Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 121

Chapter 121


Hua Yang gave Chen Jingzong water and food, and she also ate at his side.

After eating, Chen Jingzong complained that his hair was itchy and asked Hua Yang to call Fu Gui to help him wash his hair.

He knew that his head was stained with the blood of enemy soldiers. Even if Hua Yang was willing to help him wash, Chen Jingzong was reluctant to make her suffer.

“Then I’ll go see Commander Ling first.” Hua Yang still remembered the business. Ling Rucheng won the battle, how could she, the grand princess who followed the army, ignore him. Not the mention Prince Yu who was captured alive, she had to go and see him again, regretted thing that should be regretted, disdained thing that should be disdained.

Chen Jingzong looked at her and said as if he suddenly remembered: “I forgot to tell you, Qi Jin was also injured.”

Hua Yang immediately thought of another wooden stretcher following Ling Rucheng and asked anxiously: “How is his injury?”

Chen Jingzong: “He was hit by an arrow in the shoulder, the person seems to be in good spirits, but he has to endure some hardships when the arrow was pulled out. You go see Commander Ling first. When you come back, I’ll tidy myself up and accompany you to visit him. Seeing that I can get out of bed and walk around, he can also feel relieved, otherwise he would have to worry about me.”

Hua Yang also felt that it was more appropriate for the couple to go together. There were many people in the military camp, and cousins ​​also needed to avoid suspicion between themselves. Hua Yang did not want anyone to see her entering her cousin’s camp alone.

She was just worried about whether Chen Jingzong could hold on, what if he fell unconscious again after he returned.

Chen Jingzong smiled: “After absorbing the immortal energy from you, I am now like a normal person now.”

Fu Gui then came in with water.

Hua Yang pretended not to hear what Chen Jingzong just said and said, “I’ll go see Commander Ling first.”

Wu Run and Zhou Ji were both outside, escorting the princess there. On the way, Wu Run finally reported Qi Jin’s injury to the princess.

Hua Yang: “Hmm, Prince Consort has already told me.”

When Wu Run heard this, he was very glad that he did not interrupt the princess and prince consort rashly. Listening to it, the princess actually knew about it a long time ago, but she still chose to stay with prince consort for a while. Now that she came out, she would do other important matter first. It could be seen that many years ago, Qi Jin not only failed to win the princess’s heart, but even the relationship between cousins ​​that only met a few times a year was not much.

Hua Yang stayed in Ling Rucheng’s tent for half an hour, and then went to have a look at the tents where Prince Yu and Guo Jixian were imprisoned.

The last time Hua Yang saw Prince Yu was in mid-Seventh Month. At that time, Prince Yu was so fat that he needed help to get on his horse. Now, after not seeing him for three months, Prince Yu was actually only half his size before!

It had to be said that the slimmed-down Prince Yu finally looked like Concubine Lin’s son.

“Sister, I regret it. I shouldn’t have listened to Prince Jing’s instigation, and I shouldn’t have thought that the emperor was Chen…”

It turned out that although Prince Yu had lost weight, he still didn’t have much in his head. Before he could even name Chen Tingjian, his mouth was stuffed with cloth by the person Ling Rucheng arranged to guard him.

Hua Yang was very satisfied with Prince Yu’s silence. She said everything she needed to say about the situation, and then went to see Guo Jixian.

Guo Jixian’s hands and feet were hung with heavy iron chains. He was also a prisoner, but the pride of a general could still be seen on Guo Jixian’s body.

Hua Yang despised Prince Yu, and towards Guo Jixian, her eyes were cold.

She hated this man.

Just now at Ling Rucheng’s place, Hua Yang had completely understood the ins and outs of the battle at Baihe Ridge.

It turned out that Guo Jixian wanted to capture Chen Jingzong alive so that he could force the imperial court to withdraw its troops.

How could Chen Jingzong be a weakling who would surrender and beg for his life?

The two people he was least willing to show weakness were her and her father-in-law. The more this happened, the less likely he would let himself fall into that situation.

Ling Rucheng and her father-in-law were old friends. In her previous life, her father-in-law must have known the truth, but he deliberately hid it from her. He only said that 10,000 rebels happened to be ambushing in Baihe Ridge, and it was Chen Jingzong and Daxing Left Guard that they accidently met.

Her father-in-law didn’t want her to suffer any more grief due to Chen Jingzong’s death, but his own hair turned gray during those short years.

At that time Hua Yang didn’t know about it, and indeed only shed tears for Chen Jingzong’s untimely death.

But now that Hua Yang knew, she was happy for Chen Jingzong who was waiting for her to go back in the tent, and also felt sorry for Chen Jingzong who died stubbornly in her previous life.

