Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 85

Chapter 85


When Marquis Jing’an came out of the palace, Hua Yang had just woken up.

Her head ached and her throat was very dry.

No one was around, so she rang the bell.

Chao Yun and Chao Lu rushed in together. While hanging up the gauze curtain, they listened to the princess calling for water. Chao Yun hurriedly poured a cup of warm water.

Once the water moistened her throat, Hua Yang felt much more comfortable. However, her waist was very sore, so she lay down again.

Chao Yun smiled and said, “Prince Consort has been guarding you all morning before being called away by Cabinet Elder.”

Officials have three days off during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and today was the last day.

Hua Yang’s eyelashes dropped, and the hands under the quilt grabbed the bedsheet with hatred.

In the past, when Chen Jingzong wanted to do something excessive, for example, he wanted to put her calf on his shoulders, once Hua Yang scolded him, Chen Jingzong would immediately put her down obediently. But last night she was drunk, and besides being limp and weak, her reaction was also slower. By the time she realized something was wrong and wanted to reprimand Chen Jingzong, she could no longer utter a complete word in that rainstorm-like position.

Chao Yun had not yet stepped back from holding the tea cup. Seeing that the princess didn’t say a word and only blushed silently, Chao Yun suddenly remembered the sounds she heard last night.

Perhaps because of her drunkenness, the princess forgot to keep her voice down.

Chao Yun lowered her head and retreated.

Hua Yang was lazing around for another half an hour before asking the maids to help her change clothes.

Just after dressing up, Chen Jingzong came back. As soon as he entered the house, he received a cold glare from Hua Yang.

Chen Jingzong was very good at reading her face and wisely never mentioned what happened last night. When the maids went out, he took the initiative to tell her, “Just now the old man called me over and scolded me, telling me to make less trouble in the future.”

Hua Yang: “You didn’t tell Father the real reason why you give that punch?”

Chen Jingzong: “No need.”

Hua Yang understood. This person would rather be scolded by her father-in-law than say Meng Yanqing’s frivolous words in order to please her father-in-law.

Some children who were not favored by their parents only wanted to stand out and make their parents change their opinion of them. They couldn’t wait to make some achievements and tell their elders immediately. Chen Jingzong didn’t have that kind of temperament. He didn’t seem to care at all whether her father-in-law praise him or not. He would do whatever he please.

“By the way, Marquis Jing’an Mansion just sent someone to report the good news that Princess Nan Kang has gave birth last night.”

Chen Jingzong told the news he had just heard in the main courtyard. No matter what, Hua Yang was the sister of Princess Nan Kang. When coming across this kind of news he should tell her.

Hua Yang said in surprise: “She gave birth last night? I think I heard Mother Empress say before that she will give birth at the end of the month.”

Chen Jingzong: “It seems that Marquis Jing’an gave Meng Yanqing a beating, and Princess Nan Kang gave birth ahead of schedule when she became anxious.”

Just like Emperor Jingshun gifted beauties to Meng Yanqing with great fanfare, letting everyone know that the imperial family also pay attention to etiquette and would not indulge the princess to become a jealous wife, Marquis Jing’an also deliberately hinted the old woman who announced the good news to spread to everyone that he had beat his son. It was to tell the emperor and the people that the Meng family would never really let the imperial princess suffer. Otherwise, without the instruction of Marquis Jing’an, how dare the old woman continue to prattle that kind of stuff?

Hua Yang smiled, Marquis Jingan was a hero on the battlefield, it must have been a headache to have a son like Meng Yanqing.

She called Chao Lan and asked her to go to the warehouse to prepare a congratulatory gift and send it to Princess Nan Kang later.

Chen Jingzong: “You won’t go in person?”

Hua Yang: “She doesn’t have that big face.”

For a half-sister who was looking forward to her misfortune every day and waiting for the opportunity to step on her head, Hua Yang’s gift was already considered giving Nan Kang face.

Chen Jingzong: “You are really impressive.”

Hua Yang raised her chin slightly and accepted the compliment without humility.

After breakfast, Hua Yang thought for a while and said to Chen Jingzong: “Mother Empress should arrange for the imperial doctor to come and diagnose my cousin-in-law today. I’ll go over and have a look.”

If her cousin-in-law Tian shi was really just infected with the cold, Hua Yang naturally wouldn’t make this trip, but Hua Yang knew that if it was the same as previous life, Tian shi would only have a few more months to live. Such a young beauty, the same gentle and demure personality like Yu Xiu, Hua Yang wanted to visit her and find out what was going on with Tian shi‘s illness.

