Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Righteousness


After the thirty-two charges were recited, Old Master Guan said in a voice as loud as a bell, “Ye Quanyong committed treason, forming party, favoritism, fraud, dereliction of duty, corrupt, deceive the monarch, offending face, great disrespect, and disregard human’s life. When this minister heard about everything, he was heartbroken and really hateful, therefore offering one’s own limited view, and respectfully ask for Your Majesty’s judgement.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan raised his hand to wipe off the cold sweat from his forehead, and was about to speak, but one court official stood up and asked, “Everyone knows that the Ye family and the Guan family have been at odds recently, and Emperor Teacher impeach Master Ye as soon as he took office. Isn’t there a suspicion of personal vendetta?”

Old Master Guan glanced at him lightly, “If half the matter of impeachment by this official is found to be false after it’s verified by the emperor, it will not be too late for you to sue this official for personal vendetta. At that time, this official will strip off his clothes and remove his hat, and beg to return to his hometown.” Holding up the jade tablet, he continued, “This minister still has another person who wants to impeach.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan waved his hand helplessly, “Emperor Teacher, please take your time.”

Hundreds of civil and military officials held their breaths and were afraid, because the previous impeachment against Master Ye by Old Master Guan was actually involved hundreds of officials, if the Emperor Teacher found out one by one, the fate of those people could be imagined. Old Master Guan was indeed like the phrase ‘should one desire to sing, one would amaze the world with his first song. They hope they didn’t offend him in the past.

Only Guan Father was the most calm, just clenched the jade tablet in his hand, sweating for his father.

Old Master Guan cleared his throat and said sternly, “This minister also want to impeach the emperor for manipulating the command secretly, appoint people by favoritism, fail to cultivate the inner palace, and mishandling the importance of things. Resulting in the loss of the border positions, increased the casualties of soldiers, chaos in the court order, the foreign relatives went rampant, and all kinds of calamities that were caused by the emperor’s intentional indulgence. Please implore the emperor to examine himself, to change his words and deeds, rebuild the inner palace, and return the court to a dignified and upright style.”

Hey, even the emperor dares to impeach, Emperor Teacher, you are a dead man! The man who had just reprimand him for doing personal vendetta quietly backed away, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. If it was really for selfish desires, when Emperor Teacher rectified the Ye family, he then should praise the emperor nicely. They all said there’s three fires when the new official took office, and the firewood for this fire was was still provided by the emperor, since he unlikely done anything to him. But he pointed at the Ye Mansion and then the Emperor, he spoke fiercely and without hesitation, truly carried out the purpose of the Inspectorate from beginning to end, and the sentence “sacrificing one’s life for righteousness” were sprinkled with vigor, without leaving any room for maneuver.

The Guan family’s uprightness, loyalty, and righteousness were awe-inspiring! Now it’s up to the emperor to deal with it.

The civil and military officials stared at the emperor with burning eyes. Among them, Old Master Guan’s eyes were the brightest, there seemed to be two flames burning in them, illuminating the ugliness of people’s hearts. Somehow, Emperor Sheng Yuan actually saw Guan Suyi’s pair of pupils cut autumn water and clear and distant eyes.

Inexplicably, he felt a sense of nowhere to hide, supported his forehead, and smiled lowly. Great, what a great man Empreror Teacher! First impeached the Ye family, then in order to defend himself from bending the law for personal gain, immediately impeached the monarch too, this was to force him to make a decision. Just because this Inspectorate was built by him, and it was also given powers by him, if even he didn’t take Chief Imperial Censor’s words seriously, the Inspectorate would be useless as soon as it was established, and it would lose its meaning.

Therefore, Old Master Guan could be said throwing bricks to attract jade and killing chickens to warn monkeys, and he was that piece of jade and that monkey. He was indeed making a name for himself, not afraid of power, and even more, holding the pearl of wisdom in his hands, afterwards controlled the course of events. No matter how much he wanted to protect the Ye family, he had to pinch his nose and admit it.

