Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 129

Chapter 129


Chen Jingzong knew that Hua Yang would stay in the palace for one night, so he also returned to Chen Mansion that night.

Now that he was back, the first thing he must do was go to Chunhe Hall to pay my respects to his mother.

When Sun shi saw her fourth son, she squinted her eyes, stretched her neck, took a closer look, and asked Chen Bozong and Chen Xiaozong who were standing nearby: “Who is this man? He looks familiar.”

Chen Jingzong:…

Chen Bozong lowered his eyes, while Chen Xiaozong smiled and said, “You don’t even recognize him, let alone us.”

Sun shi snorted: “Since I don’t know him, just send him away quickly.”

Chen Jingzong coughed: “Why are you doing this? I accompanied Grand Princess to mourn before and had to abide by the rules, so I never came back.”

Sun shi: “It’s right to abide by the rules, but can’t you even write a letter and send a message back?”

Is it easy for her? Last year, her son went out to fight for almost half a year. After returning to the capital, he sat at home for a while, and then didn’t show up for another half a year. He didn’t even ask Fu Gui to send a message. How could Sun shi not furious at this stinky son who didn’t care about her at all!

Chen Jingzong: “Grand Princess has been urging me to come back and honor you. You have such a good daughter-in-law. It doesn’t matter whether your son is filial or not, don’t you think?”

Sun shi:……

Chen Bozong finally said: “Mom, Fourth Brother didn’t do it on purpose, so don’t argue with him.”

Sun shi snorted.

It was a rare family reunion, so tonight Sun shi asked the kitchen to start the fire later, specially waiting for her husband to come back to have dinner together.

As night fell, Chen Tingjian came back and met the whole family, especially a few grandchildren. He complained to his old wife in a low voice: “It’s not New Year or a festival, so why bother with this? Just eat separately.”

Sun shi glanced at her fourth son who was standing not far away, and said with a smile: “Prince Consort is back. This is more celebratory than the New Year.”

Chen Jingzong:…

Chen Xiaozong gave him some advice: “From now on, you write a letter to Mother every day, then Mother will definitely stop worrying about you.”

Only then did Chen Tingjian realize that his wife was still angry with the Old Four. On this point, Chen Tingjian supported the Old Four. He married the grand princess, so he should put the grand princess first in everything.

“Let’s eat, I’m hungry too.”

Everyone sat down. Chen Jingzong had not drink for a long time. He sat at a table by himself and drank two cups of wine in a row, looking satisfied.

After eating and drinking, Chen Tingjian called him to the study.

“You suspect Qi Jin. Your eldest brother has been secretly watching him for half a year, but he hasn’t found any clues.”

After sitting down, Chen Tingjian talked about business first.

Chen Jingzong: “It’s normal. You are the Chief Minister of the cabinet. Just to be wary of you, he will carefully eliminate traces of everything he did.”

Qi Jin was ruthless to others, but he was also ruthless to himself. He clearly coveted Hua Yang and snubbed Tian shi just so that one day he could reveal his feeling in front of Hua Yang. This time, in order to cover up his motive of framing the prince consort and Daxing Left Guard, Qi Jin even cut off all the chance to prove his feeling for Hua Yang, and ran to sleep with two maids he always looked down before. For a pretentious gentleman like him, wasn’t it simply a humiliation?

Although after careful calculation, Qi Jin did not suffer any loss. The unlucky ones were the two maids.

Chen Tingjian: “Well, in short, leave this matter to your eldest brother. Just do your job and take good care of Grand Princess.”

When it came to being cautious in words and deeds, Chen Tingjian still trusted his eldest son more.

Chen Jingzong looked at the old man across the table who seemed to be confident about everything, and said in low voice: “For you, Qu Jin is like a flea on a dog. As long as you stand firm in the court, he can’t jump too high and won’t dare to easily harm our family. It’s different case if you lose your footing, it can give him and the other fleas the opportunity to cause serious harm.”

Chen Tingjian’s face darkened, he glared at his son and said, “Are you scolding me in a roundabout way?”

Chen Jingzong:…

He touched the bridge of his nose: “I was just making a casual analogy. Fleas often found in dogs.”

Chen Tingjian: “Get out!”

Chen Jingzong also didn’t want to stay any longer!

Just when he was about to reach the door, Chen Jingzong stopped, turned to the old man and said: “I know you want to enrich the country and strengthen the army, and now you also have this ability. But remember that you are just a Chief Minister. It’s fine to act arbitrarily in front of the other ministers, but it’s best for you to restrain your bad temper in front of His Majesty. Right now His Majesty is young and has to listen to you. One day when his wings harden, can people bear it?

