Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 95

Chapter 95


Although the martial arts competition was over, there were still some things waiting for Chen Jingzong to do next.

He first accompanied Gao Dazhuang to Imperial Hospital.

Several imperial doctors had received orders from Emperor Jingshun, and all the famous doctors who usually only treated the emperor, concubines and other nobles gathered in front of Gao Dazhuang.

After much investigation, the imperial doctors agreed that Gao Dazhuang suffered from “gall disease”, which was commonly known as “big neck disease” among the people.

Chen Jingzong looked at Gao Dazhuang’s neck.

Gao Dazhuang himself touched his neck and wondered, “My neck is not big.”

Imperial doctor: “The common symptom of gall disease is a big neck, but it doesn’t mean that all people with this disease will have a big neck. It’s because your neck has not become bigger, military doctors and outside doctors did not think about gall disease, which delayed the treatment.”

Gao Dazhuang’s eyes burst with hope: “Then can I still be cured?”

The imperial doctor nodded: “Your problem is not too serious, plus your physical foundation is good. Just consume the medicine we prescribed, and I will give you a list of taboos for recuperation later, you should be able to recover in half a year.”

When Gao Dazhuang heard this, he was so excited that he knelt down and kowtowed to the imperial doctors.

The imperial doctor who just spoke quickly helped him up and said with a smile: “If you want to thank someone, thank His Majesty. If it weren’t for the holy’s grace, we wouldn’t even be able to see you people, so how can we help.”

Gao Dazhuang immediately ran out of the Imperial Hospital and kowtowed nine times in the direction of Qianqing Palace.

Hearing the footsteps behind him, Gao Dazhuang turned around, saw his commander, turned his body and wanted to kowtow a few more! If it weren’t for the fact that the commander didn’t dislike him, gave him a chance to compete, and made a clever plan to let Daxing Left Guard take the lead, the emperor would not take pity on him, a little soldier!

Chen Jingzong took a step forward, pulled up the man whose forehead was already bleeding, and said displeasedly: “What are you knocking for? If you hit your head and get sick, what’s the use of curing your neck?”

Gao Dazhuang grinned, crying and laughing at the same time.

Chen Jingzong: “Okay, go in and ask the imperial doctor to bandage it for you. After receiving the medicine, look for Qin Wei and the others outside the palace.”

Gao Dazhuang: “You won’t go back to the guard station with us?”

Chen Jingzong: “I’ll go to the household department first.”

Gao Dazhuang smiled even more happily when he thought of the silver reward the emperor had given to their guard station.


Chen Jingzong received two boxes of copper coins from the Ministry of Household Affairs, and after taking Qin Wei and others out of the palace, he went to the street to buy a cart of fine wine, and took them together to Daxing Left Guard.

Because of Gao Dazhuang, the soldiers in the guard station thought they had no hope for today’s competition.

When approaching the guard station, Chen Jingzong was still fine, but Qin Wei and others could no longer suppress their excitement. They whipped their horse one after another, leaving the prince consort and Gao Dazhuang who drove the cart to pull the wine, and roared towards the guard station. When Chen Jingzong and Gao Dazhuang arrived outside the guard station, Ma Hong and Lu Chengliang had already led more than 5,000 soldiers to greet them, shouting “Mighty Sir”, soaring into the sky!

Chen Jingzong stood with Ma Hong and Lu Chengliang, watching Qin Wei and the other nine men hand out copper coins to the soldiers.

One hundred coins per person was not much, but it was free, and it was a reward from the emperor. The soldiers in this guard station were all happy, and the soldiers in other guards must be envious at this moment!

After the copper coins were distributed, all the soldiers shared the wine with large bowls.

Chen Jingzong also made an appointment for dinner in the evening with the Jinyiwei commander Liu Shou, Yanshan Guard commander and other commanders. After drinking two bowls with the soldiers, he was about to return to the city.

Someone shouted: “Sir, are you coming back tonight?”

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Amid the bursts of laughter, Chen Jingzong, who had already mounted his horse, also laughed and urged his horse to leave.


The red sun was sinking in the west and before night fell, Chen Tingjian, Chen Bozong, and Chen Xiaozong, these father and sons, returned to their home and came to Chunhe Hall together.

Sun shi came out of the hall, saw the old man, and asked curiously: “What happened? Why did you come back so early today?”

Ever since Chen Tingjian returned to the capital and became the chief minister, he had never returned home during normal meal times.

