Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 62

Chapter 62


Shiqiao Town, the ancestral home of the Chen family.

It was still dark, but Sun shi had already get up.

Chen Tingjian thought his wife was going to clean the room. After a while, he found his wife sitting in front of the dressing table combing her hair. He was puzzled and asked: “Why do you get up so early?”

Sun shi said to the mirror: “According to the distance, the Princess and the others will probably arrive today.”

Chen Tingjian: “What about it? There are servants cleaning the house inside and outside every day. You have also prepared good tea in advance. What else do you need to personally take care that you have to get up so early?”

Sun shi tilted her head to look at him and said with a smile, “The divine doctor is coming. I’m too excited, okay?”

Chen Tingjian’s expression became complicated. He paused and said, “The Princess asked Imperial Doctor Li to diagnose your pulse. When they come, don’t mention anything about my matter.”

Sun shi: “I will definitely not mention it in front of the Princess. But I have to ask Imperial Doctor Li to take a look at it in private afterwards. You have this problem since you were in your thirties. Sometimes it’s better sometimes it’s worsen. If you ask me, you should have asked an imperial doctor to diagnose and treat you seriously long ago, but you want to save face and would rather endure the pain than take off your pants and let the imperial doctor examine you.”

The proud Cabinet Elder ignored his wife and turned over and lay down again.

Sun shi smiled, but she actually felt sorry for her husband.

Her husband refused to seek medical treatment, partly to save face, but also because he was too busy and had no time to stop and take care of himself.

Outsiders were envious of the Chen family’s current prosperity, but she was the only one who knew that when her husband rose from a poor scholar to his current position, he faced numerous officials’ scrutiny and endured much resentment. The political opponents were watching him, eager to see him dead and never be used again. Her husband did not dare to rest for a day, and his mind never stopped planning for the family, the court, and the people.

She lay down on the bed again, hugged her husband’s shoulders and said: “It’s rare that the Princess values ​​us and invites Imperial Doctor Li to come over. While you’re still quite free, you can let him treat you. Once cured and feel comfortable, you can also focus on planning your big things later, right?”

Chen Tingjian was silent.

Sun shi suddenly patted his butt: “Imperial Doctor Li has been treating illnesses for more than half his life, what things he has never seen. Everyone else has lifted their clothes and let Imperial Doctor Li diagnose and treat them. Cabinet Elder, is your butt so valuable?”

Chen Tingjian:…..

Sun shi discovered that her husband’s ears were all red.

She only found it funny that they had been husband and wife for more than thirty years, and now they had grandchildren, but he would still blush for this little tease.

“You can sleep a little longer if you want. Anyway, when Imperial Doctor Li is here, you have to listen to me. If you dare not listen, I will tell the Princess what happened and let her persuade you. In any case, the Princess has more face than me.”

Chen Tingjian:……


There was still an hour before noon, and two carriages stopped outside the Chen House.

Chen Jingzong got out of the carriage and turned around to help Hua Yang, but Hua Yang reminded him to go back and help the divine doctor, Li Dongbi. She had Chao Yun and Chao Yue serving her here.

Chen Jingzong went to meet Li Dongbi. It must have been difficult for the nearly sixty-year-old divine doctor to ride in a carriage for ten days.

“Thank you, Prince Consort.”

Li Dongbi said with a smile. But although he was old, he usually paid attention to physical fitness, and his body were stronger than many young people. Otherwise, he would not have the strength to go to the deep mountains and old forests to collect herbs.

Chen Tingjian and Sun shi came out to welcome them. Guests had also different closeness. The two elders nodded towards Hua Yang and went to entertain Li Dongbi first: “I have admired Imperial Doctor Li for a long time!”

“Cabinet Elder is polite. This old man is just a commoner now, and I can’t afford to be called an imperial doctor.”

Sun shi: “In our hearts, you are indeed not an Imperial Doctor, but already a divine doctor!”

Li Dongbi smiled and shook his head, his eyes quickly passing over Sun shi and landed on Chen Tingjian’s faces.

After greetings, everyone moved to the hall to talk.

