Let Me Pursue you

Let Me Pursue You – Chapter 101

Chapter 101


In Zichen Hall, Supervisor Zhang was facing the emperor.

Emperor Huining saw that there was no court meeting, so he invited him and then asked, “Why, this morning Supervisor Zhang also heard about the commotion last night?”

Zhang Zhi Xian smiled and cupped his hands: “This matter has caused such a big fuss, afraid both those who should and should not have been alarmed, have been.”

Emperor Huining chuckled and discerned the meaning behind his words, saying, “Supervisor Zhang can speak freely.”

He nodded: “Your Majesty, regardless of who has such a skill to kidnap Assistant Minister Lu’s wife and child from Lu Mansion, don’t you think His Sixth Highness is too concerned about Lancang County Princess? Assistant Minister Lu is fighting for his wife and children, what is Sixth Highness doing it for?”

Emperor Huining didn’t speak for a while. He got the news about last night as soon as he opened his eyes this morning, and immediately sent people out of the city to investigate, and sent a group of imperial physicians to Lu Mansion and another group to the Prince Mansion.

The imperial physician reported Zheng Zhuo’s injury to him, saying that his right hand was fractured, and he could no longer hold a sword and pen for a long time, and it was difficult to say whether he could recover in the future.

He said silently: “Zhen know what you want to say. You want to say that Sixth child’s purpose of saving Ci Xian is not pure, he’s likely trying to please the Yuan family and gain Yuan Yi Zhi’s support. But Zhen tell you, Sixth child’s right hand is most likely crippled.”

Zhang Zhi Xian was shocked.

“If his purpose is really not pure, he should know the proportions. A warrior crippled his right hand, he still has his left hand, but if a prince crippled his right hand, do you think he can still convince the public?”

Zhang Zhi Xian choked suddenly, as if he couldn’t believe that Zheng Zhuo really done it out of some kind of personal affection, and said again: “But the whereabouts of His Highness Six are indeed suspicious. What was he doing outside the city in the middle of the night?”

Emperor Huining gradually became a little impatient: “Zhen had asked, Xue Cairen has been in poor health recently and suffered from migraine. Sixth child asked for a folk prescription, but he lack a rare medicinal herb. He took people to the snow-capped mountains outside the city to look for it in the past two days. Then last night on the way home, he heard the news about the Lu family, and just hurriedly help as it was nearby.”

After all, he was a prince in charge, and it was perfectly normal for his subordinates to set up spies and pay attention to the movements in all directions in the capital. All this alone prove nothing.

Seeing Emperor Huining’s attitude, naturally it was no good for Zhang Zhi Xian to force Zheng Zhuo’s back, and changed his target: “The matter of His Sixth Highness, maybe it’s this minister who thought wrong. But this minister feels that even though it’s justifiable for Assistant Minister Lu to rush back for his wife and children, but this act of running back for thousands of miles is somewhat inconsistent with his usual style. Is it possible for Assistant Minister Lu to be with the Yuan family…”

“Supervisor Zhang!” Emperor Huining interrupted him, ” You need to use your head before you speak like that!!”

While Emperor Huining was angry in the Zichen hall, Yuan Yu was also losing his temper, looking at the two people who were embracing and hugging each other without care for the brother on the side. With a dark face, he gritted his teeth and flung his sleeves to leave, but when he reached the door, he met Jian Zhi and Shi Cui, each holding a child.

He glanced at the little guy in Shi Cui’s arms, gave her a look, and motioned her to go, then opened the door while shaking his wide sleeves.

At first, Lu Shi Qing endured patiently because he knew Yuan Yu was behind him, but now he was hugging Yuan Ci Xian, wanting to have an intimate conversation with her. Hearing footsteps behind him, he looked back and motioned for the two maids to put the child on the bed, and told them to leave.

Seeing this, Yuan Ci Xian touched his face: “I’ll hug you later, give me the baby first. I only saw the sister last night, but I haven’t had time to see the brother.”

Lu Shi Qing sighed, seeing her let go, he turned around and picked up the baby boy beside him.

Probably thinking that she almost lost him, Yuan Ci Xian’s movements were extra careful, but unexpectedly the child started to cry as soon as he was in her arms, and she couldn’t coax him no matter how much she rocked him.

She raised her head in doubt, and asked Lu Shi Qing: “Is he hungry? Did someone nurse him while I’m sleep?”

Lu Shi Qing nodded: “I called a wetnurse here temporarily, and I’ll ask someone to take him out and feed him.” As he spoke, he was about to pick up the child.

Yuan Ci Xian dodged and refused him: “I’m already awake, of course I’ll feed him myself, or what, I should just leave it to the nurse?”

He was silent, seeing that she was going to open her clothes, he held her down, said solemnly: “A man and a woman should not have physical contact.”

What’s wrong with him. She looked at him in disbelief: “This is my son.”

“Son cannot either.”

Yuan Ci Xian pointed her swollen chest at him: “Just you?”

This question was originally a rhetorical question, but Lu Shi Qing nodded: “Just me.”

“Why are you this kind of father…”

Lu Shi Qing raised his eyebrows: “Is this the first day you met me?”

Lu Shi Qing was indeed the type of person who could even eat the vinegar of a male snake and was skilled at giving vinegar himself, but Yuan Ci Xian thought that he would not be so unreasonable about the child’s matter. Looking at his unusually overbearing attitude, she began to have doubts and hesitated, “Could it be that I have some illness and the milk is not good for feeding the child…”

She cursed herself with these words.

