Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 72

Chapter 72


There was still a long way to go from Qianqing Palace to outside the imperial city.

At the end of Sixth Month, the weather was still hot, and Emperor Jingshun didn’t want his delicate daughter to be exposed to the sun, so he ordered people to prepare a sedan chair in advance.

As for the prince consort, the tall young military attache with long legs could just walk on his own!

Naturally, Hua Yang would not be polite to her father, so she got on the sedan chair as soon as she left Qianqing Palace.

The four little eunuchs set off after raising the sedan chair, and the other two little eunuchs raised two big umbrellas like cattail leaf fans on the left and right to ensure that no sunlight would reach the princess’s snow-white skin.

Chen Jingzong was isolated a few steps away by these eunuchs, while Wu Run, Chao Yun, Chao Yue and the others followed on the other side.

The palace was full of eunuchs, maids, and guards. Hua Yang had to pay attention to her manners and couldn’t tilt her head to look at Chen Jingzong or talk to him, so she just slowly waved the round fan in her hand.

Chen Jingzong looked forward, occasionally looking at the shadows on the ground.

The palace was the most majestic and wealthy place in the world, and Hua Yang grew up in this palace.

When she was outside, Hua Yang’s princess airs were big enough. But when she was in the palace, especially at this moment, even though the two were very close, there seemed to be an insurmountable gap between them, which seemed to be farther than the two thousand miles between Lingzhou and the capital.

Other men might have been thinking about women since they were fifteen or sixteen years old, and would fantasize about women even if they had no conditions to sleep with them. However, Chen Jingzong had never thought about these things. He would either practice martial arts, go hunting in the mountains, or watch how other people do their jobs in Jinyiwei, or fighting with the old man and brothers at home.

But who gave him a good life? Without doing anything, the emperor and the empress took the initiative to marry the most beautiful princess in the palace to him!

Those more than two thousand miles gap was completely shorten by the babu bed at night. No one in the world could be closer to her than him, and they were inseparable.

Chen Jingzong walked calmly beside her sedan chair, calmly accepting the secret looks of the guards and eunuchs along the road.

Outside the imperial city, Hua Yang’s princess carriage had already parked in advance.

The little eunuchs put down the sedan chair steadily, and Chao Yun and Chao Yue carefully helped the princess down.

Hua Yang looked at Wu Run: “You go back to the Princess Mansion first. I will send you a message if there’s anything.”

A favored princess would have her own Princess Mansion when she got married, but the princess could choose where to live after marriage.

When Hua Yang first got married in her previous life, her mother wanted her to live with Chen’s family. Hua Yang knew that her mother wanted to win over her father-in-law to support her younger brother, so she was naturally willing to cooperate. It wasn’t until Chen Jingzong died in the battlefield that Hua Yang moved to the Princess Mansion, and only occasionally go back to Chen’s house to visit the two elders, not even stay overnight.

In this life, Hua Yang would definitely go back to the Princess Mansion to live in the end, but Hua Yang had not yet decided when to move. Anyway, it was not now.


Wu Run respectfully stood beside the carriage and watched the princess get on. The prince consort also soon followed, and then he stepped aside to the side of the road.

Inside the carriage.

No matter how spacious Hua Yang’s carriage was, when Chen Jingzong suddenly sat next to her, the inside of the carriage immediately seemed cramped and closed.

Hua Yang could almost feel the body heat that was unique to a strong man radiating from his body, like an invisible flame, surrounding her.

She shook the fan a little harder.

Chen Jingzong just sat beside her silently.

Hua Yang glanced at him then ordered the coachman to set off.

The carriage swayed and then moved forward steadily.

On the surface Hua Yang’s face was calm, but she was a little wary inside. She was worried that Chen Jingzong would want to misbehave in the carriage again after not seeing her for so long.

But the carriage had already drove for a cup of tea, and Chen Jingzong was still as motionless as an old monk in trance. Hua Yang couldn’t restrain her doubts and turned her head to look at him.

It was also strange. As soon as she tilted her head, Chen Jingzong also tilted his head, and his dark eyes looked directly into hers.

Hua Yang was confused, and the strange feeling became more obvious. She frowned slightly and asked him: “Why don’t you speak? I usually have to tell you to shut up. Could it be that during the time I was in the palace, something happened outside?”

Chen Jingzong looked at her eyebrows, then at her lips, and said, “Haven’t seen each other for a long time I feel that the Princess is very strange. I’m afraid that I might offend you by saying the wrong thing.”

