Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Marriage Proposal


Zheng Pei choked with anger, and glared at Zheng Zhuo fiercely. But he couldn’t get annoyed at Yuan Ci Xian for not giving him face, after all the other person did call “Your Highness”, and it was him who answered too slow.

A somewhat helpless smile appeared in Zheng Zhuo’s eyes.

This Lancang County Princess was very clever, just now she exchanged glances with him, obviously intending to join him in the same boat, but she wanted him to be the villain, and she herself was innocent.

Yuan Ci Xian nodded without guilt: “This idea is interesting. How about those who throw odd number get into one boat and those who throw even number get into the other boat?”

If so, doesn’t it depend on Heaven’s Will? Zheng Pei was so angry that he was about to get sick, and was about to refuse, but when he saw her finish saying this, she suddenly tilted her head and smiled at him.

With white teeth and red lips, the bright smile made him speechless, and it took him a while to realize that this smile was not a smile, and the supple red lips clearly mouthing something to him: odd.

It’s not that the beauty doesn’t follow, but she’s shy, so she used a roundabout way!

He felt relieved, and said proudly: “Okay, let’s use this method!”

Soon a maid brought four dice, each of the four people held one, and threw them one by one on a wooden plate.

Zheng Pei tossed an odd number first, then looked at the rest of the people with joy. Seeing Zheng Zhuo tossed an even number immediately, his whole body felt giddy.

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t have the ability to throw whatever she wanted. Seeing this, she weighed the dice in her hand, glanced at Zheng Zhuo, and had a look “it’s up to you”.

Zheng Zhuo smiled lightly, signaling her to rest assured.

She got the hint and threw the dice, and lo and behold, it was really an even number.

Zheng Pei was dumbstruck.

Could it be he misunderstood that his love was reciprocated, and Yuan Ci Xian’s smile just now was just a smile?

Lu Shi Qing glanced at Zheng Zhuo, who was holding a magnet and kept making small movements under the wooden tray, casually tossed an odd number. When Zheng Pei was still confused, he walked towards the canoe, stopped on the shore and turned back: “Ninth Highness, would you like to go first?”

Yuan Ci Xian got on a boat with Zheng Zhuo as she wished and left first.

Zheng Pei’s face turned pale, foolishly stuck for a long time before stepping on the canoe. Didn’t know if it was because of the sun, or because he was angry, he swayed when he sat down and almost fell into the water.

Lu Shi Qing stepped back a little, as if he was afraid that he would pass on his sickness to him, so he sat on the opposite side and said calmly, “If Your Highness is unwell, this official can go back to the shore with you.”

Seeing Yuan Ci Xian and Zheng Zhuo’s canoe gradually drifted away, he gritted his teeth: “No need.” Then he instructed the boatman, “Follow up!

The lake was wide, the water hibiscus was curling up on the surface, the green leaves and red flower pave most of the lake, and the canoe must travel slowly in between. Fortunately, the boatman who was holding the pole was skilled, and he gently and cleverly avoided a few turns, and then stir the boat to sail forward leisurely.

It was just for Zheng Pei, these wobbles were not light. After a while, he became dizzy due to the continuous bending of his head, his stomach was churning, and a sour gas gradually rushed up to his throat.

He tried his best to suppress it, but unexpectedly, there was a large water hibiscus in front of them. As soon as the boatman’s long pole avoid it, the canoe shook, he couldn’t hold it any longer, and with a “hurk”, he was about to spit it out.

The opposite Lu Shi Qing’s face changed greatly, he hurriedly got up and backed away, but because the canoe was narrow, there was no way to avoid it, in a hurry, he had no choice but to jump into the water with a “pop”.

At the same time, Zheng Pei threw up a large amount of vomit. As the wind passed, the juice splashed on the boat.

It all happened so fast.

Yuan Ci Xian and Zheng Zhuo suddenly looked back when they heard the sound, both of them were stunned.

Seeing his sweetheart looked over, Zheng Pei, who was covered in vomit, wished he could pass out immediately, but his body felt comfortable after throwing up, he couldn’t faint even if he wanted to.

The boatman was startled, and hurriedly dropped the long pole and pleaded guilty to him.

Lu Shi Qing was no better than Zheng Pei. The person was in the lake, drenched all over, with mud stains all over his face, and water beads dripping down from his temples. One hand was like a life-saving straw, tightly grasped the green lotus branch, and the whole body was surrounded by a circle of red water hibiscus.

This scene really deserves the word alluring.

In the dead silence, a crisp laughter sounded.

He knew who it was as soon as he heard it, turned around and stabbed Yuan Ci Xian with a fierce look. Unexpectedly, it fell on the white gauze of her veil hat, making her neither hurt nor itchy.

The servants on the shore had come in this direction. Zheng Zhuo also instructed the boatman to push back.

When she was in front of Lu Shi Qing, Yuan Ci Xian lifted the white gauze, looked down at him and explained, “Please don’t blame, Assistant Minister Lu, the laugh just now, it’s because of your unsullied elegance after coming out of the mud.”

Lu Shi Qing shivered all over.

He already chose the lesser of the two evils, why should this girl remind him that the lake was full of mud, and it’s not much better than Zheng Pei’s filth!

Zheng Zhuo laughed and told the people on the shore to take care of Zheng Pei, then got up and stretched out his hand to Lu Shi Qing, “Come.”

