Who Cares

Who Cares – Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Embrace


Emperor Sheng Yuan, who was originally somewhat unsure, had now put down the big stone in his heart and let out a sigh of relief. Madam’s thoughts, he really guessed correctly.

Putting the birdcage with the pair of geese on the table, he said cautiously, “Mother-in-law, Zhen hunted these geese with Zhen’s own hands and did not use any other’s help. The reason Zhen come here before the marriage decree is to tell Madam that this marriage is not a favor or reward from the emperor to his subjects, but one Zhen personally seek for. Just like an ordinary man pursuing his sweetheart, Zhen has admired Madam for a long time, thinking of her day and night, and reluctant to let go.”

Guan Suyi’s cheeks were quietly dyed with a thin layer of red, she didn’t stare at him anymore, only lowered her head and smiled. In any case, it was extremely hard for him to make this trip by himself. She could finally let go the remaining uneasiness and unwillingness she had.

After seeing Madam smiling, Emperor Sheng Yuan also showed a hearty smile, and continued, “Zhen still trying to understand Madam, afraid Zhen make her unhappy, or make her feel dissatisfied or even resisted this marriage. Although Zhen is the emperor, in front of Madam Zhen is just an ordinary man with a longing heart. Mother-in-law, your love with father-in-law has never change, and Madam grew up by your side, so her expectations for marriage will only be higher than this. What she wants, whether she say it or not, Zhen will do to the best of Zhen’s ability for her. She said to propose marriage, then Zhen at once come to the door to propose marriage. No amounts of precious gifts can match a sincere heart. Zhen will love her, protect her, respect her, walk hand in hand with her, and never give up in this life. Please mother-in-law be rest assured to entrust her to Zhen.”

Zhong shi‘s eyes were red when she heard this, and she didn’t know how to react. Even ordinary men could not say or act on these words, yet he was the dignified monarch of Wei Kingdom, but after finishing the court, he hunted wild geese all over the mountains, and then sent them personally to the mansion with great care. No matter what happens in the future, the sincerity right now was enough.

Zhong shi, who was having trouble eating and sleeping these days because her daughter married too high, finally relaxed the knot in her heart and said in a trembling voice, “Your Majesty, please take care of Yiyi in the future. She is a bit stubborn and her speaking skill is lacking, please don’t lower yourself to her level.”

Emperor Sheng Yuan glanced at Madam and nodded with a smile, then Old Master Guan and Guan Father, who had been standing by the door and listened for a long time, strode in and bowed in salute. When they raised their heads, their eyes seemed flushing red with tears in the corner of their eyes. The family exchanged some pleasantries for a while and then talked about the wedding, but seeing the emperor kept looking at Yiyi, they had to give the two of them a chance to talk in private for a while.

The two walked to the waterside pavilion in the backyard, randomly picked a large smooth stone, sat down, and spoke in a low voice.

“I thought you would send people to deliver the imperial decree and betrothal gift very grandly to the Emperor Teacher Mansion.” Guan Suyi broke a willow branch and gently stirred the water, her beautiful eyes staring at Hunnar for a while.

Emperor Sheng Yuan approached her and said softly, “Every word that Madam said, whether intentional or not, I always remember it in my heart. You asked me to come to the door to propose marriage in person. If I don’t do it, I will suffer in the future. Madam is a bit a hypocrite, on one hand saying that we are not an ordinary husband and wife, but at the same time yearning for that kind of life in your hearts, isn’t it?”

Guan Suyi pursed her lips and didn’t answer, she just stared at him.

Being looked at like that, Emperor Sheng Yuan’s face warmed up and his heart accelerated, then said in a hoarse voice, “Actually, how could I not long for the life of an ordinary married couple? In the past, when I first made a name for myself, I thought, after all the kingdoms were destroyed in the future, I will ask the late emperor to bestow me a few boxes of treasure. It doesn’t need to be excessive, just enough for me to support my family, marry a beautiful wife, have a litter of lively cubs, work at sunrise, and rest at sunset, living a comfortable and stable life. Later when I learned my life story, I don’t dare to wish for a wife and children anymore, only focus on taking power. Even if I don’t live well, still won’t let others take advantage of me.”

