Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 140

Chapter 140


For officials, holidays like the tenth of each month were rare days when they could sleep in. Even if they had to go out somewhere, unless it was urgent, they would get enough sleep before getting up.

This was the case for Earl Pingjiang, who lived next to Hua Yang’s Grand Princess Mansion.

Earl Pingjiang was nearly fifty years old. His title and mansion were inherited from his ancestors. By his generation, they were already in decline, and his title would be gone after his death. Earl Pingjiang was not very talented, but he was diligent enough. He had strong determination and studied hard since he was a child. He passed the three imperial examination and won the title Jinshi. He then worked conscientiously at his errand, and finally rose to the position of a fourth-rank official in the capital at this age.

It was a crisp autumn day, and Earl Pingjiang was going to take his two sons to the countryside to go horse racing and stretch their muscles.

He slept until the sun was three pole high, and after eating and tidying up, he was ready to go out.

As soon as the father and son stepped out of the house, they caught a glimpse of a carriage coming their way in the alley. The three people all turned their heads. The first thing they saw was Prince Consort Chen Jingzong, who was following the Grand Princess’s carriage on horseback.

Chen Jingzong and they have long been familiar with each other. No matter how handsome he was, what made the three people first amazed and then envious was the majestic black horse that Chen Jingzong was riding.

“My lord, are you going out?”

As the distance got closer, Chen Jingzong greeted from high above the horse, his smile showed a mouthful of white teeth.

The muscles in the corners of Earl Pingjiang’s eyes twitched. This brat, that old fox Chen Tingjian had never been so arrogant in the thirty years he became an official. Why did he give birth to a son like this?

“Yes, where are Prince Consort and Grand Princess going?”

He was extremely jealous inside, but Earl Pingjiang still showed a respectful smile on his face.

Chen Jingzong glanced at the curtains of the carriage and said slowly, “Go back to the Chen Mansion to visit.”

Earl Pingjiang nodded with a smile, and his smile remained until the grand princess’s carriage drove away.

Only then his eldest son dared to speak: “Father, when did Prince Consort get such a good horse? I used to see him always riding an ordinary black horse.”

Earl Pingjiang said sourly: “Yesterday, the Tatars presented tribute horses, and His Majesty rewarded the Grand Princess with one.”

His second son: “Then Grand Princess turned around and gave it Prince Consort? After all, it was a gift from His Majesty. Grand Princess is not afraid His Majesty will care?”

Earl Pingjiang: “What do you know? At that time, Grand Princess said that she had no need for such a good horse. His Majesty suggested that she could give it away, so Grand Princess basically choose one for Prince Consort.”

The two sons looked at each other, they were both very envious of Chen Jingzong for having a good father. If their father had the ability of Cabinet Elder Chen, maybe the man who was favored by the grand princess now was one of them!


From the grand princess mansion to the Chen mansion, all they passing were the residences of high official and noble people. When bumping into the head of the families, Chen Jingzong would basically exchange a few words.

Although Hua Yang was sitting in the carriage, she could still imagine how proud he was.

Not to mention anything else, in his day off, Chen Jingzong always sit in the carriage with her wherever they went. Why did he insist on riding a horse today if not to show off?

But Hua Yang couldn’t tell whether it was the horse he was showing off or her “favor” for him.

Not long after, they arrived at Chen Mansion.

After Chen Tingjian was promoted to the position of Chief Minister, he set a rule for the gatekeeper to only receive officials who had urgent matters to discuss with him or common people who had grievances to report. Otherwise, the womenfolk could come to visit Sun shi or the daughters-in-law, but all the male guests would not be seen.

Therefore, those courtiers who wanted to have a relationship with the Chief Minister had the good sense not to disturb him, and the front gate of the Chen Mansion was quiet.

Yesterday evening, Chen Jingzong asked Fu Gui to make a trip to inform his family that they would be back today, so everyone in the Chen family gathered together early in the morning, waiting to welcome the grand princess.

When the gatekeeper sent someone to report that the grand princess’s carriage had turned into the alley, Chen Tingjian and Sun shi led their sons, daughters-in-law, grandsons and granddaughters out together.