Who said that Old Master Guan was pedantic, stubborn, and unworldly? This man was clearly scheming and calculating, very resourceful! No wonder the Guan family’s literary name was like a big wave, righteous and respectable, it was actually because the whole family were outstanding. How could Heaven treat this family so generously, men were watered with the righteousness of heaven and earth, and women were nourished with the spirit of mountains and rivers, which made people admire and revere, how could people not like it.

Emperor Sheng Yuan shook his head, then shook his head again, and the regrets buried deep in his heart finally came up, making his mouth full of bitter and unspeakable tastes.

The court officials only shook their heads and smiled bitterly when they saw him, but did not open their mouth, they all just broke into a cold sweat for the Emperor Teacher. Although his mouth was a bit terrifying, but his behavior of giving up his life for righteousness and thoroughly criticized, was actually something that most people want to do but dare not do. Based on this alone, he could be called the leader of the literary circle of current era and the role model for civil and military officials.

Guan Father saw that the emperor had not spoken for a long time, and he took the initiative to stand up, wanted to advance and retreat together with his father. Although it was agreed earlier that they would go their own ways, this impeachment against the Ye family and His Majesty was exactly their hard work. When they succeeded, they would kowtow to thank the wise monarch for the Holy Grace. If they were lost, they would die without any regrets.

Emperor Sheng Yuan finally swallowed his mouth full of bitterness, and sighed, “Take copper as a mirror you can correct your clothes, take history as a mirror you can know the rise and fall, take people as a mirror you can know the gains and losses. Emperor Teacher is exactly the bright mirror hanging high in Zhen’s heart, illuminating Zhen’s right and wrong.” As he said, he walked down the imperial platform, and bowed deeply to Old Master Guan, “On that day in the Bodhi Garden, Zhen selected Elder Guan as a teacher. In the past and present Zhen has always feel fortunate, with this teacher of a hundred generations, why worry the atmosphere of court hall will be unclear, and not speak in the name of common people. Zhen should listen in the ear and accept in the heart, and rule the world peacefully. May the Emperor Teacher and the hundreds officials work together with one heart, rectify the wings of the Great Wei, and encourage Zhen together.”

After the words fell, he bowed three times and sincerely said, “Thank you for the grace of Emperor Teacher’s teaching, Zhen is deeply grateful. The case of Ye Quanyong will be immediately handed over to the Ministry of Justice for strict investigation and thorough handling. Must not shirk responsibility and overlook, bend the law for personal gain! And Zhen will write a Guilty Edict, to use as self-reflection.”

This matter had not yet reached the point of issuing a Guilty Edict, but the emperor’s willingness to admit his mistakes and write a self-reflection document was the greatest compromise and concession, and he also expressed enough respect for the Emperor Teacher. The first fire of the Inspectorate was thus burned violently, causing the civil and military officials reflected on themselves and were in awe.

Old Master Guan and Guan Father thought that the emperor would  more or less try to hold his anger, but when they took a closer look, they found that he really blamed himself. There was no complaint in his eyes, instead it was full of sincere appreciation. To have a wise monarch like this, why worry the Wei Kingdom would not be prosperous? The two hurriedly knelt down and thanked the Holy Grace, their eyes flushed.

Emperor Sheng Yuan immediately helped the people to get up and comforted with a few warm words, and the tense atmosphere was immediately replaced with the harmonious feeling between monarch and ministers. After discussing a few more government affairs, it was announced that he would retire from the court. The emperor kept the Guan’s father and son to dine together, and the rest of the people would go to their office to do their jobs.

When walking out of the Chengde Hall, not to mention the civil servants and military generals came forward to greet the old master one after another, even the imperial clan with eyes above their head also showed a respectful attitude. With the burst of “Emperor Teacher walk slowly”, the father and son arrived at the Weiyang Palace, and they were not waiting long before being led into the inner hall. Emperor Sheng Yuan had already changed into his regular clothes and was sitting upright. The three food tables at hand were already filled with steaming dishes, and another servant was carrying water basins, handkerchiefs and other items. In case the two people want to freshen up, all preparation were extremely thorough.

