Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 114

Chapter 114 Ending II


The dead is dead, but the living has to continue to live. Yuan Ci Xian tried her best to gather her spirit, then ordered people to settle Zheng Zhuo, protect Zheng Hong, and then rode out with Yuan Yu.

They got the news that the Nanzhao old king secretly arrived in the imperial city when Xi Ju left the country three days ago, and had contacted his old ministers. Now he had launched a denunciation in the Nanzhao Palace, preparing to turn this evil son out of Nanzhao.

The firecracker that Lu Shi Qing had buried for so long finally exploded when it was time to blow up. The whole country was shocked, and the old king, who had stood in the royal court of Nanzhao for decades, won the support of the majority, and the officials under Xi Ju couldn’t argue with it. After all, if they dared to say that the assassination was done by Great Zhou, it would be tantamount to admitting that Xi Ju was collaborating with the enemy and treason for the sake of seeking power, and the situation would be even worse.

Yuan Ci Xian knew that the opportunity to catch everything in one net had come. Xi Ju was outside the country, and there was no Nanzhao behind him as a barrier. Presumably at this time, he no longer had the energy to covet the Great Zhou.

The two took their men and drove all the way in the direction where Zheng Zhuo had come, and received a letter confirming the location of Shi Cui and Cao An. Yuan Yu immediately wanted to turn his horse and chase, but was stopped by Yuan Ci Xian: “It’s the first news that came out from Nanzhao, Xi Ju should have guessed that Shi Cui was a trap set by us, and now he must have stayed away from her.”

Yuan Yu patted his head, signaling that he was stupid.

Yuan Ci Xian continued: “I fought against him once in Diannan four years ago. At that time, I led the army to help Father, and then he was defeated and fled. I took advantage of the victory and pursued, but in the end it was too late to capture him. And the reason why he was able to escape was because he was always following a position that I couldn’t see, which was the rear of the army. He was audacious and opportunistic.”

“You mean, he is repeating his old tricks?”

“Naturally not now. But if we send more people, pretend to be headless chickens, and search with great fanfare, we may be able to lure him to our rear. When people are desperate, the first thing they think of is always the most familiar trick.”

After the brother and sister discussed more, Yuan Yu would act as this headless chicken, while Yuan Ci Xian hid in the dark, so after a day and a night, there was indeed a trace of Xi Ju at noon the next day.

The so-called hiding in the rear was naturally not the distance of trailing. Xi Ju and his entourages along with an exquisite carriage appeared ten miles behind Yuan Yu. Yuan Ci Xian spotted a terrain with mountain on one side and river on the other, then instructed Chen Zhan to flank him.

The two sides quickly fought around the carriage.

Xi Ju was originally a good fighter, but Chen Zhan and the others had just suffered the loss of Zheng Zhuo. At this moment, their eyes were filled with rage, and they were ready to tear him apart and devour him. The attack was fierce, resembling the ferocity of a pack of wolves and tigers.

Yuan Ci Xian took a few people with her. Armed with crossbow and arrows, she hid herself halfway up the low mountain beside the road. She knew that that with Xi Ju’s keen mind, he must have known where she was, and her purpose of hiding was not to sneak attack, but to distract him.

She was halfway up the mountain, no matter how powerful Xi Ju was, it was impossible for him to shoot the arrow at such a position, so he couldn’t get rid of her. Since he couldn’t attack her, he must be on guard at all time to avoid leaving an opening for her. With his hands tied, it gave Chen Zhan an opportunity to take advantage.

Yuan Ci Xian was on a high place, her eyes fixed on the motionless carriage.

Xi Ju fled for his life but sill took the carriage with him. Logically speaking, there was Shaohe or the empress hidden inside, which he could use as a shield, but since the beginning he hadn’t brought anyone out. Was it because the time has not yet come, or Shaohe and the empress had already been rescued by Zheng Zhuo, and this was a scam?

With Xi Ju’s cunning mind, the latter may not be impossible.

