Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 37

Chapter 37


After riding the carriage for half a day, Hua Yang was a little tired and had no interest in visiting the entire Ningyuan for the time being.

Warm water was brought over from the water room, and Chao Yun and Chao Yue skillfully served the princess and the prince consort to wash their faces and hands.

Hua Yang glanced at Chen Jingzong and told Wu Run, who was waiting by the side: “Is the meal ready in the kitchen? Pass it on.”

She didn’t feel hungry, but Chen Jingzong had a strong body and a good appetite. It was already past noon, so he might be hungry.

Wu Run said with a smile: “Feng gonggong has already prepared it. this servant will send someone to urge them.”

After saying that, he bowed slightly and withdrew, sending other young eunuchs in the corridor, and then came back in to wait.

Chen Jingzong glanced at him several times.

The palace never treated eunuchs as men, but in Chen Jingzong’s eyes, eunuchs were also men and should not follow Hua Yang inseparably.

“Who is Feng gonggong?” Chen Jingzong asked, handing over the used hand towel to Chao Yue.

Hua Yang motioned to Chao Yun to explain to him.

Chao Yun smiled and said: “Back to Prince Consort, Feng gonggong is also an old servant next to our princess. He has been responsible for the Princess’s diet since she was four years old. It can be said that the Princess has grown up eating his craftsmanship.”

Originally, before the princess married into the Chen family, she planned to bring Feng gonggong with her. Unfortunately, Feng gonggong slipped on the stairs and injured his leg. He couldn’t do anything, so he went to the princess’s mansion to recuperate from his injury first.

Chen Jingzong understood that now the people living in Ningyuan were all the old people around her, and he was the new one.

After washing up, the couple went to the main room.

Feng gonggong also brought over four young eunuchs to carry the lunch, while his hands were empty. At the door, seeing the princess whom he had not seen for more than a year, Feng gonggong was practically run in, knelt in front of Hua Yang and said: “Princess, this servant can finally see you again!”

Chen Jingzong saw that it was an almost fifty years old man, with a shiny face and a big belly, and his face finally looked better.

Since Hua Yang entered Ningyuan, she was friendly to everyone. She helped Feng gonggong up and said happily: “I miss you too. I haven’t eaten gonggong‘s food for so long. Do you think I’ve lost weight?” ”

Feng gonggong stood up straight while looking up at his beautiful master, and said distressedly: “Sure enough, you’re getting thinner. Don’t worry, Princess. Now that this servant is here, whatever the Princess wants to eat, just ask, this servant will make it for you!”

Chen Jingzong secretly sneered. Hua Yang only lost the seven to eight catties she had gained by kicking shuttlecocks. It seemed the more people praised her for being thin, the happier she became.

“This is the Prince Consort, you haven’t seen him before, right?” Hua Yang introduced Feng gonggong after the master and servant briefly recounted the old times.

Feng gonggong looked at the prince consort respectfully, and said with a smile: “Prince Consort is handsome and brave, you two are a perfect match.”

With these words, Feng gonggong suddenly became the most pleasing person in the princess mansion to Chen Jingzong.

Hua Yang gave a perfunctory smile. Apart from appearance and body, everything from Chen Jingzong’s literary talent to his temper did not match her.

Gonggong has been busy all morning. You go and rest first.”

“Yes, Princess and Prince Consort, please enjoy your meal. If there is anything not to your liking, ask someone to tell this servant. This servant will change the recipe next time.”

Feng gonggong led the eunuchs in the kitchen to withdrew, and Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong also sat down to eat.

Under Hua Yang’s care, Chen Jingzong’s dining etiquette had become much better than when they first got married. However, whether intentionally or for some other reason, Chen Jingzong just refused to thoroughly learn the elegant manners of Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong. There was always a bit of roughness. For example, a true gentleman, even when encountering a dish they liked, would not continuously serve themselves, but Chen Jingzong didn’t pay attention to that. If Hua Yang showed no interest in a particular dish, he would eat it all by himself.

Hua Yang was used to it, but Wu Run who stood on the side, frowned imperceptibly.

After the meal, Hua Yang said to Wu Run, “I’ll rest for a while and take a bath in an hour.”

Wu Run: “Yes, this servant will give instructions to the water room later.”

Hua Yang went to the side room, and Chen Jingzong naturally followed her. He closed the door with his backhand to isolate the maids and eunuchs outside.