When they came out, the first thing they saw was Chen Jingzong riding a horse.

Chen Tingjian, Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong who saw the grand princess choosing a horse with their own eyes: …

On Sun shi mother-in-law and her daughters-in-law’s side, the most discerning person was actually Luo Yuyan. When she saw Chen Jingzong’s horse, she quickly whispered in her mother-in-law’s ear: “Mother, this Fourth Brother’s horse is unusual. You can’t buy it without at least paying one thousand taels of silver!”

Just when Sun shi felt that her son was extra handsome and heroic today, her legs shook and she almost lost her balance!

One thousand taels, she had followed her husband until today and had seen ten thousand taels of silver, but who in the family had ever used one thousand taels of silver all at once? Was it her son who spend money indiscriminately with his prince consort’s salary, or was it the grand princess who spend money on her son?

Sun shi secretly looked at her husband.

Chen Tingjian pursed his lips.

Chen Bozong forced a smile on his face and explained to his mother: “Mother, yesterday the Tatars presented horses as tributes, and His Majesty wanted to reward Grand Princess. Grand Princess said she didn’t need it herself, so she specially chose this divine horse for Fourth Brother.”

Only then Sun shi calmed down, as long as neither her son nor the grand princess spent any money!

The carriage moved slowly, and Chen Jingzong also rode slowly and leisurely. When he arrived in front of the Chen Mansion, he calmly dismounted and greeted his mother like normal.

Chen Tingjian looked at his son coldly.

Chen Jingzong then went to help Hua Yang get off the carriage.

Chen Tingjian quickly changed into an elegant, peaceful and respectful appearance.

He couldn’t say anything, but when Sun shi saw her daughter-in-law, she flatteringly said: “Such a divine horse, it would be great for Grand Princess to use it yourself. It’s such a waste to be used by the Old Four, where is he worthy.”

Chen Jingzong only looked at Hua Yang.

Hua Yang smiled at her mother-in-law and said: “A treasure horse is worthy of a hero. Prince Consort is a military commander with great military achievements, it’s just right to ride this horse. Mom doesn’t be too modest for him.”

Sun shi said half-seriously and half-jokingly: “When I returned to Lingzhou, some neighbors said they saw green smoke coming out of the ancestral graves of the old Chen family. I bet the green smoke was the blessing that the ancestors saved for the Old Four. Look at how much luck he’s garnered after following you?”

Hua Yang looked at her father-in-law with a smile.

Chen Tingjian said helplessly: “Grand Princess rewarded him, it’s his good luck. It’s just that the Old Four doesn’t know the word modesty. Grand Princess should not pamper him too much.”

Hua Yang: “You and Mother both said this, but you don’t know that Mother Empress often told me to be nice to Prince Consort. You are all my elders, but now I am confused and don’t know who to listen to.”

Chen Tingjian, Sun shi:…

Wan Yi leaned over with a smile, took her fourth aunt’s arm and said, “Niangniang is the greatest, of course you have to listen to her.”

Hua Yang touched the little girl’s head and took the lead to walk inside.

However, the men and women soon separated. Dalang, Erlang, and Sanlang pestered their fourth uncle to take them to ride his horse. Chen Tingjian, Chen Bozong, and Chen Xiaozong also came to the horse field.

The horse field in the Chen Mansion was smaller than the one in the Grand Princess Mansion, just a small space.

Chen Jingzong gave each of his nephews a ride.

Chen Tingjian coughed, and Dalang obediently led his two younger brothers away.

As soon as the children left, Chen Tingjian’s face immediately darkened, he stared at his fourth son and said, “You really know how to show off!”

Chen Jingzong: “His Majesty said in front of everyone that he reward this horse to me. Since I have received His Majesty’s favor, I should let His Majesty know that I like this reward very much. If I hide it, His Majesty will wonder whether I looked down at this horse. By the way, I learned this from you. In the past, when the late emperor gave you a cloak, you always put it on as soon as winter came.”

Chen Tingjian:……

Chen Bozong advised: “Father, what Fourth Brother said makes sense, so don’t argue with him.”

Mainly there was no use in arguing about it. You could only get angry at the Old Four every time, but the Old Four was thick-skinned.