In term of relationship, cousin-in-law was probably not as close as half-sister, but Hua Yang didn’t like Nan Kang, and she easily pitied weak beauties like Tian shi and Yu Xiu.

Chen Jingzong pursed his lips, looked at her and asked, “Do you have to go today?”

Hua Yang asked unexpectedly: “Is there anything wrong today?”

She learned last night that her cousin-in-law was sick, and it was reasonable for her to visit today.

Chen Jingzong: “I have already planned to take you out of the city for a day today.”

Hua Yang:……

Her cousin-in-law was ill, but Chen Jingzong rarely took a day off.

Half an hour later, Hua Yang changed into ordinary clothes and followed Chen Jingzong onto the carriage leaving the city.

The next morning, Hua Yang brought Chao Yun and Chao Lu to Marquis Wuqing Mansion.

At this time, both Marquis Wuqing and Qi Jin had gone on errands, and Old Madam Qi and Marquis Madam came together to greet Hua Yang.

Old Madam Qi: “You are a dignified princess, if you care about your cousin-in-law, just ask your maid to come and have a look. Why do you need to come here in person?”

Hua Yang smiled and said: “I am also bored at home. If I come, I can still chat to you.”

Old Madam Qi: “Your little mouth is much sweeter than when Niangniang was a child.”

Chao Yun and Chao Lu looked at each other and smiled. In this world, there were only a handful of people who could hear the princess’s sweet words. They were all the princess’s elders. Among the same generation, even the closest prince consort was not so lucky.

After greetings, Hua Yang went to visit Tian shi first.

The maids had already opened the windows in advance to disperse the smell of medicine and illness in the room.

Tian shi was lying on the bed. She was only twenty years old, but her small face was weak and pale, like a short-lived flower that would wither soon after it bloomed.

Hua Yang sat on the edge of the bed and asked with concern: “What did the imperial doctor say?”

There was a difference between superiority and inferiority. At this time, Marquis Madam was just accompanying the guest on the side, and it was entirely Old Madam Qi who was entertaining and responding to the princess: “It’s said to be a heart ailment, a long-term accumulation of stress in the heart. Medication can only provide relief, but for a complete recovery, she must resolve the emotional knots on her own.”

Hua Yang had never been a mother, but she had experienced the grief of losing her father, and the pain of Tian shi‘s miscarriage might have been more severe than hers.

Looking at the sick and frail Tian shi again, Hua Yang explained in a soft voice: “If Cousin-in-law only cares about the lost of the child, don’t you care about Master and Madam Tian? If you continue to wither down, in the future wouldn’t you let the two elders also endure the suffering you are experiencing now?”

As soon as Hua Yang opened her mouth, Tian shi‘s tears began to fall, and she was already sobbing.

Hua Yang considerately asked her grandmother and aunt to go out first. A daughter-in-law may not be able to let go in front of her husband’s elders.

Tian shi cried for a long, long time.

She had grievances that have been suppressed for several years. Faced with such a kind princess, a princess who might not be partial to Qi Jin, Tian shi wanted to express all those grievances.

But in the end, she endured it.

The princess came to visit her out of her own kindness and sincerely hoped that she would be well. How could she bother the princess with her own troubles?

She still cried fitfully.

Hua Yang thought of all the poor commoner girls who had been bullied by Prince Xiang in Lingzhou. They were They were hastily dismissed by Prince Xiang with a few taels of silver because they were not attractive enough. For Prince Xiang they were just bed-mate for a few days or maybe a few months, but for these women, it was a lifetime of pain and torture. They were obviously the victims, but when they returned home, they had to suffer the criticism of their neighbors and it was even difficult to marry into a good family.

In the same experience, some women became discouraged and took their own life by jumping into the river. Some women were determined and just regarded those events as the floods and heavy rains that had passed. They may never marry and follow their parents to farm in the fields, or they may meet someone who feel tenderness towards them, get married, have children, and live a stable life.

Hua Yang told this to Tian shi: “Cousin-in-law feels that you are miserable, but how you can compare to them? They all can get out of the quagmire. Does Cousin-in-law really have to be stuck in pain all your life?”

Tian shi‘s tears had stopped, and her heart ached for those poor women.

