Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 27

Chapter 27


After Chen Bozong left the Main House, he returned directly to Guanhe Hall.

Wan Yi and Dalang both went to school, while Yu Xiu sat in the side room, doing needlework and thinking about her husband who was doing errand outside.

Hearing the maids in the courtyard salute her husband, Yu Xiu’s heartbeat quickened. She put down her sewing and put on her shoes, and hurried out.

Chen Bozong slept in Lingzhou city last night. He was still wearing the robe he had worn when he set out. There were some wrinkles on it, but he was as tall as a pine and as elegant as a cypress.

“You’re back. How did the prefect do the trial?”

Yu Xiu asked with concern. After all, Chen Jizong was her father-in-law’s only nephew and her husband’s cousin. Yu Xiu subconsciously felt that her father-in-law and her husband might hope that the prefect would be more lenient. Moreover, during the trial at the ancestral hall yesterday, Yu Xiu was the one that comforting her cousin-in-law, Guo shi. When she came back, her husband had already left, and no one told her whether Chen Jizong had really committed the crime or was wrongly accused.

If Chen Jizong was a stranger, Yu Xiu would definitely detest him. But Chen Jizong was a close relative of her husband’s family, so Yu Xiu couldn’t bear to think evil of him first. What if she offended her husband?

Chen Bozong looked at her and said coldly: “The evidence that he insulted Zhao shi is conclusive. He will not escape the hanging no matter where the case is tried.”

Yu Xiu covered her chest in shock.

“He deserves his punishment. Father has decided to banish him from the family and remove his name from the family records. You don’t need to treat him as a cousin anymore or say some condolence words.”

He didn’t want to hear it.

The man was so stern, Yu Xiu lowered her head with a pale face.

Chen Bozong was about to ask someone to prepare water for bathing when suddenly there was a sound of footsteps in the corridor. Thinking of the little maid from his third brother’s side who stuck her head out, Chen Bozong went to the study.

Sure enough, not long after, Chen Xiaozong came.

The brothers were talking in the study.

Chen Xiaozong was very surprised: “Is he really going to be executed?”

Of course, Chen Xiaozong moved to the capital when he was a child, and did not have a deep relationship with this cousin from his hometown, not to mention that this cousin was a beast who would be better off dead. He was just too surprised. He looked out the window and whispered: “He’s the only son of Second Uncle, can he bear it? He must be kneeling in front of Father and crying right now. Also does Father not afraid that after Second Uncle lose his beloved son, he will have unexpected accident?”

After being home for so long, Chen Xiaozong had already noticed that his father was much more tolerant and patient with his younger brother than with his sons. If their brothers dared to show such cowardly behavior, their father would directly use the family law.

Detecting the mockery in his words, Chen Bozong furrowed his brow with displeasure. Their father had strict teaching for his children, and it was only right. No matter how cowardly the second uncle was, he had been filial to their grandmother in their hometown for thirty years. Despite the unfortunate incident with Qi shi that harmed their grandmother, it couldn’t erase his prior filial piety. Without second uncle’s support, how could their father fulfill his ambitions in the capital with peace of mind, and how could their mother wholeheartedly care for them?

Father felt guilty towards their second uncle, so he would naturally soften his attitude.

“Even if it’s unbearable, it has to be endured. As a relative of an official, he should set an example, but he knowingly committed the crime. Who can he blame?”

For the sake of second uncle’s face, only he, his father, mother and the second uncle would know his cousin’s true identity. Even if it was his biological brother, Chen Bozong would not reveal it.

Chen Xiaozong knew that he couldn’t pry his mouth open, so after thinking about it, he ran to the Main House to find his mother.

Sun shi always supported her husband in all major matters. If her husband wanted to keep it a secret, she would not tell the Old Three.

Chen Xiaozong lamented: “Father is not afraid that Second Uncle will hate him to death?”

Sun shi sneered: “The Old Four doesn’t treat him as a father, he doesn’t care, will he care about his younger brother?”

Chen Xiaozong:…..

Sun shi: “Okay, the matter has been settled. The children are all in school. Why did you, the teacher, run over here? Don’t blame me for not warning you. Your father must be in a bad mood recently. You should be careful when bumping into him.”

Chen Xiaozong had no choice but to dejectedly take care of the children.

Siyi Hall.

Zhen’er reported the news about the two houses in front the princess.

After Zhen’er retreated, Hua Yang looked at Chen Jingzong, who was leaning on the couch and leisurely flipping through a story book: “Such a big thing, why don’t you go out and inquire?”