“You are the emperor’s teacher and the Chief Minister that the late emperor seriously trusted. You are not afraid of His Majesty’s resentment, and neither are our three brothers. But there are still Mother and a bunch of children at home. When a wall is about to collapse, everyone gives it a shove. The Chen family is now prosperous, but one day if you fall, whether the Chen family can hold back those officials who are resentful to you won’t work just by relying on us three brothers, it also depends on which side His Majesty stands.

“You always scold me for being unruly, but I never dare to act arbitrarily in front of His Majesty, and Eldest Brother and Third Brother will not be stupid enough to offend His Majesty. The only one in our family who has the ability to make His Majesty feel wronged and resentful is you. How to treat His Majesty next, you should think carefully yourself.”

After saying that, Chen Jingzong opened the door.

Chen Tingjian: “Stop!”

Chen Jingzong stayed put.

Chen Tingjian frowned: “Is this your own meaning or the Grand Princess’s?”

Chen Jingzong sneered: “In her heart, you are the greatest sage in the world. Even Confucius himself may not be as good as you. She has no idea how you eliminated dissidents in the past six months in order to smoothly implement reforms. Even if she knew, she probably will also feel that you’ve done a good job in eliminating them, and everything is for the great cause of reform.

“I’m telling you this because you taught me before, and I can understand better than anyone else what emotions His Majesty may have after being taught harshly by you.

“I am your son, so I can only endure it. But His Majesty is not the same. You dare to treat him as your son, unless he is as soft-hearted as the Grand Princess, sooner or later he will have to settle old scores with you.

“Empress Dowager Qi wants you to teach His Majesty strictly, which is for the good of her own son. She hopes that a strict teacher will produce a good disciple. But you also have to think about your own children and grandchildren, and don’t really offend the emperor.”

Chen Tingjian said nothing, only his heavy breathing reached his son’s ears.

Chen Jingzong knew that the old man would not be happy to be lectured by his own son, but for the sake of this family, he could not hold it back forever.

The old man was a good old man, but his temper was too stinky and easily offended people.


The next day, Chen Jingzong went to the palace to pick up Hua Yang.

After sending Hua Yang to the Chen Mansion, Chen Jingzong went to the guard station.

Sun shi may looked at like her son unpleasantly, but she treated her daughter-in-law princess with respect and love. She only regretted that she didn’t have the ability to bring the late emperor back to life to make up for her daughter-in-law’s regret of losing her father.

Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan were still cautious in front of Hua Yang, fearing that if they said anything wrong, they would arouse the grand princess’ sadness again.

They were interacted like this, and not long after, Hua Yang returned to Siyi Hall, enjoying herself alone.

In the afternoon, Wan Yi and the others finished with school and happily came to Siyi Hall to find their fourth aunt.

The children were much simpler. When they saw their fourth aunt smiling like a flower, they didn’t even think about the late emperor or whoever, they just ate delicious pastries while catching up with their fourth aunt.

Hua Yang answered the children’s questions first, and when the children had said enough, she asked Dalang, Erlang, and Sanlang: “Is now Grandfather still free to check your homework?”

The three little brothers nodded together.

Hua Yang: “Is Grandfather still as strict as before?”

Her gentle and encouraging eyes fell on Dalang’s face first.

Dalang thought for a while and said truthfully: “Grandfather is very kind to us.”

Erlang: “Yes, Father envied us and said that Grandfather was not like this when he was young.”

Sanlang: “But Grandfather will still punish us when we copy words. He just no longer blows his beard and glares.”

Wan Yi interjected: “You made a mistake first, of course you will be punished. Kindness is not doting.”

Wan Qing seemed to understand: “Grandfather never punished me!”

Sanlang rolled his eyes at his sister.

Hua Yang understood it and was relieved that her father-in-law’s discipline method had not changed this year.

Chen Tingjian knew that the grand princess would return to the Chen Mansion today, so he did not stay in the cabinet for too long and came back early.

What surprised him was that the grand princess was actually talking to his wife in Chunhe Hall.

As always, he saluted Hua Yang first.

Hua Yang smiled and said, “Father please dispense the curtseying.”

Chen Tingjian was not in a hurry to change his clothes. He wore the crimson official robe of the cabinet elder and sat on the main seat that his wife had just given up.

