Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 96

Chapter 96


But he was still a step too late, the tip of her tongue had already touched him.

Lu Shi Qing was so startled that he almost ran away with his pants down. Fortunately, Yuan Ci Xian reacted quickly and let go of him in time, otherwise she would have really break him.

After this scare, the courage that she had prepared in advance was all gone due to his sudden movements. She thought back to the strange feeling just now and looked at him somewhat annoyed, “Can’t you stop being so jumpy and let me do this quietly…” She helped him, didn’t she?

With one burst of energy, then slackened and exhausted, now she couldn’t summon the energy anymore.

Lu Shi Qing’s mind flashed over and over again to the scene of that tender tongue protruding between the bright teeth and red lips just now, and then recalled the momentary stimulation of the brief touch, and said with the expression of enduring pain: “How do you learn this…”

Yuan Ci Xian She thought to herself that she had taken advantage of his absence earlier to flip over the Bihuo book that she brought over as a dowry. Although she had experienced a lot of things, she still had some reservations about the matter. That’s why she had never attempted it. However, just now, when she saw that he was in a dire situation and was still worried about her, she was moved and suddenly had the idea to try it.

In the end, he was disgusted.

She pouted unhappily: “Then I won’t learn.”

Lu Shi Qing knew that she had misunderstood, and wanted to explain to her. But unfortunately the flames inside his body were jumping up so badly that he couldn’t hold it back, so he had to say: “Wait for me here.” After saying that, he turned around and hurried to the clean room.

Yuan Ci Xian nodded gloomily, and waited for two sticks of incense before seeing him come out, by then he had already recovered his composure.

Seeing her aggrieved face, Lu Shi Qing got on the bed, propped his elbows and asked knowingly: “What’s wrong?”

Yuan Ci Xian was not a person who hide her thoughts after all, so she looked at him and said, “You don’t like me learning those things?”

“I do.” He quietly said, then stroked her lower lip with his thumb, “But I don’t want you to do this.”

It should be said that he reluctant for her to do this.

Hearing his rare tenderness, Yuan Ci Xian probably understood the reason for his refusal, and said, “I don’t feel it dirty…”

“I know.”

But it is enough for him to know.

She muffled “Okay”, reached out her hand to pull the quilt up, and when she closed her eyes, she felt the person beside her approaching, whispering in her ear: “If you really want to do it, I should be the one who do it first.”


Yuan Ci Xian understood the deep meaning of his words, and couldn’t help trembling, and then heard him ask leisurely: “Why are you shaking?”

She gritted her teeth and twisted his arm: “Who’s shaking? It’s fetal movement, fetal movement!”

Lu Shi Qing said “Oh” and touched his chin.

Such a big fetal movement.

Even though nothing happened that night, Yuan Ci Xian’s actions caused ripples in Lu Shi Qing’s heart, causing him to lose his previous airs and only want to be good to her, good to death.

A few days later, it was his turn to take a day off. He was working in his study when a servant told him that Yuan Ci Xian was asking for water, as she wanted to wash her hair in the warm daylight to avoid catching a cold. He then asked people to bring a message to told her to wait for him in the courtyard so he could help her wash.

Lu Shi Qing finished his official business, packed up a pile of important documents on the table, and was about to go out when he heard three knocks from the other side of the secret passage, so he stopped, turned around and opened the mechanism, and sure enough, he saw Zheng Zhuo coming from the other end of the secret door.

During Cai He’s disaster, in order to avoid Ping Prince’s suspicion of the fake Xu Shan’s identity, this secret passage was abandoned for a long time, and it was not used again until the crisis subsided.

Lu Shi Qing was thinking about Yuan Ci Xian, so he spoke a little fast: “It’s rare for me to have a day off, and you still come to visit?”

Zheng Zhuo was choked by his straight-to-the-point unkind tone, looked behind him, and asked “Why, did I disturb your good thing?”