Hua Yang:…

Why is this weird taste feel familiar?

She glared at him.

Chen Jingzong suddenly smiled and stretched his hand towards her, wanting to hold her on his lap.

Hua Yang, with quick eyes and quick hands, hit the back of his hand with the handle of the fan and scolded him in a low voice: “It’s hot, don’t bother me.”

The Chen family’s big house in the capital was given by the emperor when her father-in-law first entered the cabinet. It was very close to the imperial city, and the carriage would arrive at the place after a while. Even if Hua Yang was not afraid of spending time arranging her clothes, she would still be afraid that it would be difficult to hide the trace of stealing joy on her face.

Chen Jingzong raised his eyes and saw that he hadn’t done anything yet, but her fair face had already stained with a thin layer of red, so he had to give up that idea and sit there honestly.

He was still obedient, Hua Yang’s heartbeat gradually calmed down, and her face no longer so hot.

She threw the fan over and asked Chen Jingzong to fan her. On the way back to the capital, as long as Chen Jingzong was in the carriage, fanning her was his job.

Chen Jingzong sat on the side, fanning her while casually asked: “You are such a noble princess, why did you have such a tacky nickname?”

Hua Yang’s anger was instantly stirred up, and she glared at him while saying, “Where is it tacky?”

Chen Jingzong: “Do you think kitchen utensils are good?”

Hua Yang: “It’s obviously the “Pan” from ‘Xiǎo shí bù shí yuè,hū zuò bái yù pán (When I was a child, I did not recognize the moon and called it a white jade plate)’. The Pan is the moon, how can it be tacky?”

Chen Jingzong: “Since want to compare you to the moon, just call you Yueyue. Why called you Pan?”

Hua Yang:…

She took a deep breath, and then turned away, not wanting to discuss the elegance of artistic conception with a rough guy like him.

Chen Jingzong silently recited those two words in his mouth. Even though he didn’t make a sound, it still made his hair stand on end, his whole body felt awkward and squeamish. He really didn’t know how a grown man like Emperor Jingshun could casually call it.

“The name I gave you is a nice one.” Chen Jingzong said proudly.

Hua Yang: “Shut up!”

Chen Jingzong smiled and was no longer angry with her.

After arriving at Chen’s house, Hua Yang first went to Chunhe Hall to meet her mother-in-law as well as her father-in-law who had a rest day.

“When I was in the palace, I saw the book that Father gave to my brother. My brother liked it very much. I thanked Father for taking the trouble.”

After sitting down, Hua Yang smiled and said this to her father-in-law.

Chen Tingjian said modestly: “What I did in my spare time made Princess laugh.”

Sun shi knew about the book, but seeing that her son didn’t quite understand it, she explained it briefly.

Chen Jingzong did not envy the little crown prince in the palace at all. Whoever became the old man’s student would be unlucky. No matter how good this book was, it was only a temporary sweetness, and would soon be lost by the old man’s frosty face and poisonous words.

After sitting for a while in Chunhe Hall, Hua Yang and Chen Jinzhong returned to Siyi Hall.

“Princess! You are finally back!”

Chao Lu and Chao Lan had been waiting for the princess outside Siyi Hall for a long time. Now they finally saw the princess, the two maids ran over excitedly. Chao Lu even had tears in her eyes, smiling while wiping her eyes.

Chen Jingzong watched coldly from the side, remembering that when the two maids saw him, each one looked like they were on guard against thieves, and their airs were no less impressive than those of ordinary official ladies.

He went into the house first, leaving them master and servant to have a reunion.

Hua Yang also missed her other two close maids. After all, the four maids had followed her since she was little. They were playmates when they were young, and they became effective helpers when they grew up.

They chatted happily in the main room, like four sparrows surrounding a golden phoenix. Chen Jingzong waited and waited inside, and suddenly called Chao Yun to come in.

In just one or two words, Chao Yun came out with a red face.

Hua Yang and Chao Yue guessed what was going on at the first glance. Chao Lu didn’t understand and asked in a low voice: “What did Prince Consort tell you to do?”

Chao Yun glanced at the princess, shook her head, and went to the warehouse.

The boxes and trunks that the princess brought back from Lingzhou had been sent back with the Chen family. Chao Lu and Chao Lan unpacked the items that the princess often used, and left the rest in the warehouse, waiting for the princess to come back and pick up whatever she needed.

