Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 164 Part 1

Chapter 164 Part 1


It was unknown when Chen Jingzong would wake up. Emperor Yuanyou had other things to do today, so Hua Yang told her brother to go first: “Take Cabinet Elder Chen and General Qin with you. It will be useless for them to stay, and I’m too lazy to see them right now.”

Emperor Yuanyou understood: “Then we will leave first. Sister, if Prince Consort wakes up, please send someone to inform me immediately.”

Hua Yang nodded, but then stopped her brother who had already walked two steps away and asked with concern: “It didn’t scare you, is it? This is the first time you have seen such a scene.”

Emperor Yuanyou’s face was flushed: “I’m not a child anymore.”

Hua Yang’s eyes were still watery as she said softly, “Even if you are a whole head taller than your sister, you will always be my younger brother.”

Emperor Yuanyou was annoyed that his sister looked down on him, but at the same time felt warmed by her tenderness. After feeling awkward for a while, he quickly left.

As he appeared, there was a commotion in the yard. It was all the accompanying officials who were concerned about prince consort’s injuries, but the commotion disappeared soon after.

Hua Yang walked around the screen and watched the imperial doctor apply medicine to Chen Jingzong.

The bleeding had stopped and a layer of medicine powder was sprinkled on the wound. The imperial doctor carefully bandaged the wound and wrapped the gauze around the prince consort’s shoulders and neck.

After finishing his work, the imperial doctor turned around and bowed to grand princess, saying, “Grand Princess doesn’t have to worry. Prince Consort is young and strong. He will recover after a month of rest.”

Hua Yang: “Thank you for your help. Go and have a rest first. I’ll call you if there’s anything else.”

The imperial doctor took his leave and gave some instructions on how to take care of prince consort to Chao Yun, Chao Yue, Fu Gui and the others who were guarding outside.

After hearing that the imperial physician had left, Hua Yang sat down in front of the bed.

Although the gauze covered Chen Jingzong’s wound, the blood still showed through the gauze.

Such a long spear blade, if it was not careful, might pierce through Chen Jingzong’s shoulder, or if Chen Jingzong did not aim carefully when he moved forward, the spear blade could pierce his vital points!

Chen Jingzong quietly opened his eyes and happened to see a pair of teardrops falling from her eyes. Seeing him notice, she quickly turned away.

Chen Jingzong’s injury was on his right shoulder, making it difficult to lift his arm without aggravating the wound. He slid his arm along the bed towards her and gently tapped her leg with his finger, whispering, “You know it’s just an act, so why shed these golden beads?”

Hua Yang said nothing.

Chen Jingzong said to himself: “I heard it. You told the old man that I am your person and I am closer to you than him.”

With him interrupting, the sourness in Hua Yang’s heart gradually subsided. She looked at him but didn’t know what to say.

Chen Jingzong held her hand and said, “Alright, alright. Let’s not talk about anything else. Just for that scolding you gave the old man, my bitter trick is worth it.”

Hua Yang glared at him: “Shut up.”

Chen Jingzong insisted: “Are you pretending, or are you really angry?”

Hua Yang was silent.

Putting on an act was needed, and she understood that her father-in-law was just that kind of person. It wasn’t just him; any elder in that situation would have consoled Qin Yuantang in the same way. However, Hua Yang knew that Chen Jingzong didn’t have to get hurt. He took the risk to cooperate with her plan and for the sake of her father-in-law and the entire Chen family.

Though one could not blame those who were unaware, but after hearing what her father-in-law said, Hua Yang still felt a surge of anger. When she rebuked her father-in-law, even she couldn’t tell how much of it was genuine and how much was just act.

Chen Jingzong coaxed her in return: “I’m used to it. Not only to me, he treats Eldest Crother and Third Brother the same way. You just didn’t see it.”

Hua Yang held his hand and said, “Don’t move. Be careful not to tear the wound.”

Chen Jingzong: “General’s spear hurt me so much that I almost lost my life.”

Hua Yang subconsciously went to look at his injuries.

