Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 182

Chapter 182


Emperor Yuanyou was very angry.

He used to like his cousin Qi Jin very much. Even though Qi Jin had some hypocrisy that was common among civil servants, Emperor Yuanyou only got annoyed with it occasionally. Otherwise, he still admired his cousin’s talents in both civil and military affairs.

Three days ago, Chen Jingzong met him alone and told him about his suspicions about Qi Jin and the two witnesses he had spent three years to find.

Emperor Yuanyou was unwilling to believe it, but Chen Jingzong had no motive to frame Qi Jin for such a serious crime. Moreover, the matter involved the deaths of more than five thousand soldiers of the Jinwu Vanguard. Faced with Chen Jingzong’s firm words, Emperor Yuanyou had to get to the bottom of it.

The only concern was his mother.

Chen Jingzong said that if he could not get Qi Jin to admit it himself, he would be willing to bear the punishment.

Emperor Yuanyou went to find his mother.

To Emperor Yuanyou’s surprise, his mother was not angry about Chen Jingzong’s suspicion, but asked them to make the arrangements with a solemn look and she would cooperate.

So tonight, Chen Jingzong took the unconscious Qi Jin to the cold palace, and arranged a dog to bark in the distance to pretend that they were in a village outside the city, in order to lower Qi Jin’s vigilance.

“You murdered your comrades for your own selfish desires. Now that the truth has been revealed, you still want to be transferred to the border. You are unworthy!”

Emperor Yuanyou walked up to Qi Jin and kicked him in the chest.

He wanted to curse even more harshly, but unfortunately the young emperor had never had the opportunity to hone his eloquence since childhood, so he could only kick Qi Jin with all his strength to vent his anger: “If Zhen use you to guard the border, you will dare to collude with the border countries and sell me out!”

Qi Jin fell to the ground, glanced at his aunt standing behind Emperor Yuanyou, sneered, and stopped talking.

If it was only Chen Jingzong, he would try to find a way to survive, but when he found out that his aunt and Emperor Yuanyou were there, Qi Jin knew that he had no way to survive.

In this case, there was no point in saying more.

Apart from a faint glance towards Empress Dowager Qi, Qi Jin didn’t even look at Emperor Yuanyou, let alone beg to Chen Jingzong again.

Empress Dowager Qi was hurt by her nephew’s look, just like when she learned that her son was unwilling to have dinner with her.

She was strict, and indeed she was ruthless enough to stop her nephew from loving her daughter in order to secure her son’s position as crown prince. But she still cared about her nephew and tried to make up for it in other ways.

She didn’t expect that her nephew would be so obsessed that he would rather collaborate with the enemy to get rid of Chen Jingzong, and so cold-blooded that he would rather sacrifice more than five thousand of his comrades to conceal his motives.

What made Empress Dowager Qi even more sad was that her nephew could beg Chen Jingzong in a humble manner, but would immediately accept his fate when he saw her, as if he was sure that she, his aunt, hated him to the core and would never plead for him.

Empress Dowager Qi certainly would not do that, but that was because she could not tolerate the evil committed by her nephew, not because she was indifferent to her nephew.

Could it be that when she forced her nephew to give up her daughter, he came to hate her and bore a grudge?

If she hadn’t interfered back then, would he have not gone down this path, and would the lives of those over five thousand people not have been lost in vain?

Empress Dowager Qi did not say a word until Qi Jin was taken away by the guards.

“Mother Empress, let’s go back to the Qianqing Palace first.”

When Emperor Yuanyou saw that his mother’s face was wrong, he did not rush to say anything, but stepped forward and held her arm.

Two sedan chairs were prepared outside, but Emperor Yuanyou did not use his. He took Chen Jingzong and followed beside her mother’s sedan chair.

He did not regret thoroughly investigating Qi Jin, but he was worried that this move would hurt his mother’s feelings. If his mother opposed Chen Jingzong’s plan at the beginning, Emperor Yuanyou would have despised her selfishness. However, his mother was selfless, and the more Emperor Yuanyou admired her, the softer his heart at this time.

Empress Dowager Qi remained silent along the way.

Back at the Qianqing Palace, Empress Dowager Qi’s expression was no longer so ugly. Without waiting for her son to speak, she said bluntly, “Collaborating with the enemy is a serious crime. Qi Jin’s crime is unforgivable. As for the Marquis Mansion, Your Majesty should ask the Jinyiwei to investigate. If it is proven that no one in the Marquis Mansion cooperated with him in his evil deeds, please, for my sake, punish only Qi Jin. The rest of the Marquis Mansion will be stripped of their titles, demoted to commoners, and sent back to their hometowns.”

