Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 66

Chapter 66


After entering the city, the Chen family’s convoy was divided into two groups. Sun shi, Chen Bozong and others returned to the Chen Mansion first, while Chen Tingjian and Chen Jingzong, this father and son had to go to the palace.

Chen Tingjian had to do this because he was an important minister of the imperial court and a cabinet minister, while Chen Jingzong had to accompany the princess to visit the imperial parent-in-law because of his status as prince consort.

Hua Yang and the crown prince were in the same carriage, so Chen Jingzong had no choice but to ride beside the old man’s carriage.

In the carriage, Chen Tingjian quietly opened the curtain and his eyes passed over his son outside several times. In any case, this son had a good skin and was not too shabby to be brought to the emperor and empress.

Regarding this marriage, Chen Tingjian felt that Empress Qi was too cautious. He was both the crown prince’s teacher and a minister. Even if Empress Qi did not marry over the princess, he would definitely support the crown prince unswervingly. Even if the emperor wanted to depose the crown prince, without a suitable reason, ministers like them would try their best to dissuade the emperor.

However, Empress Qi insisted on marrying their children, and if Chen Tingjian kept evading it would arouse Empress Qi’s suspicion. In the end he had to bite the bullet and let the Old Four go to see the princess.

Chen Tingjian felt guilty towards the princess, because he knew very well that the princess was only deceived by his son’s face that day. If the princess had the opportunity to get acquainted with his son a few days in advance and knew his son’s bad temper, the princess would never nod. Empress Qi loved her daughter very much, as long as the princess disagreed, Empress Qi would give up this idea.

Chen Tingjian also placed his hope on his son. He thought that his son was unwilling to be the prince consort, so as long as his son showed his true nature and behaved slightly inappropriately in front of the empress and princess, it should lessen the thoughts of Empress Qi and the princess. However, he did not expect that on that day his son would completely defy expectations, and his son’s words and actions were faultless in every aspect!

This bastard, who was clamoring that he was unwilling, might have been happy inside knowing that he could marry a princess!

Chen Jingzong suddenly noticed something and looked at the carriage window.

Chen Tingjian snorted and lowered the curtain.

Half an hour later, the group arrived outside the imperial city.

Here everyone had to get off the carriage and walk, even the crown prince and the princess were no exception.

After Hua Yang got out of the carriage, she nodded to her father-in-law and Chen Jingzong, and then led her brother to walk in the front.

The father and son of the Chen family kept a certain distance and followed behind. Chen Tingjian whispered to his son: “When facing His Majesty and Niangniang later, you will answer what you asked. If they didn’t ask, just shut up. Don’t be so talkative like at home.”

Chen Jingzong said calmly: “I have been a Prince Consort for more than two years. Do I still need you to teach me this?”

Chen Tingjian’s face became darker. They had spent the past two years in Lingzhou, and local officials respected his son everywhere, so he was more worried that his son would be lawless outside and would not know how to restrain himself when he arrived in the capital.

The emperor and empress were all in Qianqing Palace.

Similarly eager to see their daughter, Emperor Jingshun seemed to be more anxious than Empress Qi. He sat on a chair for a while, then walked around the entrance of the hall with his hands behind his back for a while.

Empress Qi laughed at him: “Your Majesty, those who don’t know would think that you only have one child, Hua Yang, that you cherish so much.”

Emperor Jingshun looked outside and said, “Although I have four children, Hua Yang is the first one to be so far away from me. We have been apart for two and a half years.”

Empress Qi thought of Prince Yu, who was born to Concubine Lin. Prince Yu got married at the age of twenty and became a vassal of Luoyang in the same year. He had not returned to the capital for four years.

Of course, she would not remind Emperor Jingshun at this time.

“Your Majesty, the Princess and the others have arrived outside the imperial city!”

“Your Majesty, the Princess and the others have arrived outside Qianqing Palace!”

The messenger eunuch reported the news at any time. Finally, Empress Qi also stood up and came to stand beside Emperor Jingshun. The couple kept watch at the door side by side.

Hua Yang walked to Qianqing Palace familiarly, and when she turned at the corner of the corridor, she saw her parents outside the palace gate at a glance.

