Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 172

Chapter 172


It was only the third day of the First Month when Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong were about to set off.

Hua Yang did not show up and only asked Chen Jingzong to see them off.

When Chen Jingzong arrived at his home on horseback, he saw two carriages already prepared at the door. The attendants had also moved the luggage and were ready to set off as soon as their master come out.

The whole family was in the main hall of the main courtyard.

Except for Chen Tingjian, Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong, everyone from Sun shi to her two daughters-in-law to grandchildren all shed tears.

The two brothers were sent out to promote the new policy. In order to ensure the thorough implementation of the new policy, they must stay in their respective positions for at least three years.

It was thousands of miles away, let alone three years, even half a year, how could family not miss each other?

After Chen Jingzong came in, he looked at everyone one by one, said nothing, and just stood on the side.

Luo Yuyan’s eyes were filled with tears: “Father, Mother, please let me go with Third Master. At least if I go, he won’t be alone outside without anyone to take care of him.”

Yu Xiu looked at her husband with red eyes and while crying silently.

Chen Xiaozong coaxed his wife with a headache: “If you also go, who will take care of the children and who will take care of our parents for us? Don’t be unreasonable.”

If he were to go out for sightseeing, it would be fine to bring his wife along, but this trip was dangerous. He would feel more at ease if his wife stayed at home.

Sun shi sighed, “Don’t change what has already been agreed upon.”

Sometimes, elders have no choice but to be cruel.

After the most difficult and dangerous year, if the situation improved after autumn, she would arrange for her two daughters-in-law to reunite with their husband while she would stay at home to take care of the children.

Chen Tingjian waved his hand and said to his sons, “It’s getting late, hurry up and leave. Write a letter whenever there is something.”

Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong knelt down together and kowtowed to the two elders.

The sobbing from the women and children became even heavier.

Chen Tingjian looked at the Old Four standing on the side and said, “You go and see them off.”

Chen Jingzong complied and walked out with his two brothers.

Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan wanted to take their children with them to follow.

Chen Tingjian: “Everyone go back to your own courtyard. No need to see them off.”

What’s the point of seeing it for another quarter of an hour? It would only add to the sadness.

He was the head of the family, and no one dared to disobey his words. The two family members left with sobs.

Outside the gate of the Chen Mansion, the three brothers would first got on Chen Bozong’s carriage.

Chen Jingzong walked at the back and looked at his two brothers who were already sitting in the carriage. He said considerately, “How about I ride the horse first? I’ll get on after you’ve cried enough.”

Chen Xiaozong pretended to take off his shoes.

Chen Jingzong smiled and got on the carriage.

After he sat down, the carriage slowly set off.

Chen Bozong looked at the Old Four and said, “We are not in the capital, and Father always goes out early and comes back late every day. You should come back more often to see Mother on your days off.”

Normally, the Chen Mansion and Grand Princess Mansion were relatively distant, and it was not easy for their fourth brother to visit them frequently. This year, when they were not here, it was reasonable and filial for the fourth brother to come back and visit more often.

Chen Jingzong: “Don’t worry, I will not only be filial to the old lady, but also coax the children for you. You just need to do your job and don’t worry about the family.”

Chen Xiaozong: “Finally I heard you say something obedient.”

Chen Jingzong did not comment, his eyes swept across the faces of his two brothers, snorted, then reluctantly said: “Grand Princess also wanted to come and see you off, but her status is there, and this is a treatment that only the old man can get when he leaves the capital, so you two should save yourself the trouble.”

She respected the old man and was always courteous to her two brothers-in-law. In the morning, she specifically asked him to help convey her farewell message.

Of course, Chen Jingzong would never say those flowery words verbatim.

Chen Bozong: “I understand. Please also convey our gratitude to Grand Princess.”

Chen Jingzong: “Don’t tell me, you can tell her yourself when you return to the capital.”

Chen Xiaozong: “You are so petty. Fortunately, we were already married when Grand Princess chose a prince consort. Otherwise, you would have plotted against us and we would not have a chance.”

Chen Jingzong: “Even if you have a chance, she will only look down on you.”

Chen Bozong: “Be careful with your words!”

After a moment of silence, Chen Bozong told his third brother: “There are many beauties in Jiangnan. Don’t let Father down, and don’t do anything to let Third Sister-in-law down.”

Chen Xiaozong raised his voice and said, “Why are you telling me this? Are you afraid that you can’t control yourself, so you warned me on purpose?”