Lu Shi Qing’s complexion darkened, and he was about to speak, but saw her face dropped, her expression was gloomy, so he softened again and said, “It’s the doctor who said that your foundation is too weak and your body is too frail, you don’t have enough milk to feed two. You take care of the sister first, hand over the brother to the wetnurse, and we’ll talk about it again when you’re better.”

Yuan Ci Xian responded with an “Oh” and rolled her eyes. It was such a small matter, he could have just said it directly instead of beating around the bush. It almost made her think that she had some incurable disease.

The child kept crying, so Lu Shi Qing turned around and called Shi Cui in, and told her to carry him to the wetnurse.

Yuan Ci Xian glanced at her son reluctantly, and told Shi Cui to send him back after the wetnurse finished feeding him, and then went to hug her daughter again after the door was closed.

The daughter was more well-behaved. When she was picked up, she seemed to know that it was her mother, and she snuggled into her arms, lying comfortably in the crooks of her arms and rubbing her fragrance.

Yuan Ci Xian lowered her head, looked at her small eyebrows intently, and said, “She looks like you.”

The two babies were just born, and it was actually hard to tell whose facial features they looked like, but Yuan Ci Xian just had a vague feeling.

Hearing this, Lu Shi Qing carefully touched the tip of his daughter’s nose, and seeing her wrinkle her nose uncomfortably, the normally calm person actually burst into laugh, and said to Yuan Ci Xian, “The wrinkled nose looks like you.”

Seeing that he had different attitudes towards his son and daughter, Yuan Ci Xian deliberately ridiculed him: “Now you don’t remember your ‘A man and a woman should not have physical contact’?”

Lu Shi Qing seemed to really forget, and reached out to take his daughter: “Let me hold.”

“Is your arm all right?”

He nodded his head: “When I caught it last night, I deliberately adjusted my posture to avoid some momentum, it’s okay.”

Only then did Yuan Ci Xian dare to hand over the child to him. Seeing that her daughter was also the same in his arms, sleeping comfortably against his chest, she couldn’t help but frowned and thought: “So well-behaved, what if people deceive you in the future?”

Lu Shi Qing looked up at her: “Who dares to deceive her, just try it!”

Yuan Ci Xian felt that Lu Shi Qing’s appearance of protecting the calf was interesting, and suddenly wanted to be protected as well, she stretched her arms towards him and said, “I want a hug too.”

Lu Shi Qing glanced at her with a smile, moved the child in his arms, and freed up a hand: “Come here.”

Yuan Ci Xian slipped into his arms, leaned on him while teasing the child in his arms. Suddenly she felt that something was missing, then raised her head and said: “Oh, I almost forgot, I haven’t named them yet!”

Lu Shi Qing also happened to think of this, after hearing it he asked, “You choose or I choose?”

She thought about it and said with a pout: “It’s better for you to choose, you read a lot.”

He smiled: “Our daughter is called Yuan Shu.”

Yuan Ci Xian raised her eyes in surprise: “My surname? That’s not good!”

Lu Shi Qing choked, said with a dark face: “Lu Yuan Shu.”

“Oh.” She embarrassedly laughed and said immediately, “Okay, Yuan means first, Shu means beautiful, and our daughter will be the most beautiful in the world from now on.”

“…” A name that was originally quite meaningful, but in her mouth, how could it be so cliché.

Lu Shi Qing had the expression “as long as you’re happy”, and then heard her ask: “The younger sister is called Lu Yuan Shu, what about the elder brother?” After asking, she thought to herself, “Elder brother shouldn’t be inferior, just choose a beautiful one, right? Lu Yuan Mei, Lu Yuan Liang, Lu Yuan Jun? You choose one.”


Seeing the expression “I choose death” on his face, Yuan Ci Xian sighed: “Okay, it’s up to you.”

Lu Shi Qing stroked her hair to show his appreciation and affirmation of her self-knowledge, and then spread out her palm and wrote a word.

Yuan Ci Xian recognized it: “Zhen ? Lu Yuan Zhen?”

He nodded.

She thought for a while, then nodded like a pounding garlic: “That’s a good word.” She then thumped his chest, “As expected of a Tanhua.”

She thumped very lightly this time, but Lu Shi Qing couldn’t help coughing.

Yuan Ci Xian’s laugh immediately stopped, and when she heard something was wrong with the coughing, she got up from his arms and said, “It hurts the lungs?”

Probably knowing that she had heard it, Lu Shi Qing didn’t deny it, just said: “It doesn’t matter. Just need to rest and recuperate.”

He said it calmly, but Yuan Ci Xian was very uneasy.

Lu Shi Qing’s lung was injured by the knife last year. Now from Huihu to Chang’an, in order to catch up with her labor, he drove non-stop for thousands of miles, on top of that he suffered an internal injury last night. Afraid that the old injury had recurred.

Previously, Yuan Ci Xian was worried that he would break his body when he suffered the wind and frost, rain and snow on this journey, but now that she thought about it, what she was afraid of had come true.

No wonder this morning he couldn’t hold back and passed out, and told Yuan Yu to lie to her.

She remembered that bad dream, remembered the mourning procession and the low cries of the womenfolk in the dream, remembered her depression of not being able to jump out of the stone to take a look at him, and suddenly felt very anxious.

But Yuan Ci Xian didn’t want to be too pessimistic, so she raised her head and said fiercely: “You are not allowed to go to court for a few days. Have a confinement with me!”

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  1. I don’t like the fact that they left the boy overboard lol
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