In real comparison, she just married a man who didn’t like her, and she just got pregnant with a child that was not expected by the other person. Apart from that, she had no worries about daily necessities, and no one dared to bully her. The mother-in-law and the Old Madam above treated her politely and even with pity. How many poor people out there could only ask for such a blessing?

“Thank you, Princess, I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t be stupid again.”

Tian shi wiped away her tears. Her face was still pale, but her eyes looked at Hua Yang with brightness again.

Hua Yang nodded and said with a smile: “When Cousin-in-law recovers, I will invite you to enjoy the flowers and drink tea together.”


Hua Yang did not have lunch at Marquis Wuqing Mansion, but stayed for about an hour before returning to Chen Mansion.

Sun shi knew that her daughter-in-law princess was visiting the sick, so she couldn’t help but come over to inquire and express her concern for Tian shi.

Hua Yang told her mother-in-law her method of persuasion.

Sun shi said with emotion: “Princess is really kind-hearted, your words can speak to people’s hearts. Unlike me, I have always advised the old man not to be too harsh to the Old Four since he was a child. After persuading for twenty years to no avail, as soon as Princess took action, the old man was immediately convinced and changed a lot from then on.”

Hua Yang smiled and said, “Mom is praising too much. When I first left the palace, I wouldn’t have been able to say these words. It was only after I went to Lingzhou with you and learned a lot of things that I came to some understanding.”

Sun shi was still smiling, looking at the princess as if she were looking at a treasure, a piece of treasure that fell from the sky and landed on the old Chen family.

As night fell, Chen Jingzong returned from the guard station.

The maids placed a low table and food on the couch and then retreated.

Chen Jingzong took a bite of food and looked at Hua Yang, who was leaning on the other side comfortably while flipping through a book: “My life is really not as good as the old man.”

Hua Yang glanced at him.

Chen Jingzong continued: “The old man is already old and past his prime, but no matter how late he came back, my mother will wait for him to have dinner together. Although I am the noble prince consort, perhaps only now, while I’m still young and vigorous, can I serve the princess in bed and be of some use. But when I’m old and not as strong, you may divorce me directly, or you may allocate a remote courtyard for me in the Princess Mansion, like a cold palace.”

Hua Yang snorted: “You come back so late. If I wait for you every day, and get hungry and hurt my body, can you bear it?”

Chen Jingzong: “I can’t bear it. You should eat whenever you want. Don’t wait for me.”

Hua Yang knew that he was just looking for some nonsense to say, so she continued reading.

Chen Jingzong: “Have you been to the Marquis Mansion today?”

Hua Yang: “Hmm.”

Chen Jingzong: “Did Lord Marquis and Shizi entertain you grandly?”

Hua Yang: “They are all on errands, where do they have time to entertain me. I only saw my grandmother and the others.”

Chen Jingzong understood, grabbed the wine jug and refilled it for himself, took a sip, and then ate the vegetables and meat.

Hua Yang looked over strangely: “You don’t want to ask about my cousin-in-law’s condition?”

Chen Jingzong: “If your cousin the one who is sick, I can still ask. If I really care about your cousin-in-law, your cousin should be angry.”

Hua Yang really wanted to throw the book in her hand, his words were not serious at all.

Marquis Wuqing Mansion.

Qi Jin had dinner alone then came to the back yard.

Tian shi had just taken the medicine. She didn’t dare to go outside to get blown by the wind, so she just walked slowly around the house with her maid to stretch her muscles.

As soon as Qi Jin arrived, the maid tactfully stepped back.

Qi Jin sat on the chair, lowered her eyes and asked Tian shi: “I heard from Mother that the Princess sat with you for a while. What did she say?”

The soft light casted on his handsome face, half-bright and half-dark, making his mood appear gloomy and difficult to distinguish.

Tian shi thought her husband was worried that she might offend the princess by saying the wrong thing, so she simply repeated it to him.

Qi Jin looked at the tea cup in his hand. The tea was clear, and there seemed to be a beautiful face with bright eyes and bright teeth in it.

After Tian shi finished speaking, Qi Jin put down the tea cup, stood up and said, “It’s getting late, go to bed early.”

Before he finished speaking, he had already passed by Tian shi.

Tian shi looked at his tall back and tried to think of him as Prince Xiang in the princess’s story.

One did not treat the woman as a human being because of greed, and the other treated her like a decoration because of ruthlessness.

Jackals of the same tribe, so why should she be reluctant to let go.

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