Emperor Yuanyou said earnestly, “Why Mother Empress say that? Zhen believe that Uncle has nothing to do with this matter. Demoting him one level of title is enough to explain to the world.”

Empress Dowager Qi shook her head and said, “It’s too light. Just do as I say. If you favor your maternal relatives, how can you deter the vassal princes and the clansmen from doing evil in the future?”

Emperor Yuanyou lowered his eyes.

Chen Jingzong just stood on the side respectfully.

Empress Mother Qi looked over, with a complex look in her eyes that could not be resolved in a short time, and there was also admiration: “Back then, I married Hua Yang to you more because I appreciated your father’s talents. Today, I am finally sure that you are completely worthy of her.”

Chen Jingzong knelt down and bowed his head, saying, “Niangniang praised too much. This minister was naughty when he was young. This minister never followed Father to study poetry and books, nor did this minister have the gentlemanly demeanor of the other two brothers. This minister only had martial arts skills and a heart to serve the country. Please understand Niangniang, this minister keeps watching at Qi Jin not because this minister has any dissatisfaction with you or the Marquis Mansion. It’s just that more than five thousan men of the Jinwu Vanguard died unjustly in Qi Jin’s calculations against this minister, and this minister was also stained with the cause and effect. If this minister can’t give them justice, this minister will have a guilty conscience for the rest of his life.”

Empress Dowager Qi: “If you are stained with the cause and effect, shouldn’t I also blame myself for bringing you and Hua Yang together?”

Chen Jingzong kowtowed and apologized.

Empress Dowager Qi smiled bitterly: “Get up, I don’t mean to blame you, I just want you to stop worrying. All the evil is caused by Qi Jin alone. It has nothing to do with me, and it has nothing to do with you.”

Emperor Yuanyou: “What Mother Empress said is absolutely right. There are countless people in the world who cannot achieve their desires. If they were to harm those who succeed simply because they themselves failed, then wouldn’t all the failed scholars want to kill the Jinshi? A gentleman should cultivate himself and reflect on his shortcomings. The fact that Qi Jin could do such a thing only proves that he is a vicious and malicious person, despite his good looks.”

Empress Dowager Qi nodded. She was indeed a little cruel to her nephew back then, but it was ultimately his nephew’s own choice that led to his current situation.

“Leave this case to the Jinyiwei. I will not be involved in it anymore. I just want to tell you one thing.”

Chen Jingzong and Emperor Yuanyou looked at Empress Dowager Qi at the same time.

Empress Dowager Qi: “Qi Jin’s motive for plotting to harm Prince Consort is only that he resented Prince Consort for stealing his limelight in the martial arts competition. Don’t involve Hua Yang, and don’t let her know that Qi Jin has been coveting her.”

Chen Jingzong immediately said, “This minister think so too. Grand Princess is soft-hearted. This minister is afraid she will cling in this problem and take the blame for the deaths of the Jinwu Vanguard soldiers on herself.”

Emperor Yuanyou was furious again: “What does this have to do with Sister? Is Sister willing to be remembered by someone like Qi Jin?”

Chen Jingzong: “Of course not, just afraid that the news will leak out and people will say that Grand Princess is a beauty who brings disaster.”

Emperor Yuanyou gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, Zhen will definitely tell the Jinyiwei clearly that when interrogating the Qi family, if anyone dares to mention Sister, Zhen will immediately…”

He looked at his mother and swallowed the last few words.

Empress Dowager Qi pretended not to hear and said to Chen Jingzong, “It’s getting late. You should go back first. Hua Yang must be waiting for you.”

Chen Jingzong accepted the order and left.

With no outsiders around, Emperor Yuanyou knelt beside Empress Dowager Qi and asked in a low voice: “Mother Empress, will you blame Zhen?”

Empress Dowager Qi touched her son’s head, then stroked the boy’s face, which was gradually losing its youthfulness. Her eyes were filled with sadness. “You can distinguish between loyalty and treachery, which is what a wise ruler does. I am very proud of you. The little kid has finally grown up. I am just sad for losing a nephew I once thought was very good, and I feel bad that your uncle and grandmother raised him for more than twenty years in vain.”

Emperor Yuanyou held his mother’s hand and said, “Don’t feel sad, Mom. Sister and I will be filial to you. You don’t need a nephew like that.”

Empress Dowager Qi’s tears were brought to her eyes by her son’s long-lost “Mom”.


Grand Princess Mansion.

Hua Yang was indeed still awake.

This was the second time Chen Jingzong went out to run errands at night.

It was pitch-black outside, and darkness was inherently intimidating. How could something that had to be done in the dark not be a little dangerous?

On that rainy night in summer, Hua Yang waited until Chen Jingzong, who was soaked to the skin, came back before she went to sleep. She would wait again this time.

