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Who Cares – Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Rescue


If it asked who was the most popular person in Yanjing or even Wei Kingdom in recent days? The answer was none other than Madam Guan. She first cut open the belly of her sister-in-law, which caused a crusade, and then successfully reversed the argument with the help of her sacrificial eulogy. Today, this article had been collected by Master Xuan Guang in the annual “Xuan Guang Anthology”, and had been praised by many literary giants as the perfect tune of sacrificial eulogy and a magnificent piece of mourning, which directly praised her talent to the sky.

But at this moment, she as a dignified first-rank titled madam, was actually placed among the third-rank madam, and occupied the worst position, not to mention kneeling for nine-nine-eighty-one days, afraid her legs and feet would be crippled in just one day. The low-ranking women who were still quite resentful just now were finally found a psychological balance, because someone was more unlucky than them. The first- and second-rank madams inside the hall also came out to watch the fun, and their faces were full of ridicule and hatred.

Zhong shi was still thinking where her daughter was seated, and when she heard the commotion, she hurried over to check, and was furious on the spot, “This female official, did you make a mistake? My daughter is first-rank titled madam, and she should kneel with me.”

Guan Suyi was not relieved when she saw her mother coming, but her heart became heavier, for fear that she would be implicated.

“Make a mistake? can you know better than me? As the saying goes, the husband is honored and the wife is noble, and the ‘Madam’ is ranked based on the husband. This position is originally arranged according to the grade of your husband and master. Although Madam Guan is a first-rank, the eldest master of the Zhao family is a commoner, can her grant order be the same as other grant order? Putting her here and not by the lake where the four-ranked madams are sitting on their knees, you should thank me for being so generous.” The female official’s face was beautiful and calm, however, there was a hidden hostility between the eyebrows, which showed that today’s vow to crippled people must be done.

The Madam was ranked based on the husband, this was true, Zhong shi was a little discouraged, but still plead, “But she still cannot kneel directly under the roof trough, others are drenched in light rain, but my daughter is in heavy rain, and the ground is damaged to this point, she will fall ill within two hours. Can you please move her to the side?”

Sensing that her daughter was about to speak, Zhong shi quickly held her wrist firmly and shook her head quietly, implying that she should not clash with the female official. Today was the sacrificial ceremony of the late Empress Dowager, and no one could make trouble.

This female official smiled contemptuously, “You said it so lightly, just open your mouth and let me move the position. You must know that if one is moved over here, all the madams below have to move as well, creating more work for hundreds of people. Where did you come with such a big face? Or shall I take you two to see the Empress Dowager and let you talk to her in person?”

Hearing that she was going to see the Empress Dowager only to change seats, Zhong shi couldn’t help but hesitate, but Guan Suyi understood that it would be more difficult to dealt with if she were to go. If the Empress Dowager causally accused her of “great disrespect”, she could immediately dispose their mother and daughter.

Power… It was only now that she understood why Ye Zhen wanted to climb up using any unscrupulous means, because power was really a good thing, with it, if you want to kill someone, you just need to open your mouth.

When she was tormented by humiliation, someone next to her said sarcastic words, “Isn’t it just kneeling? Which big family is not like this? Why is your daughter so delicate? Look at those four-grade madams, some kneeling by the lake and being blow by the cold wind, just shift a little at once fall into the water. When your daughter cut open…” the stomach she was very brave! The rest of the words, this first-rank madam did not dare to say any further. Now the words “cutting the stomach to take the child” had become a taboo, and whoever kept mentioning it was just resenting their long live.

“Yeah, there are so many people kneeling and sitting in the rain, don’t they all suffer?” More and more people opened their mouths to persuade, but their eyes were shining with joy for other’s misfortune.

Seeing that the mother and daughter of the Guan family were speechless, the female official said arrogantly, “Do you still want to see the Empress Dowager? Just kneel down if you won’t see!”

Guan Suyi’s waist was so straight that she couldn’t bend her knees no matter what, when she faintly thought that she would pay the price by breaking her leg bones today, a familiar voice came from behind her, “How about Zhen speak to you on Madam’s behalf?”

“Your Majesty!” There were a series of gasping sound all around, followed by throwing body to the ground, calling Long Live Your Majesty. The female official was so frightened that she was sweating like a waterfall, and immediately knelt down and kowtowed. She never expected that His Majesty, who was supposed to burn incense and bathe in the back of the hall, would suddenly appear here. However, since he was here, he would definitely stretch his hand for Madam Guan.

It just need one day, after Madam Guan faint, she would send someone to take her to the imperial hospital, and then report it to the Empress Dowager. On the grounds of “extreme filial piety and sincerity”, Madam Guan would be credited for her great deeds and awarded some jewelry and sent home, it could also be considered hit with a stick and give a sweet date, presumably the person herself would not be able to say anything. In one day’s effort destroy her legs and feet, and since she won the praised for her filial piety and sincerity, where would she dare to argue and ruin her reputation?

The front and back were all arranged properly, but they could not guard against the elusive emperor. How could he suddenly come to the side hall where the titled women gathered? Could it be that someone send a word? This female official was still thinking wildly, but then she heard the emperor say lightly, “Pull down and kill!” He didn’t even want to say a word of nonsense to her.

Immediately, two guards came up to arrest her. The titled women inside and outside the hall had long been frightened, and although a few timid and fearful ones did not cry outright, they were still sniveling, could be describe as sorry figures, and no longer as bright and beautiful as before.

Only Guan Suyi took a step forward calmly and saluted, “Your Majesty, today is the sacrificial ceremony for the late Empress Dowager, it’s not appropriate to see blood.”

