Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 54 Part 1

Chapter 54 Part 1


The tip of a warm and soft tongue brushed over his lower lip, and the touch that had not been experienced for seven years almost caused Lu Shi Qing to tremble.

That’s right, this is it, it’s this familiar taste.

However, after the trembling, he looked down at her smiling eyes, her bright-like-a-pearl tip of the nose, and the two small white teeth faintly exposed between her vermilion lips when she spoke. Then the agitation in his bones kept surging up, the hot tide pushed and tossed in his chest, pulling him out of the trembling.

Then, all that was left of him was flesh and instinct.

Lu Shi Qing pursed his wet lips, pursed a trace of sweetness, and his eyes went dark. He tried his best to restrain himself, and calmly replied: “It’s not like this.”

“Oh?” Yuan Ci Xian recalled back, thought in her heart that it was right, then suspiciously said, “That’s…” Before she said another word, he grabbed her waist and her whole person was forced to rush forward, barely stopping at the edge of the threshold.

Then, Lu Shi Qing kissed her like a storm, and while she was talking and opening her mouth, he crossed the mountain gate and drove straight into her mouth, grabbed her presumptuous tongue.

Yuan Ci Xian felt a buzzing in her head. This reward is too much!

She subconsciously wanted to retreat, but his hand imprisoned her waist. She wanted to pinch him, but he had anticipated it, and locked her wrist with the other hand.

He knocked her nose with his and breathed.

He insatiably licked the inside of her mouth, go up to heaven and down to hades, and explored every inches.

At first Yuan Ci Xian was angry that he was taking advantage of her, but when she opened her eyes, she saw his tightly closed eyes, slightly trembling eyelashes, and forehead that was dripping with sweat in the dead winter, she actually gave birth to a strange throbbing again. Feeling his nervousness, his cherishment, she somehow felt a great satisfaction welling up in her heart.

But she soon lost sight of it. Perhaps sensing that she no longer resisting, Lu Shi Qing let go of her wrist, and covered her eyes with his palm.

His initial impatience gradually subsided, he then slowly left from her world, lingered on her lips, sucked the corners of her lips to soothe, and finally let her go. He was silent for a moment while looking at her, said in a hoarse voice: “It should be like this.”

Yuan Ci Xian realized after a moment of surprise, he wanted to say that he was restoring the truth about being kissed by a dog for her.

Her cheeks were flushed, and she didn’t know whether he kissed her or got angry with her. After gasping for a while, she said fiercely: “What do you mean it’s like this? You’re lying through your teeth. Your dog is so capable, huh! Who are you bluffing?” After saying that, she gasped a few more times, and subconsciously made a swallowing motion.

Seeing her action, Lu Shi Qing’s Adam’s apple rolled, he turned his head and coughed: “Maybe I remembered it wrong.” After saying that, he seemed to be at a loss as to where to go, confused whether to go with left foot or right foot, and in the end turned around to go back to the room with a not particularly steady and slightly buoyant pace.

Yuan Ci Xian followed, but unexpectedly when she crossed the threshold, her legs were soft, the soles of her feet felt like stepping on cotton, and she almost fell down like Jiang Bi Rou, but thankfully there was the door frame providing a handle.

Seeing Lu Shi Qing turned his head when he heard the sound, she immediately stood upright, and asked with a questioning look: “What?”

Lu Shi Qing said “Oh”, and pointed to the door: “Don’t close the door, the room is stuffy, let it ventilate.”

It’s dead winter, let him ventilate the northwest wind!

She secretly scolded him “trouble”, left half of the door open for him, then steadied her steps, walked to his desk and sat down. Breaking the overly ambiguous atmosphere, she said: “The Jiang family’s affairs are not that simple, right?” Maybe… Minister Jiang is actually Ping Prince’s person?”

If Jiang Min had never been involved in the assassination, no matter how Lu Shi Qing tried to lure him, it would be impossible for him to write that letter. And the mastermind behind the assassination was Ping Prince, so Jiang Min was working for him.

In other words, what happened in the previous life was likely to be like this – the Jiang family supported Ping Prince at first, but in order to avoid the risk of Ping Prince’s defeat, they quietly put their feet in other boats, while also currying favor with Emperor Huining. Later, maybe it was Ping Prince who hated such a duplicitous person, or maybe it was because he was getting irrelevant, the Jiang family rushed to show their favor to Zheng Zhuo who had become more powerful.