Father Emperor, who was over fifty years old, wore a golden crown and an ocher-red dragon-patterned informal dress. Under the scorching sun, her father was looking here eagerly.

Hua Yang’s eyes suddenly became wet.

She let go of her brother’s hand, walked through the corridor she had walked countless times since she was a child, and cried into her father’s arms.

At this moment, she was not a princess, nor a wife of the Chen family, she was just a daughter who had lost her father.

Emperor Jingshun was completely stunned. Apart from instinctively opening his arms to hug his daughter, his face was blank, and he even looked at Empress Qi next to him in disbelief.

How many years has it been since his daughter was so close to him?

After coming back to his senses, Emperor Jingshun subconsciously touched his daughter’s head and asked anxiously: “What’s wrong with Panpan? Did you suffer any grievance outside?”

Thinking of this, Emperor Jingshun glanced at the Chen family father and son who were still in the corridor.

Hua Yang shook her head and choked up: “Daughter is fine outside. I just miss you and Mother Empress.”

Emperor Jingshun breathed a sigh of relief. He expected that the Chen family and his son would not have the courage.

“Okay, you are already twenty-year-old, why do you still cry like you were a child?” Empress Qi said with a smile.

When Hua Yang heard this, she reluctantly let go of her father and leaned into her mother’s arms.

Empress Qi couldn’t help but hug her for a while longer.

At this time, Chen Tingjian and Chen Jingzong also followed the crown prince and saluted.

Emperor Jingshun told them not to be polite, looked at Chen Tingjian with a smile, and said something to encourage Chen Tingjian to express his condolences and to continue to share his worries in the future.

Chen Tingjian: “Thanks to Your Majesty’s reliance, this minister is still entrusted with important responsibilities. This minister then must do one’s utmost to assist Your Majesty.”

Emperor Jingshun nodded, looked at Chen Jingzong again, and praised: “The memorial Lu Da sent to Zhen truthfully reported everything you did in the military station. Indeed a good son taught by Cabinet Elder Chen, and also Zhen’s good son-in-law. If the officers in the military station all over the country follow the strategy of raising and training troops that set by the old man Taizu like you, then millions of soldiers will be elites, and Zhen doesn’t have to worry about the border being disturbed.”

Chen Jingzong said respectfully: “It is only because Your Majesty and Niangniang supported this minister in the palace that the officers and soldiers of Lingzhou Guard are willing to obey the orders. This minister will never dare to take credit.”

Hua Yang had already wiped away her tears and stood beside her mother. Seeing Chen Jingzong’s humble and polite gesture, she was really not used to it.

But he was a good-looking man, and once he became serious, his beauty seemed to be no less than that of the two brothers above.

Everyone moved inside to talk.

The crown prince sat next to Emperor Jingshun, Hua Yang sat next to Empress Qi, and the Chen family’s father and son were also given seats, placed at the lower left of Emperor Jingshun.

Hua Yang listened quietly to the conversation between her father, mother, and father-in-law. Her eyes swept over Chen Jingzong several times. This guy was sitting upright, eyes looking at his nose and his nose pointing at his heart.

She was secretly amused. When she looked up, she saw her mother looking at her with a smile, as if she had seen through something.

Hua Yang suddenly stopped looking at Chen Jingzong.

After the monarch and ministers finished reminiscing, Emperor Jingshun looked at his daughter sitting next to his wife and said to the Chen family’s father and his son: “You have travelled for such a long time, so go back and have a good rest. You will go to the palace to work on errands the day after tomorrow. Hua Yang has been separated from Zhen for too long, so Zhen will let her stay in the palace for a while.”

Chen Tingjian bowed and said: “As it should be. This minister will leave first so as not disturb Your Majesty, Niangniang and the two highnesses sharing the family reunion.”

Emperor Jingshun nodded.

Hua Yang stood up and said, “Father, go slowly. Daughter-in-law won’t send you off.”

Chen Tingjian saluted again and then left with his son.

When there were only four members of the family left in the palace, Hua Yang ran to Emperor Jingshun again, looked at him carefully and said: “Father Emperor seems to have lost weight. Why, your daughter is not here, so you don’t take good care of your dragon body?”

Emperor Jingshun was indeed on the thin side, and because he usually indulged in women, he was a little weak, and his face looked pale as if he was sick. However, when he saw his daughter today, his eyes were full of energy.