He said seriously, “Meeting Madam is simply a redemption from Heaven. From now on, I will not live for power and revenge, but to protect you, to protect our future children, and even to protect the people of Wei. Honor old people as we do our own aged parent, care other children as we do our own child. I never understand this sentence before, because I don’t have old people above, and I don’t have children below, I can’t even take care of myself, so how can I take care of others? But now I understand. Because I want you to have a better life, I will create a prosperous world for you; because I want our children to have a better life, I will to remove all obstacles for them. Before I met you, I opened my eyes every day and thought – how can I still alive? After meeting you, every day I open my eyes and think – it’s good to be alive. To me, that’s what your existence means.”

He reached out his palms and said in a serious tone, “Madam, are you willing to walk on the road ahead with me? There are no swords and spears and halberds, only happiness.”

Guan Suyi threw away the willow branch and asked in a low voice, “How do you know there’s only happiness? What if you change?”

“I won’t change, will Madam change?” Emperor Sheng Yuan asked without answering.

“If you don’t change, naturally I won’t change.”

“That’s it, instead of doubting me, it’s better to believe in yourself.” Emperor Sheng Yuan was silent for a moment, then added, “Even if Madam changes, I will not change.”

Guan Suyi finally covered her mouth and chuckled, “When did you learn from my shortcoming? Do you have to be a little better at speaking? Well, if I believe in someone, I will never change it in my life. You are right, instead of doubting you, it’s better to believe in myself.” She put her hand in his waiting palm and shook his fingers.

Only then did Emperor Sheng Yuan let out a turbid breath, gently pulled her into his arms, sniffed her hair and said, “Madam is a bit wrong, this embrace is also very real. Even if you don’t respond, even if you drop your hands indifferently, as long as I don’t let go, you can’t break free. When Madam becomes stubborn and wants to escape, the best way to deal with you is to hold you firmly. If you are willing to walk with me, we will keep moving forward; if you are uneasy and hesitant, I can accompany you to wander in place. No matter what, as long as Madam is always by my side, it will be fine. ”

Guan Suyi was still a little overwhelmed, her hands were hanging down, she was too shy to respond. After hearing this, she couldn’t help but lowly laugh. Dropping the last trace of restraint, she slowly put her hand on his back, tightening little by little.

Emperor Sheng Yuan’s blue eyes were filled with a bright light of joy, while rubbing Madam’s tight back, he kissed her white jade earlobe, and swore an oath, “Madam, we will definitely live well. You believe in me and believe in yourself.”

“Hmm.” Guan Suyi didn’t want to say anything, and quietly lay on Hunnar’s broad shoulders, watching the spring light swaying across the lake. This embrace turned out to be safer and warmer than shw expected.

Zhong shi stood not far away and quietly watched over them, then sent the servants back and walked away slowly. The picture of the two embracing each other was so quiet and serene, and it fits so beautifully, as if they should be together, as if between heaven and earth there was only this one pair. The so called string of pearl and jade* was this.

The second marriage could still find such an excellent husband, and as the elders they should be content.


After Emperor Sheng Yuan reluctantly returned to the palace, the imperial decree and betrothal gifts were sent to the Emperor Teacher Mansion one after another. In order to show the important he attached to the empress, he almost emptied his private treasury, box after box of small pieces of jewelry and jade, and large pieces of antique furniture one after another passing through the streets like water.

People finally realized something and commented, “The emperor rewarded Ye Jieyu with a tree of red corals when she was favored. At that time, I thought it was very precious, but now compared with the betrothal gift for the empress, it’s not worth mentioning!”

“Can an out-of-favor concubine be compared to the mother of the country? Shut up and watch out for trouble coming out of your mouth.”

The man hurriedly covered his mouth, secretly amazed by the great grace and magnificent favor for the empress.

