Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 118 Part 2

Chapter 118 Part 2


Baihe Ridge.

The cliffs on both sides of this mountain range were only about five zhang tall, even children could climb up them casually. The canyon in the middle was also relatively wide, as a stream flows gurglingly.

The mountains were covered with miscellaneous trees, lush and green.

When approaching the entrance of the mountain, Lu Chengliang persuaded Chen Jingzong: “Sir, would you like to send two people to the mountain to take a look in case there’s an ambush?”

Chen Jingzong sneered: “Just this small broken mountain, how many people can be hidden. And the rebels are in a hurry to escape for their lives. How can they dare to ambush us? Stop talking nonsense and hurry up. Don’t let other guards laugh at us for being the last one to arrive.”

His voice was loud and clear, as if he was speaking to the whole guard.

The rebels ambushing in the mountains looked happy. As long as they caught this conceited prince consort, they really didn’t have to worry about the imperial army now!

When Daxing Left Guard stepped into the canyon between two cliffs, the 3,000 archers who were ambushing on the top of the middle cliff prepared with bated breath. Meanwhile, the 3,500 infantrymen, stationed in the front section of the mountain, stealthily emerged from the grass and ravines, swiftly creeping towards the entrance of the canyon. Once the archers finish shooting their arrows, they and the infantry at the exit would rush in together, attacking from both sides.

This scene was clearly seen by the Jiyang Guard who kept their distance and were close to Baihe Ridge.

The rebels guarding both sides of the canyon entrance were like two groups of black wasps.

The goosebumps on Di Su’s arms rose. If Chen Jingzong hadn’t come to find him, if Daxing Left Guard was really surrounded by rebels…

Not having time to be afraid, Di Su’s soldiers went around in two groups to the mountain ridge where the rebels had been lurking, and they also lay down on the cliff with their bows and arrows ready.

Four hundred archers were arranged on each side, and the remaining people continued to outflank the rebel archers.

Now that they knew that the mantis wants to hunt the cicada, let them be the oriole!

In the canyon, Daxing Left Guard had reached the middle section.

Suddenly, a loud whistle came from the top of the left cliff. The whistle was still echoing in the empty valley, and archers appeared one after another.

Chen Jingzong: “Array up!”

Daxing Left Guard who had been prepared quickly gathered in the middle of the canyon. The soldiers erected unbreakable shields above and around their heads to block the rain of arrows falling from both sides.

The sound of fighting came from both ends of the canyon, and there was also fighting above the cliff.

The brothers of Jiyang Guard had already taken action. When there were no more flying arrows above, Chen Jingzong looked at the rebels rushing in from the exit of the canyon, smiled, pointed at the entrance and said: “Retreat!”

The soldiers of Daxing Left Guard waved their swords and turned around to kill.

The rebels on the other side of the exit thought they were really going to escape and chased them faster. Little did they know that the 3,500 rebels at the entrance had just suffered a wave of arrows from Jiyang Guards and were seriously injured, on top of that there were 5,000 elite soldiers of Daxing Left Guard coming over.

At the top of the cliff, Di Su led the brothers of Jiyang Guard to kill all the rebel archers, and then sent a rain of arrows to the rebels below who had just reached the middle section. After shooting the arrows, they ran to the exit of the canyon again, followed the footsteps of the rebel’s hidden troops and rush in. Daxing Left Guard who had finished dealing with another wave of ambush, also came to intercept and kill!

When a ray of sunlight broke through the clouds, the battle in the canyon ended.

The corpses of the rebels were scattered among them, and some fell into the stream. The originally crystal-clear water was stained red with blood.

In battlefield fighting, even the victorious side would suffer casualties.

Daxing Left Guard and Jiyang Guard both lost some brothers.

Gao Dazhuang who was stabbed on his arm, sat leaning against the cliff. While letting his colleagues bandage him, he tilted his head and chatted with the wounded soldier next to him. He was still smiling, as if the injury was nothing at all.

Chen Jingzong withdrew his gaze and looked at the rebel general who was kneeling on the ground with his hands tied: “Who sent you here?”

The rebel general gritted his teeth.

Chen Jingzong suddenly had a dagger in his hand. He went around behind the other person and pulled the rebel general’s finger.

The rebel general’s wrists were tied, but his fingers could still move. Sensing Chen Jingzong’s intention, he clenched his fists fiercely.

But Chen Jingzong still pulled out the little finger of his right hand, tightly gripping it with one hand, while slowly used the knife blade to cut through the center like cutting vegetables.

The rebel general was sweating on his forehead. When the blade was 30% deep into his little finger, the rebel general suddenly screamed. While struggling to avoid Chen Jingzong’s hand, he was sweating profusely and said: “It’s Commander Guo! Commander Guo sent me to catch you!”

Chen Jingzong played with the dagger, stared at him and asked, “How does Commander Guo know that I will pass by here?”

Di Su, who had been standing by and watching, had a stern look on his face and anger burning in his eyes. Soldiers are not afraid of death, but they are afraid of being stabbed in the back, and they hate such traitors the most.

Rebel General: “Commander Guo caught one of your scouts, and all this was found out from the scout’s mouth!”

Chen Jingzong: “Where did you meet the scout?”

He unfolded the simple terrain map and asked the rebel general to identify it.