She stared at the carriage curtain and watched the battle from the corner of her eye until she saw that Chen Zhan’s side had the upper hand, and Xi Ju had to use the carriage to block the attack, intending to get on his horse and get away.

The carriage was kicked towards the river bank by him, and a woman’s scream could be heard from the inside. At the same time, the curtain of the carriage swung open. Yuan Ci Xian, who had never looked away, saw that it was a substitute arranged by Xi Ju, and quickly shouted: “Ignore it!”

Chen Zhan, who had just subconsciously wanted to rescue the carriage, quickly regained his senses, and slashed forward with his sword. However, Xi Ju had already got on his horse, he raised his wipe, and galloped out at once.

Yuan Ci Xian quickly set up the bow, and released the arrow to break through the air. In the next moment, the sound of two “chi chi” pierced into the flesh overlapped, one arrow went from Xi Ju’s back to the front, and the other went from the front to the back.

The arrow in the front heart belonged to her, but what about the arrow in the back?

Xi Ju was thrown off his horse with a loud crash. Surprised, she looked up and saw a person slowly approaching him in front of the mountain road, holding a crossbow. The person stopped in front of him and said something.

It was Lu Shi Qing. He also rushed back from Huihu.

Yuan Ci Xian felt her throat choke up, and after recalling his lips movements, she realized what he said: “What he suffered, you should suffer too.”

In the exact same position behind his back. She didn’t know how much hatred he must have harbored to kill someone from behind.

When Yuan Ci Xian got down from the mountain, Xi Ju had already dead, and was dragged away by a group of Nanzhao soldiers who were also chasing him. Chen Zhan’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was about to brandish his sword to vent his anger on the corpse, but was stopped by a few clear-headed people around him.

Forget it.

It’s useless, forget it.

Yuan Ci Xian stood far away up the mountain road, and saw Chen Zhan, a big man sitting on the ground crying, smashing his fists into the mud.

Lu Shi Qing rigidly stood there, looking down at him, without a trace of emotion on his face.

But Yuan Ci Xian knew that the calmer he was, the more depressed he was, the more expressionless he was, the more turbulent his heart was. He didn’t even notice her coming down the hill at all.

She stopped where she was and didn’t approach immediately. After a while, she saw Chen Zhan calm down, got up slowly, knelt down in front of Lu Shi Qing, “Assistant Minister Lu, His Highness has something for you.” He took out a letter that had already been pressed for a long time, and solemnly presented it with a nod.

Lu Shi Qing was silent for a while before reaching out to take it, then heard him continue: “His Highness said that you gave him a box the night before you left the capital. In the box were documents that recorded various dirty things about the late emperor, including a series of incriminating evidence. At first, he didn’t understand what you mean, because the contents of this box were useless. Even if they were undeniable, they couldn’t hold the emperor accountable for his crimes. But he later figured it out. You staged a rebellion scene, and supporting him to the throne, this was an extraordinary method in an extraordinary period. This strategy could elevate His Highness, but couldn’t save Great Zhou. And that seemingly useless box is the lifeline of Great Zhou.

“His Highness said that in this drama he played with you, he played the filial son who respected his father. His every move represented the affirmation of the late emperor. His ascension to the throne was not legitimate, so he had to rely on this affirmation, this deep father-son bond that would resonate with the people. However, this contradicts the ideals that both you and he have held all along.

“The late emperor has passed away, but the truth has not yet come to light. If His Highness continues to play this drama, the descendants of Great Zhou will never know why this country is so weak, and will never understand the true Monarch’s way. They will only remember that during the period of the late emperor, there was a rebellion by a powerful minister, which almost caused the dynasty to change its surname, they will continue to walk on the “the path of power tactics” that the first emperor walked. Yes, the courtiers will continue to be deeply involved in party disputes. In this way, even if Great Zhou is lucky enough to survive His Highness’s generation, it will soon come to the point of subjugation.