Chen Tingjian remained silent.

Chen Xiaozong smiled and said, “Didn’t you hear, Mother? In the martial arts competition this morning, Fourth Brother won the first place. Father was very happy that he came back early to praise Fourth Brother.”

Of course Sun shi knew because Wan Yi, like a parrot, had vividly told the family about the situation on the martial arts field. She was just teasing her husband on purpose.

Chen Tingjian glanced sideways at his talkative third son and asked his wife, “Why hasn’t the Old Four returned home yet?”

When he came in just now, he asked the steward in the front yard and found out that the Old Four was not at home at this time.

Sun shi: “He sent Fu Gui back to deliver a message, saying that he’s going to a restaurant to treat Sir Liu and a few people to drinks and would be back later.”

Chen Tingjian snorted.

Sun shi: “What are you snorting? He is in the limelight today. Isn’t it appropriate for him to socialize more?”

Chen Tingjian glanced in the direction of Siyi Hall. Sometimes socializing was unavoidable, but the Old Four was not married to just anyone. How can the princess be happy?

Sun shi asked her two sons to go back first. After entering the house, she said to her husband: “Don’t worry, the Princess is a reasonable person. The Old Four doesn’t socialize often. If it happens once or twice, the princess won’t care.”

Chen Tingjian: “I’m just afraid that he will cause trouble by drinking outside.”

Sun shi: “With Sir Liu there, who dares to drag the Old Four to mess around?”

Jinyiwei was the emperor’s eyes. Sun shi believed that those military attaches wouldn’t even dare to say a single dirty word in front of her son tonight.

Chen Tingjian was noncommittal.

Sun shi pushed him: “How is it? You usually think the Old Four is ineffective, but today the Old Four make you look good, right?”

Chen Tingjian: “It’s just opportunistic. If the third game were played differently, they would be seventh at most.”

Sun: “There’s twenty-six guards, and he is young. To ranked seventh just after half a year is already very good. Besides, there’s that Gao Dazhuang.”

Chen Tingjian: “Be happy as much as you want, but don’t praise him too much, lest he become complacent and getting carried away.”

Sun shi: “Okay, you’re the only one who’s great. You’ve been praised since you were a kid and you’re still steady even now. If others getting praised, they’ll just fly away.”

Chen Tingjian:……


Siyi Hall.

Hua Yang had dinner by herself like usual.

Even not for socializing, Chen Jingzong usually came back from the guard station very late. Hua Yang had long been used to it.

“Princess, do you want to rest first or read for a while?” Chao Yun asked uneasily after the meal.

Today was a happy day for Daxing Left Guard who got first place. But prince consort did not rush back to accompany the princess immediately. They were all afraid that the princess would be angry with prince consort.

Hua Yang: “Help me brush my hair first.”

Chao Yue brought hot water and together with Chao Yun served the princess to cleanse her face. Chao Lu and Chao Lan went to make the bed and put the hand stove on the table first.

After wiping her face, Hua Yang sat in front of the dressing table.

Chao Yun carefully took off the jewelry on the princess’s head, loosened the bun, and then picked up the rhinoceros horn comb to gently smooth her hair: “Princess’s hair is so good, soft and smooth, like silk.”

How could Hua Yang not see her little thoughts?

At this moment, Zhen’er ran over and said happily: “Princess, Prince Consort is back. He is bathing in the front yard, and asked if there any noodles in the kitchen.”

Hua Yang: “Ask Feng gonggong to cook him a bowl.”

Zhen’er immediately went to the kitchen.

The four maids around Hua Yang all breathed a sigh of relief. Fu Gui said that prince consort had a party in the evening. They thought that prince consort would only come back drunk on the first watch, but they did not expect that he would leave so early.

“Princess, do you want to comb your hair again?”

“No need.”

When Chen Jingzong changed into his regular clothes and came over, he saw Hua Yang sitting on the warm couch in the side room as usual.

The light was bright and soft. She wore a red satin gold-trimmed robe, with a bandeau of the same color underneath, and a precious jade necklace on her snow-white neck.

The jade was a half-palm-sized mutton-fat white jade. On the outside it was a rare treasure, but when attached to her body, it was just an ordinary piece of jewelry, not as beautiful as her neck.

Her long, raven-black hair draped over her shoulders, making her skin even fairer.

Chen Jingzong took off his shoes and sat next to her.

Hua Yang glanced at him, tilted her head and asked, “How much wine did you drink? The smell is still so strong.”