Emperor Jingshun also regarded his daughter’s inquiry as simple filial piety, and said with a smile: “It’s fine, now that Panpan is back, Father is in a good mood, and will gain weight with extra meals.”

Hua Yang looked satisfied.

Emperor Jingshun asked his daughter to sit next to him and inquired carefully about his daughter’s life in Lingzhou.

Hua Yang talked about some official and private matters that leave deeper impression. For example, Chen Tingjian led the people in the town to escape from the flood, and the people in Lingzhou rushed to come to see her to sue Prince Xiang. For example, she brought the guards to visit Dongting Lake and ordered Chen Jingzong to take a trip to Wudang Mountain, including a chance encounter with the famous doctor Li Dongbi.

When talking about Li Dongbi, Chen Tingjian’s illness was inevitably mentioned.

Empress Qi asked in shock: “What disease does Cabinet Elder Chen suffered?”

Hua Yang said tactfully: “Mother-in-law didn’t tell us the specific illness. It should be because Father-in-law was afraid that we would worry, and even the Prince Consort didn’t know much about it. It’s just that he stayed in bed for half a month to recuperate and lost a lot of weight. Later, he slowly returned to normal. Listening to Imperial Doctor Li’s meaning, fortunately, Father-in-law was treated in time. If the delay continues, within five years, his life may be in danger.”

The expressions of Emperor Jingshun and Empress Qi changed drastically. Emperor Jingshun even said angrily: “If Zhen had known about this earlier, Zhen should have paid more attention to Cabinet Elder Chen.”

Empress Qi thought for a while and said: “When Panpan leaves the palace, Your Majesty can bestow some tonics and ask Panpan to bring it to Cabinet Elder.”

Emperor Jingshun took note.

Hua Yang observed her brother without leaving any trace.

The twelve-year-old crown prince had never experienced the death of relatives or friends. He just heard from his sister that Cabinet Elder Chen had such a serious illness, and his heart was also tight.

He didn’t like Cabinet Elder Chen, and he had hoped that Cabinet Elder Chen would make a fool of himself, but he never thought of wanting him to die.

Deep down in his heart, the crown prince understood that Cabinet Elder Chen was strict with him for his own good. He also remembered that he fell ill once, but the illness was not particularly serious. His mother asked him to continue studying, and his eldest companion brought him medicine. He deliberately delayed drinking it because it was too hot. In the end Cabinet Elder Chen came over, picked up the medicine bowl and personally fed him. The old man’s beard was long and elegant, and his expression when blowing the medicine was quite gentle. At least, his father had never personally fed him.

The crown prince was immersed in the memories of the past, and his clear and handsome face revealed some longing.

Hua Yang’s heart softened, and she knew that her brother was definitely not a bad person. She might not have the chance to know what made her brother hate the Chen family so much in her previous life, but in this life, she would definitely find ways to make her brother and father-in-law close to each other, that way the monarch and the minister were harmonious.

The four members of the imperial family had lunch together. After the meal, Empress Qi left her husband and son and took her daughter to her Fengyi Palace to rest.

Hua Yang really wanted to take a bath.

The maids prepared water, and Empress Qi followed her daughter in. When her daughter was a child, she would often sit next to her and help her wash and comb her hair.

Hua Yang didn’t think anything at first, but when she was about to remove her clothes, the scenes from last night suddenly came into her mind.

That guy Chen Jingzong was like a dog and liked to chew everything.

She blushed and whispered under the cover of the screen: “Mom, I’m already so old, you’d better let me wash by myself.”

The gauze screen could not block her blushing face, and Empress Qi understood immediately.

She originally wanted to ask her daughter how she got along with her prince consort, but there was no need to ask now. At least in the past few nights, her daughter and the prince consort must have been intimate, otherwise her daughter would not have to worry about being seen by her.

“Fine, Mom will go out and wait for you.”

The author has something to say:

The Old Four outside the place suddenly sneezed.

Old Four: She must be thinking about me.

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  1. ‘If the officers in the military station all over the country follow the strategy of raising and training troops that set by the old man Taizu like you, then millions of soldiers will be elites, and Zhen doesn’t have to worry about the border being disturbed.”’

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