“Whether it is Prince Yu or Prince Jing who was the mastermind of this rebellion, you are the most powerful sword in their hands.

“The soldiers who died in this war were all people of our dynasty. They clearly had the opportunity to go to the border to defend their homes and their country, but they died under the sword of their own family because of your ambition.

“Guo Jixian, even if you were famous before, from now for ten, one hundred, one thousand or ten thousand years, you will not be worthy of the word ‘general’.”

Guo Jixian, who had been standing with his eyes lowered since Hua Yang came in, finally raised his eyes and looked at the grand princess he had never put in his eyes.

Hua Yang didn’t look at him anymore, turned around and left.

The curtain fell, and suddenly a man’s self-deprecating laughter came from inside. The laughter then turned into crying.


Under Fu Gui’s attentive care, Chen Jingzong washed his head thoroughly and brushed his teeth.

“Prince Consort, are your injuries really that serious?” Fu Gui asked worriedly.

Chen Jingzong: “Shall I try to chop you with a sword?”

Although his coma was fake, those stab wounds and spear wounds were all real. If he didn’t feel pain, he would be a living immortal.

Fu Gui was very distressed.

Chen Jingzong: “Go away, don’t look at me with that disgusting look.”

Fu Gui:…

He retreated aggrievedly.

Chen Jingzong leaned on the back of his chair. His eyes gradually turned cold.

Considering the overall situation, he couldn’t do anything to Qi Jin now, but if Qi Jin wanted Hua Yang to treat him, this beast who slaughter his comrades, with kindness and concern, then he was simply dreaming.

“Grand Princess, you are back.”

Fu Gui’s voice sounded outside the tent, and Chen Jingzong calmed down his emotions in time.

Hua Yang stood outside the tent for a while before coming in.

She thought she could face Chen Jingzong calmly, but when she walked into the inner tent and saw Chen Jingzong sitting on the chair, Hua Yang seemed to see the Chen Jingzong who fought in Baihe Ridge in a bloody battle in her previous life. Chen Fourth Master, who might have tried his best to kill any rebel enemy soldier, would rather kill himself than be captured alive.

Chen Jingzong was about to ask her why she stayed outside for so long, as he also didn’t hear her asking Fu Gui about him, but then he saw the grand princess standing at the door suddenly burst into tears.

Although she immediately lowered the curtain, her two lines of tears still fell on Chen Jingzong’s chest.

He once looking forward to this ancestor burst into tears for him, but when that day finally came, Chen Jingzong realized that he did not care for it.

He would rather she be arrogant and dignified, would rather she give him death stare and made sarcastic remarks than to see her cry like this.

“What’s wrong? What do you hear outside?”

Finding the person who was hiding on the side of the curtain with her back to him and crying secretly, Chen Jingzong pulled her into his arms, asking helplessly.

The clean robe he had just put on was quickly soaked by Hua Yang, and the coldness spread to Chen Jingzong’s chest.

Hua Yang had to give him a reason: “I heard that the rebels want to capture you alive.”

Chen Jingzong: “They didn’t catch me, did they? Our old lady is watching from the sky, and you, a fairy, can bear her dreams.”

Hua Yang:……

She found that no matter how heavy her emotions were, Chen Jingzong always had the ability to make her break with a sentence or two.

Obviously she used the old lady to fool him, but he actually borrowed it to comfort herself.

Hua Yang did feel much better.

When she raised her head again, her eyes were red, and there were two big wet circles on Chen Jingzong’s chest.

Chen Jingzong looked down and complained to her while shaking his robe: “You’re pretty good at crying. If one side gets wet, you switch to the other side.”

Hua Yang looked at the two ridiculous circles, couldn’t hold it in anymore, and burst out laughing.

People who look like peonies were indeed more suitable for smiling.

Chen Jingzong took a step forward and wanted to hug her and kiss her.

Hua Yang raised her hand in time to block between the two, tilted her head and said, “This is your tent. You can change your clothes at any time. Don’t get mine wet.”

If the two of them were close to each other, his wet robe would definitely get her clothes wet too.

Chen Jingzong:…

“You are too unreasonable. Only state officials are allowed to set fires, but common people are not allowed to light lamp?”

The corner of Hua Yang’s lips raised slightly. Didn’t he already know that she often acted like a princess.

Chen Jingzong casually took off his outer robe. There were also two small circles printed on the inner robe, so he continued to stripped it off.

He was so tall, Hua Yang’s face was facing his scarred chest.

When Chen Jingzong saw her staring at the wounds, he was afraid that she would cry again, so he went to the inner tent to change clothes.