Chen Jingzong: “Hurry up and give me some immortal qi, then I won’t feel any pain.”

Hua Yang: …

Chen Jingzong pointed to his lips with his left hand.

His eyes were bright and teasing, and it was clear that he was trying to take advantage of her soft heart. But his injuries were real, and he had lost so much blood that his face turned pale.

Hua Yang covered his eyes with her hands. Her eyelashes fluttered for a while, and honestly really got close.

Hua Yang then leaned over and gently kissed his lips.

Just as Chen Jingzong was about to open his mouth, Hua Yang stepped back and glared at him, saying, “Just recuperate and stop worrying about other things.”

Chen Jingzong sighed: “People are used when needed and discarded when not, huh? You weren’t like this that night in the camp.”

Hua Yang glared at him.


Chen Jingzong pretended to be asleep for an hour and then woke up. When the news spread, and Emperor Yuanyou and the others came to visit him again.

Hua Yang still looked angry at Qin Yuantang.

Chen Jingzong was open-minded. He took all the blame on himself and chatted and laughed with Qin Yuantang. He also said that he would ask Qin Yuantang for guidance on spear skills again after he recovered.

Qin Yuantang thought that even if he was fired as the general, he would never compete with Chen Jingzong again!

The person had woken up and seemed to be in good spirits, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

As the atmosphere eased, Chen Jingzong turned his gaze and stared at his old man for a few seconds, then suddenly said to Hua Yang: “Please arrange for someone to carry me back to your place. I feel uncomfortable living here.”

Chen Tingjian lowered his eyes, not knowing what he was thinking.

Hua Yang cooperated and asked people to prepare the wooden planks.

Emperor Yuanyou looked at the father and son who quarrelled whenever they met, and thought that it was more important for prince consort to recuperate, and staying away from Chen Tingjian would also help his physical and mental recovery.

In this way, four young eunuchs worked together to move prince consort to the wooden plank, and then in front of Cabinet Elder Chen, they carried prince consort, who was unwilling to stay with his father to recuperate, back to the courtyard where grand princess was staying.

At noon, all the officials had a banquet with Emperor Yuanyou, and they returned home after the banquet.

In the general’s mansion, as soon as Qin Yuantang entered the main hall, he sat down on the armchair without caring about his manners, with his head against the back of the chair, looking depressed.

Qin Ji signaled the servants to leave, and then comforted his father: “Father, don’t worry. I don’t think Cabinet Elder Chen and Prince Consort have any intention of blaming you.”

Qin Yuantang glanced at his son and sneered, “Everyone is watching, how can they be unreasonable? But what they are thinking in their hearts, only they themselves know.”

Only fools will take outer appearance seriously.

Qin Lu: “It’s just a minor injury, how dare they care about it? None of the soldiers in the last battlefield will take it to heart.”

Qin Yuantang: “They are the Chief Minister and Prince Consort. Don’t treat them as ordinary soldiers.”

He frowned, imagining in his head that soon after Cabinet Elder Chen returned to the capital, he would find an excuse to deal with him, or at least demote him to make himself feel better.

The general thought he had seen through the officialdom, so how could he be convinced by just a few words from his two young sons?

He was in no mood to rest, and in the afternoon, Qin Yuantang had to pretend nothing had happened and go back to accompany the emperor.

Finally, at dusk, Emperor Yuanyou was going to rest. Qin Yuantang followed a group of officials out, then stopped Chen Tingjian and said sincerely: “I want to visit Prince Consort. May I ask Cabinet Elder to lead the way?”

Prince Consort was injured by him, and this was the first day, so it was reasonable for him to take this trip.

All the officials looked at the chief minister.

Chen Tingjian said half in a self-deprecating tone: “Prince Consort and I have always been at odds. If I go with you, he will only vent his anger on you. General, you should go by yourself.”

After saying this, Chen Tingjian strode away.

The officials: …

It seems to make sense!

The officials, who had just watched the lively scene, quickly dispersed.

Qin Ji: “Father, I’ll go with you.”

