Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 83

Chapter 83


Tonight’s Mid-Autumn Palace banquet was divided into two places. Emperor Jingshun entertained hundreds of officials at the Meridian Gate, while Empress Qi entertained the womenfolk at the Imperial Garden.

In the evening, a bright moon rose slowly from the horizon, shining brilliantly like a jade plate, faintly resembling the moon palace with cassia trees.

In the Imperial Garden, Empress Qi was sitting on the main throne in a gorgeous dress. On the left were Concubine Lin and other favored concubines. On the right were Princess Anle, Hua Yang, Nan Kang and other imperial clan members. Relatives such as Old Madam Qi, Sun shi and others were seated farther away.

In the open space between the seats on both sides, singers danced to melodious and lively songs.

Hua Yang had participated in many such palace banquets since she was a child.

However, tonight was a bit special. It was the first palace banquet she attended after her rebirth. At this time, her father was still alive, and both Chen Jingzong and her father-in-law were fine.

Hua Yang looked at the full moon in the sky and thought that this was the real reunion.

She hoped that everything would go smoothly, hoped that her father would not die suddenly next year, and Prince Yu would not dare to rebel, that way Chen Jingzong would not have to rush to the battlefield again.

“What are you looking at, Panpan?”

Princess Anle, who was sitting on her left, observed for a long time. Her niece was even more beautiful than the moon, but why did she feel that her niece seemed a little sad?

Hua Yang came back to her senses and looked at her aunt. She chuckled and said, “I wonder if Chang’e is really the only one in the Moon Palace. If so, even if she lives forever, it would be too lonely.”

Princess Anle understood that her kind-hearted niece was worried about Chang’e!

She smiled and said: “There are so many immortals in the sky. If Chang’e really feels lonely, with her beauty, she can hook her little hand at any male immortal and have fun in the moon palace. How can it be as miserable as you think.”

Hua Yang:…

In terms of obscenity, she actually didn’t know who should be ranked first, Chen Jingzong or her aunt.

Princess Nan Kang listened for a while and glanced at Hua Yang inquiringly.

Only people who are unhappy with their lives would wonder if Chang’e was lonely. If their lives were comfortable, they would only appreciate the beauty of the moonlight.

Hua Yang was so favored by father emperor, what could she be unhappy about?

Princess Nan Kang soon thought of Hua Yang’s prince consort, Chen Jingzong.

Cabinet Elder Chen had always been powerful. First he was the deputy of chief minister and now became he was the chief minister. However, the foundation of the Chen family was too shallow. Chen Jingzong was different from his two brothers above. It was said that he stayed in their hometown in Lingzhou from the age of ten to eighteen, so he could be considered a rough country man with no literary skills. It was only because of Cabinet Elder Chen that he found a job with father emperor. And because Empress Qi wanted to win over Cabinet Elder Chen, he conveniently became Hua Yang’s prince consort.

Hua Yang had eye higher than head and thought too highly of herself. How could she stand a rough guy like Chen Jingzong?

“Sister’s tone is like that of a fairy who longed for the mortal world. Could it be that Sister has a rift with your Prince Consort recently, so tonight’s moonlight stirred up melancholy feeling?”

Princess Nan Kang seemed to be genuinely concerned.

She did not dare to provoke Hua Yang too much, and deliberately lowered her voice with the sound of music blocking most ofit, so that only Hua Yang could hear her clearly.

But Hua Yang continued to chat and laugh with Princess Anle as if she hadn’t heard it, which made Princess Nan Kang very embarrassed after waiting for a long time with her neck crooked.

Suddenly, thunderous drumbeats came from the Meridian Gate.

The entertainment that the emperor and ministers watched was naturally not this kind of lingering and beautiful singing and dancing.

It was obviously an exciting drumbeat, but Hua Yang somehow thought of Chen Jingzong from the night before. He was as fast and fierce as a hammer.