Hua Yang originally wanted Chao Yun to massage her shoulders, but when she saw Chen Jingzong acting like this, she lazily lay on her side on the couch and called to Chen Jingzong: “My shoulder is sore, you help me massage it.”

After saying that, she closed her eyes comfortably.

Chen Jingzong took off his shoes and sat behind her. He squeezed her shoulders while looking at her face: “I know that this place is big. Why, do you really want to live separately from me?”

Hua Yang enjoyed his just-right strength, and her tone was a little careless: “You’re taking a job now, so it is not appropriate for you to use the same study room as me. Plus, there may be colleagues who come to visit and discuss the matters of the guard station in the future, so of course you must have your own courtyard.”

Chen Jingzong: “Okay, then I’ll use Liuyun Hall for work, but I still want to sleep with you at night.”

Hua Yang: “I heard that couples in official families don’t share the same room every night. How nice is it to sleep separately without having to endure the other’s problems? Of course, if I want you to accompany me, I will invite you over.”

Chen Jingzong sneered: “So, you are just like a prince, and I am your concubine in the back house. Whether I can sleep with you depends on your mood?”

Hua Yang smiled, opened her eyes, and looked at him with joy in her eyes: “All the prince consort in the world are like this, and you just discovered it?”

Chen Jingzong looked at her for a moment, then suddenly held her shoulders and turned her upright: “There are always one or two that are different.”

He pressed down domineeringly. Hua Yang’s wrists were grabbed and her lips were blocked by him. Her words of rebuke turned into ambiguous sobs before it reached her lips.

Ningyuan was built by the first generation of Prince Xiang, and it used glazed windows. Later, every time it changed owners, it was also renovated.

The wind was blocked, only the warm sunshine came in, and the earth dragon was burning underneath.

When Chen Jingzong finally let go of Hua Yang’s lips, as his head lifted up, Hua Yang’s blushing face was revealed. Her hair bun became messy during the struggle, and the thick black mass were scattered on the pillow, making this scene more and more alluring.

The faint sounds of Chao Yun, Chao Yue and Wu Run’s conversation could be heard from the yard. Hua Yang was afraid that they would suddenly pass by the window and see the chaos in the room.

She grabbed Chen Jingzong’s hair: “You go and close the curtains!”

Chen Jingzong glanced at the window, held her in his arms with one hand, and pulled the satin curtain embroidered with peonies with the other hand. After a few clatters, the curtain, which was only about two feet wide, extended to the other end, blocking the sunlight and making the inner room dark.

In this darkness, Chen Jingzong became more and more unscrupulous.

Because he didn’t have that thing prepared, he had to give up halfway and only trapped Hua Yang in his arms, leaving her with no strength to show off her majesty as a princess.

“Still living in the separate rooms?” he asked in a hoarse voice.

Hua Yang lay softly on his shoulder, trying to bite him in revenge, but she couldn’t even bite him.

Even so, she refused to admit defeat, and said it like a charity: “I think tonight is the first night of our moving. I will give you face and allow you to spend the night in Qifeng Hall.”

If Chen Jingzong could win the first night, he was not afraid of not being able to win the rest.

Worried about her freezing, Chen Jingzong helped her pull up the clothes that had been lowered to her waist one by one.

Hua Yang was still annoyed by his brute strength, and because she couldn’t bite his shoulders, she bit his earlobe.

Chen Jingzong let out a sullen laugh: “I will go to the guard station the day after tomorrow. You bite hard and let the people around us and even the entire Lingzhou Prefecture know how favored I am as a prince consort.”

Hua Yang:…

She loosened her mouth and uneasily pulled Chen Jingzong’s earlobe to check, making sure that there were only four shallow teeth marks left on the front and back, and then she felt relieved.

Chen Jingzong grabbed her hand and pointed his chin toward the window: “First Zhou Ji, then Wu Run, why are the men around you so handsome?”

Hua Yang: “They were given to me by Father Emperor and Mother Empress. One for handling internal matters, and the other for external matters. They are all people who often show their faces in front of me. If not the handsome one, should I choose the ugly one to irritate my eyes?”

Chen Jingzong pursed his lips.

Hua Yang raised her eyebrows: “Why, do you feel inferior?”

Chen Jingzong lowered his eyes to look at her and said calmly: “Even you can’t make me feel inferior, how could they?”