Seeing this, Yuan Ci Xian quickly told Shi Cui to go to the bow of the boat to steady it, lest the two of them move too much and make this unreliable boat capsize. But Zheng Zhuo pulled up Lu Shi Qing, and the boat under their feet was still very stable, hardly even shaking.

She glanced at his flexing arm.

To be able to easily pick up a man who was about the same size as him, he must be a martial art practitioner with deep foundation. Zheng Zhuo this person, perhaps not as gentle as he looked on the surface.

Lu Shi Qing was shaking so much that every joint of his body was moving. Just as he shrank his hands and feet and sat down at the stern, the muddy water slowly dripped down from head to toe.

Yuan Ci Xian held back a smile and handed over a handkerchief: “Assistant Minister Lu, do you want to wipe it?” Seeing his disgust, she added, “I think this handkerchief is cleaner than you are now.” After speaking, smilingly held up her finger and making a “little bit” gesture.

Lu Shi Qing gritted his teeth, stared at her without moving.

Zheng Zhuo laughed loudly and instructed the boatman to go back to the shore. Seeing Yuan Ci Xian still stretched out her hand, he took her handkerchief and stuffed it into Lu Shi Qing’s palm and collected it for him, saying, “I’ll take care of the ninth brother for you. You go back to the house to take a bath and rest, no need to go teach the thirteenth brother today.”

Lu Shi Qing finally said “um”.

Yuan Ci Xian’s smile froze slightly when she heard the words, and asked, “Does Assistant Minister Lu usually teach Thirteenth Highness on his study?”

Seeing that he didn’t spit out a word, Zheng Zhuo answered “yes” for him.

The three then went ashore together.

Zheng Pei lost all face and fled long ago. Lu Shi Qing looked like this, and was naturally sent back to his mansion by the servant. Only Yuan Ci Xian and Zheng Zhuo were left on the shore.

Originally the two of them were tacitly aware that they were going to take advantage of the boat to speak alone, but this time it didn’t take much effort at all.

Zheng Zhuo asked straight to the point: “Why did County Princess want to share the boat with me?”

Yuan Ci Xian motioned Shi Cui to retreat a little further, and not letting others to approach, then replied: “Your Highness, let’s talk frankly. You went to great lengths to collude with my brother to come and see me, so you should have something to say to me. And I shared a boat with you, naturally want to hear what you have to say.”

Yuan Yu’s lousy acting skills were full of loopholes, Yuan Ci Xian guessed it early on. She thought it was Zheng Zhuo who discussed with her elder brother to meet her, and then used Zheng Pei’s convenience.

Her words were straightforward, and Zheng Zhuo’s eyes showed a slight surprise, “County Princess is straightforward, I also won’t beat around the bushes. I come here to propose marriage to County Princess.”

Yuan Ci Xian felt this sentence of asking for marriage was like saying “Why don’t we have wontons for lunch today”.

His face was calm, so she also listened calmly. She raised her head slightly to look at him and said, “Your Highness wants to marry me, why don’t you discuss it with my brother and father, or ask His Majesty to confer the marriage? Asking me about this, not to mention whether it’s against the etiquette, I am afraid it’s meaningless. If I agree, you have to go back and ask the elders to call the shots, and if I don’t, will you give up this idea?”

Zheng Zhuo replied: “County Princess is different from the other young ladies. If I didn’t ask County Princess first, and blindly requested the imperial decree, and thus offending Diannan Prince, afraid the end will be difficult. I also knew of this faux pas, so I borrowed the name of the ninth brother. Of course, the so-called parents’ orders, the words of the matchmaker, if County Princess accept me, the etiquette that should be taken would be make up for entirely.”

That sounded barely sincere. With the matter of Nanzhao Crown Prince before, it seemed Zheng Zhuo also knew how much Diannan Prince love his daughter. If he wanted to ask the old man, it would probably be in vain. How to decide, still have to listen to Yuan Ci Xian, so it was better to be direct.

Yuan Ci Xian nodded: “Then why does Your Highness want to marry me?”

Zheng Zhuo froze slightly.

She smiled: “If Your Highness didn’t ask me then that’s it, but since you said you want to listen to my wishes, you should at least give me a reason to accept you, right? If really let me choose, there are many people who want to marry me, so why should it be you?”

Zheng Zhuo didn’t show embarrassment at first, but after hearing this, his eyes moved slightly, seemed to be stumped by the question.

She continued to laugh: “If the person standing here at this moment is His Ninth Highness, maybe he can say with straight face that he wants to marry me because I’m good-looking. What about you?” Seeing that he still didn’t speak, she pulled down the corner of her mouth, “Your Highness’s sincerity, I have seen it clearly. I’ll take my leave.”

She turned around and left, Zheng Zhuo subconsciously moved one step: “Wait.”

Yuan Ci Xian turned around, saw him hesitate and said: “Today I was abrupt, but at this time, it’s not suitable to talk about things here. If County Princess does not dislike it, in three days, I will send someone to the door to discuss with your esteemed brother in detail.”

She looked at him quietly for a while, then said: “So, in three days, I will decide whether to consider Your Highness’s proposal. ”


    Small theater:

Lu Shi Qing: Director, did the crew send out the wrong script? Is this drowning scene really for the hero?

Director Gu (overbearing CEO face): Are you questioning my professionalism now?

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