“His Highness said, you understand this, so you handed over the box to him in hope that one day he will be able to gain a firm foothold, be able to not be afraid of the infamy of “being unjust”, and be able to have the confidence to be an unprecedented emperor and a son like no other.  exposing the sins of the late emperor, awaken the indifferent courtiers and the people of the world. Only then would Great Zhou truly have hope.

“You have such trust in him, but he says he cannot trust himself. He wants to live up to your expectations, but over three to five years, people’s hearts can change easily. Sitting in such a high position, even the hottest blood can slowly cool down. Years later, if he were to reveal the crimes of the late emperor, it would be equivalent to personally overthrowing himself from these years. When he is burdened with accumulated power and surrounded by influence, will he still have the same unwavering determination and pick up that box?

“Once this drama is performed, there may be no way out. Therefore, he thinks that waiting is not an option. Great Zhou cannot afford to wait any longer, and since it should ultimately be done by him, why not do it now? During the few days when His Highness was ‘pursuing you’ out of the city, he personally wrote this document exposing the ugly deeds of the late emperor and handed it to this servant.”

As Chen Zhan reached this point, his eyes turned red again, and he choked up, “Perhaps His Highness never intended to return alive, so everything was arranged in advance, including instructing to the courtiers under him. His death alongside this condemnation document and the box, will become the three pillar that will greatly impact Great Zhou. The part he mentioned about you in the document is enough to clear your name, and with the support of the courtiers under him, you will definitely be able to return and assist Thirteenth Prince. He didn’t want to force Thirteenth Prince to grow up, but he had to. He hopes you can retire a few years later and accompany the young prince through the most difficult journey.”

After Lu Shi Qing listened, he was silent for a long time, opened the condemnation document in his hand, but first pulled out a note from the inside.

There was no signature or inscription on the note, only two lines of writing, beautiful and elegant but strong enough to penetrate the back of the paper. It was written by Zheng Zhuo with his left hand: To seek benevolence and attain it, even in death one has no regrets.

Yuan Ci Xian approached then looked down to read, her nose suddenly became sore.

Lu Shi Qing squeezed the note in his hand, told Chen Zhan to retreat with everyone, and then said her, “Don’t blame yourself.”

She didn’t say anything, but he knew. Yuan Ci Xian shook her head, not knowing what she was feeling.

Lu Shi Qing sighed, looked at her and asked, “In your dream, when did I die?”

She didn’t quite understand why he asked this suddenly, so she hesitated and said, “Not long after His Thirteenth Highness ascended the throne.”

“The court is empty, His Thirteenth Highness has just ascended the throne, and I passed away before I can stabilize the court situation. How long do you think that kind of Great Zhou can last? It will not be more than three years, and the country will surely perish.”

Yuan Ci Xian frowned, for a while couldn’t react to his meaning.

He continued: “But it’s different now. In your dream, A Zhuo died suddenly, but he got nothing. The Great Zhou was coming to an end, and each of our sacrifices were in vain. But now,” he picked up the note in his hand, “He traded his death to awaken the whole court, and I will accompany Thirteenth Highness to rejuvenate the Great Zhou until the we see the light comes.”

He reached out his hand and stroked the hair on her temple: “So don’t blame yourself, because of your change, he seeks benevolence and attain it, and Great Zhou’s tomorrow will be different. Yaoyao, cheer up, let’s go back.”

Yuan Ci Xian’s heart that had been suppressed for a whole day seemed to suddenly come alive, and she nodded desperately: “Go back, go back to the capital.”

Seven days later, on the 11th of Sixth month, the thirteenth imperial son of Great Zhou ascended the throne, and at the enthronement ceremony, Zheng Zhuo, the sixth imperial son, was posthumously named De Prince. Afterwards, the former Assistant Minister of Central Secretariat, who was supposed to have been executed, pleaded to face the emperor. When he came, he brought a heavy coffin. Regardless of the stares of the whole court, he read a condemnation document on behalf of De Prince, who had saved the young emperor from death.

