Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 64

Chapter 64


On New Year’s Eve this year, there was snow in Lingzhou.

During the day it was just thin rain, which turned into tiny snowflakes when it got dark.

Hua Yang was a princess who was born and raised in the capital. She experienced a few heavy snowfalls every winter. Last year, there was no snow in Lingzhou, so she didn’t feel anything. This year, she saw such a stingy light snow, which turned into water when it fell to the ground, Hua Yang was inevitably disappointed. She became disgusted when she was disappointed, and said to Chen Jingzong: “The snow here is really boring. The snow in the capital is beautiful. After one night, everything is covered with snow.”

The two of them had just returned from the New Year’s Eve dinner at the main house. Chao Yun was holding a lantern in front of them, and Chen Jingzong was holding an umbrella for Hua Yang.

The dim yellow light accentuated her face, making it appear even fairer against the backdrop of the fox fur cloak. Her small mouth, tinted in red, murmured complaints softly.

Chen Jingzong looked at her and said, “Yes, everything in the capital is good, how can it be compared to our baren hills and wild rivers.”

Hua Yang was caught off guard by his sulk. She was just comparing the snows, how it did escalate to involve everything?

After glaring at him, Hua Yang glanced at the snow around her a few more times before entering the house.

There was no earth dragon in the ancestral house, but there was charcoal burning in the inner room. Even so, Hua Yang still felt gloomy and cold. After getting into bed, she waited for Chen Jingzong to come up quickly and warm her up. Unexpectedly, after washing his feet, this guy actually got into another quilt that had been mostly empty this winter, and lay with his back to her!

Hua Yang hugged tightly the hand stove that had been stuffed in by the maids in advance, and asked him in confusion: “Who provoked you tonight that make you come sulking at me?”

He choked her with words and slept in separate quilts. He was obviously angry!

Hua Yang didn’t insist on sleeping in the same quilts with Chen Jingzong, but his anger came inexplicably, so she wanted to ask him clearly.

Chen Jingzong said nothing.

Hua Yang snorted and turned around.

A while later, she heard Chen Jingzong lift the quilt and get out of bed. Because there was still a little light in the room, Hua Yang turned around curiously to look, and then saw Chen Jingzong fishing something from the lotus bowl!

Hua Yang gritted her teeth, immediately clutched the quilt tightly, and pressed it with her body.

But Chen Jingzong could easily shake the entire babu bed, and the weight of Hua Yang’s whole body was of no use. Soon Chen Jingzong pulled off her quilt and got in, pressed her wrists and started kissing her.

Hua Yang was not happy but she did not struggle. She just said coldly: “Let go, you have offended me tonight.”

How could there be such a beautiful thing in the world, to offend a princess and still want to sleep with her?

Chen Jingzong kissed her twice more before stopping. He raised his head from the crook of her neck and looked at her with his dark eyes.

Hua Yang looked at him with a stiff face.

After a while, Chen Jingzong said: “You offended me first.”

Hua Yang: “How did I offend you? Just because I said the snow here is not good?”

Chen Jingzong: “Your lips said you dislike snow, but your heart may say you dislike me, pointing at mulberry tree but cursing at locust tree.”

Hua Yang:…

She had heard people making trouble unreasonably, but this was beyond making trouble unreasonably. This was straight picking fight!

“Get down!”

Chen Jingzong didn’t insist. He lay down behind her and then took her into his arms, like other nights this winter, using his chest as a heater for her.

Hua Yang was annoyed that he lost his temper and didn’t want to cooperate. She just moved a little further when Chen Jingzong pulled her back. After doing this several times, she didn’t bother to struggle. Besides, she was indeed really liked this.

However, as soon as he noticed her compromise, Chen Jingzong’s hands began to get dishonest again. The couple had not had any major disputes recently, and the little fire that appeared tonight quickly disappeared under his persistence. Outside the window, the light snow was getting heavier and heavier, and the temperature in the bed was getting higher and higher.

When they were fuse together, Chen Jingzong’s eyes lost the strange aura just now. He looked at her intently and brushed away her long hair that was scattered on her shoulders. Seeing this, Hua Yang’s face was almost burned.