The procession of the betrothal gift was about to passed by the gate of Zhao’s house while beating gongs and drums. Zhao Luli pushed open the door, carried Ye Zhen, who was watching Zhao Wangshu to study, into a wheelchair and ordered someone to carry her out.

“Where do you want to take me?” Ye Zhen was terrified, afraid that he would separate herself from her son. Although Zhao Wangshu failed to pass the exam this time, he was still young and there would be more opportunities in the future. As long as her son succeeded, she would not have to worry about being unable to change her fortunes.

“Today is Suyi’s happy day, I’ll let you take a look.” Zhao Luli pushed open the corner gate and pointed to the endless stream of procession. Zhao Wangshu hurriedly followed, holding the wheelchair with both hands, afraid that his father would suddenly send his mother away.

“Guan Suyi going to remarry?” Ye Zhen laughed strangely, “Hahaha, which widower she will be marrying? Once again become a stepmother for someone else, and raise other people’s sons and daughters thanklessly? There are quite a lot of betrothal gifts, it seems they are richer than you. But no wonder, after all, she is the di daughter of the Emperor Teacher Mansion, even if she is married to a widower, her status should not be too low…”

Her voice became smaller and smaller, until she was completely speechless, because she saw that all the boxes and cages were covered with special seals of the inner courtyard of the forbidden palace, and the guards who carried the gifts were also wearing the imperial guard uniforms. Looking all over Wei Kingdom, who would dare to use this troops? Except for the one in Jinluan Palace, there was no one else. The betrothal gifts went on one by one, endlessly, and the value of these things could be estimated without counting. Afraid that person has already emptied his private treasury, right?

Ye Zhen’s already haggard face became grimly distorted, she gritted her teeth and said, “Guan Suyi wants to enter the palace?”

“Enter the palace as the empress.” Zhao Luli finally revealed the truth he had concealed for a long time, “Do you know why you were sent back by the emperor? Because he wants you to separate me from Suyi, forcing her to reconcile, and then he can take advantage of the void and marry her. He has fallen in love with Suyi for a long time, and you are just a dispensable pawn.”

“No, you’re talking nonsense! Zhao Luli, you must be making up these lies to get revenge on me! The emperor loves me! I saved him, I abandoned my husband and children, sacrificed everything for him, he will not be that ruthless to me, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it…” When Ye Zhen fell into madness, Zhao Luli had already brought her back to the inner courtyard, so as not to let outsiders see jokes.

He crouched down in front of Ye Zhen and said word by word, “The emperor has never loved you, and I will never love you again in the future. Your daughter, your mother-in-law, has long hated you to the bone. Wake up, Ye Zhen. You’re just a hateful burden that people want to throw away but cannot, want to get rid of but cannot!”

Zhao Wangshu had always firmly believed that her mother was not Ye Jieyu, and she would not sell her body, or even more, abandon her husband and children in order to cling to the powerful. But now, hearing her own confession, he felt that his beliefs were collapsing, and the suffering and humiliation he had endured in order to save his mother had all turned into sharp knives, stabbing the softest place in his heart.

In just a short while, his cheeks were streaming with tears, the pain was unbearable. Seeing his father left without turning his head, he could only stand there and called again and again. He thought he had a belated maternal love, but it was nothing but a disgusting filth.

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  1. I feel bad for Wangshu. The kid wasn’t bad, he just wanted his mom back so they could be a happy family again, but was blinded because of it.

    Honestly, I feel like ZL’s kids show the two extremes of being a kid in a divorced family – either you accept that the parents are divorced and move on or you long for the past happiness and suffer.

    1. Right? I feel bad for Zhao Wangshu and also Zhao Chunxi. Glad Zhao Luli is changing for a better person.

  2. I don’t feel bad for Zhao Wangshu at all. He had so many chances to course correct; he saw the evidence of how vile the Ye family & Ye Zhen were. Taking a step back, MC had already fulfilled the maternal care he yearned for in both lifetimes. In the final analysis, even villains needs to be smart, smart enough to course correct at the right time .

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