“Emperor Teacher, please take a seat, Chief of Ceremonies please take a seat.” Emperor Sheng Yuan extended his hand to invite them, showing an approachable attitude, “We monarchs and ministers are harmonious, we don’t need to observe all kind of etiquette, treat it as your own home, just as you wishes.”

Old Master Guan and Father Guan continuously said do not dare, they bowed respectfully and then took their seats. Emperor Sheng Yuan moved the chopsticks first, and then the two of them ate elegantly, behaved neither humble nor arrogant, with calm expressions on their face. This kind of style made Emperor Sheng Yuan more and more happy.

Zhen has just come into contact with the culture of the Central Plains, so the knowledge is limited. Every time Zhen see the memorials presented by Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies, always feel captivated by the handwriting of iron painting and silver hooks.” He thought for a long time before slowly leading the conversation.

Old Master Guan was indeed very honest, he immediately said, “Your Majesty is falsely praised, this minister’s calligraphy is not very good, it’s a line worse than my granddaughter. This minister’s wrist has been injured before, and the old disease is difficult to heal, although the brushwork is harmonious, but it lost its strength. My granddaughter started to practice calligraphy at the age of three, and coupled with her brilliant understanding and talent, at a young age she already reached the wonderful realm of transcendence. Not that this minister is boasting, just pointed out to the great scholars of the world one by one, and my granddaughter is no inferior at all.”

“Oh? Started to practice calligraphy at the age of three? What kind of practice?” Emperor Sheng Yuan’s eyes were slightly bright, and his voice had a touch of hoarseness.

Old Master Guan thought that he was interested in practicing calligraphy, and explained in detail how he trained his granddaughter, such as strapping sandbags around her wrists, slowly replacing them with iron blocks and lead blocks, and gradually increasing the weight; reading a hundred times every morning, write it down a thousand times; took her to travel around the world, explored the scenery and the customs of people, strengthen the body, and condense the spirit, etc.

Talking and talking, a vivid picture emerged in Emperor Sheng Yuan’s mind: how a delicate little girl cried and wrote silently while carrying a heavy weight, how she recited poetry while shaking her head, how she crawled and rolled in the wind and sand, and how she played and thrived under the brilliant sun. The childish facial features with sheep horns braided slowly turned into a thrilling gorgeous face, which made his heart beat heavily, followed by a severe pain.

When he returned to his senses, his thoughts were even more difficult to calm down, and the smile on the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but went down. But after all, the two people in front of him were Guan Suyi’s family, and they were also his confidants. When the emperor finished speaking, he forced a smile and said, “Could it be that Madam’s handwriting is better than Chief of Ceremonies?”

“His heart is not calm, always indignant, and his words are stained with vulgar dust. He’s not even as good as me, how can he compare with Yiyi.” Old Master Guan hated that iron could not become steel, but he couldn’t help but muttered in his heart: How can the emperor call Yiyi madam this, madam that, as if he is very familiar with her?

Guan Father laughed and bowed, not daring to speak at will, so as not to be bombarded by his own father.

Emperor Sheng Yuan laughed aloud, and then seamlessly brought the topic to Guan Suyi again, so he heard many interesting and embarrassing things, and the pain just now gradually faded away, turning into satisfaction and joy. After the meal, the monarch and ministers felt they haven’t have enough fun yet. Very soon it was not early anymore and they had their own government affairs, so they bid farewell.

Before leaving, Guan Father suddenly said, “Dare to ask what kind of incense is burning in Your Majesty’s palace hall? The smell is very unique.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan talked and laughed as usual, “I don’t know what’s burning, I came from the army, and I don’t know much about these things. Baifu…”

Baifu hurriedly said, “Enlighten the Emperor, enlighten Master Guan, it’s the burning of cinnamon ointment of Yunzhou tribute. If Master likes it, this servant will make people pack a box.”

Guan Father didn’t refuse, he took the gift box and left with the old master. Emperor Sheng Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. He took out a set of rice paper folder from the dark compartment, sniffed it close to his nose, and sighed, “Although the scent of this Fragrant Snow Sea is light, it’s very long-lasting. Even if it is blocked by layers of utensils, it’s still futile.” Just like that person, the more you dare not think about it, the more it drill into your mind.

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