Chen Jingzong’s tone was nonchalant: “No need to inquire. Let me tell you, even if the old man doesn’t come, he will still ask Mother to make a trip.”

Hua Yang smiled. Seeing that he was really not worried at all, Hua Yang said strangely: “I can understand why you have no feelings for Qi shi, but after all Chen Jizong is your cousin. Now he may be sentenced to death. You…”

Chen Jingzong looked over: “He is seeking death, why should I sympathize with him? What’s more, he may not be my cousin.”

Hua Yang:…

This was much bizarre than any story book. Hua Yang couldn’t help but get close to Chen Jingzong, snatched away his story book, and whispered: “What do you mean? How did you figure it out?”

The autumn sun was bright and warm, streaming in through the screen window behind her. Chen Jingzong looked at her white and pink cheeks, then at her clear and beautiful eyes, and pointed to his lips: “Kiss me, and I’ll tell you.”

Hua Yang’s expression changed, she threw the notebook to his chest, turned around and was about to go.

However, Chen Jingzong pounced on her from behind, grabbed her shoulders with his big hands and pressed her down on the couch, so that he lay completely on top of her.

When Chen Jingzong finally raised his head, Hua Yang’s long hair was messy, her cheeks were pink, and her cherry-like lips were shining with a moist color.

“Qi shi‘s appearance is too bright, my Second Uncle can’t hold her down.”

After receiving the reward, Chen Jingzong helped Hua Yang up. He leaned back consciously and continued to flip through the storybook.

Because she expected that someone might come from the Main House, Hua Yang went to the inner room to tidy up her hair. After tidying up, she came out and sat next to him, said doubtfully: “Your Second Uncle is extremely honest and not bad-looking. He’s also the younger brother of the Cabinet Elder. It’s already a great blessing for Qi shi to marry him, yet she still dared to look down on your Second Uncle and even did such a thing?”

Chen Jingzong glanced at her meaningfully: “I’m not honest, and I’m not bad looking either. Don’t you also look down on me?”

Hua Yang sneered: “You can compare yourself with your Second Uncle, but who is Qi shi, dare to compare with me?”

Chen Jingzong: “The identity is not important, but human nature is the same. How many times you secretly looked at Eldest Brother and Third Brother, don’t think I haven’t noticed. If there were an extraordinarily handsome and gentle eunuch attending to you all the time, can you guarantee that you wouldn’t do anything?”

Hua Yang:…

Chen Jingzong: “Although Steward Yang’s appearance has nothing to do with being a bandit or a gentleman, if Qi shi just likes him, it’s not surprising that the two of them got together behind Second Uncle’s back.”

He stirred the conversation towards the east house again, so Hua Yang didn’t get angry with him for the time being. Only glared at him and said, “This is all your guess. There must be evidence in everything.”

Chen Jingzong paused and said: “Firstly, Eldest Brother has already interrogated all the servants in the east house. If a servant like Liu Sheng has done something bad with Chen Jizong, his traces will definitely be revealed when he was interrogated, and he will not be able to hide it from Eldest Brother. If Eldest Brother knows, the old man will also know.

“Secondly, Zhao shi was insulted so many times before, and her husband’s leg was broken. The couple could swallow their anger and dare not report it to the official, plus another year has passed, which shows that the couple has accepted their fate. In this case, if Chen Jizong is really the son of our family, how could the old man still retry the old case and insist on pushing him to death? The most he can do is find a way to compensate the Zhao couple with money.

“Because Chen Jizong is Steward Yang’s son, the old man couldn’t bear it. He pushed the Zhao couple from behind, so that they dared to redress their grievances.

“So, from the old man’s attitude towards him, we can spin off this cocoon.”

Hua Yang didn’t believe it: “Father is not that kind of person.”

Chen Jingzong smiled and said, “You have always admired the old man.”

Hua Yang admitted without hesitation that her father-in-law was worthy of her admiration.

Chen Jingzong: “Let me give you an example. If the old man killed a good man and has every way to cover it up, will you expose the old man impartially, or will you turn a blind eye out of admiration?”

Hua Yang was silent.

Chen Jingzong: “Look, you just admire the old man. You can do this for the old man without any blood relationship, let alone the old man for his nephew?”

Hua Yang looked away and said after a while: “I believe in Father, he will not kill good people indiscriminately.”

After the words fell, her expression returned to firmness.

