible for him to withdraw the manpower. First of all, he wouldn’t feel reassure with Madam’s safety, and second, he didn’t like Zhao Luli to get close, someone had to separate them.

While thinking about it, Jinzi hurriedly came back, holding a small cloth bag in her hand, “Madam, this servant went to the imperial kitchen to ask for a small bag of rice, do you think this is enough?” Then she opened the bag and showed it to the two masters.

“It’s enough.” Guan Suyi pushed the bag to Hunnar and smiled, “You can grab a handful of rice and slowly pour it into the food box, and when you’re done pouring it, I will tell you how much grains of rice you have just grabbed.”

“You can count the number of rice grains while it poured? This is absolutely impossible!” Emperor Sheng Yuan raised his eyebrows slightly, and his interest grew stronger, he took a lot of rice grains and slowly poured them into the food box. There was a loud crackling sound, but within a short time, the rice grains had been spread into a thin layer, and it looked densely packed from a naked eye. Not to mention pointing out the number of grains in an instant, even if the grains sweep away one by one afraid it would take half an hour.

“A total of six thousand, two hundred and fifty-seven grains of rice, give or take twenty grains. Would you like to check?” Guan Suyi didn’t need to look at it at all, she reported the number with her eyes closed.

Emperor Sheng Yuan didn’t believe it, and even Minglan and Jinzi were greatly surprised. Each of them gathered some rice and counted them one by one with small pieces of wood. They got busy for half an hour and then added it up. After making sure that the number was correct, he exclaimed, “It’s really six thousand, two hundred and fifty-seven grains of rice, Madam, how did you do that? It’s simply divine!”

Guan Suyi pointed to her ears, pointed to her eyes, and said with a smile, “Without it, sight become sharp, ears become nimble.” Then she pointed to the center of her eyebrows, “It’s just a powerful computing power. I usually like to play with the abacus, but it’s just a decoration and to move the hands around, the answer has long come to mind. But wisdom will hurt*, and wisdom will be close to demons, all is too meddlesome, so I usually covered it up in the past.”

“So it’s like that!” Emperor Sheng Yuan suddenly realized, he couldn’t help but love Madam a little more, and said, “Don’t worry, Madam, I will never tell others about this.”

“So what, who will believe you?” Guan Suyi smiled slyly and brightly, making Emperor Sheng Yuan go crazy. In order to restrain the surging love in his chest, he plucked off a slender orchid leaf and said in a hoarse voice, “Madam’s talent is a godsend, and it’s beyond the reach of mortals like me, so Hunnar will perform another stunt in return.”

Guan Suyi looked intently, and saw that the soft and slumped leaf was hard for some reason, the edge was flickering with cold green light, as if it had turned from vegetation to metal, looking very sharp. Before she had time to marvel, she saw Hunnar’s fingertips move slightly, shoot the leaf, and nail it to the rockery not far away with a thud, smashing the stone into many part. The leaf that lost the support of internal force turned from hard to soft, and the tail swayed left and right when the wind blew, it was indeed a very ordinary leaf.

Guan Suyi immediately ran to check, tried to pull out the leaf, but accidentally snap it off, she couldn’t help but be amazed, “Hunnar, you said that you can sweep through thousands of armies, I finally believe it now. Flying flowers and picking leaves can hurt people, you are not human…”

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s expression was stunned, but he heard Madam paused and continued, “But a walking weapon.” After the words fell she raised her eyebrows and smiled, her eyes were full of evil after teasing.

Such Madam was really cute, making Emperor Sheng Yuan felt funny and his heart was itchy. He was about to show some other martial arts, but saw her slowly rolled up her sleeves and said with interest, “Alright, since you have used your unique skills, then I can’t hide mine. Let the force of full power come out, and make you broaden your horizon! Jinzi, bring a watermelon.”

The omnipotent Jinzi had to make another trip to the imperial kitchen to bring a two-pound watermelon. Although it was spring, the imperial hot spring manor could produce fruit from all season, and watermelon was not a rare thing.

