Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Chaos At Home


Zhao Luli was not annoyed after being kicked out of the main house, instead he felt very guilty and anxious. One was because he had misunderstood his wife again, and the other was for the future of his children. At that time, his mother’s abuse and scolding brought back many sad memories, and he turned the pain of losing Zhen’er into resentment and poured it on his wife’s head. To be honest, Madam didn’t know anything, she’s the most innocent. Not only could he not show the slightest affection for her, but he couldn’t even consummate the marriage with her. It was inevitable for her to be unhappy in her heart, and it was inevitable for her to speak a little bit sharply, not to mention that his mother-in-law shoved Ye Fan at this stall, even someone with the heart of a Bodhisattva would be at the end of their patience at this time.

Zhao Luli walked all the way and sighed, while leading his daughter to the warehouse, where he planned to pick out a few precious gifts and send them to his wife to make amends.

“Suyi spoke a little bluntly, but it’s also for your own good. I know that you are close to Ye Fan, but in the future, since she will enter Zhao’s house as a concubine, her identity will change, and her relationship with you will also change. You respect her and love her, just hold this in your heart, don’t act too much on it, and don’t get too close to her. After all if outsiders see it, it’s not good for you.” Zhao Luli said while he took out a lot of jewelry from the box and placed them on the low table one by one.

Zhao Chunxi obediently promised, on the surface seemed to be peaceful, but on the inside, she was angry and annoyed. This time Guan Suyi scolded her for being brought up by little woman, and daddy could be coaxed back by her with a few words. Next time, if she scolded her more severely, even taught her bitter lesson, daddy would probably pick it up and put it down gently, right? It’s not that she doesn’t believe daddy’s love and affection for her, but she was too afraid of Guan Suyi’s mouth. Even if the sky falls, she could easily hold it up with her silver tongue, as long as she wants to.

The more Zhao Chunxi thought about it, the more she regretted it. She shouldn’t have taken this big trouble for her mom in the first place. It was indeed easier to invite a devil than to send it away. Even if she brought her aunt into the mansion, it wouldn’t block Guan Suyi at all, but put herself in even more embarrassing situation. If she really sent herself and her younger brother to be raised by her aunt, the next day, the di daughter of Marquis Zhenbei Mansion would become a laughing stock in the eyes of the noble children, there would be no dignity left.

When Zhao Chunxi was thinking wildly, Zhao Luli had already put the selected jewelry into the brocade box and instructed, “Give this gift to Suyi in person, and apologize to her sincerely. She is a person with knife-mouth and tofu-heart, will not bother with you. You must know that she is the daughter of the Guan family, and the word ‘Guan family’ represents benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, honesty, gentleness, respect, and humility, and represents the highest moral character that is highly respected and admired nowadays. If you can touch her light, even just a little bit, you don’t have to worry about marriage in the future. She has the blood of a noble family in her body, with a Confucian halo on her head, and behind her back are the three great gods, the Emperor Teacher, chief minister of ceremonies, and His Majesty. Become a good friend with her will be of infinite use to you. It is only by enormous luck that I can marry her, and I don’t know how fortunate I am, you also have to cherish it.”

This was the first time that Zhao Luli had instilled a utilitarian heart in his daughter. He originally wanted to cultivate her to become a woman like Ye Zhen who doesn’t eat the food of common mortals. But Guan Suyi’s suggestion made him suddenly realize that a woman who doesn’t eat the food of common mortals cannot survive in a deep house, especially in a noble family with complicated relationships.

How can His Majesty become Guan Suyi’s backer? His Majesty loves my mom like a treasure, it should be my mother’s backer. If my mom meets Guan Suyi, you see who His Majesty will protect! Zhao Chunxi was not angry, but she also knew that His Majesty would protect Ye Zhen, but he would never protect herself, because she was not only Ye Zhen’s daughter, but also Marquis Zhenbei’s daughter, and Marquis Zhenbei was probably his most intolerable existence.

“Daughter understands what daddy said. In the future, I will stay away from my aunt and get closer to my mother.” She had to compromise, because the distant water could not save the near fire, and Jieyu niangniang, no matter how noble, was only her aunt in public eyes and could not interfere with her marriage. After all, the only thing she could rely on right now was Guan Suyi, and she was holding her dowry in her hand.

“Good child, don’t feel wronged, Suyi’s heart is not bad, you just need to listen to her words, learn the central feed well, and marry into a scholarly family with an honest family style and a high status in the future, and you will have a lot of good life.” Zhao Luli gently stroked his daughter’s hair.

Zhao Chunxi nodded with a strong smile, and finally went to apologize to her stepmother with the brocade box in her hands. When the father and daughter came to the main house, Zhao Wangshu, who was playing wildly, had been caught by the steward. He was standing at the table practicing calligraphy. Guan Suyi stood side by side with him, also holding a brush in her hand, and was sketching on a piece of rice paper.

The tiger came out of the cage, and the turtle jade was destroyed in the cage. Who is to blame? It’s just one sentence, sixteen characters, you have made six mistakes, and what do these ink balls means? If you don’t remember how to write it then leave it blank, don’t make the surface of the scroll so dirty, otherwise in the future when you participate in the imperial examination, the examiner will not even bother to read it, will just directly throw it out.” Guan Suyi put down the brush, picked up the ruler, and ordered, “Spread your hands.”

Zhao Wangshu put his hands behind his back, squinted at her, and said with a malicious tone, “I heard that my aunt is going to marry in next month?”

“Your aunt will be brought in, not marry in.” Guan Suyi said expressionlessly.

