Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 89

Chapter 89

Ever since Chen Jingzong said he wanted to give Hua Yang a gift instead, he stopped staying in the back yard and went back to the front yard after dinner. It’s unknow what he was doing.

Hua Yang really wanted to know, so she sent the little maid to ask the servants waiting in the front yard. But the ninth was close anyway, only two or three days away, so why should she be anxious.

On the morning of the eighth, Wu Run from the Princess Mansion personally took two young eunuchs and carried a trunk to pay respect to the princess. He stayed for half an hour and then left.

“Princess treats Prince Consort well. Even though he didn’t come back for a while, you still remember to prepare a birthday gift for him.”

Chao Yun was still a little aggrieved while packing up the trunk.

Fortunately, prince consort came back on his own. If he continued to live in the guard station and the gift from the princess could not be given, he would be totally heartless.

Hua Yang just smiled.

Chen Jingzong lived in the guard station because he was too angry to hear her talking about Nan Kang. It was not because Chen Jingzong had offended her. As Chen Jingzong said, she was a princess, and she would not be stingy enough to not give him a birthday gift.

Besides, she didn’t need to give gifts on other days, but it was Chen Jingzong’s birthday, she couldn’t give him the cold shoulder.

The rosewood trunk was placed in the inner room.

It was a pity that Chen Jingzong continued to live in the front yard after that night and didn’t even enter the door of the inner room.

The next day was the ninth day of Tenth Month.

At dusk, tempting aromas began to waft from Siyi Hall’s kitchen.

Eunuch Feng was responsible for the food of the princess and prince consort. He never pried into the relationship between the princess and prince consort, he only knew that the princess wanted to celebrate prince consort’s birthday tonight, and he couldn’t make any mistakes on his side.

Knowing that prince consort loved wine, Eunuch Feng also specially prepared a dish of wine-roasted chicken. He tried the taste and found that the wine flavor was hidden in the crispy stewed chicken. When people first ate it, they wouldn’t taste anything unusual. But after the meal, the mellow and long-lasting wine would emerge little by little through the limbs and bones, as if there was a continuous heat, which was just suitable for this cold north wind in winter.

Today was special. Chen Jingzong came back an hour early and happened to meet the carriage of his two brothers in the alley.

Chen Bozong’s carriage was in front, and Chen Xiaozong’s was behind.

Hearing what the servant following the carriage said, Chen Xiaozong opened the curtains. At this time, Chen Jingzong’s horse happened to pass by his carriage window.

Chen Xiaozong smiled and said, “Usually you don’t come back until we’re about to go to bed. Today you came back so early, are you asking for gifts from us?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at him: “It’s either calligraphy or painting. Who cares about it?”

Chen Xiaozong: “It’s better than giving you nothing.”

Chen Jingzong: “Call me Elder Brother, and I will give you gifts every year from now on.”

Chen Xiaozong: “That’s it, I won’t argue with you. If you have the ability, you tell Eldest Brother the same thing.”

Chen Jingzong didn’t answer, but he didn’t speed up either, and just followed his third brother’s carriage slowly.

After a while, they arrived at the gate of the Chen Mansion. The two brothers got off their carriages and the other got off his horse.

Scholar’s graceful demeanor, military attache’s heroic demeanor, all of them had slender and straight figures. Standing together, they were particularly pleasing to the eye.

Chen Xiaozong did prepare a gift for his younger brother, and said to him: “You can just follow me to Fucui Hall first, lest if I send someone, it will disturb your dinner with the Princess.”

Chen Jingzong nodded.

Chen Bozong had just spoken to the steward over there and learned that his father hadn’t come back yet, which was nothing surprising.

The three brothers all lived in the West Courtyard. When walking together, Chen Xiaozong asked curiously: “Eldest Brother doesn’t give Fourth Brother anything this year?”

On the Old Four’s birthday when he first returned to the capital at the age of eighteen, his eldest brother reminded him not to forget giving gift.

Chen Bozong looked indifferent: “I’ve already given it.”

Chen Xiaozong secretly admired him. As expected of his eldest brother, he gave gifts so quickly.

Chen Bozong returned to Guanhe Hall first.

Chen Jingzong went to Fucui Hall and got a large jar of… facial cream.

The serious words of his third brother seemed to still ring in his ears: “Don’t think this is something that only women use. There’re scorching sun in summer and wind and frost in winter, and both men and women have to bear the suffering. Eldest Brother and I are fine. We took the carriage when going out and our job are basically done inside the building. Just you. Look, your face is not only tanned, but also rough when it entered the autumn, right? We’re family so we won’t dislike you, but how can the Princess bear it?

“You don’t have to be embarrassed. I found this facial cream specially. It doesn’t have any fragrance. No one will know if you use it.”

Chen Jingzong touched his face, then opened the lid and smelled it. It was indeed like boiled water.