Chao Yun and Chao Lu asked for the key to the warehouse and quickly went there.

She quickly found the small box with a seal that prohibited unauthorized opening. When she opened it, she found the very familiar lotus bowl. Under the bowl was a wooden box specially designed to contain that thing.

After confirming that the things had not been touched, Chao Yun picked up the entire small box and went to the central house, then stayed in the inner room and soaked one skilfully.

It wasn’t until the princess and prince consort rested together at noon that Chao Yun and Chao Yue had the opportunity to reveal the princess’s life in Lingzhou to Chao Lu and Chao Lan, mainly talking about the progress of the relationship between the princess and prince consort.

Chao Lu’s eyes widened and Chao Lan’s mouth was also wide open.

“So, Princess and Prince Consort are already in love?”

Chao Yun paused: “It doesn’t seem to be considered in love. Sometime The Princess still dislikes Prince Consort, right?”

She looked at Chao Yue for confirmation.

Chao Yue nodded: “Yes, they can still quarrel during the day, but only at night…”

She suddenly felt embarrassed to continue talking.

Chao Lu and Chao Lan were still eager to listen. Seeing that she stopped talking mid-sentence, they immediately shook their good sister left and right.

Chao Yue asked Chao Yun to say it, but Chao Yun blushed like a monkey’s butt and was too embarrassed to speak out.

“Okay, okay, Chao Lu can keep vigil tonight, and Chao Lan can keep vigil tomorrow night. You will understand everything after just one night.”


Chen Jingzong didn’t know what these maids were whispering about him, and he didn’t care.

Maybe it was because of the hot weather. Hua Yang was still resting in the afternoon. Chen Jingzong went to the lotus bowl to have a look and tried to feel it. It was ready to use.

He went to close the door of the inner room and then closed the windows on the south side. There was a basin of water in the room. Chen Jingzong wet a towel and started wiping himself.

Hua Yang had barely wake up from this afternoon nap when she vaguely heard the sound of water. She opened her eyes and saw Chen Jingzong standing next to the washstand through the half-draped thin gauze curtain and the screen embroidered with peonies and colorful butterflies.

Whether it was because she had just woken up or because there were two layers of things in the way, her vision was blurred. Hua Yang rubbed her eyes and looked again. She was sure that Chen Jingzong was really not wearing any clothes!

What he wanted to do next was obvious.

With just a thought, the strength on Hua Yang’s body quietly escaped. After being flustered for a while, Hua Yang closed her eyes and pretended not to know anything.

It wasn’t long before the sound of his footsteps could be heard outside the tent, followed by the sound of him taking something from the lotus bowl.

When Chen Jingzong lifted the gauze curtain and walked in, he saw her lying on her side on the bed. She was sleeping soundly, but her cheeks were flushed, as if she was drunk in her dream.

Chen Jingzong smiled, turned the “sleeping” princess to lie on her back, and then leaned down.

Hua Yang pretended for a long time, until finally she couldn’t help but let out a sound.

Chen Jingzong raised his head and saw that her eyes were still closed, but her long eyelashes were already damp, and there was a thin layer of sweat on the tip of her nose.

He put one hand around her neck and let her lean on his arm. He brushed the long hair from her ear with the other hand and leaned in to kiss her earlobe.

Hua Yang sighed twice more.

Chen Jingzong smiled, his breath blowing against her ears: “Finally willing to wake up, little ancestor?”

Hua Yang bit her lip and reached out to cover her mouth.

Chen Jingzong grabbed her hand and restrained it in the air: “What kitchen utensil? How can it be compared to ‘little ancestor’ that sound nice and dignified? At the very least, ‘fairy’ would be better than that one.”

Hua Yang’s face was like fire.

On the first night of their wedding, when Chen Jingzong coaxed her to cooperate, he called her ancestor, little ancestor, and good ancestor several times in a row!

However, how could other people’s filial sons and virtuous grandsons treat their ancestors with courtesy, but he just wanted to bully Hua Yang, this ancestor with different surname, as if he wanted her life!

Chen Jingzong liked to call her that.

“The old man still had the foresight to give me a name that matches you.”

Jing Zhong, Jing Zhong, respect exactly the ancestor like you!”

The author has something to say:

Hua Yang: Since the wedding night, I have already given up on romance.

Old Four: Since the wedding night, I have an additional ancestor.

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