As for Emperor Huining, the Jiang family, who was used to being a fence-sitter, must have another card up their sleeve, which was more in line with their style: Sent Jiang Bi Can to Zheng Zhuo’s bed, let her to sit in the Prince Consort’s position, and curry favor with him; While on the other hand, they expressed their loyalty towards the old emperor, saying that the Jiang family would definitely monitor the Sixth Prince Mansion for him.

In this way, Jiang Bi Rou was finally able to receive His Majesty’s mercy, and it made sense to escape death.

Lu Shi Qing nodded, indicating that what she said was right.

Yuan Ci Xian found that since returning from the south, he didn’t shy away from her on political issues. There was a “source of information” here, it would be a waste if she didn’t inquire, so she continued to ask: “How long has the Jiang family been working for Ping Prince?”

He glanced at her: “Since he is a hidden stake, how can he show it on the surface? I’m also only became sure of it recently.”

Otherwise, he would have wiped away Jiang Bi Rou’s shit for the Yuan family long ago.

Yuan Ci Xian thought it was made sense, if the Jiang family and Ping Prince had no ability at all, they wouldn’t have been jumping around for so long in the previous life. She asked this question just to confirm whether Jiang Bi Rou had ulterior motives when she married into the Yuan family.

If the Jiang family had been advising Ping Prince for many years, they must have wanted to use this marriage to persuade the Yuan family to stand together. But the Yuan family really didn’t want to get involved in these things before, so Jiang Bi Rou’s pillow talk didn’t work. Later, Yuan Yu had a close contact with Zheng Zhuo, and she found out the clues. Under the conflict of interests, she told Jiang Min about it.

It was precisely because of the Jiang family’s interference that Ping Prince suspected that Xu Shan was not dead, and even worked for Zheng Zhuo. And because he was concerned about the relationship between the Yuan family and Zheng Zhuo, he colluded with Nanzhao to make the Shangzhou’s plan.

If it weren’t for Yuan Yu’s constant concern for Jiang Bi Rou’s weak body and didn’t get her involve too much, afraid the Yuan family and Zheng Zhuo might have been dragged into the water by the Jiang family and Ping Prince long ago.

But this was her brother’s own good fruit, and Yuan Ci Xian would never excuse the Jiang family.

She continued to ask: “How did you lure Minister Jiang to send that secret letter?”

“It’s nothing unusual.” Lu Shi Qing explained, “It’s just that that official from Shangzhou was mentioned in the letter to your brother, making Jiang mistakenly thought that your brother has caught his handle, and may make him confess at any time. After Minister Jiang learned about it, he naturally couldn’t hold his breath. That official was deeply involved, and silencing him by killing won’t cut off the trail and prevent future troubles, so there was this secret letter.”

Yuan Ci Xian pondered for a while and said: “But Minister Jiang must have also exchanged secret letter with Shangzhou before, but he has never been detected. You must have planted an informant next to His Majesty to intercept the letter and send it to him, right?”

Lu Shi Qing looked at She: “You guessed it all, why are you asking?”

Yuan Ci Xian smiled slyly, leaned over and said, “Lu Shi Qing, it’s very dangerous for you to tell me all this. My relationship with His Majesty is actually pretty good.”

He raised his eyelids a little: “I thought you were a person who knew how repay kindness. ”

Yuan Ci Xian muttered, “I already repay it just now…”

Lu Shi Qing choked.

Oh, he worked so hard to bring down one of the forces for her, and she repaid it with one kiss?

He reckoned that she didn’t think much about it.

He emphasized: “Is that all you ask of the Jiang family?” The implication was that there were still other things he could do later.

Yuan Ci Xian shook his head: “Of course not.” Then she said with a virtuous face, “It seems impossible for His Majesty to deal with Minister Jiang for me. At most, he will vent his anger on my sister-in-law. I’ve just made enough gestures in front of him, just waiting for your follow-up move. How is it, don’t I have a tacit understanding with you?”

Heh, this face changed really quickly.

“There’s no tacit understanding.” Lu Shi Qing said coldly, “It’s just that you happened to have a brain.”


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