Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 50

Chapter 50


When she said these words, Lu Shi Qing had pictures in his head.

But he had already compromised with her several times today, and he wanted to demand something in return, so he was going to hang her for a while, and refused: “If I have time to teach you, it’s be better for me to copy it myself.” After saying that, he continued to bow his head and copy the text.

Yuan Ci Xian didn’t expect him to use the ‘loosen the reins to grasp better’ trick, and thought unhappily that this was a pretty good idea, it was a reasonable way to get the so-called interaction between men and women. Two people spent twice or thrice the amount of time to do something that could be done quickly by one person. This was called fun.

She sighed heavily, said “Okay”, then leaned against the wall of the carriage, knocked her chin on his desk, looked sluggish, and watched him move his brush.

Lu Shi Qing endured her cold observation for a while, and felt that it was almost time, so he put down his brush and said, “Why, you really want to learn?”

Yuan Ci Xian nodded her chin.

“But I generally don’t accept students, unless the other party’s dried meat gift is sincere enough.”

This dried meat gift was a remuneration for studying under a respected teacher. If Yuan Ci Xian still couldn’t see his strategy now, it’s a waste of studying the art of war for many years.

Hey, he was playing tricks on her and wanted her to kiss him.

She pretended not to understand, touched her sleeves, took out a money pouch, and said aggrievedly: “This is all my belongings right now, you can take it. If it’s not enough, after I reconcile with my brother, I will ask him for more and give it to you…”

Lu Shi Qing choked. He also thought that she took the initiative to hug his neck and pull his belt last night, she had already turned the key, and found a way to casted herself on him, but it all came to nothing.

He hated iron for not becoming steel, but if he said too much, he would reveal what he was thinking, so he took the pouch with a sigh: “It’s a bit small, it’ll make do for now.” Then he stuffed the brush into her palm and beckoned, “Come here.”

Sure enough, things could be done without kissing. Yuan Ci Xian leaned over and sat upright next to him, and heard him say: “Hold the brush.”

She was not a three-year-old child, naturally there was no problem with holding the brush, and her posture was very accurate, but Lu Shi Qing insisted that she was wrong: “Who taught you to write like this?”

This was picking out bones in an egg (deliberately find fault). He didn’t get a kiss, so took revenge on her like this.

She glanced at him: “My father taught me. What, do you want to fight him?”

Oh, if you can’t fight, don’t fight.

He coughed, and continued to nitpick: “Press, push, hook, block, support, which finger is right?”

Yuan Ci Xian clicked her tongue in her heart, okay, okay, didn’t he just want to teach her hand-in-hand, then give him a chance now.

She spread her hand to signal him to teach.

Lu Shi Qing naturally wrapped his arm around her shoulders, straightened her fingers one by one, and said, “Hang your wrist.”

Yuan Ci Xian’s ears were numb for a moment, and if it wasn’t for her good concentration, she almost fell on top of him.

Oh good heaven, how could this man suddenly speak to her in such a low and seductive voice, and even spray his breath on her earlobe.

Before Yuan Ci Xian came back to her senses, she heard Lu Shi Qing urging again: “Put the brush down.”

She said “Oh” and pressed her wrist down.

It’s really inconvenient to write hand-in-hand in a carriage, because one person couldn’t completely retreat while the other person was behind, they could only stick to each other awkwardly, and the two got closer and closer. Finally, Yuan Ci Xian almost leaned on Lu Shi Qing, and Lu Shi Qing also put his chin on her shoulder.

In this situation, from the perspective of a bystander, it was already difficult to tell who was seducing whom.

The wheels of the carriage were rolling round and round outside, but it was so quiet inside the carriage that one could even hear the sound of dripping ink. Yuan Ci Xian’s heart was beating like a drum, and almost overwhelmed by this intimate posture. Feeling that Lu Shi Qing’s heartbeat behind her was not as fast as hers, she refused to accept it, moved her butt, and sat on his lap.

Lu Shi Qing’s heart pounded violently, almost jumping out of his throat. Seeing that she was very at ease, he gritted his teeth and pressed the side of his face against hers.

At this time Yuan Ci Xian was almost out of breath.

This one tease that one tease, so many teases!

Why do people hurt each other? Hearts were beating fast, and lives were almost lost!

However, whoever dodge first means whoever took it heart first, whoever took it to heart first means whoever loses first. Neither of them wanted to lose, and both of them wanted to crush each other to death until the last breath. Finally, both of them made up their mind, one turned to the back, while the other bowed down, and two pair of lips met each other.



The four lips interlock, and the four eyes met.

My God! both thought together.

Lu Shi Qing and Yuan Ci Xian maintained a lip-to-lip posture, eye to nose, nose to heart, waiting for the other to move away first, but neither of them moved until a gust of cold wind suddenly poured into the carriage.

“Mas…” Cao An, who wanted to say that they had arrived, lifted the curtain of the carriage. He was dumbfounded for a moment, and quickly loosened his hand, and put down the curtain.

He was stunned for a while, then immediately turned and ran away. It’s terrible, when Master reacts, he’ll become a dead meat.

The moment Cao An turned around and ran towards the gate of the mansion, Lu Shi Qing and Yuan Ci Xian also came back to their senses. Both compromised, each jumped back, and after glancing at each other, both squeezing each other to rushed out of the carriage door.