The rebel general’s face was covered in blood and sweat. He had to blink hard several times before he could finally see clearly.

Chen Jingzong let go of one of his hands.

The rebel general pointed out the place where they camped last night.

Chen Jingzong tied him up again and walked aside with the topographic map.

Di Su followed, he whispered while frowning: “The Kaizhou Guard of Daming Prefecture and Jinwu Vanguard may pass by that location. Could it be that the scouts they sent were caught?”

Compared to the fact that there was a traitor on the court’s side, Di Su was more willing to believe that the captured scout had no backbone and leaked the vanguard’s route.

Chen Jingzong glanced at him, lowered his eyes and said, “It’s possible. When we meet up at Black Dragon Pond, we’ll find out which one has a scout missing.”

After resting, the two guards took the wounded soldiers and set off again. When the battle was over, they would collect the bodies of their dead brothers.

Unexpectedly, they just walked out of Baihe Ridge when smoke suddenly rose in the distance!

The smoke originated from the area near Black Dragon Pond in Wuduo Mountain, where the main force of the rebels should be!

Chen Jingzong and Di Su quickly led their troops there.

When they arrived, several other vanguard troops were fighting with 30,000 rebels.

The rebels who were able to escape all the way here were all elite soldiers, but the imperial guards were also elite soldiers. Apart from the two guard stations that suffered heavy casualties when they first encountered the rebels, as the remaining six guards arrived one after another, the rebels gradually found themselves at a disadvantage.

Killing the enemy was the first priority, so Chen Jingzong looked in the direction of Prince Jing and Guo Jixian.

Guo Jixian was a fierce general, and Prince Jing was also very skilled.

After recognizing Chen Jingzong, Guo Jixian threw away several imperial generals around him and came towards Chen Jingzong with a spear.

Chen Jingzong: “I heard that you captured a scout?”

Guo Jixian: “Yes, it’s a pity that even though we sent 10,000 elite soldiers, we didn’t capture Prince Consort alive.”

As the two talked, the spears in their hands never stopped.

Guo Jixian was in his early forties, he was better because he had rich experience in fighting the enemy. Chen Jingzong was not as experienced as him, but he was better because he was younger.

When two equally strong generals were equally matched in marksmanship, they were competing in terms of physical strength and temperament.

Chen Jingzong was very steady. He ignored the flaws deliberately exposed by Guo Jixian, but he would never let go of every opportunity to defeat the enemy.

“Your Highness!”

Suddenly there was a scream not far away.

Guo Jixian suddenly took a few steps back and looked over distractedly.

The spear in Prince Jing’s hand broke and he was surrounded by Di Su and the others.

Di Su and the others wanted to capture Prince Jing alive, so when Prince Jing took out a dagger and put it against his neck, Di Su and the others backed away and tried to persuade him with words.

Prince Jing laughed loudly: “Succeed as a king or lose as a bandit, what’s the need to fear death! Let me go to the capital to kneel to a boy who still wet behind the ears, impossible!”

After saying this, Prince Jing looked at Guo Jixian from a distance and swung his dagger.

Blood spurted out.

Guo Jixian subconsciously closed his eyes.

At that moment, Chen Jingzong’s spear arrived, knocking away Guo Jixian’s spear, and then pressed against his chest.

Guo Jixian smiled bitterly and knelt down.

The prince could die in battle, but he must live. Only by insisting that Prince Yu was the mastermind of the rebellion could his sister and nephews have a chance of survival.


Prince Jing committed suicide, Prince Yu was captured alive, Guo Jixian surrendered, and the remaining rebels naturally put down their swords and spears.

Only then did Chen Jingzong have time to look for a figure.

Jinwu Vanguard was the first to encounter the rebels. Although they set off the fire at the first opportunity, by the time reinforcements arrived, there were only more than a thousand of the five thousand men in Jinwu Vanguard.

Qi Jin had also been injured and struggled to hold on until reinforcements arrived. After another arrow hit his shoulder, he fainted from exhaustion.

Chen Jingzong came to the place where Jinwu Vanguard was resting.

By this time, there were only three hundred men left in Jinwu Vanguard, and everyone was injured.

Qi Jin was already awake, covered in blood leaning on the trunk of a tree that was also stained with blood, with a broken arrow stuck in his left shoulder.

It was dangerous to pull out the arrow, and he had to wait until he returned to the camp before it could be treated.

He looked at the three hundred subordinates around him with heavy eyes. It was not until Chen Jingzong squatted in front of him that Qi Jin seemed to have just noticed that he was coming.

“Commander Ling said that you should not fight with the main force of the rebels when you encounter them. Why didn’t Sir Qi follow the military order?”

Chen Jingzong wiped the blood on Qi Jin’s shoulder and asked in a low voice.

Qi Jin smiled bitterly, lowered his eyes and said, “It’s not that we don’t obey the military orders, it’s that the rebels have already laid an ambush, and we can only fight our way out.”

Chen Jingzong: “Five thousand against thirty thousand, you are really lucky.”

Qi Jin: “It all depends on the timely reinforcements.”

But in his heart he said, you too.

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  1. Your days are numbered, traitorous scum. Think CJZ already has an idea of the culprit. I’m just so baffled about his reason for doing this, to lose 4,700 troops in order to “cover his tracks”, just to get CJZ killed. Was it worth it in the end?

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