Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 77 Part 1

Chapter 77 Part 1



Finally, the class was over. Under the awe-inspiring eyes of the four children, Chen Tingjian left first without haste.

When his figure was out of sight, Sanlang was the first to run to Wan Yi: “Sister, let’s go find Fourth Uncle now and eat outside at noon!”

Wan Yi also had this intention and happily took Dalang’s hand: “Come on, I heard that there are many food stalls on the streets of the capital. It’s more interesting than going to a restaurant!”

Dalang looked at his sister’s hand.

In fact, he felt very sad. He was not as smart as Erlang, and he made his grandfather angry and disappointed again today.

But his sister’s hands were warm and she smiled so happily.

After all, Dalang was only seven years old, and he was also a bit playful at heart. Thinking that he could go out with his fourth uncle soon, and his fourth uncle didn’t care for about homework like his grandfather and father did, Dalang’s sadness was like a dark cloud in the sky, gently blown away by the gust of wind.


The four children were like little sparrows that finally broke free from their cages, and flew to Siyi Hall one after another.

Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong were sitting on the couch in the side room, chatting while waiting for lunch to be delivered from the kitchen.

“Princess, the eldest miss and the others are here. They are waiting in the front yard.”

Chao Lu came over to report.

Hua Yang smiled: “Bring them here.”

After Chao Lu left, she looked at Chen Jingzong.

Chen Jingzong was unhappy: “It’s you who want to listen to the old man’s lectures. I don’t benefit from it at all. Why do I have to take them out?”

Hua Yang: “I didn’t mean to order you, but when I asked Wan Yi what reward she want, she just want to go out.”

When she was looking for Wan Yi to discuss the plan to coax her father-in-law into giving lessons, Hua Yang was ready to reward the children with money. Unexpectedly Wan Yi made decision for her younger brothers and only wanted her fourth uncle to play with them.

Of course Hua Yang must satisfy the children’s simple and honest wish.

Chen Jingzong: “I won’t go.”

Hua Yang frowned: “You clearly promised me before.”

Chen Jingzong: “If you don’t treat me as your husband and don’t feel sorry for the pain and anger I suffered from the old man when I was young, I will lose that leisure and carefree mood.”

Hua Yang: “…Okay, I feel sorry for you.”

Chen Jingzong: “A twisted melon is not sweet, no sincerity at all.”

Hua Yang gritted her teeth. Through the glass window, the children’s figures could be seen in the corridor.

“Then what the hell do you want?”

Chen Jingzong looked out the window, then at her, raised his hand, and patted the edge of the couch next to him.

He didn’t say anything, and even his face was serious, but there was a ghostly fire dancing in his eyes, which could reach Hua Yang even from a distance of ten feet.

During the stalemate, the children had already reached the end of the corridor, and Sanlang’s voice was so cheerful.

Hua Yang glared at him and then turned away, which was regarded as acquiescence.

Chen Jingzong looked at her blushing face, and the tips of her ears were even redder. He suddenly got off the couch and strode out.

“Fourth Uncle!”

Erlang and Sanlang rushed over together.

Chen Jingzong held his head with one hand and said to Wan Yi and Dalang, who were relatively quiet and steady, “Let’s go, Fourth Uncle will take you to a restaurant.”

Wan Yi looked inside: “We haven’t thanked Fourth Aunt yet.”

They were already here, it would be rude not to say hello.

Chen Jingzong raised his eyebrows: “I’m the one who’s accompanying you, why do you want to thank her?”

Wan Yi snorted: “If Fourth Aunt hadn’t spoken, would Fourth Uncle have thought of us? You have never done anything like it before.”

Chen Jingzong:……

At this time, Hua Yang came out. Chen Jingzong turned around and saw that her expression had basically returned to normal, but she just refused to look at him.

“If you want to go to a restaurant, go now, otherwise you may have to queue up later when there are too many diners.” She said to the children with a smile.

Sanlang: “Will Fourth Aunt go too?”

Hua Yang smiled: “I have other things to do, so I won’t accompany you today.”

Chen Jingzong: “Okay, let’s go. If the old man knows, you can’t go even if you want to.”

The four children immediately stopped delaying and left, surrounded their tall fourth uncle.

Hua Yang stood at the door. It wasn’t until Chen Jingzong looked back when he entered the corridor that she glared at him again and turned around to go to the side room.