Before leaving, Yuan Ci Xian didn’t forget to pull that paper full of ghost-writing Sanskrit to cover her face.

In the Lu Mansion, Lu Shuang Yu, who was sitting in the courtyard eating winter jujube, watched the usually calm Cao An ran like his pants were on fire, followed by an unknown woman who covered her face with a paper, and in the end, her brother, who rarely even took a quick step and had always been calm and composed, galloped past.

Her mouth was wide opened as big as a winter jujube, asked the maid beside her, “Have they all been chased by ghosts?”

After asking, she felt that there was a more important question worth exploring: “Who’s that young lady who just passed?”

Yuan Ci Xian should have returned to Yuan Mansion, after all, last night she said she would only bother him for one night. But due to the special situation just now, Lu Shi Qing didn’t even have time to drive her away. She also rushed in regardless, and stayed in this kind of unclear way.

Seeing this, Xuan shi thought that the two of them had discussed it, so naturally she would not show the guest to the door, and ordered the servants to cook a table of delicious dishes. But when it was lunch time, she did not see Lu Shi Qing, and after sending someone to inquire, he seemed to have a slight discomfort and would not come to eat.

Having regained her composure, Yuan Ci Xian, who was sitting by the table, showed a triumphant smile. Lu Shi Qing still lost.

Seeing this, Lu Shuang Yu on the other side frowned, and asked: “My brother is not feeling well, why is County Princess so happy?” She didn’t seem to welcome Yuan Ci Xian, only pouted when she learned that Yuan Ci Xian would stay here for a few nights.

Yuan Ci Xian was afraid that her future mother-in-law would misunderstand, so she hurriedly said: “Sister Shuang Yu, I’m not happy, I’m worried about your brother.” Afraid that the other person would not believe it, she pointed to her face and said affirmatively, “This is the expression when you’re worried about someone.”

But Xuan shi seemed to have seen something, recalling what the servant said, and the scene where the two of them rushed in one after the other just now, she knew everything clearly, and said: “Don’t worry about him, we’ll just eat.”

After lunch, Lu Shuang Yu took a food box and planned to visit her brother who happened to be sick, but was cut off by Xuan shi, who then handed it over to Yuan Ci Xian.

Yuan Ci Xian choked upon seeing this. In fact, she hadn’t recovered completely, and she didn’t want to see Lu Shi Qing at all. But seeing Xuan shi watching her so earnestly, how could she say “no”. After all, she was a free eater here.

She had no choice but to smile shyly, and said that she would definitely deliver it, and watched him eat it with her own eyes. But when she arrived at Lu Shi Qing’s study, she saw that there was no one there, and only after asking the servants did she found out that he had been bathing in the clean room for half an hour.

This cleanliness freak wouldn’t wipe his lips for half an hour, right!

Yuan Ci Xian was not very happy, so she put the food box heavily on the table, held her breath and waited for him to come out. When she was bored, she saw a Sanskrit annotation book on the side, took it and flipped through it.

She suddenly remembered that just now when Lu Shi Qing held her hand, the Sanskrit text she wrote seemed to be different from the ghostly symbols in the Buddhist scriptures.

Could it be that he actually wrote a love poem to her?

Yuan Ci Xian suddenly got a little excited, took out the piece of paper from her sleeve, and translated it word by word according to the annotation book. She was expecting to be dazzled, but after dizzily translating it, her face turned dark instead.

What the hell?

“Zou Ji is more than eight feet tall, but his appearance is beautiful. Dressed in court clothes, looking into the mirror, he said to his wife: ‘Who’s more beautiful, me or Xu Gong in the north of the city?’ His wife said: ‘Husband is very beautiful, how can Xu Gong be as good as Husband?'”

Isn’t it the article “Zou Ji satirizes the king of Qi and accepts advice in “Strategies of the Warring States“? At the beginning, Zou Ji, who was eight feet tall and beautiful, asked his wife in the mirror who was more beautiful, he or Xu Gong, a handsome man in the north of the city. Then his wife replied, “You are so beautiful, how can Xu Gong compare with you!”

What Lu Shi Qing wanted to imply when he wrote such thing? If Zou Ji in this article referred to himself, and this wife referred to her, then who was Xu Gong in the north of the city?

Xu Shan? It doesn’t make sense. How could Lu Shi Qing know about her intersection with Xu Shan.

Zheng Zhuo? But his surname was not Xu.

She was still in a daze when she suddenly heard the door of the clean room was opened with a “click”. When she looked up, she saw Lu Shi Qing standing there in the inner robe. Seeing her as if he had seen a ghost, he turned around and rushed back through the door.

When he came out again, he was neatly dressed and had a dignified manner, then smiled at her: “Didn’t know that County Princess has grace this place with your presence, please forgive for not welcoming you.”

“…” Did she go back to five months ago?

Yuan Ci Xian gritted her teeth, not pretending to be stupid for him, and asked directly: “Why did you go to take a bath after kissing me? You explained it clearly to me.”

Lu Shi Qing, who failed to pretend to be stupid, choked.

What can he do? After getting out of the carriage, his tent had been roaring and refusing to stop, so he took a bath to save himself.

But how could he tell her that it was because she was too good to hold and kiss.

In Yuan Ci Xian’s eyes, his unspeakable appearance meant that he thought she was dirty. She was so angry that she rushed to him, raised her head and bit his lower lip, and said fiercely: “Go and wash it again if you dare!”

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