Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 135

Chapter 135


The road leading from Hongfu Temple to the back mountain had been guarded by Zhou Ji and other guards from the grand princess mansion, and no one would be allowed to disrupt the grand princess and prince consort’s fun.

However, when Chen Jingzong suggested that Hua Yang remove her long grass-green peony-patterned lapel coat and the intricate light-jade-colored long skirt, and just wear a plain chest-high short jacket inside along with a thin white silk trousers, Hua Yang still refused with a stern face.

Chen Jingzong: “If you don’t take it off, you have to roll it up when you get into the water. It will wrinkle your skirt. When the monks and pilgrims in the temple see it, they will think that you and I did something disrespectful to the Buddha in the back mountain.”

Hua Yang: “I didn’t want to go into the water anyway. You go and play by yourself.”

Chen Jingzong looked at her arrogant face, thinking that his mother still said that he had a tough temper, but compared with her mouth, his bones were very soft.

She didn’t take it off, but Chen Jingzong took off three layers of his robe, revealing his strong and sturdy back. He then bent over and rolled up his trouser with his back to Hua Yang.

Even though Chen Jingzong’s face and neck were slightly tanned, his shoulders and back were as white as jade.

Chen Jingzong suddenly turned around.

Hua Yang quickly looked away.

Chen Jingzong smiled inexplicably, walked to the shore in a few steps, and stepped into the stream.

Hua Yang looked over again and found that the water in the stream only reached his ankles.

Chen Jingzong touched the fish in the stream and walked around. After seeing her sitting on a stone, stretching out one of her sleeves to block the sun, he said, “Take my robe to cover your head.”

Hua Yang unfolded the robe he had put aside and covered her head.

Chen Jingzong walked around in the water again. When he turned to Hua Yang, Hua Yang would turn her head away, as if his chest made her embarrassed.

Hua Yang didn’t look at him, so naturally she didn’t know what he was doing. She only heard Chen Jingzong suddenly shout “It’s raining”. Hua Yang was about to look up at the sky when suddenly a splash of water was thrown on her, except for the top of her head that was blocked by Chen Jingzong’s robe, Hua Yang’s coat and skirt were all wet.

Hua Yang glared angrily at the man in the stream.

Chen Jingzong, however, acted as if nothing was wrong. He walked to a stone in the middle of the stream, sat down with his back to Hua Yang, and lowered his head to fiddle with the fine sand in the water.

Hua Yang couldn’t bring herself to curse aloud, but she was burning with anger inside. She looked at the wet clothes, then looked at the quiet and silent surroundings. With a determined heart, she ruthlessly removed the gorgeous but cumbersome and obstructive outer clothes and neatly spread them out on the smooth, warm stones.

Finally, she took off her shoes and socks and rolled up the legs of her white silk pants, then walked into the stream with bare feet.

She came all the way behind Chen Jingzong, picked up a handful of water with both hands, and poured it all onto Chen Jingzong’s broad back that reflected the sun.

Because Chen Jingzong was bending over and lowered his head, some of the water droplets rolled along his back to his shoulders, falling into the stream like a small waterfall.

Chen Jingzong kept his head down and looked behind him.

The gurgling stream was like a mirror, reflecting her plain inner clothes and her frosty skin.

He finally turned around, held Hua Yang’s wet hands, and looked up.

The grand princess pursed her cherry-colored lips and stared at him angrily with her bright phoenix eyes.

Chen Jingzong just laughed: “You obviously want to play in the water, but you still put on the grand princess’ airs, afraid that people will laugh at you and damage your prestige.”

Hua Yang just pretended not to understand.

Chen Jingzong stopped laughing and said seriously: “That’s how it should be in front of outsiders. But it’s just you and me here, so why can’t you loosen up?”

Hua Yang’s eyelashes moved slightly and drooped.

From the time she could remember, people around her would only remind her to abide by etiquette and never forget that she was a noble princess.