Hua Yang looked at him and said: “Father, I was just discussing with Mother that I would live with Prince Consort in the Grand Princess Mansion in the future. In fact, Daughter-in-law also wants to be more filial to you and Mother. But Daughter-in-law feels that since the imperial court implemented reforms, some conservatives would not hesitate to fabricate charges against you in an attempt to hinder the reform. If Daughter-in-law lives here, even if I speak up for you, I will only be accused of helping the family and not upholding the truth. If I and Prince Consort move out, when I speak up for you, it will be more fair.”

Chen Tingjian left the table, cupped his hands to the grand princess on the other side and said: “It’s all because this minister is incompetent, and has troubling the Grand Princess. In fact, you don’t have to speak up for this minister. Those slanders were all to be expected, and this minister have already had a way to deal with it. This minister only hopes Grand Princess can live happily and not be disturbed by mundane affairs.”

Hua Yang said with a smile: “Father, your words are too distant. In public, you are the Chief Minister, dedicated to serving the court. But in private, you are my father-in-law. If you are in trouble, how can I, as your daughter-in-law, sit back and ignore it?”

Sun shi: “That’s right. Grand Princess treats you like a family, so you can quietly enjoy it and stop talking nonsense.”

Chen Tingjian shook his head helplessly.

Hua Yang: “If Father doesn’t object, Prince Consort and I continue to live in the Grand Princess Mansion, and will only come back for a few days during the holidays.”

Chen Tingjian: “Grand Princess has good intentions, so let’s arrange it like that. It’s just that Prince Consort is unruly. If he offends Grand Princess, you must tell us. I will punish him severely.”

Hua Yang laughed.

Sun shi murmured in a low voice: “You keep saying that. This old man, if you really went to hit him, you can’t even touch the hem of his clothes. You might as well ask Grand Princess to order the guards around her to give him a beating.”

Chen Tingjian:……

Hua Yang smiled and spoke for Chen Jingzong: “Father, Mother, don’t worry, Prince Consort treats me very well. We haven’t had any quarrels for a long time.”

Sun shi looked at her husband proudly.

Chen Tingjian saw that the grand princess was sitting still and motioned to his wife to change the tea.

Sun shi went out with the teapot and handed it to the maid in the corridor. She then pretended to stand by the flower bed to admire the flowers.

In the main room, Chen Tingjian took the initiative to ask: “Grand Princess, do you have anything else to explain?”

Hua Yang said politely: “It’s not to explain exactly. It’s just I was chatting with His Majesty last night and heard him mention that there have been many memorials to impeach you recently.”

Just when Chen Tingjian was about to apologize humbly, Hua Yang stopped him and said: “His Majesty has told me that those people are just making things up out of thin air, and His Majesty really trusts you. Daughter-in-law also believes in Father. Today, Daughter-in-law came over, in fact, there is something else. I hope Father can hear me out.”

Chen Tingjian: “Please give me your instructions.”

Hua Yang smiled and said: “Daughter-in-law knows that Father has good policies for governing the country. These good policies will serve the country and the people, but they will offend the interests of some officials and imperial relatives, and then cause some resentment. His Majesty is still young, and if there are too many voices of complaints, His Majesty may also question whether these reforms are necessary to implement. What Daughter-in-law want to ask Father is that before you do anything, whether you promote certain officials or remove certain officials, you should explain it clearly to His Majesty first. This way His Majesty understands its necessity and can prepares in advance, so that he will not be affected by those resentful words.”

Chen Tingjian promised: “Don’t worry, Grand Princess, this is also this minister’s duty.”

Hua Yang: “Daughter-in-law is afraid that you will always treat His Majesty as a child and think that for some matters, His Majesty only needs to do what you say, which will hurt his pride.”

Chen Tingjian said in fear: “This Minister doesn’t dare!”

Hua Yang sighed: “Father, don’t worry too much. His Majesty didn’t say anything about you. It was Daughter-in-law who remembered that you always have two different attitudes towards Eldest Brother and Prince Consort. Eldest Brother is older, so you can fell rest assured with him. Prince Consort is young, and you hope that he will listen to your arrangement, which make Prince Consort quite dissatisfied. Daughter-in-law is just worried that you will treat His Majesty in the same way.”

Chen Tingjian:……

Stinky Old Four, what the hell did you say in front of the grand princess!

The author has something to say:

Cabinet Elder: Last night the Old Four scolded me, today the Grand Princess nagged at me too!

Sun shi: Then you must have done something wrong.

Cabinet Elder: ….

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