Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 46

Chapter 46


Today, in Lingzhou City, there were three noble figures: Prince Xiang, Princess Hua Yang, and Prince Consort.

Prince Xiang was an old local snake, and the people in the city had already talked about him enough. Ningyuan was the new hot topic for them to gossip about after dinner. And that night, the prince consort returned to his “parental home” in anger, which made the people talk about with relish, and gradually derived all kinds of speculations. Among them, the most outrageous one was that Princess Hua Yang bought two actors with red lips and white teeth, the prince consort became jealous and told the princess to choose between him or the actor!

They were all baseless rumors, but who could blame the common people for having a taste for such stories? From ancient times to the present, there was no nobles who hasn’t been the subject of such idle gossip among the common folk.

The common people could watch the fun, but Chen Bozong and Yu Xiu were exhausted. One of them took time out of their busy schedule to go to the military station while the other went to Ningyuan every day to persuade their younger sibling.

Prince Xiang was the most aggrieved. The couple were just arguing, but he lost real money! The two generous gifts were a big deal, and now he had to pay the craftsmen to build the mansion. The most annoying thing was that he had to find a way to reconcile the princess and the prince consort. Otherwise, if the stalemate continued like this, even if Hua Yang didn’t write a divorce letter for Chen Jingzong, sooner or later, this news would reach the capital. When Emperor Jingshun investigated, wouldn’t it be revealed that he enslaved the soldiers in the military station?

The aggrieved Prince Xiang picked two more gifts from the warehouse and asked Princess Consort Xiang to go to Ningyuan to be the peacemaker.

The princess was aloof. Princess Consort Xiang ran around three times and her lips were almost worn out, before she finally succeeded in delivering the gift. This also mean that the princess was now simply angry at the prince consort, and would no longer vent her anger at the couple of Prince Xiang Mansion.

“Why are you so stupid that you can’t even persuaded the Princess to reconcile with Prince Consort?”

The most important thing was not done. Prince Xiang was irritated and scolded Princess Consort Xiang.

Princess Consort Xiang lowered her head to defend herself: “She even calls me Aunt Princess depending on her mood. What effect will my words have? Her sister-in-law, the Prefect’s wife, went there more often than me, but it still doesn’t work. In my opinion, only if Chen Jingzong goes back to apologize in person will the Princess be willing to calm down.”

Prince Xiang asked Xiang Baoshan to find a way to persuade Chen Jingzong to bow to the princess first.

Xiang Baoshan tried to persuade him several times, but in the end, he came to Prince Xiang to report: “Your Highness, I really can’t persuade him. Chen Jingzong is a tough guy. At first, he was willing to drink with me. Now he knows what I want to say, so he didn’t even come when I invite him to drink. I then took the initiative to go to him, but when he saw me from a distance, he walked away. I really tried every method, but it just didn’t work!”

Prince Xiang’s face darkened.

Xiang Baoshan probed: “Or, Your Highness asks the Princess Consort to go to Ningyuan a few more times, so that the Princess can be softened first?”

Prince Xiang glared at him: “Do you think Hua Yang is one of those unfavored princesses who are led by the nose by Prince Consort in everything, and still want the Princess to give in first. Originally This Prince also wanted to persuade the Princess, but even her face couldn’t be seen. Where did Chen Jingzong get such a big face!”

Xiang Baoshan closed his mouth knowingly.

He was also useless, Prince Xiang told him to get lost!

Anger was anger, but the matter must be resolved. Ten days had passed in a blink of an eye, and it was already the Second Month. The last rest day, Chen Bozong and his wife did not return to Shiqiao Town because he had just taken office. If this matter was dragged on until the next rest day at the end of Second Month, and Chen Bozong and his wife go back to their hometown, what if Chen Tingjian sees the clues and then took this opportunity to clean him up?

Early the next morning, Prince Xiang sent someone to the military station to send a message to Chen Jingzong, asking him to come to the prince mansion for dinner in the evening.

As a result, Chen Jingzong didn’t come at all!

Prince Xiang was so angry, but no matter how angry he was, he could only endure it. The next day, he took a carriage and came to the military station to lobby himself.

Chen Jingzong refused to see him alone. Accompanied by Xiang Baoshan and the others, Prince Xiang came to the martial arts field and saw Chen Jingzong fighting with five soldiers. The young prince consort, who was only twenty-two years old, with a pair of slender and strong arms, was surrounded by five soldiers. In the end, they failed to capture Chen Jingzong. Instead, Chen Jingzong easily threw them to the ground, attracting the applause from other soldiers.

“Your Highness wants to persuade me to apologize to the Princess?” After the fight, Chen Jingzong finally gave Prince Xiang a serious look, “Alright, Your Highness will compete with me for a while. As long as Your Highness wins, I will take off my clothes and walk all the way there to offer my humble apology to her.”

Prince Xiang was just a wine sack and food bag. Let alone Chen Jingzong, he couldn’t even defeat those ordinary soldiers!