Madam Guan is indeed benevolent, at this time, she did not forget to intercede for the female official! Some people praised her in their hearts, and some secretly laughed at her stupidity. Zhong shi gently pulled the hem of her daughter’s clothes, suggesting that she should not be too soft-hearted and repay grievances with virtue.

Unexpectedly, Guan Suyi’s voice paused for a while, and then continued, “Why don’t you lock her up for now and deal with her after the ceremony is over?”

Still would be killed, but the time was moved to eighty-one days later. The long process of waiting for death was hundreds of times more ruthless than dealing with them on the spot! The female official, who was still smiling just now was paralyzed like mud, collapsing  and crying.

Emperor Sheng Yuan took a deep look at Madam, his eyes were full of amazement. He knew that Madam was kind, arrogant, and lofty, but today he could see a dash of sharpness under her seemingly peaceful charm. No, it might be more appropriate to describe it as savage. This savagery was not too much, not too little, just right, it would neither make her weak and gullible, nor would it make her frivolous and impetuous. The so-called both good and evil was like this, right?

The more he looked at it, the more he liked it, and he had to force his eyes to turn away, turned towards the female official, and waved his hand, “Didn’t you listen to the Madam’s words? Take her down and lock her up, and when the sacrificial ceremony is over, execute her immediately.”

The guard complied and dragged away the female official who kept begging for mercy. The hall became quiet in an instant, Emperor Sheng Yuan walked around Madam twice, looked at the praying mat arranged for her, and couldn’t help but sneer, he lifted his leg to throw it away.

Guan Suyi caught a glimpse of the third- and fourth-rank titled women kneeling in the rain, and continued to speak boldly, “Your Majesty, praying for the blessing of the late Empress Dowager is originally a good deed, but didn’t expect to encounter the autumn rain, which is cold to the bone, and kneeling for two hours is already terrible, by the end of the day, it may hurt the noble madams’ body, and it will not be good. Do you think it’s possible to let the craftsmen immediately build a shed on the open space and light a brazier for them to shelter from the rain and cold, which can also be regard as amassing blessing for the late Empress Dowager?”

As soon as these words fell, titled woman who couldn’t stand the cold looked eagerly at His Majesty. They could only think about it in their hearts, how dare they say it in person? His Majesty’s dragon evil spirit, which was cultivated in the mountain of corpse and sea of blood, was absolutely unbearable for ordinary people, and only Madam Guan, who sewed the belly of a dead person with her own hands, could take it calmly, and then discuss a few words with him.

Previously, she interceded for the female official, and some people still laughed at her stupidity. Now it was about their own interests, even their life, and no one would slander her again. After all, it was that female official who deliberately made things difficult, who couldn’t see it? If the rankings were really based on their family background, Madam Guan, who was held in the palm of Emperor Teacher and Chief of Ceremonies, should be the most honorable person in Yanjing.

Words and hearts were so easy to control, only a little grace could turn them upside down. Seeing all the titled women being wooed by Madam with just a few words, why should Emperor Sheng Yuan be against it? Immediately he waved his hand and said, “It Zhen who is inconsiderate, let the all the madams down.” He nodded slightly and ordered in a warm voice, “Baifu, immediately ask the Department of Internal Affairs to gather some craftsmen to build a shack, the brazier cannot be broken, and the ginger soup cannot be less. If any madam cannot bear it, she will go down and rest for a while. Don’t hurt the body because of the worship, and if imperial mother in the ground know it, she will not feel at ease. The sacrificial ceremony is in the sincerity, not in the form. Everything is simple, everything is lenient.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there were voices of gratitude inside and outside the hall. It was said that the emperor was benevolent, they did not feel much before, but now they finally experience it firsthand. With such a monarch, it was really fortunate to live in Wei Kingdom!

Emperor Sheng Yuan glanced at Madam and said with a smile, “No need to thank Zhen, thank Madam Guan.”

“Thank you, Madam Guan!” There was another round of thank you at the scene, and even the old noblewomen, who was more senior than her, also bowed down, so Guan Suyi who had nowhere to avoid had no choice but to stand behind Emperor Sheng Yuan.

Zhong shi looked at the two people next to each other, her heart felt very uncomfortable, but she couldn’t understand why. However, no matter what, this hurdle was finally over, just didn’t know who tried to rectify the Guan family behind the scene. Seeing her daughter’s determined appearance, it seems she has figure it out, right?

Before she could pull her daughter aside to ask, Emperor Sheng Yuan clasped his hands and bowed deeply, “Madam, Zhen want to personally write the sacrificial eulogy for the late imperial mother, but due to limited knowledge, haven’t dared to write it. Madam is talented and outstanding, you are especially good at expressing emotions of the scenery, and conveying the sense of things, please ask Madam to teach Zhen!”

So he came here to ask for advise! The emperor is really filial, sincere and also modest and open-minded! All the madams suddenly realized and praised in their hearts, even Zhong shi was touched by him, and could not wait to agree.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Guan Suyi could not refuse, and after saluted modestly, she followed him to the main hall.

Emperor Sheng Yuan slowed down and looked sideways, “Madam, if there is no Zhen today, your two knees cannot be saved. The so-called strong will be easily humiliated is a complete fallacy. The reason why you are humiliated is not because you are too strong, but because you are not strong enough. If you stand in the Main Hall today as the mother of the country, looking all over the Central Plains, the Wei Kingdom, and even the Nine Provinces, who would dare to humiliate you?”

Guan Suyi was unmoved, her eyes narrowed as she muttered, “What do you mean by this sentence is that – looking all over the Wei Kingdom, only you can humiliate me?”

Emperor Sheng Yuan, “…”

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