Chen Jingzong raised her hand and kissed it: “No matter if you behave inappropriately or looking disheveled, I will never laugh at you. I just want you to be able to do what you like.”

Hua Yang looked at the top of his head.

When her father-in-law and two brothers-in-law were at home, they liked to tie their hair with jade hairpin. Chen Jingzong didn’t like jade hairpin very much. He always tied his hair with a dark color hairband, which was simple and unsophisticated, but also full of heroism.

Hua Yang looked around and said coldly: “What if someone comes over…”

Chen Jingzong: “I will catch them myself and blind their eyes.”

Hua Yang:……

How could she be so vicious? She glared at him and said, “If someone comes over, you have to take me out of here as soon as possible. It’s best not to let the other person recognize your identity.”

Chen Jingzong nodded.

Hua Yang pointed to the shore: “Go and stay on the shore. Put on your clothes and pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t look at me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Chen Jingzong’s eyes fell on her.

The short inner jacket was quite thick, but it was only chest high, exposing a large area of ​​shoulders and neck.

As for the white silk pants below, they were a thin fabric, and her long and slender legs were faintly visible underneath.

Before Chen Jingzong could see enough, Hua Yang pinched his right ear with one hand and dragged him to the shore. She then went to swim in a section of the river that could be shaded by trees.

After all, they were in the wild, and it was rare that she was willing to indulge. Chen Jingzong did not cause any more trouble. He put on his outer robe and guarded her conscientiously.

Hua Yang had lived for two lifetimes, but this was only the second time she played in the water outside.

That time in Lingzhou, because it was right behind the town, people might come over at any time, so Hua Yang only dared to show a part of her calf. Now here, the scenery was beautiful, and there were Zhou Ji and other guards in the distance and Chen Jingzong nearby to watch her, Hua Yang wanted to play to her heart content.

The sun was getting brighter and the stream was getting warmer.

Hua Yang walked to the pool under the waterfall.

The water here was deep and there were many boulders. Hua Yang walked to the middle of a few boulders, lie down on the rocks and observing around.

In Chen Jingzong’s eyes, she was like a fairy who had just descended to earth, anxious to wash away the dirt from the road, but also afraid of being glimpsed by ordinary people.

Hua Yang looked around and found that Chen Jingzong was the only one who was dishonest.

She reminded him again to pay attention to his surroundings and only then he lowered his head again.

After a while, the plain chest-length inner jacket and the white silk pants worn by the grand princess appeared on a stone.

The weeds around Chen Jingzong were all about to be wiped out by him.

Surrounded by the rocks, Hua Yang was swimming in the water for a while, and leaning on the smooth stone surface for a while. With half of her body exposed from the water, she happily looked at the nearby waterfall and the blue sky in the distance.

The sound of water was loud, and she couldn’t hear anything. Occasionally, she looked towards the shore through the cracks between the rocks, and found that Chen Jingzong was still sitting there. Although he would glance at this side faintly, he did not forget what he should do most, so Hua Yang felt at ease.

After soaking in the pool for more than half an hour, Hua Yang emerged from the water. She dried her upper body first and put on her clothes before continuing to dry her legs.

When she returned to the shore, only some of her hair that touched the water was still wet.

She stood under the shade of a tree and motioned with her eyes to Chen Jingzong to come over and help her change.

Chen Jingzong picked up her long skirt and coat that had been dried in the sun, and walked around behind the tree.

Hua Yang closed her eyes and stretched her arms.

Chen Jingzong first helped her tie her long skirt and then put on her outer coat. The material was cool and silky, covering up the grand princess’s celestial body.

Just when Hua Yang opened her eyes and wanted to check whether her appearance was decent, Chen Jingzong suddenly grabbed her waist with one hand and pulled her into his body, lifted her chin with the other hand, and kissed her eagerly.

Hua Yang smiled. Because just now he was honest enough, she was willing to give it to him.