He smiled and tried to make up for himself: “Prince Consort is joking, I am an old man, I am no match for you young people.”

Lin Yan’s hands were itchy, so he walked out from behind Prince Xiang and said, “How about I compete with Prince Consort on behalf of His Highness?”

Chen Jingzong looked him up and down and smiled: “That’s okay. If you lose, you guys don’t come to nag me anymore!”

Lin Yan just took off his outer coat and pounced on Chen Jingzong like a cheetah!

Lin Yan had real skill. Chen Jingzong put aside his contempt and tried his best to compete with him.

Prince Xiang was actually attracted by this competition, as if he was watching a dragon and tiger fight.

As he watched, Prince Xiang suddenly thought of Chen Tingjian’s grandfather.

When Chen Tingjian passed the provincial imperial examination at the age of sixteen, his grandfather was only in his fifties. He was tall and powerful. Because of his excellent martial arts skills, he was still working as a guard in the prince mansion at this age and was not dismissed by his mother.

Chen Tingjian’s father was sickly and died early, and Chen Tingjian took the imperial examination road.

But there were brave people in the Chen family’s ancestors, and this bravery was vividly displayed in Chen Jingzong two generations later.

A “bang” interrupted Prince Xiang’s memory, and then he saw Lin Yan being slammed to the ground by Chen Jingzong.

Prince Xiang:…..

Yes, the road to persuade Chen Jingzong to bow to Hua Yang was completely blocked!


Although Prince Xiang who tried to persuade the prince consort went home with tail between his legs, the news reached Ningyuan somehow.

Within two days, Ningyuan sent messages to Yu Xiu, Princess Consort Xiang, Lingyuan County Lady, Old Madam Ji of the Bai family, and even Xiang Baoshan’s wife, the shu daugther of Prince Xiang, inviting them to come to Ningyuan to listen to the play performed by the renowned Du Troupe in Lingzhou Prefecture.

In the eyes of the people, this was tantamount to Princess Hua Yang challenging her prince consort: whether you want to come back or not, this princess will eat, drink, and have fun as I like, free and unfetterd!

This time, Xiang Baoshan went to persuade Chen Jingzong even without Prince Xiang’s orders.

“Jingzong, I am not the commander tonight, and you are not a Prince Consort. We are just two ordinary married men. How about I say a few words to you as someone who has been through this?”

Chen Jingzong grabbed the wine jar and poured it into the cup with an expressionless face: “You say whatever, I just drink.”

Xiang Baoshan: “Then I’ll say it. In marital matters, a wife should listen to her husband, but a husband can’t be stern all the time. He should also be gentle and considerate to his wife, comforting her when needed. Otherwise, if she’s angry and upset every day, crying all the time, we won’t feel comfortable when we see her, right?”

Chen Jingzong snorted: “Then I won’t see it, I will still live comfortably in the military station.”

Xiang Baoshan: “Look at you, you are angry again. Let me tell you, some women are afraid of your type. When you showed cold-face, they become honest and wishes they could turn into a vine and cling to you obediently. But some women, the more you’re tough on them, the tougher they become. If you ignore them, they’ll just ignore you and go watch a play by themselves. Now tell me, if this continues, won’t the couple eventually fall apart?”

Chen Jingzong drank the wine, half of his face blocked by the cup.

Xiang Baoshan continued: “If you really don’t want to live with the Princess, then I don’t need to persuade you. But if you still have the Princess in your heart and still want to live with her, then you say, is it worth it breaking up the relationship between husband and wife just for the sake of momentary anger?”

After Chen Jingzong took the last sip, he heavily put down the wine cup and stared at Xiang Baoshan with gloomy dark eyes: “The princess went to watch a play? How do you know?”

Xiang Baoshan:……

Wang Feihu, who was eavesdropping at the door, gloated: “Of course he knows. The Princess also sent an invitation to his wife. It is said that they invited the Du Troupe. Su Yuebai of Du Troupe is a handsome character…”

Before he finished speaking, Chen Jingzong threw the wine jar and stood up angrily: “The women listen to the play, we can also drink flower wine! Come on, you guys lead the way and take me to the brothel with the most beautiful women in Lingzhou Prefecture. You can drink and sleep with woman as you like, I will be the host tonight!”

Wang Feihu’s eyes lit up!

Xiang Baoshan only felt a headache. If the prince consort really wanted to sleep with woman, they could secretly send her to him in private. But if they took prince consort to visit the brothels in such arrogant manner, openly slapped the princess in the face, wouldn’t they just seek death?

He quickly called Lin Yan and Lu Da to hold Chen Jingzong together and prevent him from acting impulsively.

Chen Jingzong insisted on acting impulsively, striking anyone who tried to stop him.

They were all strong men. Lin Yan and Lu Da were worried about Chen Jingzong’s identity at first and did not fight back, but Chen Jingzong was really ruthless. His iron fist was either hit them on their shoulders or their faces. Who could endure this all the time?