“Bah! If I say marry then marry! My aunt watched me grew up since I was a child, she is no different from my mom, and my daddy likes her too. When she comes in, you will definitely fall out of favor, because we don’t like you! I heard that at noon today, you told my sister that you don’t want to manage us anymore, and want to let my aunt take care of us, right? Well,this little master don’t care! You only holding me to study, hit my palm with a ruler, and when teaching me to practice calligraphy you still want me to tie a heavy sandbag, you poisonous woman deliberately wants to torture me, and I want my aunt, not you!” Zhao Wangshu said as he removed the sandbag on his wrist, broke the writing brush, brushed off the inkstone, and ran out.

Every time he got off school these days, he would be taken back by his stepmother to practice calligraphy. If he made a mistake, his palm would be hit, and if he wrote two mistakes, he would be hit twice. If the homework assigned by the master was wrong, he would be hit a dozen times at a time, making him miserable. When he heard that his aunt was coming, it was like a divine soldier descending from heaven, and his confident was also grew.

The inkstone fell to the ground, making a loud noise, and the splashes of the ink stained Guan Suyi’s snow-white shoes, socks and skirt, and then slowly spread. Minglan knelt down to wipe it for her mistress, and ordered the steward to go out and catch him.

“No need to catch, go down.” Zhao Luli blocked the door, holding his son’s back collar with one hand, his face extremely ugly. He originally thought that Ye Fan’s passing through the door was equivalent to having an extra bowl and chopsticks on the table of Marquis mansion, which was a trivial matter that was not worth mentioning, but how could it bring such bad impact on his son and daughter.

Xi’er was fine, she knew the importance, but Wangshu was so confused to this point. Thinking deeper, if Suyi hadn’t woken them up, his son would have been confused forever, and he might harmed himself and the marquis mansion one day. Zhao Luli stepped over the threshold, drove away irrelevant people, put his son down, and before he could stand firm, he slapped him hard and scolded, “Still not apologizing to your mother?”

Zhao Wangshu was startled and covered his face. He couldn’t recover for a long time, and after a while, he suddenly slipped out under his father’s arms, choked and roared as he ran, “No, never apologize! She’s not my mother, I don’t want her care!”

“Wangshu, quickly come back!” Zhao Chunxi couldn’t catch up, so she could only stare dryly.

“Come on, go and get the eldest young master back!” Zhao Luli was so angry that his fingers were shaking.

Guan Suyi lifted up her cuffs and untied the straps of lead-filled cloth tied to her wrists, her tone was extremely flat, “Forget it, let him go. Children of this age are heavy-minded and stubborn, the more he was restrained, the more noisy he become. You must have heard it, he only wants Ye Fan and doesn’t want my care. Forget it, I will never care about your son and daughter. You don’t need to apologize, if you have this heart, you shouldn’t have taken concubine when we just got married for less than half a month, let alone take the daughter of the Ye family, making me fell into an embarrassing and difficult situation.” Guan Suyi rubbed her temples and waved her hands, “Go back, I have a terrible headache right now, I don’t want to talk.”

“Madam, let you suffer, I’ll teach Wangshu properly…” Zhao Luli blushed with embarrassment, he never expected after persuading his daughter, his son would make trouble. This Ye Fan had not passed the door, the family was already chaotic and restless, could not be peaceful. He couldn’t imagine what would happen after she passed the door.

Thinking of this, he actually had some complaints about Liu shi, the culprit.

Minglan already hated the Zhao family, so she casually stuffed Zhao Wangshu’s four treasures of study, books and files into a bundle, and said coldly, “Lord marquis, you go first, Madam has already sad enough, you let her have some peace. Take a look at the eldest young master’s handwriting and homework, isn’t he making progress? In order to teach him, madam must take two hours out of her busy schedule to accompany him to read and practice calligraphy. Madam’s wrist was weighted down by four pounds of lead, she accompanied him to eat all the sufferings she suffered as a child, hoping that he would become a talent in the future. But didn’t expect him to be like this…” unable to differentiate good from bad!

The last word was a bit ugly, Minglan couldn’t say it, so she shoved the stuffs into Zhao Luli’s arms and slammed the door shut.

Zhao Luli apologized repeatedly and stood for a while before returning with his daughter, who had an equally ugly face. The words Zhao Wangshu wrote and the articles he did, he read and checked them one by one. Compared with before, they were like made by two different people, the progress was really a lot. If he was properly taught by Guan Suyi here, and there was a master who guide him outside, just as Minglan said – he would become a talent in the future.

But now, he was crying and shouting to go to his aunt’s place. Ye Fan was just a merchant girl, and she would still be the concubine of marquis mansion in the future. How could she teach him any good things? Wasn’t that a self-destructive future? The more Zhao Luli thought about it, the more anxious he became, the more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became, and he had the mind to save it but didn’t where to start.

At this time, Zhao Chunxi also wished to catch Zhao Wangshu and give him a slap. If he was always so stupid, in the future don’t say become her helper, not dragging her legs was fortunate enough.

On the other hand, Zhao Wangshu himself never felt that he was wrong. Because the mansion was full of his stepmother’s minions, he was afraid of being caught and punished, so he had to hide in his grandmother’s courtyard who loved him the most, and conveniently complained about her.

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  1. Loll Chunxi, that’s why girls also need brains. Not only beauty. Someone might take you as a beauty, but not someone else. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

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    1. Yes. The author writing is very good that it actually made Suyi “holier” than what he reader initially thought. You know how some reborn person initiated revenge, or bring forth/instigated what they “knew would occur”.. which actually just made them equally bad with the villain. But Suyi calmly faced everything that occured a second time. Never instigated or initiated scheme against what bad people wanted, yet she still gained the upper hand everytime. She also didn’t purposely taught bad things to the children, yet the children somehow still stay true to their nature, antagonising her. This is the most interesting strength of the author for this particular novel. I really liked how Guan Suyi is written.

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