But she underestimated how much stimulation she gave Chen Jingzong just now. Chen Jingzong’s hands gradually moved to her skirt and wanted to help her untie it.

Hua Yang slapped his hand away.

Chen Jingzong hugged her instead and breathed heavily in her ear.

He gasped for a long time, and when Hua Yang was worried that he couldn’t endure it anymore, Chen Jingzong finally let go of her.

But then Hua Yang caught a glimpse, and knew that he hadn’t completely calmed down yet.

She walked some distance away and sat on a rock looking at the water.

Chen Jingzong leaned against the tree trunk, tilted his head back, closed his eyes and meditated.

Hua Yang tilted her head and saw his figure that was straighter than the tree trunk, his fully stretched neck, and his Adam’s apple rolling from time to time.

Hua Yang silently withdrew her gaze.

Finally, Chen Jingzong came over. His expression had returned to normal, but when he looked at her, there was something suppressed in his eyes.

Hua Yang: “Go back?”

Chen Jingzong nodded, turned around, and put his back in front of her.

Hua Yang: “I’ll walk by myself. The road is already dried.”

Chen Jingzong squatted still.

Hua Yang had no choice but to lie on him.

How thick could summer clothes be? Chen Jingzong hadn’t walk for too long before Hua Yang felt that his back was like hot water bottle that had just been filled, continuously sending heat to her body.

Strangely, it wasn’t so hot when they came in the morning.

Or maybe the sun was getting too hot?

Neither of them spoke, only the skin that was close to each other gently rubbed with his footsteps.

When they were some distance away from Hongfu Temple, Chen Jingzong saw Zhou Ji’s quietly disappearing figure.

He turned around and saw Hua Yang’s blushing face.

Chen Jingzong walked to a nearby tree, put her down, and said, “Let’s take a rest for a while. Your current looks can easily cause misunderstanding.”

Hua Yang glanced at him quickly. Military attache was so powerful. Obviously his body was so hot, but his face was extremely serious.

Chen Jingzong suddenly covered her eyes: “Don’t look at me.”

Hua Yang didn’t understand: “Why?”

Chen Jingzong: “Lustful eyes. I’m afraid I can’t control it.”

Hua Yang:……

How could she look at him with lustful eyes!

Slapping Chen Jingzong’s hand away, Hua Yang circled around the tree for half a circle, ensuring that he couldn’t even see the hem of her clothes.

Chen Jingzong smiled, leaned against the tree trunk and said, “I’ll close my eyes for a bit. Let me know when your face isn’t hot anymore.”

Hua Yang touched her face and snorted: “It’s all from the sun on the road.”

Chen Jingzong: “Well, the sun is quite hot at this time. You should take an umbrella when you set off.”

Hua Yang: “I will never go out of the city in summer again.”

Chen Jingzong: “Summer is hot, but summer has also its advantage.”

His voice was a little hoarse at this time. Hua Yang vaguely guessed what he meant by “advantage” and didn’t answer any more.

Behind a patch of weeds as tall as half a man in the distance, Zhou Ji secretly hid.

He originally thought that the grand princess and prince consort would pass by soon, and he could also leave with the guards here, but after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see those two familiar figures.

Did something unexpected happen?

Zhou Ji quietly poked his head out and saw the prince consort leaning under a tree, and the grand princess’s skirt was exposed from behind the tree.

What are they doing?

Zhou Ji didn’t understand, but also didn’t dare to disturb them without permission.


Hua Yang recited Buddhist scriptures in her mind several times and finally suppressed the peculiar feelings she had on this journey.

She walked out from behind the tree and immediately met Chen Jingzong’s gaze.

Hua Yang quickly avoided him, passed him without looking, raised her chin slightly, and walked in the front.

Under the scorching sun the grand princess was walking slowly, exuding an air of cool aloofness and grace.

Chen Jingzong smiled and quickened his pace, circling around to walk ahead of her. His tall figure cast a cool shadow over her face.

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