Prince Consort was already jealous of his eldest son for winning grand princess’ favor, so Qin Yuantang didn’t dare to bring him along. His younger son was also handsome and it would be easy for him to get into trouble if he brought him along.

Finally, Qin Yuantang waved his hand and told his sons to wait outside the inn first. He asked a palace servant to lead the way and with a pious look came to the courtyard where grand princess was temporarily staying.

The courtyard was divided into front and back courtyards. Chen Jingzong guessed that some officials would come to visit, so he lived in the front courtyard.

Hua Yang was sitting by the bed talking to Chen Jingzong when she heard Chao Yun report that General Qin wanted to visit prince consort. The couple then exchanged a tacit look.

“Let the General come in.”

Chao Yun went out to pass on the message.

Chen Jingzong looked at the grand princess who had moved to the foot of the bed and sat upright, and asked, “I’ll just lie down, or do I say something too?”

Hua Yang: “You can handle the greetings, but I will handle the business.”

Soon, footsteps were heard outside. The sturdy General Qin followed behind Chao Yun. Against the backdrop of Chao Yun’s petite figure, he looked like a door god. However, this door god had a reserved look as if he had done something wrong, which reduced his majesty a lot.

In fact, Qin Yuantang was not afraid of Chen Jingzong. What he was afraid of was the grand princess who looked difficult to mess with!

It was said that the deposed Prince Xiang had his eyes blinded by shit and molested the grand princess, who then whipped him mercilessly. The whipping was not enough to appease her anger, so grand princess actually took the initiative on behalf of the people of Lingzhou and wrote a letter to the late emperor to sue Prince Xiang, which directly led to his deposition. Grand princess also received Dawang Whip from the late emperor!

That was Dawang Whip. It even allowed to beat a prince, so beating a general was even less of a problem!

After entering the inner room, Qin Yuantang could see the grand princess sitting beside the bed at a glance. She was really beautiful, and her majesty that brooked no disobedience was really intimidating!

Without even seeing what kind face the princess had, Qin Yuantang immediately lowered his eyes and bowed respectfully: “This general greet Grand Princess.”

Hua Yang: “Withdraw.”

Qin Yuantang: …

He had just arrived and grand princess wanted to send him away. She really didn’t want to see him?

Fortunately, Chao Yun’s gentle voice came from behind: “Yes.”

Qin Yuantang’s heart that was thrown high by grand princess’ single word quickly fell down.

“General, you may dispense the curtseying.”

Qin Yuantang breathed a sigh of relief, stood up, and looked at Prince Consort lying on the bed with a relatively pleasant expression, “How is Prince Consort’s injury?”

Chen Jingzong smiled and said, “This is just a flesh wound. General should know better than me. Just need to recuperate for a while. It’s no big deal. You don’t have to come to visit me specially. If it gets out, it’ll look like I’m too delicate.”

Qin Yuantang thought to himself, you are delicate. The emperor is the most delicate, the Grand Princess comes second, and you, the son of the Chief Minister, ranked third!

Although he was grumbling in his heart, the general still looked sincere: “It’s all this general’s fault. I’m the senior, and when Prince Consort humbly asked me for guidance, I forgot my sense of propriety because I met a worthy opponent. I just wanted to make Prince Consort admit defeat. If I had been more careful, Prince Consort wouldn’t have to suffer this.”

Chen Jingzong: …

Your ability to flatter is as perfect as your spear skills!

Hua Yang couldn’t listen any longer and said to Qin Yuantang, “When General was fighting against the Japanese pirates on the southeast coast, Prince Consort was just an ignorant boy running around the mountains. How could he be a match for you? General is very humble, which is a virtue, but you shouldn’t speak without thinking and lose your sincerity.”

Chen Jingzong: “Wait, I went to the mountains to hunt. I am practicing archery with hunting. How did it become running around in the mountains? How can you say I’m an ignorant boy?”

Hua Yang glared at him: “Shut up.”

Chen Jingzong shut his mouth, but he still looked unconvinced.

Qin Yuantang was stunned. What did that mean? Was Grand Princess praising him just now?

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