After all, Li Dongbi came as a doctor and suggested diagnosing Sun shi‘s pulse first.

Sun shi looked at her daughter-in-law princess and said with emotion to Li Dongbi: “My relatives used to praise me for my good fortune. When I was young, I married a nineteen-year-old talented scholar and followed him to the capital to become an official’s wife. But in the past two years, I’ve come to realize that I truly have a good life because I actually married a princess as my daughter-in-law. Look at the Princess, she is a fairy-like figure. Even when she went to Mount Wudang to pray for the people, she still remembered this old woman. My three sons combined don’t have such filial piety!”

Li Dongbi smiled and nodded.

Hua Yang blushed slightly: “Mom, don’t say that. I happened to meet Imperial Doctor Li and thought of it on the spur of the moment.”

Chen Jingzong said with deadpan face: “Princess, you are so humble. Your filial piety to our mother makes us brothers truly ashamed of ourselves.”

Only Li Dongbi couldn’t hear this strange aura, so thinking of the etiquette, Hua Yang didn’t glare at him.

The maids set up the chairs, and Li Dongbi sat next to Sun shi. He first asked Sun shi what symptoms she usually had, and then began to diagnose her pulse.

Sun shi did have some common problems for women of her age, which needed to be treated with medicine. Li Dongbi gave her a prescription and also taught her some health-preserving methods.

Sun shi: “Thank you very much. You have come from such a long distance, please rest in the guest room first. We will properly entertain you properly at noon.”

When she said this, Chen Tingjian secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Hua Yang was a little anxious and winked at Chen Jingzong. It was more appropriate for him as a son to speak.

Chen Jingzong really didn’t want to open his mouth and be a dutiful son to the old man, but if he really made her angry, she would punish him by making him sleep in Liuyun Hall.

Pursing his lips, Chen Jingzong said to his mother: “Mom, Father is three years older than you, maybe there are some hidden problems. Please ask Imperial Doctor Li to take a look at him too.”

Sun shi was shocked. Could it be that the Old Four had listened to some scriptures in Wudang Mountain and aroused his filial piety to the old man?

Chen Tingjian had mixed emotions. He was touched by the fact that the Old Four was finally willing to be filial to him, but he also disliked the fact that the Old Four’s filial piety came at the wrong time.

He stroked his beard and said politely: “I’m in good health, so I won’t bother you Sir.”

Sun shi also wanted to find other opportunities to raise the issue.

Li Dongbi sat on his chair again, and pointed to where Sun shi was sitting just now, said to Chen Tingjian: “I think Cabinet Elder’s face is a little pale. Maybe there is a hidden disease. It’s better to take a look.”

Chen Tingjian looked hesitant.

Hua Yang came to her senses, got up from her chair, and said to the two elders: “Father, Mother, I still have some things to deal with. I’m going back to Siyi Hall first. Let Prince Consort stay here.”

Sun shi: “Okay, Princess, go quickly!”

Chen Tingjian didn’t even want to keep his son. He looked at Chen Jingzong and said, “You are not needed here. You go back with the Princess.”

Chen Jingzong was not blind, he could see that Li Dongbi’s attitude towards the old man was like a woodpecker insisting on pecking a bug hidden in a tree trunk. Could it be that the old man really has a serious hidden disease?

The more the old man drove him away, the more he insisted on staying: “You’re about to consult a doctor. Wouldn’t it be unfilial for me, as your son, to just leave? If you drive me away at this time, do you want to deliberately give me an unfilial reputation?”

Chen Tingjian:…..

Hua Yang guessed that Chen Jingzong would not leave, so she left alone.

As if Sun shi was afraid that her husband would regret it, as soon as her daughter-in-law princess stepped out of the threshold, she pushed her husband to the chair in front of Li Dongbi.

Chen Tingjian was still glaring at his son over there.

Li Dongbi grabbed his wrist and reminded: “Cabinet Elder, please calm down.”

Facing the divine doctor, Chen Tingjian’s strict father and Cabinet Elder airs were not working, so he had no choice but to cooperate.