It was almost midnight. The last time Chen Jingzong came back, he didn’t come so late.

Hua Yang turned over in the bed again.

Finally, there was the sound of the main room door being pushed open, followed by the sound of footsteps.

Hua Yang’s heart beat faster. Even though she knew it was impossible for an assassin to break in, she still couldn’t control her nervousness at this moment.

“It’s me.” As soon as Chen Jingzong entered the inner room, he spoke to prove his identity.

Hua Yang breathed a sigh of relief, sat up and said, “Light the lamp.” Anyway, she wouldn’t fall asleep for a while.

Chen Jingzong lit the lamp.

He did not come back in the evening. Hua Yang thought he would change into black clothes outside, but she did not expect him to be wearing the scarlet commander’s official uniform.

Seeing her staring at his clothes, Chen Jingzong thought for a moment and said, “Shall I wipe myself first?”

Hua Yang: “Is it done?”

Chen Jingzong nodded.

Hua Yang relaxed even more: “Then you wipe yourself.”

After that, she lay down again with her back facing him.

Chen Jingzong smiled. They had been married for so long and had even bathed in hot springs together, but the grand princess was still very reserved. Or maybe she was just pretending. But he loved her pretentiousness.

After wiping himself carefully, Chen Jingzong changed into a clean middle coat and came to the bed.

Before he could hug her over, Hua Yang frowned: “What’s that smell?”

She had smelled alcohol and sweat before, but this strange smell tonight was very unfamiliar.

Chen Jingzong sniffed and explained, “Tung oil. I was going to trick someone tonight. If he doesn’t tell the truth, I’m going to burn him. I’ve already poured the tung oil.”

Hua Yang sat up suddenly!

Murder, what Chen Jingzong was going to do was actually kill people!

If he dared to kill others, others could kill him too!

Hua Yang’s gaze fell on him.

Chen Jingzong held the person in his arms, hugged her and said, “I’m fine, and I didn’t set the fire. The man confessed everything.”

Hua Yang frowned: “What’s going on?”

Chen Jingzong looked at her and started by telling her how he had defeated Qi Jin in a martial arts demonstration, then told her about the time when they went to the Marquis Mansion to celebrate the old lady’s birthday and Qi Jin had spoken rudely to him in the bathroom, and finally told her how Qi Jin colluded with the enemy in Wuduo Mountain, intending to kill people with a borrowed knife.

The motive he gave was that Qi Jin was jealous of him.

“There are two witnesses, and he confessed it himself. His Majesty and Niangniang also heard it clearly, and have already sent the person to the Jinyiwei.”

Hua Yang was completely stunned in his arms.

Chen Jingzong’s words were concise and fast, as if he was afraid that she would not believe him, then as soon as Hua Yang had any doubts, he immediately got solid evidence.

The most important thing was that Qi Jin admitted it himself!

Therefore, the person who actually trying to kill Chen Jingzong in the previous life was her cousin Qi Jin, whom she had known since childhood!

Just because of a martial arts competition, Qi Jin could be so cruel!

How could he have the nerve to go to the Chen family to offer condolences and to ask her to restrain her grief when Chen Jingzong’s coffin was carried back to the capital!

Hua Yang felt hatred and pain. She hated Qi Jin, felt pain for Chen Jingzong in front of her, and also felt pain for the Chen family’s fourth son who would never come back in her previous life.

Chen Jingzong’s sleeves were soon wet by grand princess’ tears, and no matter how he coaxed her, she showed no intention of stopping.

Chen Jingzong said helplessly: “Are you feeling sorry for him, or…”

Hua Yang slapped his mouth with one hand and scolded: “Shut up!”

He could be frivolous about other things but not this one. Qi Jin could not atone for his sin even if he dies, so how could he make her cry!

After the slap, Hua Yang buried her head in his chest and continued crying.

Chen Jingzong: …

Half of his middle coat was soon wet, and it felt cold and sticky, not at all comfortable.

Chen Jingzong took off his middle coat decisively.

Hua Yang leaned forward again, her face pressed against his strong and muscular chest.

Hua Yang: …

Chen Jingzong suggested: “Why don’t you cry on my head? It’s a good opportunity to help me wash my hair and get rid of the tung oil smell.”

Hua Yang: …

Chen Jingzong held up her wet face and said, “Okay, it’s all over. Thanks to you, I wasn’t tricked by him. It’s not worth crying.”

Without waiting for Hua Yang to speak, he kissed her fiercely.

Hua Yang hugged his neck closely and didn’t want to be separated from him again that night.

Translator’s note:

The main story will be concluded in two more chapters, and then come the extras.

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