Guan Suyi gathered her fingers together like a blade, put it in the middle of the watermelon, suddenly raised her wrist and slashed fiercely. There was a crisp “pop” sound, the skin of the melon cracked, revealing the bright red flesh, and the juice splashed everywhere. Not to mention, Emperor Sheng Yuan was stunned, and even Jinzi couldn’t return to her senses. Although he had long heard of such stunt by Madam, but seeing it with his own eyes, the impact was still very huge.

In any case, they could not imagine the appearance of an elegant and graceful Madam with her sleeves rolled up high and splitting melons with her bare hands. However, when they actually saw it, it didn’t feel vulgar at all, but instead realized the endless heroism and wantonness from her open-minded attitude and dazzling smile.

She could be arrogant and upright, could be virtuous and dignified, and even more could be chivalrous and heroic. Every part of her was so wise, how could Emperor Sheng Yuan not love? Missing Madam must be the biggest regret and the deepest pain in his life. He stared blankly, it didn’t look obvious on his face, but his heart was already filled with sourness and reluctance.

Guan Suyi didn’t notice, she picked up a piece of melon and put it in her mouth, handed it to Hunnar, and urged, “What are you doing, hurry up and eat, the palace banquet will start soon, we will eat, but you can only watch. Jinzi, Minglan, you also come to pad your stomach, so you don’t feel uncomfortable later.”

“Thanking Madam!” Emperor Sheng Yuan took the melon and ate it slowly, his eyes flickering and his heart troubled.

Minglan and Jinzi happily took the melon and hid in the corner to eat it. A few people were eating and chatting, and unknowingly, more than half an hour had passed. Seeing that the palace banquet was approaching, Guan Suyi went to the lake to wash her hands, and sighed, “Let’s go, after hiding to find peace, it’s time to go to the flashy world to crawl and fight.”

Crawl and fight? Madam’s words were really funny. Emperor Sheng Yuan was amused in his heart. He then followed her step by step to send her to an intersection of the road. He planned to watch her leave silently, but the love in his chest was unbearable, and he somehow revealed his heart, “Madam, wait a moment, I have something to say.”

Guan Suyi turned her head to look back, her eyes gentle.

“Madam, I always love you.” As soon as he finished speaking, the nine-foot-tall man lowered his head in panic, his ears were red.

It took several breaths before Guan Suyi understand this sentence. A stunned expression appeared on her face, then it turned cold, and she said word by word, “Then Hunnar must also know that I am married? For my sake, for the reputation of Guan family, as well as your career, you have never said those words, and I have never heard them. In the future, do not meet in private, let alone pass letters, so as not to sink into the mud, and eventually unable to pull out.”

The bright light in Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eye went out bit by bit, and the longing expression was replaced by regret and despair. When Madam turned her head without hesitation and walked away quickly, he wanted to chase but afraid of ruining her, and then ruining the Guan family that she cherished the most, so he had to restrain his legs and stood in the same place like a trapped beast.

His heart was full of anger, unwillingness and pain, he wanted to scream and smash everything in front of him, but he knew that it was just a futile struggle. He could have Madam, but because of his stupidity and stubbornness, he forcibly missed her. He hated himself immensely, and even more hated Ye Zhen and Zhao Luli. Unconsciously his eyes turned red, and there was a strong murderous aura rolling and surging.

Suddenly, Madam who walked quickly stopped, seemed to hesitate for a moment, and finally turned around slowly. She stood on a path covered with colored stones, surrounded by flowers and greenery, the spring sun shining above her head, the light and shadow were scattered, her ethereal beauty and refreshing air made her like an immortal.

Her icy face suddenly burst into a very gentle smile, cupped her hand, bent down cautiously, gave a big salute, and sighed, “The things today are not impropriety or frivolous teasing, but a piece of sincerity and a little bit of true feeling, I should engrave it in my heart and cherish it properly. However, the flowers have fallen far away from people’s heart, and the mountains and rivers will not meet*. From now on, hope that each will be well, each take care of oneself.”

