Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 105

Chapter 105


As night fell, Hua Yang almost fell asleep in bed. When she woke up the next day, the sun was shining brightly outside the window, and Chen Jingzong had already gone to the guard station.

The kitchen brought over the princess’s breakfast.

Crystal dumplings, shredded chicken noodles, braised mutton, steamed duck, braised pork trotters, crucian carp soup…

The dishes were exquisite and beautiful, and each portion was not too large, which was pleasing to the eye without making people greasy.

The cool wind blew slowly into the hall, carrying a faint floral fragrance.

Hua Yang ate her food slowly.

The four maids looked on and sometimes said some witty things to make the princess smile.

Hua Yang was in a good mood. After dinner, she went to Chunhe Hall and sat for half an hour. Beside Sun shi, there were also Yu Xiu, and Luo Yuyan.

Seeing that although the princess had lost weight, she seemed to be in good spirits, Sun shi and the others finally felt relieved.

Hua Yang wanted to stretch her muscles and went to the Chen family’s school for a walk, and saw Wan Yi through the open window.

In the afternoon, the children finished school and they all came to Siyi Hall. Wan Qing, the youngest, was four years old this year and started to like to stick behind her brothers and sister.

Hua Yang left the children to have lunch with her.

Wan Qing’s childish words rang out: “The plates in Fourth Aunt’s place are so beautiful!”

After all, Chen Tingjian was the chief assistant, and he had been a Cabinet Elder for more than ten years before. The utensils used in the house were not too bad, but Chen Tingjian and Sun didn’t like pursuing the exquisiteness of the utensils too much. Only Hua Yang, this daughter-in-law princess, could do whatever she wanted.

Hua Yang smiled and said, “If it looks good, eat more.”

Wan Qing started eating obediently.

The taller children have good appetites, which made Hua Yang eat less.

After dinner, Hua Yang played hide and seek with the children for a while. When it was getting dark, Yu Xiu and Luo Yuyan came to pick up the children, so as not to disturb the princess’ rest.

Hua Yang was indeed a little tired, but her muscles and bones felt very comfortable after stretching.

When Chen Jingzong came back, Hua Yang was drying her freshly washed hair and spread it loosely over her shoulders.

Once her hair was loose, her thin face looked even smaller.

Across a low table, Chen Jingzong still looked at her with resentment, blaming her for ruining her body.

Hua Yang snorted: “If you don’t want to see, then don’t come back. When I’m done raise it up, I’ll send someone to the guard station to tell you.”

Chen Jingzong: “Although you have no conscience, there will be times when you give in.”

Hua Yang continued to read, but her mind had already wandered to other things.

After suddenly being separated for so long, it was fine if they not see each other. But like last night, while she was lying on the bed and Chen Jingzong just walked into the babu bed, her hands and feet began to feel weak.

Yesterday the lotus bowl was not prepared, so he slept honestly, but today it was ready.

In fact, Hua Yang didn’t think about it specially. Chao Yun habitually asked her if she wanted to soak it. Hua Yang hesitated for a while and nodded.

Chen Jingzong went to the patio to brush his teeth, and Hua Yang went to the inner room first.

When Chen Jingzong came in, he saw that she was already lying down.

Chen Jingzong stood in front of the screen and took off his outer robe. His eyes swept over the lotus bowl on the dressing table. That thing was floating in the water like a stupid fish.

He smiled and put out a few lights.

When he came to bed, Chen Jingzong lifted up the quilt and lay down with his back to Hua Yang.

Hua Yang:……

Just when she was wondering why this person had changed his temper, Chen Jingzong said calmly: “There’s no need to prepare that thing for a few days. I am not interested in skinny fairies with little flesh on her bodies.”

Hua Yang:……

She was so angry, but she couldn’t scold him. If she scolded him, it would be as if she was looking forward to that particular disappointment.

After a pause, Hua Yang muttered vaguely, as if she had fallen asleep and was woken up by him: “What did you just say?”

She thought that Chen Jingzong would continue to be weird, but in the darkness, he got into her quilt, hugged her and kissed her ears. His heavy breathing was like the heat wave of summer, hitting her cheeks and ears: “I said, Ancestor please eat well and raise it up as soon as possible. When Ancestor recovers physically and mentally, I will try my best to be filial to you.”

Hua Yang:……

She raised her hand and smacked him!

Chen Jingzong lay down on his back and let her beat him with a sullen smile. When she was out of breath, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her lips.