Chen Jingzong: “Eldest Brother has never worried about me, you should reflect on this carefully.”

Chen Xiaozong wanted to take off his shoes a while ago, and this time he didn’t want to put up with him anymore. He took off one shoe and hit his fourth brother’s thigh.

Chen Jingzong just moved his fingers and endured it.

With a “pop” sound, Chen Xiaozong was stunned: “Why don’t you hide?”

Chen Jingzong looked at the shoe prints on the pants and said, “So that I can take it back and show it to Grand Princess.”

Chen Xiaozong: …

He rushed over to brush off the shoe prints on his brother’s body, but this time Chen Jingzong pushed him back into his seat.

The different of physical strength between civil and military officials was truly demonstrated at this moment. Chen Xiaozong was pressed on the carriage wall, unable to move, and could only use his eyes to ask for help from his eldest brother.

Chen Bozong ordered his fourth brother to sit down and continued to talk about serious matters.

The carriage went all the way to Tongzhou Wharf.

Both brothers would take the water route and travel together for a while.

Chen Bozong asked his third brother to get off the carriage first.

When the curtain fell again, Chen Bozong handed his fourth brother a small note.

Chen Jingzong unfolded it and saw an address written on it, a village that he had to pass through on his way to Daxing Left Guard.

Chen Bozong whispered, “My people have been investigating Qi Jin. Father is too busy, and I am not in the capital during this time. You will take over this matter and meet them once every fifth day of the month in the morning. You can discuss the specific progress when you meet.”

Chen Jingzong nodded.

Chen Bozong: “Don’t blame Father for not using you this time. You are not only the son of the Chen family, but also Prince Consort of the Grand Princess. If you get involved in the reform, it means that Grand Princess is also involved. Grand Princess treats our family very well, and we can’t drag her down.”

Chen Jingzong still nodded.

Chen Bozong patted his brother’s shoulder and said, “Civil and military officials have different duties. If there is a war in the future, it will be our turn to escort you out of the capital.”

Chen Jingzong: “Why are you talking so much? I’m not jealous of you.”

Chen Bozong laughed: “Go back.”

Chen Jingzong didn’t listen to him and ran to check the official ship inside and outside, even questioning the boatman. Then he returned to the dock and watched the two official ships gradually drift away with the waves. Until the two thin figures standing at the stern also entered the cabin, Chen Jingzong pursed his lips and jumped on the horse.

After returning to Grand Princess Mansion, Chen Jingzong first went to Liuyun Hall and burned the small note.

He changed his robe and went to see Hua Yang again.

Hua Yang looked into his eyes.

Chen Jingzong: “You think I’m like you, always dropping golden beans.”

Hua Yang: “Then why did you take so long?”

Chen Jingzong: “They left early, so I went outside to run the horse for a while.”

Hua Yang: “You really do love riding horses. You can’t get enough of it even if you run every day.”

Chen Jingzong: “I really enjoy riding horse today. I usually ride for other reasons.”

Hua Yang: …

If he showed a little sadness, she could still comfort him with a few words. But as it turned out, Chen Jingzong didn’t have a melancholic bone in his body and was only thinking about some indecent things.


Although the two brothers of the Chen family set out early, the court had not yet formally required the implementation of the new policy.

Most of the people were unaware of the situation and continued to live their lives as usual. When the weather was cold, they stayed at home. When the early spring wind gradually warmed up, young boys and girls would go out for an outing together.

On the morning of the 18th of Third Month, Hua Yang went to the palace early with Chen Jingzong, and then accompanied her brother out of the city to welcome the twenty-one vassal princes.

Some of these twenty-one vassal princes were close to the capital, such as Prince Lu from Shandong and Prince Dai from Shanxi. Some were far away from the capital, such as Prince Shu from Sichuan and Prince Qin from Xi’an. The vassal princes who arrived first all stayed at the Fangshan Posthouse, where they were provided with good food and drink, and when they were all present, they went to the capital together.

Among these twenty-one vassal princes, some belonged to the generation of Hua Yang and her brother’s grandfather, some were uncles, some were of the same generation, and some, despite being quite old, should call the siblings uncle or aunt. In short, it was a chaotic mix of relations.

Empress Dowager Qi had already written these relationships in a booklet. Hua Yang took a copy and Chen Jingzong also took a copy. In the evening, the couple recited it face to face, and checked each other from time to time after reciting. Now they have memorized it by heart.