What good things could he do now, and after beckoning him in, he said, “There is no good thing, but she’s waiting for me to wash her hair.”

Zheng Zhuo almost stumbled when he heard this, and said in surprise: “Your maidservants just received their wages and left?”

Lu Shi Qing glanced at him, and said lightly: “What do you know.”

It’s called conjugal love. He learned it recently.

Zheng Zhuo thought in his heart that he, a single man, probably didn’t really understand. The few concubines in the house who were stuffed by Emperor Huining were either vases or spies to monitored him, and it was not worth his trouble.

He thought for a while and said, “Then go ahead and get busy. Don’t make her wait.”

After hearing the first half of the sentence, Lu Shi Qing felt that he was quite understanding, but when he finished speaking, he felt less comfortable. Why, he cares about Yuan Ci Xian very much?

Seeing the frost on his face, Zheng Zhuo knew what he was thinking, and patted his shoulder: “I care about my godson.”

Lu Shi Qing scoffed at him.

Who said his son would recognize him as his godfather? Besides, how did he know it will be a son?

He glanced at him, knowing that he wouldn’t bother him for nothing, and must have brought some news, asked: “Is the news urgent? If waiting for two sticks of incense won’t kill anyone, I’ll go first.”

Zheng Zhuo laughed: “No one will die. I’ll wait for you here, serve me a pot of tea, if it’s tasty enough, then take out Wumu, I can pass the time by myself.”

Lu Shi Qing looked at him helplessly. A good and serious prince, but he liked to gamble. But in the end, he gave him both the tea and Wumu, and then went around to the courtyard behind the house to find Yuan Ci Xian.

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t know about Zheng Zhuo’s visit. Seeing that Lu Shi Qing took a long time to come, she sat on the porch and complained, “If you don’t come, I can wash it myself!”

Lu Shi Qing coughed lowly, and looked back at the back window of the study, he didn’t know if Zheng Zhuo heard such embarrassing words inside, and said: “There is a bit of delay.”

She didn’t complain anymore, and asked: “Why do you want to wash in the courtyard?”

He pointed to the hanging sun in the sky: “The weather is fine, let’s bask in the sun.” After saying that, he beckoned her to the patio, “Come.”

Yuan Ci Xian really didn’t like to be bored in the house, and it was rare to have such a warm day on Eleventh month. After she went out of the porch to bask in the sun, she felt very comfortable and lost her temper. She smiled and lie down on the beauty chair prepared by the servant in advance.

Lu Shi Qing walked around behind the chair, removed the hairpin from her head, loosened her long hair with one hand, and picked up a ladle with the other.

Yuan Ci Xian squinted her eyes like a cat, and lazily reminded: “My hair is very dirty.”

Because of the cold weather, Lu Shi Qing was afraid that she would catch the cold, so he didn’t give her frequent baths. He didn’t care if her hair was a little dirty, and he could still rely on her at night.

Lu Shi Qing gently scratched her scalp: “I know.” But he didn’t intend to stop at all.

Yuan Ci Xian said in her heart that it was really a year in Hedong, and thirty years in Hexi . It took her less than a year to get Lu Shi Qing, and she could get him to serve her for the next thirty to fifty years. It was really a good bargain.

Lu Shi Qing didn’t know what she was thinking, but seeing the corners of her lips raised, looking satisfied, his heart felt that the leisurely life was indeed comfortable, and couldn’t help but smile along with her, while scooping up the Acacia water that he asked people to filter before from the bucket, and wetting her hair. He then asked: “Is it cold?”

Yuan Ci Xian closed her eyes and shook her head: “Just right.”

After a few scoops of water, he began to rub her hair, perhaps because he kneaded it with just the right force, coupled with the sun, Yuan Ci Xian soon became sleepy, and said in a daze: “If I fall asleep, take me back, but be careful of pressing the child.”

Lu Shi Qing kept moving his hands, and he smiled lightly, “Aren’t you afraid of pressing me down?”