Chen Jingzong looked at her and said in surprise: “Is it because he is a Cabinet Elder, won the Zhuangyuan title when he was young, and looks good?”

Hua Yang couldn’t explain it. There were many cabinets and imperial tests thorough times, if it was just the identity of a Cabinet Elder and Zhuangyuan, there was nothing unusual about it. Her admiration for her father-in-law came from the years when he served as the Chief Minister and devoted himself to the court and the people.

Meeting Chen Jingzong’s probing gaze, Hua Yang suddenly smiled: “Because you are my Prince Consort, and he is your father, so I love the house and its crow.”

Chen Jingzong:…..

“Princess, Prince Consort, the old madam is here.”

Chao Yun’s announcement interrupted the couple’s conversation. Hua Yang smiled and went out to greet her mother-in-law.

Chen Jingzong shook his head and continued to lean on the couch.

Sun shi walked in with her daughter-in-law princess. When she saw his attitude, she felt a burst of displeasure. It was enough to break a jar in front of his own family, why was he so careless when he was around the princess?

“Mom, don’t blame Prince Consort for being rude. He just stayed in the toilet for too long, so his legs are numb and can’t walk.” Hua Yang helped her mother-in-law sit down and said seriously.

Chen Jingzong:……

He just analyzed the old man’s actions and didn’t say anything bad about the old man. How could she slander him like this?

Sun shi looked over and saw that her son’s earlobes were slightly red, and thought to herself, fortunately, her son’s face was not hopelessly thick.

“Ignore him, I came here to tell you about the east house.” Sun shi just pretended that her son did not exist and talked about Chen Jizong’s case.

Hua Yang: “He deserves it. I only pitied Second Uncle, the white-haired man sent away the black-haired man. Father place righteousness before family, he must have felt bad.”

Sun shi: “Raising a child without teaching, no matter what kind of person the son becomes, that’s what they, as fathers and uncles, should bear.”

Chen Jingzong narrowed his eyes slightly. Why did he feel that his mother’s words were like pointing at mulberry tree but cursing at locust tree?

Sun shi patted Hua Yang’s little hand and turned the back of her head towards her son on the couch: “In some families, the daughter-in-law knows how to care for her mother-in-law, sending oil coats in the rain and helping her walk. As for the son, even though he has able body, he’s too lazy to go out to greet her. Who’s to blame? In the final analysis, it’s his parents who failed to teach him well and only wronged the good daughter-in-law.”

Hua Yang lowered her head to hold back her laughter.

Chen Jingzong sat up and retorted: “We are all a family, if we pay attention to those false etiquettes every day, you will find them troublesome.”

Sun shi: “I don’t care for false etiquette, but you can give me some real favor. If there’s no real favor, no false etiquette, I can only assume that you don’t care about me, this old mother, at all.”

Chen Jingzong: “What kind of real favor do you means? Like the way Eldest Brother read books for you, like Third Brother gives you massages? I can’t read books for you, and if you want massages, come over here to my place or set a separate place. Anyway, don’t expect me to come to your courtyard every other day.”

He had no problem with his mother, he just didn’t want to see the old man.

Sun shi: “Expect? Who want to look at your cold face!”

After saying that, Sun shi exchanged a few more words with Hua Yang before leaving.

Chen Jingzong jumped to the ground, quickly put on his shoes, and then stopped in front of his mother and bent down.

Sun shi: “What are you doing?”

Chen Jingzong: “The journey is far, you have old arms and legs, I will carry you back.”

Sun shi was both angry and amused. She didn’t want her son to carry her, but Chen Jingzong grabbed her arm and insisted on lifting her up, making Sun shi laughed so hard that her face turned red.

Hua Yang stood under the eaves of the corridor, watching Chen Jingzong carrying her mother-in-law away with flying steps, she also couldn’t help laughing.

Chen Jingzong carried his mother to the Main House’s gate.

Sun shi stood up, looked at her tall son, sighed, and said while helping him straighten his clothes: “You’re married now. Mom won’t say much, but treat the Princess well, be sweeter with your words, and don’t choke people all the times.”

Chen Jingzong pursed his lips and heard someone walking inside the courtyard. He straightened the crooked hairpin on his mother’s head then turned around to leave.

Chen Tingjian walked to the courtyard gate with his hands behind his back, and saw only his wife and the maid beside her.

Sun shi’s expression was indifferent, then she walked around him and went in.

Chen Tingjian:…..


The Author has something to say:

Old Four: The old man and I fall into the river, who do you save first?

Hua Yang: …..

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