Li Dongbi was indeed a divine doctor. He quickly discovered the problem. He looked at Chen Tingjian and asked: “Is Cabinet Elder…”

Chen Tingjian caught sight of his son craning his neck over there and promptly interrupted, saying, “Sir, how about we find another place to talk?”

Li Dongbi respected the patient’s privacy very much, although he felt that there was no need for this since one was the Cabinet Elder’s wife and the other was his son.

Seeing that the two of them were about to leave, Chen Jingzong couldn’t help but asked: “What kind of disease are you hiding?”

Sun shi pulled him aside and signaled her husband to take the divine doctor away first. Then she said to her son, “It’s not a serious illness. It’s just that telling you will hurt your father’s face, so he doesn’t want to tell you.”

Chen Jingzong: “If he doesn’t tell me, then you tell me.”

Sun shi patted him away: “Give up, I won’t help you laugh at your father, go away.”

Chen Jingzong thought for a while and sneered: “Lose face. Hmm. Is it because he is old and can’t do it anymore?”

Luckily, he was her biological son, and considering her age, Sun shi didn’t blush. Without hesitation, she took off one of her shoe and grabbed her son’s arm to start hitting him.

Chen Jingzong was slapped with the shoe several times, and after he was sure the old mother would not reveal the old man’s true condition, he then ran away.

Siyi Hall.

Hua Yang actually knew what her father-in-law’s hidden illness was, and it was something that her as a daughter-in-law difficult to ask. But in order to prove that she knew nothing, after Chen Jingzong came back, she still pretended to be concerned and asked: “How is Father’s health?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at her, was silent for a moment, and then said, “I don’t know. The old man took Imperial Doctor Li to ask alone.”

Hua Yang continued to act: “Could it be Father has some incurable disease and he’s afraid that you will be worried, so he doesn’t want to let you know?”

Chen Jingzong: “My mother should know better. Judging from the way she acts, it shouldn’t be a serious illness, but it’s just hard for her to talk to us.”

Hua Yang looked surprised, and then said awkwardly: “Then we shouldn’t ask. Anyway, you should pay more attention, and don’t be angry with your father at this time.”

Chen Jingzong smiled half-heartedly: “It seems like you are the daughter of the Chen family, and I am the son-in-law who came by marriage.”

Hua Yang glared at him, not wanting to debate this anymore, and turned around and went to the inner room.

Chen Jingzong leaned on the couch, tilted his head while looking out the window. His eyes were dark, it’s unknown what he was thinking.

Chunhe Hall.

Since Chen Tingjian’s symptoms had been discovered by Li Dongbi, he was willing to give up and follow Li Dongbi’s instructions to lie down on the bed and let the divine doctor examine him.

After the examination, Li Dongbi washed his hands and said solemnly: “Cabinet Elder, this hemorrhoid has been there for a long time, isn’t it?”

Chen Tingjian changed his clothes with his back turned to him and hummed.

Li Dongbi: “Cabinet Elder is a civil servant and has been working hard for a long time. It is normal to have this disease. It’s just that Cabinet Elder’s hemorrhoids cannot be delayed any longer, otherwise the attacks will become more severe each time in the future, and you may even be bedridden.”

Chen Tingjian also hated this disease and asked decisively: “Sir, is there a way to eradicate it? I have heard people say that this can be cut off.”

Li Dongbi shook his head: “Excision is too risky and should not be used unless it’s absolutely necessary. Besides, Cabinet Elder is only a few years younger than me. If you are as young and strong as Prince Consort, I can give it a try.”

Chen Tingjian: “Then what should I do?”

Li Dongbi: “I have a method that can use medicine to help Cabinet Elder get rid of it naturally, but it will take about ten days. During this period, Cabinet Elder will have to endure some discomfort, and afterward, you will have to take care of yourself for a period of time.”

Chen Tingjian breathed a sigh of relief: “It would be great if you can get rid of it. Then troubling Sir to write down the prescription, then I’ll send someone to buy it.”

Li Dongbi nodded.

The Author has something to say:

Old One, Old Three: Father, what’s wrong with you!

Cabinet Elder Chen: Get out of here!!

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