Hua Yang thought dazedly that she would not take the initiative to persuade Chen Jingzong, but if Chen Jingzong went back on his word, she would not laugh at him.

But Chen Jingzong just kissed her for a long time, and finally wrapped her tightly in the quilt as if angry, and then returned to the quilt next to her.


The 18th of Fourth Month was Hua Yang’s birthday.

Emperor Jingshun was still worried about his daughter’s health, and since he had not spent his daughter’s birthday together for three years, he sent Eunuch Ma to the Chen Mansion on the morning of the 17th to take his daughter into the palace.

The crown prince was studying in the East Palace, while Emperor Jingshun and Empress Qi were waiting for their daughter in Fengyi Palace.


When Hua Yang came, the emperor and empress looked over together.

Although it had only been seven days, Hua Yang had eaten well and slept well in these seven days. The flesh on her face had recovered by half, her waist was slender, her body was light, and she was as beautiful as a willow in the spring breeze, which was different from her previous supreme elegance.

Emperor Jingshun was partly relieved, but the other part was of course still distressed that his daughter had lost weight and had been so pitiful a while ago.

What Empress Qi thought was that her daughter could recover so quickly, in addition to recovering from her illness, she must have been living comfortably in the Chen family. Especially with Chen Jingzong, the young couple must be very loving.

“Now the peonies are blooming just now. Let us family of three go and enjoy the flowers.”

Emperor Jingshun was very interested in walking around.

Of course Hua Yang and Empress Qi were happy to accompany him.

Because Hua Yang liked peonies, people could see peonies almost everywhere in the imperial garden. Emperor Jingshun looked at his daughter who was holding his arm and said nostalgically: “Zhen still remember when Panpan was just born, there weren’t that many peonies here. When Panpan was three years old, you liked to pick peonies as soon as they bloomed and put the big flower on your head.”

Hua Yang: “Why doesn’t Father Emperor remember my good deeds? You just remember these embarrassing things.”

Emperor Jingshun: “Why is it embarrassing? Zhen’s Panpan has the beauty of peony and the charm of the full moon. It counts as having fate with peony.”

Hua Yang: “I am your daughter. Of course you have to praise me. If it recorded in the history books and pass it down, I’m afraid the future generations won’t believe it.”

Emperor Jingshun: “That’s because they don’t have the chance to see you. When they see you, they will know that Zhen’s compliments are true.”

Hua Yang looked at her mother empress next to her and said with a smile: “My beauty comes from Mother Empress. Is Father Emperor allowed to praise Mother Empress like this?”

Empress Qi gave her daughter an angry look.

Emperor Jingshun looked meaningfully at Empress Qi.

In the evening, the crown prince also came over. Since it was a birthday celebration, even it was an imperial home, longevity noodles were still indispensable on the table.

The banquet was placed in the courtyard of Qifeng Hall.

Although the moon on the seventeenth was not completely round, the moonlight was still bright and gently illuminated the family of four sitting together.

Hua Yang’s eyes swept over her smiling and loving father emperor, her beautiful and majestic mother empress, and her younger brother who had grown taller recently.

In a daze, she returned to the years before she left the palace, being the carefree and without worry’s Princess Hua Yang.

It would be great if her father emperor and mother empress would never grow old, and they would spend every birthday with her in the future.


After eating longevity noodles, the next day was the real birthday.

Hua Yang came to Fengyi Hall as Emperor Jingshun, Empress Qi, and the crown prince were all there. They had made an appointment to have breakfast together this morning and gave gifts along the way.

Emperor Jingshun gave his daughter a jade plate with patterns carved on it that resembled a toad palace and osmanthus trees to imitate the full moon. If hung on the treetops at night, it would really look like a full moon.

This gift was different from the one Hua Yang received in her previous life. Although the gift that time was also valuable, it was not as thoughtful as this jade plate.

It seemed that her illness really worried her father, so he could only express his love for his daughter with better a gift.

“It’s so beautiful.” Hua Yang couldn’t put it down.

As long as his daughter like it, Emperor Jingshun would be happy.

Empress Qi gave her a dress in the color of the full moon, in order to match the gift from Emperor Jingshun. The brocade was soft and embroidered with dark patterns of pink and pale blue peonies. Wearing it during the day wouldn’t look too plain, but it would it appear like moonlight when wore during the night.

Hua Yang joked: “It turns out that Father Emperor and Mother Empress had discussed this in advance.”

The crown prince looked at his parent, showing hesitation on his face.

Hua Yang smiled and said, “You wouldn’t forget to prepare gift for your sister, would you?”