In the chaos, it was unclear whether it was Xiang Baoshan, Lin Yan or Lu Da, anyway, Chen Jingzong also received a heavy punch. The prince consort, who was clamoring to go to the brothel just now, suddenly lunged forward, and hit his head on a pillar squarely. He slumped to the ground in a daze, just before losing consciousness, he pointed his hand in disbelief, as if trying to identify the person who had harmed him!

Wang Feihu immediately hid behind Lin Yan. He didn’t do anything. This matter had nothing to do with him!

Lin Yan shook him off and quickly came over to help Chen Jingzong up with Xiang Baoshan. Feeling that the person was still breathing he asked, “What should we do now?”

Xiang Baoshan had an idea and said: “Quick, send him to Ningyuan before he wakes up. Tell them that Prince Consort drank to relieve his sorrows and accidentally knocked himself unconscious!”

When a couple was in a cold war, the worst thing was refusing to meet. As long as they met, if one of them softens their heart, they could have another argument at the beginning and make up at the end. Then, everything could be turned over!

The guard quickly arranged the carriage and rushed to Lingzhou City at lightning speed. Finally, they rushed in before the city gate was closed.

Seeing Wu gonggong and Fu Gui carried the unconscious Chen Jingzong into Ningyuan with his own eyes, Xiang Baoshan breathed a deep sigh of relief, got in the carriage again, and went to Prince Xiang Mansion to report the news.

Fu Gui stopped outside Qifeng Hall.

Wu Run put Chen Jingzong on the couch in the side room, then bowed his head and left.

Chao Yun looked at the unconscious Prince Consort and asked anxiously: “Princess, should I call for Imperial Physician Liu right away?”

Hua Yang: “No, just prepare water. Prince Consort will take a bath later.”

This drama had been played to this day and it was almost finished.

Chao Yue vaguely guessed something and pulled Chao Yun away with a smile.

Hua Yang turned around and saw Chen Jingzong motionless. She smiled lightly and said, “What, are you really hurt?”

Chen Jingzong still had no reaction.

Hua Yang went to the inner room.

Just as she walked to the door, it seemed as if a tiger jumped from the couch behind her. The next moment, the tiger rushed over, pressing her back against the wall with her back to him. The scent of alcohol and the heat of his lips landed on her neck simultaneously.

Hua Yang lost her strength in an instant, but fortunately there was a wall in front of her, supporting her so that she had nowhere to fall.

“Okay, rinse your mouth and take a bath first.”

When he was about to take off her dress, Hua Yang covered his slender and powerful hand in time.

“We haven’t seen each other for more than half a month, and you still care about this?”

Chen Jingzong turned her around and asked while panting.

Hua Yang avoided the smell of alcohol and said with disgust: “Don’t say half a month, even half a year, if you don’t clean up, I will still care about this.”

Chen Jingzong looked at her, and just when Hua Yang thought he was about to compromise, Chen Jingzong suddenly pulled off half of her dress.

Hua Yang:….

Chen Jingzong was like a tiger encircling the territory, and the smell of alcohol soon spread all over her body.

Hua Yang was so angry that she grabbed him several times.

Chen Jingzong stood up straight again, looked down at her crimson face, and said with a smile: “You’re also dirty now. Let’s wash it together later.”

Hua Yang still beat him.

Chen Jingzong held one of her wrists against the wall, and his eyes gradually moved down to look at her lips.

Hua Yang was alarmed and said anxiously: “If you dare to kiss me without rinsing your mouth, I will really kick you out!”

Chen Jingzong paused and turned his face to the side: “Okay, then you kiss me, otherwise I will kiss you.”

He knew that Hua Yang’s threat was real, and Hua Yang also knew that he would do as he said.

Annoyed, Hua Yang gritted her teeth and reluctantly kissed his face that smelled of alcohol.

When the water in the bathroom was ready, Chen Jingzong gathered up her dress randomly and walked over with her in his arms.

Hua Yang took over the bathtub and ordered him to clean himself outside.

After Chen Jingzong finished washing, he came to her tub.

Hua Yang still disliked his big feet and refused to bathe with him with her eyes closed.

Chen Jingzong had no choice but to fish the person out, dry her and put her on the babu bed.

The cold after the bath made her tremble slightly in his arms. Chen Jingzong pulled up the quilt and wrapped the two of them together.

“How did you know I would come back?” Chen Jingzong asked while putting that thing on.

Hua Yang snorted: “I have sent out the secret code. If you don’t come back in these two days, you won’t be you able to anymore.”

Chen Jingzong looked at her meaningfully: “I thought you secretly raised an actor, and I accidentally robbed him of his good things.”

Hua Yang:…

The prince consort and the princess, who had just been reunited, have a disagreement and started “fighting” fiercely on the bed.

The Author has something to say:

The next day, on the front page of Lingzhou Daily: The Prince Consort of the Cold Palace returned to favor!

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