Chen Jingzong sniffed his shoulder and said helplessly: “I drank a bit too much tonight, but I already brushed my teeth several times before I came here.”

There were footsteps outside, indicating that the noodles must have been cooked in the kitchen. Hua Yang pointed to the low table and asked Chen Jingzong to sit down first.

Chen Jingzong looked at the princess who was right in front of him and within his reach, but he still couldn’t hold back. He hugged her tightly and then let go before the maid entered the room.

Chao Yun put down the tray and retreated.

Chen Jingzong stared at Hua Yang while eating noodles: “I took the first place. You have nothing to say?”

Hua Yang thought for a while and asked, “When Father Emperor wants to give you a reward, do you really not want anything?”

Chen Jingzong: “He has already given me the most precious treasure in the palace. With pearl and jade before me, I have no interest in other things.”

Hua Yang glared at him and continued reading.

Chen Jingzong ate quickly, then ran to the yard to brush his teeth. After coming in, he picked up Hua Yang and went to the inner room.

“You promised, if I can make it to the top three, I can do anything tonight.”

After kissing her for a while, Chen Jingzong looked at her and said this.

Hua Yang looked away.

Chen Jingzong knew that this was her acquiescence, so he went to get that thing from the lotus bowl outside.

Hua Yang looked at his figure.

In her previous life, when Chen Jingzong returned to the capital, he asked her father emperor to be the commander of Daxing Left Guard, and he also won the first place in this martial arts competition.

It’s just that the relationship between their husband and wife was cold at that time. Chen Jingzong lived in the guard station almost all the time. Before the competition, he didn’t bet anything with her.

However, after winning the first place, he probably thought that she would also be happy. After socializing with Liu Shou and the others, he returned to Siyi Hall.

For Hua Yang that day, he was quite pleasing to the eye.

How could it not be pleasing to the eye? Concubine Lin and Princess Nan Kang were all waiting to see her joke, but Chen Jingzong was very competitive!

After Chen Jingzong entered the room, he first observed her face.

When Hua Yang was really annoyed with him, she didn’t even want to give him a look. If she glared at him, it actually meant she was in a good mood.

Chen Jingzong had already seen through this, and after receiving a glare, he quickly followed her to the inner room.

As soon as the canopy was put down, Hua Yang was alone with him, looking cold and arrogant, but feeling nervous in her heart.

She had always been a little afraid of him in that regard.

Chen Jingzong hugged her from behind, kissed her ear and whispered: “Actually, when His Majesty wants to reward me, I really want to ask for one thing.”

In the previous life, the two of them were always at odds with each other. When they first got married, they would quarrel. Later, they would give cold-face to each other, not talking much. Naturally, Hua Yang had no chance to understand his unscrupulousness too much, and really thought he had something serious to ask, subconsciously asking: “What do you want?”

She was thinking about gold, silver and jewelry, or high position and generous salaries.

Chen Jingzong turned her over, looked at her and said, “I want to beg His Majesty to let you give yourself to me willingly.”

Hua Yang:……

She was embarrassed and annoyed at the time, and Chen Jingzong also knew that she didn’t like hearing this, so he quickly cherished the opportunity in front of him.

It was the same thing, but at that time Hua Yang couldn’t let go, was afraid and resisted. Almost every time Chen Jingzong started, she would urge him to finish it quickly.

Chen Jingzong was definitely unwilling, but he would never really force her. He would call her ancestors in the most immoral voice. If ancestors didn’t work, he would end the matter in a hurry.

But that night, Chen Jingzong delayed for a while. Hua Yang couldn’t bear it, so she hit him on the shoulder and repeatedly rushing him.

Chen Jingzong looked ominous and held her wrists down fiercely.

Just when Hua Yang thought he was going to rebel, Chen Jingzong stared into her eyes and said angrily: “My life will be broken by you sooner or later!”

So unwilling, but he still gave in to her.

Now that she thought about it, Chen Jingzong in her previous life was never truly happy with her.


After taking the thing, Chen Jingzong returned to the bed and found that Hua Yang had her eyes closed and looked a little strange.

He paused, hugged her and said, “Forget it, let’s do what you like.”

He thought she was just thin-skinned, so he deliberately used the bet to coax her to let go. If she really didn’t like it, he wouldn’t force it.

Hua Yang shook her head and told him to sit down.

Chen Jingzong’s throat rolled as he watched her lower her long eyelashes and slowly came into his arms.

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