Hua Yang:…

Indeed, with Chen Jingzong’s background, a normal person would treat her as a fairy and respect her, only Chen Jingzong dared to whisper in her ear on their wedding night that she was “so fair”!

If Yu Xiu could learn a little bit of Chen Jingzong’s self-confidence, she would have already suppressed Luo Yuyan. How could she be manipulated by a younger sister-in-law?

There were a few heavy footsteps in the yard, and it was the little eunuch who came over with hot water.

Hua Yang was surprised inside, an hour passed so quickly?

Pushing Chen Jingzong away, Hua Yang quickly went to the inner room, took off all the jewelry on her head, smoothed her messy long hair, and pretended to be getting ready for a bath.

Chen Jingzong opened the door to the side room. He returned to the couch and leaned back comfortably. Anyway, he had to wait for Hua Yang to finish washing before it was his turn.

Chao Yun and Chao Yue came in, followed by Wu Run.

Seeing Wu Run looking towards the south window, Chen Jingzong suddenly remembered and reached out to open the row of curtains to let the sunlight in.

Wu Run’s eyes swept across his loose clothes, and then lowered them again.

Hua Yang came out. Her waterfall-like hair trailed over her shoulder, and her two cheeks were rosy, looking far more charming than usual.

Seeing Wu Run, Hua Yang inevitably felt a bit awkward.

It stands to reason that all the eunuchs in the palace would serve the imperial concubines to change their clothes. Hua Yang had long used to this that she no longer regarded eunuchs as men.

But after actually touching a man’s body, and looking at Wu Run’s tall and jade figure, which looked not much different from that of several literati in the Chen family, Hua Yang could no longer got along with him as freely as she did when she was a child.

Walking to the main room, Hua Yang said to Wu Run in a warm voice: “Gonggong, I have been married for more than a year, and I am used to let Chao Yun and the others to personally serve me. From now on, gonggong will concentrate on helping me take care of Ningyuan’s affairs. Just come here every morning to discuss matters.”

Wu Run smiled and said: “Yes, Princess has grown up. Chao Yun and the others can take care of you, this servant also feels at ease.”

After speaking, he bowed and left.

Chao Yun and Chao Yue followed the princess to the inner room.

Chao Yun asked in a low voice: “Princess asked Wu gonggong to take charge of the affairs outside. Are you afraid that Prince Consort will be jealous?”

Hua Yang: “It has nothing to do with Prince Consort. It’s just that I have seen many men outside the palace. Suddenly seeing him, I subconsciously regarded him as a foreign man.”

Chao Yun understood, and Chao Yue nodded in agreement.

There were so many eunuchs in the palace, and Wu Run was the most outstanding one in terms of figure and appearance. Many palace maids secretly admired him. However, Wu Run had been serving the princess since he was eighteen years old, and he continued for thirteen years until the princess got married two years ago. During those long years, Wu Run seemed to have only the princess in his eyes. No matter what the princess bumped into, Wu Run would always be the first one to rush over.

It’s a pity that the princess has to get married after all. After having a prince consort and tasted the love between men and women, her attitude towards the eunuchs around her also changed.

Only hope Wu Run wouldn’t misunderstand. No matter what, the master and he had been getting along for more than ten years, and that trust would never change.


When it was Chen Jingzong’s turn to come out to take a bath, he walked around several rooms and then looked in the yard, but he didn’t see Wu Run.

After bathing, Chen Jingzong found Hua Yang, who was sitting by the glass window drying her hair, and asked, “Why is that jade-faced gonggong beside you missing?”

Hua Yang absentmindedly played with her hair and said without raising her eyes: “He has more important things to do. Letting him stay in the inner house is like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

Chen Jingzong was silent.

Hua Yang glanced at him and talked about the husband and wife’s matter: “You sleep in the side room tonight.”

Chen Jingzong immediately frowned: “Why?”

Hua Yang snorted: “You offended me by not covering your mouth in the carriage before entering the city. At that time I secretly swore that if I let you in tonight, I won’t be a princess.”

Chen Jingzong:…..

He had spoken without restraint many times, why hadn’t she sworn before?

It’s merely because they’ve changed place and have an additional two hundred guards. Now, she’s using it as an excuse to show her authority.

After a long while, Chen Jingzong said calmly: “Okay, I will listen to you this time. Next time you offend me, I will also swear a poisonous oath.”

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