Yuan Ci Xian immediately sobered up, opened her eyes and asked, “You think I’m heavy?”

Before he could answer, he saw her mouth became deflated, “Who am I working so hard to conceive for ten months? It’s good now, my body is out of shape, and my face is swollen, and I was disgusted by the father…”

Lu Shi Qing knew at a glance that she hadn’t acted up for a long time, so her heart was itchy. The corner of his mouth twitched and he said, “If I dislike you, who will give birth to the child for me?”

“You’re still greedy, I already giving you peace of mind by conceiving a pair at once like you wishes!” Yuan Ci Xian tilted her head and scolded him.

He twisted her head back: “Don’t move around.” Then continued, “What if you give birth to a boy and a girl, I still don’t feel comfortable.”

“…” Lame excuse!

The two of them argued until it passed the time that Lu Shi Qing promised to Zheng Zhuo. Fortunately, Zheng Zhuo was sitting by the back window, and he could clearly see the movement in the courtyard through the open window. Seeing that they hadn’t finished washing, he was not in a hurry. It was just that playing wumu alone was a bit boring, so he looked at them every now and then.

He saw that there were two symmetrical locust trees planted in the courtyard. The leaves had all fallen. They looked a bit bleak at first, but under the midwinter sun, they inexplicably transpired a bit of vitality, as if they were covered with a dense green.

He looked at the two people under the tree who were arguing vigorously, Yuan Ci Xian seemed to be angered by Lu Shi Qing, flicked two fingers, and shot a little acacia foam from her hair to the tip of his nose.

Lu Shi Qing was laughing angrily after being provoked, and raised his hand to wipe it off, but he hesitated for a moment because his hands were also covered with greasy acacia.

Seeing this, Yuan Ci Xian smiled and picked out a handkerchief from her sleeve, then tilted her neck and stretched her arms to help him gently wipe it.

He vaguely heard her say: “Okay, I won’t bother you anymore.”

Lu Shi Qing looked bitter but swallowed his anger, and continued to rub her.

Seeing this, he retracted his eyes, looked down at the pale golden sunlight falling on the window, pursed his lips and smiled, but there was a slight sense of loss in his eyes.

It seems to be a very interesting washing people’s hair.

After about another stick of incense, Lu Shi Qing finally finished washing Yuan Ci Xian’s hair, wiped it twice with a towel and said, “It’s not dry enough, I’ll ask someone to wipe it for you later.”

Yuan Ci Xian turned around and looked at him unpleasantly: “People should sending Buddha to the west, and you’re just throwing me away halfway!”

He smiled helplessly: “It’s been too long. Someone is waiting for me in the study.”


He pointed to the back window of the study, motioning her to look for herself.

Yuan Ci Xian followed his finger, and saw Zheng Zhuo sitting there on the other side of the open window, sipping the tea from the teapot in his hand. Noticing her gaze, he turned his head and nodded to her, greeting her with a faint smile.


Such a big prince was sitting not far away, but she was lying here nonchalantly, which was amazing. Yuan Ci Xian subconsciously wanted to prop herself up and sit upright, but saw Zheng Zhuo made a gesture to signal her not to move.

Lu Shi Qing also held her down: “Why are you being polite with him?”

Yuan Ci Xian thought that he was too rude, if she had known that Zheng Zhuo was waiting, she would not have delayed him for so long, and wrinkled her nose at him and said “You go quickly.”

Lu Shi Qing sent someone to take her back, then got up and went back to the study, and saw Zheng Zhuo’s servant coming from the courtyard, closing the window agilely, so he glared at him: “You picked a good place to watch.”

Zheng Zhuo smiled: “Thanks to Assistant Minister Lu’s praise, the humble one only has a mediocre understanding of the art of war.”

“Tell me, what’s going on?”

Zheng Zhou didn’t laugh at this time, said, “Something happened to the Huihu.”

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