When Chen Jingzong was most annoyed by memorizing, he joked, “In common families, women marry into their husband’s family and have to remember a bunch of in-laws. I thought that by becoming your prince consort, I’d have fewer relatives to deal with, but I didn’t expect that all of them would show up this year, and they are a bunch of big princes who cannot be offended. If it were a weak-kneed person, I’m afraid he wouldn’t even dare to see them.”

Hua Yang: “Cannot be offended? Who went to Prince Xiang Mansion and dared to beat up their Shizi?”

Chen Jingzong: “I am just taking advantage of your power.”

Hua Yang: “Now you can continue to take advantage of it.”

What she meant was that no matter how powerful a vassal prince was, he would be inferior to the grand princess.

Standing outside the city gate at this time, seeing the twenty-one carriages of the vassal princes rushing over in a mighty manner, Chen Jingzong once again looked at Hua Yang’s siblings who were standing side by side in front of the city gate.

The sixteen-year-old Emperor Yuanyou was dressed in a scarlet dragon robe, tall and slender, already taller than most civil officials. He became the crown prince soon after he was born, and was nurtured by the nobility of the palace since childhood. Although Emperor Yuanyou’s face still had a bit of childishness, the majesty between his eyebrows and eyes was no less than that of the late emperor. In this respect, the brother and sister were exactly the same.

Hua Yang was also dressed up today, wearing a red dress and a golden hairpin, looking very graceful.

The civil and military officials headed by the old man stood behind the brother and sister, talking in low voices, calmly, as if it was not a big deal for so many vassal princes to come to the capital.

Emperor Yuanyou and the grand princess were naturally noble, and this group of capital officials, especially the cabinet, give them the confidence to not be afraid of the vassal princes.

The convoy finally stopped a hundred steps away. The vassal princes quickly got off the carriages and trotted to Emperor Yuanyou. Regardless of their seniority, they all knelt down respectfully.

The palace servants serving at the Fangshan Posthouse had already reported the physical characteristics of the vassal princes, such as height, weight, and body shape, to the palace. Emperor Yuanyou was able to match them up with most of them at a glance.

Although they were all vassal princes, their status was actually different. For example, the vassal princes who guarded the nine border that were canonized by the ancestors were more respected.

Of course, of the nine vassal princes who guarded the border, one became Emperor Chengzu, and another, Prince Jin, was deposed by him last year. Now there were only seven left, kneeling neatly in the first row. The elderly man with white hair and beard kneeling in the middle was Prince Qin from Xi’an Prefecture, who belongs to the generation of the siblings’ grandfather.

“Princes, please dispense the curtseying.”

Emperor Yuanyou said with a smile and personally helped Prince Qin up. He asked with concern, “Prince Qin is already 82 years old. You have been traveling all the way. Are you in good health?”

Prince Qin bowed his waist, looked up at the young emperor in front of him, and tears filled his eyes: “Wonderful, truly wonderful! To be able to see Your Majesty in this life, all the ailments of this minister seem to have vanished!”

Emperor Yuanyou: …

How come tears come so easily?

Compared with these old foxes, he was still far behind!

The author has something to say:

Chen Jingzong: There are more and more old men in the capital.

Hua Yang: Don’t worry, your family’s old man is always the best.

Chen Jingzong: ….

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  1. Is there more trouble brewing now that these vassal princes are here? To be honest, after Prince Yu’s exile, I didn’t think there were any more contenders for the throne but I just had a thought that these 21 princes (why are there so many??) would also have sons, nephews, grandsons, etc. or even they themselves who might have designs of grandeur.

    I’m impressed with Bozong and Xiaozong’s fastidiousness (although they were kind of ordered by their father to go), understanding the importance of their task and the dangers that come with it, they chose to leave their wives and children behind in safety. I hope in this life, it all goes well.

  2. Oh these guys are different from Prince Yu.

    Like for one vassal kings don’t necessarily have to be part of the imperial family. For example a founding emperor might reward the generals who helped him establish the dynasty by making them vassal kings. Or the leader of a conquered country might be made vassal king in exchange for their cooperation. So there’s probably a few people here who aren’t even related to the Emperor.

    And for two a lot of these dudes probably inherited their position. So they’re at least a few degrees removed from the throne.

    That being said it’s completely possible that one or more of these dudes is secretly powerful enough to consider rebelling.

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