When he was about to arrive in Siyi Hall, Chen Jingzong hid the jar in his sleeve and then put it in the inner room.

The water room sent two buckets of warm water.

Chen Jingzong wiped himself carefully. These days the weather was very dry so the body quickly lost its moisture. His shoulders and arms were fine and it was quite smooth to the touch, but his face was indeed a bit rough.

Although the princess would unlikely kiss him, occasionally her little hands would pat him when she was impatient.

Chen Jingzong used a little facial cream and followed her example, applying it evenly on his entire face.

After tying up his hair, Chen Jingzong changed into a crimson round-neck brocade robe and went to the back yard carrying a long box.

Night had fallen quietly, lanterns were hung under the eaves, and several rooms were lit with lights. Even if the light could not penetrate very far into the night, it made people feel warm.

Chen Jingzong met Hua Yang at the side room.

Hua Yang: “Why did you take so long?” She was hungry.

Chen Jingzong paused and said, “I didn’t take a shower for the past two nights. I just cleaned myself for a while.”

Hua Yang:……

She shouldn’t have asked!

Chen Jingzong liked to watch her glare, and raised the long box in his hand: “Look at the gifts first or eat first?”

Hua Yang snorted, stretched out her hand toward him, and ordered the maids to pass the food.

Chen Jingzong took off his boots, sat next to her, and put the box in her hand.

The box looked like it was for paintings. Hua Yang opened it and found a scroll inside.

He couldn’t afford famous paintings except for taking bribes, and it was difficult for ordinary people to give away any paintings. Thinking that he had been staying in the front yard for the past two nights, and it was said that the lights were turned off at almost midnight, Hua Yang asked with a complicated expression: “Did you paint it yourself?”

Chen Jingzong: “You take a look first.”

Hua Yang lowered her head.

As the scroll slowly unfolded towards both sides, a picture of a beautiful woman was also displayed in front of her.

The beauty was soaring through the clouds, exuding ethereal charm. Her clothes were fluttering in the wind, with a bright moon shining brightly behind her.

Except for the clouds, the moon, the beauty, and a white rabbit in the beauty’s arms, there was no other scenery in the painting.

The brushwork of the painting was excellent. The background of clouds and moon was not monotonous and boring, as if a fairyland had really come to life. The exquisite hairpins on the beauty’s head, the exquisite embroidery on the dress and even the folds were all painted vividly. The feeling of flying lightness was even more rare.

While admiring all the details, Hua Yang murmured, “Is this Chang’e flying to the moon?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s a private meeting between you and I under the moon.”

Hua Yang:……

As soon as he opened his mouth, his elegance disappeared. Hua Yang looked at the inscription in the corner of the painting, and it actually read:

When I was a child, I did not recognize the moon and called it a white jade plate.

I also suspected that the Yao Tai Mirror was flying in the blue clouds.

The immortals hang their feet, and the osmanthus tree is not round.

The white rabbit pounded the medicine, only wished to have a meal with you.” (!!!)

The first three were all the original sentences of the poem, but the last one, “The white rabbit pounded the medicine, who would he want to have a meal with.” was changed to “The white rabbit pounded the medicine, only wished to have a meal with you.”

This poem implied Hua Yang’s nickname. Her face was a little hot. Looking at the beauty in the painting, she could really see her shadow in the eyebrows.

“This is you, this is me.” Chen Jingzong pointed to the beauty, and then pointed to the white rabbit in the beauty’s arms.

Hua Yang:……

Chen Jingzong: “My zodiac sign is rabbit. You are the fairy on the moon, and I’m the rabbit in your arms, which means we have been a couple for a long time.”

Hua Yang: “There are many men born under the sign of Rabbit in this world.”

Chen Jingzong: “But you only married me, which means that I am the reincarnation of this deity.”

Hua Yang would not argue with him about these fictitious things and asked, “Who did you ask to make this painting?”

The painting was very good, but when he thought of Chen Jingzong carelessly asking others to paint her, and the other person still painted her so similarly, Hua Yang felt awkward.

Chen Jingzong: “I only asked the person to draw Chang’e flying to the moon. The composition was exactly what I asked for. I also specifically asked him not to draw the face.”

Hua Yang looked over in disbelief.

Chen Jingzong: “Although I practice martial arts, I have read all the books I should read. I also learned painting from my teacher, it’s just I didn’t learn it well. How can I draw something like your facial features in just two nights. Beside the face, I also copied the other parts of this painting from the other person’s painting. Every stroke is from my hand. The original painting has been burned, so you don’t even have to look at it.”

Hua Yang was relieved. Although this man didn’t hold back his words, he was still trustworthy.

She didn’t ask who Chen Jingzong asked for help.

“I know you have high standards. If I give you something I drew in two days, you won’t even look at it.” Chen Jingzong continued to explain that no one or anything around her was ugly. The painting he used as a gift should certainly not be perfunctory.