Chunhe Hall.

Sun shi looked at her husband who was standing in front of the copper basin washing his hands, and wondered: “Why are you still so looks anxious after teaching the children?”

Chen Tingjian smiled bitterly and said, “Nothing happened in the school. It’s just that when I came out, I learned that the Princess and the Old Four had been eavesdropping outside for a while.”

He wouldn’t find it strange if the Old Four did anything ridiculous. What he was puzzled about was how could the princess…

If she really wanted to listen to his lectures, just say hello and sit inside, why would she observe in secret?

When he received the news, Chen Tingjian immediately realized that it was probably the princess or his fourth son who instructed his granddaughter to invite him to teach.

Chen Tingjian had been an official for more than thirty years. When colleagues greeted him outside, he would analyze everything based on the other person’s expression and tone. When he returned home, Chen Tingjian relaxed physically and mentally, perhaps speculating about his son’s thought, but where still be wary of his grandchildren setting him up.

Sun shi was stunned for a moment, then looked at her husband’s helplessness because he was set up by his own granddaughter. She was suddenly in a good mood and gloated: “Who’s to blame? Was it not because you were too strict and scared Dalang to death. The princess was probably heard for the first time that there is such an inhumane grandfather in the world, so she wanted to see with her own eyes.”

Chen Tingjian: “Don’t talk nonsense. The Old One has already explained it. Dalang only vomited because he was weak. What does it have to do with me.”

Sun shi: “You also know the Old One’s character. How can he blame you for being too strict as a teacher? Don’t mention Dalang, even if you make me cry, the Old One won’t dare to say a word to you.”

Chen Tingjian: “The more you talk, the more nonsense you sprout.”

At this time, the steward of the front yard sent a little maid over to inform that the prince consort had taken the children out.

This directly told Chen Tingjian that the morning class was indeed carefully designed by the children in cooperation with Siyi Hall.

The question was, was it the Old Four or the princess who led all this? What was the purpose of those two people?

Sun shi sat down at the dining table and guessed: “It’s the Princess. The Old Four has been taught by you, how could he still doesn’t know what you are like.”

Chen Tingjian ate in silence.

Sun shi: “Speaking of which, you must have lost your temper at the children again today, right? If you knew that the Princess was eavesdropping outside, would you restrain yourself?”

Chen Tingjian: “The Princess is a noble person, of course I have to choose my tone to avoid offending her.”

Sun shi: “So, the Princess just wants to see your true face as a teacher.”

Chen Tingjian had already guessed it, and even thought of the crown prince in the palace.

But Chen Tingjian didn’t regret anything. Strict teachers produced good disciples. What’s more, the mistakes Dalang and Erlang made today were really unnecessary and could have been avoided with a correct attitude.

The princess was kind, she may not be able to understand him, or she may not treat him so politely anymore. Those things Chen Tingjian could bear. He could not just turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of Dalang and Erlang in order to satisfy the princess. That would mislead his grandchildren.

He also was not afraid of what the princess would say in front of the emperor and the empress out of concern for the crown prince. Thinking that he also wanted to be gentler to the crown prince at the beginning, but it was the empress who asked him to be strict.

Chen Tingjian rested for a while with peace of mind.

After waking up, Chen Tingjian went to the study.

Unconsciously, half an hour had passed, and his wife suddenly came and looked at him as if she was watching a show: “The Princess is here, waiting in the front hall.”

Chen Tingjian immediately put down the book, looked down at his beard and clothes to make sure everything was orderly, and then walked quickly towards the front yard with his wife.

Hua Yang was sitting at the main seat in the hall. Seeing the two elders coming, she left the table with a smile.

“This minister has seen the Princess.” Chen Tingjian was as polite as ever.

Hua Yang: “Father, please dispense the curtesy and have a seat.”

Chen Tingjian consciously sat on the guest chair on the left side of the princess. There were two guest chairs here, and Sun shi sat on the other one.

Chen Tingjian leaned slightly sideways, looking calmly at his daughter-in-law princess on the main seat, waiting for her to speak.

Hua Yang smiled: “I guess Father has already guessed that I instructed Wan Yi to trick you. Please forgive me for being rude.”

TN: The chapter is a bit long, I’m sorry I have to cut it into two parts.

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