There was fragrant and sweet fruit wine on the banquet table. Hua Yang picked up the wine cup and drank half of it slowly to hide the strangeness on her face. Although she couldn’t see herself, she could feel the obvious heat.

Princess Anle was surprised and said: “Since when did Panpan start to drink like this? I remember that you used to have a bad wine tolerance. You would get drunk easily even if you drank a fruit wine. Look, you just drank it and your ears are red!”

Hua Yang smiled at her aunt: “I’m finally able to celebrate the festival with Auntie again this year. I’m very happy.”

Princess Anle was also very happy: “Okay, come, let’s have another drink with Auntie!”

She always felt that her niece was too stiff in the past, dignified indeed, but lacking a lot of fun. Unlike Empress Qi, who had no choice due to her status as the mother of the country, her niece was a princess – a princess should be carefree, unrestrained, and do things as she please.

Unable to resist the enthusiasm, Hua Yang drank another cup with her aunt. The fruit wine entered her stomach, and a slight warmth continued to emerge from all parts of her body.

Hua Yang knew that she was a little drunk. She didn’t dare to drink anymore and started to eat some fruits and dishes.

At the Meridian Gate, the men were more indispensable to wine, and what Emperor Jingshun rewarded was all tribute spirits.

When it was time to toast, the civil servants raised their glasses to cope with it, and maybe they could barely drink a cup of wine during the entire palace banquet. However, the atmosphere on the military attache’s side was quite different. The little eunuchs stood respectfully behind while holding the wine jar, looking at which gentleman’s cup was empty, and they would fill it up immediately. Sometimes their movements were a bit slow, and they were glared at by the military attachés.

On the left side of Chen Jingzong sat Meng Yanqing, prince consort of Princess Nan Kang, and on the right was Qi Jin.

These three were all imperial relatives, and they were all work as leader in the guard station, so it was right to sit together.

Meng Yanqing was half a dandy and usually loved wine. Originally he thought this was a palace banquet, so he did not dare to drink too much. But when he saw Chen Jingzong and Qi Jin drinking non-stop, his drinking bug was stirred up. After drinking three large cups, Meng Yanqing was so drunk and dizzy. He carried the wine cup to Chen Jingzong’s table and poured out the bitter complaint towards Chen Jingzong like he was his good brother: “The Princess is too strict, I just want a tongfang, but she won’t give me one!”

Even though he was drunk, Meng Yanqing still knew how to lower his voice and did not dare to accuse a princess loudly.

Chen Jingzong avoided his reaching arm, kept his distance, and said calmly: “Since you are married to the Princess, you shouldn’t think about a tongfang.”

Meng Yanqing let out a wine burp, looked at him, and said with a bitter face: “You know how to talk. She is pregnant. She has been pregnant for more than half a year. If it’s you, can you bear it?”

Chen Jingzong didn’t answer this and just drank silently.

Meng Yanqing thought of Princess Hua Yang he saw at the gate of imperial city in the morning, and expressed envy: “If only Nan Kang as beautiful as Hua Yang…”

Before he could finish speaking, Chen Jingzong swung his fist in front of him, knocking Meng Yanqing to the ground.

Even though there were actors dancing heroic and exciting war dances, the noise caused by the two prince consorts still startled the civil and military officials to look over.

Chen Tingjian’s eyebrows jumped. Ever since the Old Four married the princess, his heart had never been at peace.

There were already palace people who helped Meng Yanqing up. Oh my, there was blood under his nose.

Meng Yanqing’s father, Marquis Jing’an, was a famous general under Emperor Jingshun’s dynasty. At this moment he was sitting opposite Chen Tingjian. He usually didn’t get along well with Chen Tingjian, and when he saw Chen Tingjian’s son actually beating his son, Marquis Jing’an’s fiery temper was rising. He slammed the wine cup in his hand on the table and said to Chen Tingjian: “The Fourth Young Master of Cabinet Elder has a good etiquette!”