Of course the crown prince prepared one, but it was far less valuable than what his father emperor and mother empress gave, so he reluctant to give it away for a while.

After a lot of coaxing, Hua Yang got her brother’s gift, which was a picture of a beauty and a peony painted by himself. The beauty was of course Hua Yang.

This reminded Hua Yang of the painting that Chen Jingzong gave last year. It had to be said that in terms the similarity of facial features, Chen Jingzong’s painting was more similar.

But she was still surprised and praised her brother, and threatened that she would hang his painting in the study.

The crown prince smiled.

Hua Yang had lunch in the palace, and after the meal she left the palace and returned to the Chen Mansion, regardless of her father emperor’s plea for her to stay.

As soon as she came back, Sun shi, Yu Xiu, and Luo Yuyan all came over, each bringing a gift. Even Chen Tingjian wrote a roll of calligraphy and asked his wife to pass it along.

After all, Hua Yang suffered a big misfortune this year, and everyone attached great importance to her birthday. Sun shi also arranged a family dinner tonight to celebrate Hua Yang’s birthday together.

Sun shi smiled and said, “I told the Old Four to come back an hour early.”

Hua Yang embarrassedly said, “This is only for this year. In the future, Father and Mother must not trouble yourself for me. Dalang and the others don’t even celebrate it. As the elder, I’m so embarrassed.”

Sun shi was very straightforward: “Okay, just listen to the princess!”

In the evening, Chen Jingzong came back early. After getting off his horse, he asked the servant guarding the gate: “Has the Princess returned home?”


He was afraid that she would stay in the palace to celebrate her birthday even though his mother was fully prepared.

The boy smiled and said, “Already back. The Princess came back after having lunch in the palace.”

Chen Jingzong had no superfluous expression, as if he was just asking casually, but Fu Gui behind him secretly relieved.

Chen Jingzong strode to Siyi Hall, but the family banquet in Chunhe Hall was about to start. He didn’t even say a few words to Hua Yang, who urged him to leave quickly.

Tonight’s family banquet had many sumptuous dishes. Sun shi prepared fine wine for Chen Tingjian and his sons, as well as fruit wine for their mother-in-law and daughters-in-law, that way they could drank festively.

Hua Yang knew that she was not good at drinking, but seeing the whole family was gathered together, including her father-in-law, Chen Bozong, and Chen Jingzong, she was very happy and drank two glasses of fruit wine intermittently.

Drinking could mess up the body. After she returned to Siyi Hall and briefly washed her face and rinsed her mouth, Hua Yang fell softly onto Chen Jingzong’s strong arms.

Chen Jingzong looked at her inquiringly: “So happy. Do you like that everyone celebrate your birthday?”

Maybe the princess cared for grandeur event, and if so, he would have to ask his mother to hold a birthday party for her every year from now on.

Hua Yang shook her head drunkenly.

Unable to explain to him, nor wanting to explain, she closed her eyes, her cheeks flushed, and her red lips slightly opened.

Chen Jingzong actually wanted to wait a few more nights.

But last night he found out that she had gone to the palace again. Although Chen Jingzong could understand Emperor Jingshun’s love for his daughter, he still got angry when he remembered the more than two months of separation.

Before the dinner, Chen Jingzong had already made up his mind to have her tonight. For this reason, he didn’t even drink a drop of wine, just to save time to get rid of the alcohol smell.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t drink but she drank to her heart’s content, and her breath was filled with the sweet aroma of wine.

Not to mention this kind of wine fragrance, Chen Jingzong didn’t mind even the ordinary smell of wine.

He picked up Hua Yang and went to the inner room.

On the dressing table, the familiar lotus bowl was there, as was the fish-like thing.

“You came back just for me, right?” Chen Jingzong held her with one hand and raised her chin with the other.

The drunken princess looked at him with misty eyes and shook her head.

Chen Jingzong:…

She refused to say a nice word when she is sober, and couldn’t be coax even when she was drunk. Could it be she really have nothing at all…

Before Chen Jingzong’s heart went cold, the princess who was about to fall asleep at any moment in the palm of his hand suddenly smiled. Although it disappeared in a flash, it was still caught by Chen Jingzong.

His breath tightened, he then hooked her waist and lifted her up: “You don’t want to tell the truth, do you?

“I want to see how long you can keep up with this pretense!”

The author has something to say:

The bronze lamp: Bad Prince Consort, bullying the Princess while she’s drunk!

The shu brocade: Beat him!

The silly fish: It’s time to play, don’t disturb.

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