Chen Tingjian snorted and stormed off.

Seeing his father’s figure disappear, Chen Xiaozong walked straight towards the imperial gift horse, with uncontrollable admiration and affection in his eyes.

Just when he was about to reach out and touch it, Chen Jingzong walked over quickly and grabbed his wrist in time.

Chen Xiaozong was in disbelief: “Old Four, don’t be too much!”

Chen Jingzong: “Grand Princess gave it to me, and you, being my elder brother, are not embarrassed to touch it?

Chen Xiaozong: “It’s just a horse, why should I embarrass?”

Chen Jingzong: “Grand Princess gave it the name Snow Tower. Snow Tower means peony. This horse is equivalent to the peony flower she gave me. The children are still young, so it’s okay if they like it. But you, a man nearing thirty, have the nerve?”

Chen Xiaozong:……

The older Chen Bozong:…

Chen Jingzong ignored them and ordered Fu Gui to take Snow Tower to the stable.

Fu Gui, who knew the meaning of Snow Tower, did not dare to touch the horse. He only carefully held the reins and led the horse with respectful gesture like when Eunuch Wu supporting the grand princess.

Chen Xiaozong finally let out a sneer: “Usually at days off, you take Grand Princess to run here and there. Last night, I still wondering why you suddenly want to go home to visit family. It turned out that you were just here to show off.”

Chen Jingzong: “I know that you all care how well I’m living in the Grand Princess Mansion. Only by letting you see with your own eyes how well I’m doing can you rest assured.”

Chen Xiaozong: “Your skin is really getting thicker and thicker. It seems that you don’t need me to give you face cream this year. Your thick skin is enough to withstand the wind and frost of autumn and winter.”

Chen Jingzong: “If you dare not send it, I will tell Third Sister-in-law that there is a girl in our hometown who has been thinking about you.”

Chen Bozong frowned: “Which girl?”

Chen Xiaozong was anxious: “Eldest Brother, do you really believe him? He’s simply threatening me. He knows that his third sister-in-law get jealous easily.”

Chen Bozong scolded both his brothers: “This kind of thing is unacceptable, and joking about it is out of the question.”

Chen Jingzong: “Eldest Brother, don’t worry. I’m not Third Brother, smiling at everyone and tolerant to everyone.”

Chen Xiaozong:……


The next morning, Chen Jingzong rode this magnificent horse, Snow Tower, to Daxing Left Guard at lightning speed. The poor Fu Gui was thrown far away by him and could not see his shadow.

When the soldiers guarding the guard station saw the Prince Consort’s divine horse, their eyes lit up. Knowing that Prince Consort was approachable, one of them said enviously, “Sir bought a new mount?”

Chen Jingzong smiled and touched the horse’s neck, and said casually: “His Majesty rewarded it to Grand Princess, and Grand Princess gave it to me.”

Soldiers guarding the guard station:…

After Chen Jingzong entered the guard station, not long after, more than 5,000 new recruits and old veterans in the entire guard station rushed to the stable, eager to see the majestic horse.

Fu Gui stood outside the fence and shouted loudly: “Look, you can, but don’t touch it. Prince Consort said anyone who dares to touch even a single horse hair will personally receive a beating from him with a military stick! ”

The soldiers burst into laughter.

They laughed, knowing that their commander valued the grand princess the most, including the divine horse given by the grand princess, so they all abided by this rule.

In the blink of an eye, it was the thirteen of Eight Month, and there was another court meeting in the palace.

It was still dark when Chen Jingzong rode Snow Tower to the imperial city. He turned around an alley and bumped into another horse, with Qi Jin sitting on the horse’s back.

Chen Jingzong turned a blind eye and kept moving forward at the same speed.

Qi Jin was two horses behind him, and what he saw was Chen Jingzong’s straight back, and the round and strong rump of the divine horse, swaying regularly from left to right.

Obviously every horse ran like this, but for some reason, the horse Chen Jingzong was riding seems to show contempt and ridicule at him.

Qi Jin secretly clenched his reins.

The author has something to say:

Snow Tower: Prince Consort, someone is staring at my butt!

Cousin: ….

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