Hua Yang did not comment. But no matter how good the painting was, thinking of Chen Jingzong’s analysis that the fairy and the rabbit were a match made in heaven, it was impossible for Hua Yang to appreciate it in front of him anymore.

“Put it away.”

The footsteps of the maids could be heard in the yard, and Hua Yang casually thrust the painting into Chen Jingzong’s arms.

Chen Jingzong rolled up the scroll with a smile.

The dinner was laid out, and it was very sumptuous. The intention of celebrating his birthday could not be more obvious.

“This chicken is good, try it.” Chen Jingzong gave Hua Yang a piece.

Hua Yang tasted the faint smell of wine, which was lighter than fruit wine, but the chicken was indeed delicious. Every time Chen Jingzong picked out her favorite part, Hua Yang would eat it too.

After brushing his teeth and rinsing his mouth after the meal, Chen Jingzong carried Hua Yang into the bed and let her lean on the bedside.

“Why is your face so red?” Chen Jingzong asked in confusion, obviously he hadn’t done anything yet.

Hua Yang touched her neck, a little annoyed: “Isn’t it because you drink. The smell of alcohol makes me uncomfortable too.”

Chen Jingzong remembered how drunk she was that night during the Mid-Autumn Festival, his eyes darkened. He looked at her for a while, then reached out inside his sleeve and took out a small lotus-shaped box.

Hua Yang was puzzled.

Chen Jingzong: “Calligraphy and painting are not valuable, this one is made of gold.”

Hua Yang opened the box. Inside was a gold bracelet, with two small hollow gold bells hanging from the both ends of the bracelet.

This kind of gold was tacky, this was the first time Hua Yang had seen it, which was very novel.

Just when she was about to try it on her hand, Chen Jingzong snatched the bracelet, moved it to her feet, held one of her ankles and said, “It’s an anklet.”

While Hua Yang was stunned, Chen Jingzong had already put on the bracelet. He shook Hua Yang’s calf slightly, and the two small bells collided together, making a slight ring. The two people inside the curtain could hear it, but the sound wouldn’t spread outside like a big bell.

Hua Yang later realized Chen Jingzong’s intention.

But he was exactly the kind of guy who want a foot after winning an inch.

“You smell heavily of wine. I’ll drink less next time.” Chen Jingzong hugged the limp princess and kissed the corner of her lips.

Hua Yang originally wanted to scold him, but when she heard this, how could she still bring herself to speak?

She glared at him.

Chen Jingzong: “Just tonight, and in the future it will only be used on my birthday?”

Hua Yang:……

The clear and crisp bell rang intermittently.


After a long, long time, Chen Jingzong finally helped her take off the gold bracelet.

Hua Yang hugged the brocade quilt, and when the sweat on her body fell a little bit, she regained some clarity.

Watching Chen Jingzong skilfully clean under the lamplight, looking pleased as if he were a little maid about to receive her wages, wearing just an middle coat and seemingly not bothered by the cold, Hua Yang shook her head. Finally, when Chen Jingzong was about to put out the light, she said lightly, “After all, it’s your birthday. I’m not that stingy.”

Chen Jingzong looked at the bed, her body had already turned around.

But that sentence was enough. Chen Jingzong began to look around the inner room carefully, and soon discovered the extra trunk.

Chen Jingzong walked over quickly, opened the lid of the trunk, and saw a pile of dark things.

He took it out doubtfully and unfolded it completely, only to realize that her gift was actually a jet-black fox fur cloak.

The old man owned such a big cloak, a red one, which was given by the emperor.

The old man did not buy it himself. Even if the eldest brother and third brother have money, with the old man as an example, they would not buy such good things.

Brushing his fingers through the thick and warm fur, Chen Jingzong walked to the bedside with his big cloak and said to the person pretending to be asleep inside: “This gift of yours is too precious. If I really wear it and let the old man see it, his eyes will pop out.”

Hua Yang: “Is it that precious? It’s just ordinary to me. I’ve been wearing similar cloaks since I was a child.”

Chen Jingzong didn’t say anything, but put on the cloak first: “It seems a little small.”

Hua Yang frowned, how could it be small? The size she gave Chen Jingzong would not be wrong, and Wu Run would not make mistakes when doing things.

Stunned, she turned around.

By the bedside was the tall and upright figure of Chen Jingzong. He was tall with a long neck, and the thick fox fur collar of his cloak couldn’t hide his sharp and heroic appearance.

“How is it compare to Zhou Yu?”

Chen Jingzong deliberately waited for her to finish looking before asking.

Hua Yang glared at him and turned away again: “Go to bed early after trying.”

Chen Jingzong walked around in front of her mirror, which was about half a person tall. After turning off the lights, he got into the bed and pulled her into his arms: “The birthday is not over yet, let’s do it again.”

Hua Yang:……

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