Hua Yang suddenly grabbed his hand. After Chen Jingzong stood still, she hugged his still intact waist, and gently kissed his several scabbed wounds with soft cotton-like kisses.

Chen Jingzong:…

When Hua Yang wanted to continue kissing a scar, she noticed that he was being indecent again. Although he didn’t say it, but his body showed it, and the evidence was right there in front of her.

Hua Yang just shoved him and walked out. After taking two steps, she remembered that her expression must be wrong at this time, so she had to go inside angrily.

Chen Jingzong couldn’t follow her in at this time. If he was seen by her when he went in, wouldn’t it add fuel to the fire?

There was a pot of herbal tea on the table. Chen Jingzong drank half of the pot, calmed down for a while, and finally went in.

Hua Yang sat on the chair with a straight face.

Chen Jingzong coughed, took off his middle coat from the simple clothes rack, wincing a few times as he put it on, as if he had touched a wound.

After he winced once, Hua Yang’s face looked a little better. Finally, she came over and helped him put on his outer robe.

Chen Jingzong looked at her still red eyes and said, “I didn’t mean it. It’s just like you need to drink water after eating chili peppers. I can’t help it.”

Hua Yang: “Shut up.”

Chen Jingzong: “While I’m in good spirits, let’s go see your cousin.”

Hua Yang glanced at him: “Can you really walk?”

Chen Jingzong: “Just walk slowly.”

Hua Yang nodded and asked Zhou Ji to help Chen Jingzong after going out.

Zhou Ji didn’t see the injury on Prince Consort, so he thought it was really serious, and a pair of strong arms firmly supported half of Chen Jingzong’s shoulders.

Chen Jingzong accompanied Hua Yang slowly and leisurely to Qi Jin’s tent.

Qi Jin was lying on his back, after pulling out the arrow and losing a lot of blood, his face looked even uglier than when he just came back.

After hearing his close attendant said that the grand princess and prince consort had come to visit him, Qi Jin smiled faintly and told his attendant to go and invite them.

The couple came by themselves to the inner tent.

Hua Yang saw Qi Jin’s pale face. After all, they were cousins, so of course she felt bad.

Hua Yang even felt a little ashamed because she didn’t even remember whether her cousin and Jinwu Vanguard were ambushed by the rebels in her previous life. She didn’t even think about asking about it. She only remembered that after her father-in-law told her how Chen Jingzong left, she began to live alone in the grand princess mansion to observe mourning for her father emperor. After she took off the mourning clothes, the war became a taboo for her and the Chen family, and no one would take the initiative to mention it to them.

“Cousin, how is your injury?”

Because Qi Jin was covered with a quilt from the neck down, Hua Yang couldn’t see his arrow wounds.

The confusion in her eyes made Qi Jin understand that she really didn’t know how badly he was hurt, so the red circles in her eyes were definitely not because of him.

Qi Jin smiled: “Fortunately, I’ll be fine after a few days. How about Prince Consort?”

Hua Yang looked at Chen Jingzong.

Chen Jingzong also laughed: “I’m still good…”

As he spoke, his tall and straight figure suddenly swayed.

Hua Yang quickly supported him and called Zhou Ji in panic. She was afraid that Chen Jingzong would faint again and she would not be able to support him alone.

Zhou Ji and Qi Jin’s attendant rushed in together.

Zhou Ji supported Chen Jingzong’s weight in time, and the attendant tactfully stepped back.

Hua Yang was no longer in the mood to stay here anymore, and said to Qi Jin: “Cousin should recuperate with peace of mind. I will send Prince Consort back first and come back to visit you another day.”

Qi Jin: “Alright.”

Hua Yang and Zhou Ji protected Chen Jingzong and left.

The attendant came in again to serve Qi Jin and helped Qi Jin remove the quilt from his body, revealing his left shoulder, which could not bear weight.

Then the attendant was shocked to find that his master’s wound had opened again, and there was a big ball of blood!

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  1. This feels mildly satisfying but will the truth of the role he had to play in this ambush ever be revealed? If not to the whole army and country at least to the Empress and Hua Yang so they can see their nephew/cousin in his true light.

    1. I don’t know if he should be revealed too soon. He’s a good villain for Jingzong to play against and he’s a known threat. Of course, I want him to take responsibility for his actions and for Hua Yang to make the connection to the past life, but I like that Qi Jin’s bit off more than he can chew with Jingzong becoming his enemy and I’d like to see what other clever plans he can come up with before everyone else learns how bad he is. I mean, in this life and the past one, he totally let his actual wife suffer because of his crush on his cousin. Icky!

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