Chen Tingjian’s face sank like water.

When Emperor Jingshun saw this, he signaled the singing and dancing to stop, then looked at Chen Jingzong: “Jingzong, why did you attack Yanqing?”

Usually when Chen Jingzong came to see him alone, Emperor Jingshun would call him “Prince Consort”, but Meng Yanqing was also a prince consort, so Emperor Jingshun just called his two sons-in-laws by their names.

Chen Jingzong got up from the table, walked around it, then cupped his hands towards Emperor Jingshun: “Back to the emperor, just now Meng Yanqing complained to this minister that Princess Nan Kang did not allow him to have a tongfang. Princess Nan Kang is the sister of Princess Hua Yang, so she’s also this minister’s sister. This minister didn’t like what Meng Yanqing said, but he kept nagging. This minister was angry and couldn’t control one’s fists. This minister knew it was very disrespectful, still asked Your Majesty to please punish.”

A group of civil and military officials:…

Chen Tingjian lowered his eyes, and his long beard covered up the slightly raised corners of his lips.

However, the corners of Marquis Jing’an’s mouth tightened deeply, and the corners of his eyes twitched again and again.

At this moment, Qi Jin also left the table, walked to Chen Jingzong’s side, cupped his hands and said, “Your Majesty, what Commander Chen said, this minister can testify.”

Before Emperor Jingshun could speak, Marquis Jing’an knelt down and apologized for his useless and worthless son.

Emperor Jingshun was in a very bad mood.

It was true that he doted on his daughter Hua Yang the most, but Nan Kang was also his daughter, raised by thousands of pampers. Nan Kang was also pregnant with the flesh and blood of the Meng family. Meng Yanqing didn’t feel distress for his daughter’s hardship, and even went to another prince consort to complain. What is it, Meng Yanqing still wanted to persuade Chen Jingzong to pick up a tongfang too?

Even though Emperor Jingshun also favored other concubines when Empress Qi and Concubine Lin were pregnant, who made him the emperor? There are things he can do, but his sons-in-law cannot!

But what made Emperor Jingshun unhappy the most was that he could not punish Meng Yanqing openly. After all, it was considered improper even for a princess to express jealousy. While privately a princess could forbid her prince consort to take concubine, but it was unreasonable for her to say it openly.

Therefore, Emperor Jingshun said to the Marquis Jing’an who was kneeling there with a kind face: “Lord Marquis, please get up. It is Zhen who usually dote on Nan Kang too much, and actually let her wronged Yanqing like this.”

After saying that, Emperor Jingshun didn’t care what Marquis Jing’an and Meng Yanqing thought, and ordered Eunuch Ma beside him: “Go to pleasure quarter to select four beauties and give them to Yanqing as tongfangs.”

Marquis Jing’an had no place to put his old face, so he kowtowed and begged the emperor to take back his order.

Emperor Jingshun smiled and said: “It’s natural for men to love beauty. Lord Marquis doesn’t need to blame yourself. Tonight is the Mid-Autumn Festival, let’s continue drinking and admiring the moon with Zhen.”

As soon as the emperor spoke, two young eunuchs came over knowingly and helped Marquis Jing’an to his seat.

Qi Jin returned to his seat first. Emperor Jingshun looked at Chen Jingzong, who was still there waiting to receive his punishment, and snorted: “Yanqing is drunk and spoke impertinently to you, but there is no need to resort to violence. Usually Cabinet Elder says that you are impulsive and irritable, Zhen still don’t believe it. But today Zhen finally understand that what Cabinet Elder said is true. In front of everyone, you actually beat Yanqing. Considering that today is the Mid-Autumn Festival today, Zhen will not punish you. Just go and apologize to Yanqing yourself.”

Chen Jingzong: “Thank you Your Majesty for your forgiveness. This minister accepts the order.”

Emperor Jingshun waved his hand.