“I have no impression of the snow in the capital, is not as white as you, right?”

Hua Yang: “Shut up!”

Chen Jingzong smiled and looked into her eyes: “The snow in the capital may be better than the snow in Lingzhou, but the men may not be as good. Otherwise, why did you choose a man from Lingzhou to be your prince consort?”

Hua Yang:…

If she was really a fairy, she would definitely make Chen Jingzong mute!


As soon as the New Year was over, time seemed to speed up all of a sudden. In a blink of an eye, it was the end of Third Month, and the peach blossoms were in full bloom.

Hua Yang moved back to the Chen family’s ancestral home from Ningyuan with Chao Yun, Chao Yue, Zhen’er, and Zhu’er.

Her parent-in-law would come out of mourning on the seventh day of Fourth Month. After staying here for a few more days, they would depart for the capital by the middle of the month at the latest.

Not only was Hua Yang arranged it this way, Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan also returned to their ancestral home. Although the Chen’s three brothers were still doing errands, the newly sent officials should arrive soon, and the three brothers still had to return to the capital to serve as officials.

The peonies in the small garden have just begun to bloom, and it was unknown whether it would bloom when they set off.

Two years ago, when Hua Yang first arrived in Lingzhou, she couldn’t wait to leave overnight. Even after her rebirth, Hua Yang only managed to cultivate a calm temperament, no longer easily agitated, but she didn’t have any sentimental attachment to the Chen family’s old house. Now, as she was about to leave, Hua Yang took a glance at the small garden that Chen Jingzong tidied up himself, and then looked at the continuous green mountains to the north of the town. Suddenly, she felt a bit reluctant to part ways.

“Fourth Aunt!”

A sweet and soft voice came over. Hua Yang turned around and saw Luo Yuyan walking over holding her two-year-old daughter Wan Qing.

Last year, Wan Qing was just a little baby who only knew how to eat, drink, and defecate. Now she could waddle around, with two rows of white teeth, and could speak clearly.

Wan Qing inherited the good looks of Chen Xiaozong and Luo Yuyan, with a fair face and big eyes, and she was at her most lovable age. When she ran towards her happily, even Hua Yang couldn’t help but feel soft.

“Fourth Aunt, flower, flower!”

Wan Qing’s chubby hand held a peach blossom in her hand, and she enthusiastically handed it to Hua Yang.

Hua Yang held the little girl with one hand and touched her head with the other.

Luo Yuyan sat down next to her and asked the wet nurse to hold her daughter while she played. She could also see that Hua Yang had no intention of hugging her daughter. After all, she was a princess of the heavenly family and would not easily hug other people’s children.

“I just went to see Eldest Sister-in-law. She is still packing her things.” Luo Yuyan took the initiative to chat, “Is Princess ready?”

Hua Yang nodded.

Luo Yuyan sighed softly: “It’s time to go back. There are no acquaintances here to walk around, and I’m almost suffocated. What about the Princess, you can’t wait to go back to the palace, right?”

Hua Yang smiled: “That’s natural.”

Luo Yuyan looked to the north and showed some true feelings: “Since I was a child, this is the first time that I am so far away from the capital. I am not afraid to be laughed at by the Princess. These few nights I can’t sleep with excitement when I think of seeing my father, mother, brothers, and sisters-in-law again. Third Master, Eldest Sister-in-law and other relatives are all from here. In our family, maybe the Princess is the only one who can understand my current mood.”

Hua Yang looked at her in acquiescence.

She also had insomnia for several nights in a row. She couldn’t help but think about how she wanted to see her father, who had already died in her previous life. She wanted to throw herself into her mother’s arms and acted coquettish. She also wanted to rub her younger brother crown prince’s head and pinch his cheek before he grew taller than her.

When she couldn’t sleep, she poked at Chen Jingzong. Chen Jingzong was of course eager to kill time with her, and he entangled her so hard that Hua Yang felt tired and slept until dawn.

It was just that Chen Jingzong had endless strength, and Hua Yang couldn’t bear it anymore. That night, she just leaned into Chen Jingzong’s arms and talked: “Has Father decided how to arrange your Second Uncle?”