Three thousand essays were eloquently revealed, the evidence of the late emperor’s crimes and the truth about the palace coup’s incident. After he finished speaking, silence filled the entire hall. The young emperor, with a solemn expression, issued his second decree since ascending the throne, promoting Assistant Minister Lu to the position of Prime Minister of Great Zhou and granting him full authority to handle this case, as an act of homage to De Prince’s spirit in heaven.

That was the first year of Changqing.

Seven years later, in the midsummer of the eighth year of Changqing, a carriage with the emblem of the Lu Mansion quietly drove out of the side gate.

A woman’s low grunt came from inside the carriage: “I don’t want to eat this. I want the sour ones.”

Then a male voice sounded, wondering: “Why don’t I remember that you were such a picky eater when you were pregnant with Yuan Zhen and Yuan Shu?”

“I just entered your house, didn’t I have to leave a good impression on Mother as a warm and virtuous woman?” After saying that, she complained about something else, “Speaking of which, I am pregnant with a baby, why do I have to travel all the way back to Luoyang with you to recuperate?”

In the carriage, Lu Shi Qing was holding a bowl of millet porridge without a spoon, and sighed: “It’s not that I’m afraid that you will clash with Chang’an when you’re giving birth.”

Yuan Ci Xian curled her lips: “The way I see it you just want to use my blessing. You want to take a maternity leave, then boil the frogs in warm water, and just stay there and never return to the capital. Let me tell you, His Majesty is a thief at a young age, he won’t let Yuan Shu out of his sight. Do you really think this trip can really get rid of the golden cicada’s shell?”

Lu Shi Qing was so angry that his teeth itched after hearing this, and he drank the porridge he was going to give her, and said, “I already prepare the resignation letter.” He looked like he was about to retire without saying anything.

Yuan Ci Xian looked at him, feeling a little sleepy, and tilted her head in his arms, “I’ll sleep for a while, call me when we arrive.”

He said “um”, leaned on her, and then silently thought about the countermeasures to retire.

Yuan Ci Xian fell asleep comfortably, but in this sleep, she heard the long-lost sound of gurgling water.

It had been seven years, for a while she didn’t react, and it took a long time before she realized that she was inside the stone of Lu Bridge again.

This time, there was a lot of movement on the bridge, as if a cavalry team of ten thousands people were passing by. The trampling horseshoes were deafening, and she heard the harsh sound of weapons slicing across the bluestone slab, with a destructive force, mixed with strange languages ​​and accents of foreigners.

She suddenly understood that foreign countries had invaded Great Zhou and attacked Chang’an.

Amidst countless ear-piercing noises, the bridge swayed violently. Layer by layer of fine stone powder slowly fell, and the bridge finally collapsed with a loud crash.

The stone she was in then fell, and with a “plop” dropped into the water. Her soul hidden inside the stone slowly escaped from the surface of the water and went up to the air.

Because of this, she opened her eyes for the first time in the dream, only to see corpses lying everywhere in Chang’an City, blood pouring out, Daming Palace was burning ragingly, and Zheng Hong, who looked like nine years old, was covered in blood and detained by foreigners, and kicked to the ground.

Yuan Ci Xian woke up suddenly, for a moment almost couldn’t distinguish between dream and reality. She opened the curtain of the carriage and looked out.

Lu Shi Qing asked her what was wrong.

She came back to her senses and understood what happened. Zheng Hong in the dream was nine years old. In other words, in the previous life, when he was nine years old, Great Zhou had perished.

But now, Zheng Hong was thirteen years old.

The carriage just passed the Lu Bridge, and the Lu River outside was gurgling and clear, not the blood color in the dream. The white locust flowers on the locust tree in the distance exuded a rich fragrance, and the people greeted the rising sun, enthusiastically peddling their goods under the tree.

The present world was stable and everything was fine.

She shook her head and replied that it was nothing, then looked at the blue sky above Chang’an City.

Zheng Zhuo, look, it has been seven years, the country prospers and the people at peace, the water of the Yellow River is clear and the sea had no waves. We have turned Great Zhou into what you want.


TN: It’s finish!!! At least the main story, there’s a few extra chapters after this.

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