Chen Jingzong returned to his seat and apologized to Meng Yanqing without any sincerity.

Chen Tingjian also left his table, saying that he had no way to teach his son. He first apologized to Emperor Jingshun, and then apologized to Marquis Jing’an on the opposite side.

He had a graceful demeanor and the appearance of a humble old gentleman. Marquis Jing’an blush with shame, but he also held back a bellyful of curse words and was unable to say them out.

After sitting down again, Marquis Jing’an vowed secretly that he would give his son a good beating when he returned home!

A young eunuch came to report the matter here to Empress Qi.

Empress Qi looked at Concubine Lin and her face darkened.

Concubine Lin felt that the news that made her unhappy must be good news, and asked with concern: “Sister, what happened?”

Her voice was not low, and the nearby princesses, concubines, and Old Madam Qi, Sun shi and others who were close by all stopped talking and looked over.

Empress Qi looked like she didn’t want to say anything.

Concubine Lin continued to probe: “Sister, look, everyone is worried. If you don’t tell us, we won’t be in the mood to admire the moon.”

Empress Qi had no choice but to ask the little eunuch who had just reported the news to tell the story again.

The little eunuch’s voice was soft but his words were clear. In just a few words, he told the accident of the two prince consorts.

Empress Qi shook her head and said to her daughter: “Your Prince Consort has such a temper. You have to persuade him when you get back. How can he punch his own brother-in-law?”

Hua Yang suppressed a smile and complied.

Sun shi also quickly apologized to Empress Qi, Concubine Lin and Princess Nan Kang for her son’s recklessness.

Concubine Lin’s expression looked like she had eaten a fly, looking quite wonderful.

But if what she ate was flies, then what Princess Nan Kang ate was shit. With Meng Yanqing made such a big fuss, soon everyone in the capital and the world would know that she was a jealous woman, and it would probably be written in the annal of history! Her face was completely lost. Her father emperor also gave Meng Yanqing four tongfangs. How could she stop Meng Yanqing from sleeping with tongfangs given by the emperor? Now even the facade was gone!

Noticing that the people around her were staring, and they seemed to be gloating for her misfortune, Princess Nan Kang suddenly covered her stomach!

After a brief commotion, Concubine Lin and Princess Nan Kang left the table early.

Princess Anle smiled heartily and said to Hua Yang: “This Chen Fourth Master of yours is really a wonderful man. The plays that Auntie has heard this year are not as good as this.”

Hua Yang smiled, feeling a little strange in her heart.

Although she never mentioned to Chen Jingzong that she was at odds with Princess Nan Kang, as long as Chen Jingzong was not stupid, he should have known that there was no sisterly relationship between the two princesses. Chen Jingzong also did not seem to be kind-hearted and enthusiastic brother-in-law who would kindly supported Princess Nan Kang.

After watching the excitement, Princess Anle was still a little angry: “That bastard Meng Yanqing, he has the nerve.”

No matter how unpleasant Nan Kang’s temper was, she was still her niece and a princess just like her.

Hua Yang didn’t like Nan Kang, let alone people like Meng Yanqing.

Fortunately, father emperor vented his anger while saving the imperial family’s face. While it appeared that he rewarded Meng Yanqing with four beauties, but Meng Yanqing’s scandalous joke would be recorded in the history books. Even if he had a lustful heart and courage to play with the singers given by father emperor, Marquis Jing’an would keep a close eye on him on Nan Kang’s behalf, preventing Meng Yanqing from sleeping with those four singers, and even the maids in the mansion and the singers outside could no longer get involved.

Nan Kang had indeed lost face, but with father emperor’s intervention, she no longer had to personally guard Meng Yanqing from stealing fish.

Of course, if it happened to Hua Yang, if Chen Jingzong dared to do this, she would just divorce him, and she wouldn’t bother to put in all that effort.

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Old Four: Dream on, I won’t give you such a chance!

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