Chen Tingzhen from the east courtyard now had no wife and children. If he were to be left alone in the old house, her father-in-law would definitely not be able to bear it.

Chen Jingzong: “The old man wanted to take him back to the capital and arrange a marriage for him there, but he was unwilling and insisted on staying in his hometown to farm.”

Regarding this point, Chen Jingzong could understand his second uncle’s way of thinking.

Second Uncle was not a good scholar material since he was a child, and he was incompatible with the old man at that time. He could still be his own master if he stayed in the ancestral home. He could farm the land when he wanted, and wander around when he wanted. Even if he was weak-tempered and couldn’t control the servants at home, at least the servants would not dare to bully him and control him. If he really went to the capital, he was not familiar with the place, and there were officials everywhere. Second Uncle would definitely not dare to go out casually. If he did not go out, he would be bored at home. From time to time, he would be called by the old man to have a heart-to-heart talk…

If it were Chen Jingzong, he would also stay here. He would rather eat vegetarian food every day than look at the old man’s face.

Hua Yang: “Does Father agree?”

Chen Jingzong: “Second Uncle even knelt down to beg him and cried a lot. Besides, he still wanted to stay at home and guard the ancestral graves. The old man had no choice but to agree.”

Hua Yang: “Then will he get married in the future?”

She was a little worried that Chen Tingshi would marry another bold and greedy woman like Qi shi.

Chen Jingzong: “There is already a candidate. She is a maid who was close to the old lady before her death, in her thirties, well-educated and sensible. After Qi shi left, she went to the east courtyard to take care of Second Uncle. Listening to Mother’s meaning, before leaving, we will arrange Second Uncle’s wedding, and the old man will leave a few reliable people behind to prevent something similar happens again in our hometown.”

Hua Yang said in surprise: “Let him marry a maid, can your Second Uncle agree?”

Chen Jingzong sneered: “He insisted on marrying her.”

The old man was a good brother. He felt sorry for his younger brother who lost his wife and son. He was afraid that his younger brother would get sick due to loneliness, so he arranged for a suitable woman to take care of him early.

No matter how honest and cowardly a man was, he would still knowledgeable in that area, and he might have already done the deed.

Originally, it was fine to let her be a concubine, but the second uncle insisted on marrying her as his wife, and that maid was also content with her duties. The old man was probably afraid that something bad would happen if he married another woman, so he just followed the second uncle’s wish.

Hua Yang understood the intricacies of the situation and felt a bit disgusted.

In this world, men always asked women to stay widowed for their husbands to prove their loyalty. But when it was the man’s turn to lose his wife, he always rushed to marry a bride, and even if it was inconvenient to marry, he had to at least take a tongfang first, as if they couldn’t live without a woman.

She pushed Chen Jingzong away and asked him to sleep on different quilt.

Chen Jingzong didn’t move: “You disgusted with him, what does it have to do with me?”

Hua Yang: “All men in the world are the same.”

Chen Jingzong: “I am different. Even if one day you… divorce me, I will not find anyone else.”

Hua Yang: “Of course it’s easy to say, but with your greed, you may have just left the Princess Mansion, and your eyes are already glued to some fair-faced girl.”

Chen Jingzong: “That girl must be you, so you’d better not divorce me. If you dare to divorce me, a greedy person like me will dare to break into the Princess Mansion in the middle of the night and force you to give yourself to me.”

Hua Yang:…

She tried to imagine the situation, and then she realized that Chen Jingzong seemed to really capable of doing such lawless things!

Pushing away his misbehave hand, Hua Yang sneered and asked, “What if I die before you and you become a widower?”

She wanted to hear what other flowers he could pull out.

Chen Jingzong thought for a while and said with a smile: “That depends on you. If you still want to be husband and wife with me, as long as your soul comes to me, I won’t mind collect yang…”

Hua Yang directly blocked his mouth with the quilt!

The author has something to say:

The Princess’ ghost: Let go. I just came to see you. I have to go back to the underworld soon.

Old Four: Don’t worry, we’ll talk about it at dawn

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