After two lifetimes, Hunnar was the first man who waited for her, worried for her, answered her questions, and cared for her wholeheartedly. From his helpless actions, his longing and admiring eyes, to his deep pain after being rejected, she could see his sincerity and love.

How precious was this deep friendship to her lonely self? However, there was a saying: Seeing each other is like not seeing, to be in love is like being ruthless*. Met the wrong person at the wrong time, and their ending was nothing more than forgetting each other.

Chapter 77 Confession

T/N: Did you expect a confession? I have already read the whole novel and read/translate the title, and it still surprised me LOL.

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  1. Many thanks
    Wow. I thought he said he would keep his feelings to himself forever.. but then he just up and did it 😮

    1. True. It had been said multiple time and again this time round “her lonely self”. Honestly, I just wanted Suyi to find her happiness, whatever that bring true happiness to her. She had toiled for Zhao family last life before being discarded, and still had to toil for them this life. For me that is not only exhausting, but suffocating too. All because due to buttefly effect, his grandpa and father avoided calamity making her had to redouble her effort of maintaining her reputation. I really liked her moment where she enjoyed that rare book of legalism, martial arts shows, and reciprocating it with her own little tricks. The joy of that watermelon finger slicing actual comes across beyond the book. It is a great pity for her to return but didn’t achieve happiness. While Zhao Luli already had happiness since his children are all sober and awake now. That is so unfair to her.

  2. Yeah, I don’t doubt that the emperor is selfish enough to confess…did he even spare a thought as to what that could do to GS, especially if by chance someone overheard? He just put a target on her back.

    1. There’s no way someone heard it, the place is in the palace, and he (the emperor) is there, do you think there are no shadow guards guarding the area?

      1. Right. I am really weirded out by this sour people over Emperor’s deed. Even Suyi appreciated this confession and reading between the line so overjoyed to “taste how man waited for her”. Because faced it, Suyi isn’t real 18 young girl. She had been waiting two lifetimes for someone to affirmed her charm as a woman. They really didn’t understand how lonely Suyi is with two lifetimes worth of memories only she hold, and no other man had ever confessed her forthrightly like this. She even had reaffirmed “her lonely self”. This actually supported her mentally. I am glad she is able to taste this thrill for the first time.

  3. Wow he’s really an idiot. I mean lol. It’s “pure” but it’s selfish. Like wtf was she supposed to do with that information?

  4. Didn’t expect a confession at all lmao, but ain’t it a bit selfish of you emperor? Now Guan Suyi doesn’t have anyone she could act freely as she could.

  5. Doesn’t the emperor realise that if Guan Suyi had entered his harem she would never have been as open with him as she was with “Hunnar”? She would have been very careful with her grandfather’s and father’s boss, Ye Zhen is his”favourite” , plus she’d had have been drilled in palace etiquette. No way he’d have ever known the real Guan Siyi if she had entered the harem

    1. You are looking down too much on Suyi. Yes, she won’t be as vivid and vibrant like right now. But she definitely will still be able to shine even if she had entered the harem and be cautious around the emperor. Why? Because originally she is already intended to be above Jieyu in rank, just below Empress as the Vice Empress. Second, because she truly had the knowledge and people’s interest in her heart. With her entering harem, she definitely will be able to still offer him those brilliant way of governing, simply because that is her real talent unlike Ye Zhen’s half assed talent. Third, even with palace etiquette, she is smart enough to plan 99 steps ahead especially if common people and stability of the country is at risk. She will only be wholeheartedly thinking for people just like Mother of the World aka Empress and probably won’t be like how she was with Hunnar, but her charm is real so Emperor will still be hooked. Even Marquis Zhenxi and Zhou Tian admired her despite one had already had Li Shi and the other one was choked to death by her everytime they intersect. Like Old Madam Sun shi said, no matter whether fast or slow, whoever interacted with Suyi will come to love her in the end.

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