Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 165

Chapter 165


It was getting dark.

Chen Jingzong looked at the grand princess who was still sitting beside the bed and teased, “Why don’t you go back to your room to rest? Do you want to stay here and take care of me all night?”

Hua Yang didn’t have this intention. She didn’t know how to take care of people. If she stays, Chen Jingzong would not be able to rest in peace.

She looked out the window again.

Chen Jingzong: “Go to bed. If the old man were coming, he would have come earlier.”

Though his tone was nonchalant, it made Huayang feel a pang of sadness in her heart.

Chen Jingzong slowly held her hand, looked at her downcast face and asked, “Are you feeling sad because the old man hasn’t come to see me despite my injuries, or because the old man, who clearly cares, is too afraid to come after we both gave him the cold shoulder?”

Hua Yang said nothing.

Chen Jingzong: “Look, you still think I’m always jealous of the old man. He didn’t do anything but just got a little scolding from you, and you feel sorry for him. I always have to shed some blood to get you to feel sorry for me.”

He was injured, Hua Yang didn’t want to argue with him at this time, and said calmly: “Father is old, and usually his mind is on state affairs. He is a strict father, but if he didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t still take time to teach you personally even though he was very busy. The deeper the love, the more severe the criticism. Father is such a person. Even if he never praises you outside, it’s all due to etiquette. The more others praise you, the more he, as a father, will be self-deprecating.”

In Hua Yang’s previous life, her father-in-law was almost a perfect man.

In this life, she found that her father-in-law had also some problems, some big and some small. But there was no doubt that her father-in-law worked hard for the court, so Hua Yang hoped that he would not have to worry about anything else at home. But today, she scolded her father-in-law in order to move back here to facilitate a conversation with General Qin. Chen Jingzong also deliberately humiliated her father-in-law in public, making this father and son seem like enemies. Hua Yang was afraid that he would be sad.

Chen Jingzong: “How can I not know what his temper is like? Don’t worry, he has been in the officialdom for a lifetime and had long cultivated into an old fox. It’s just that now that he’s in a high position, he become too lazy to guess people’s hearts. He just does whatever he wants and is tyrannical. Anyway, everyone has to listen to him. But an old fox is an old fox. Right now he’s probably already guessed what we were planning, so he shouldn’t be sad or anxious.”

Hua Yang stared at him and suddenly asked, “Do you also admire him?”

Chen Jingzong glared: “For the fact that I don’t hate him, he should burn incense to thank the ancestors of the Chen family. Do you still expect me to admire him? Dream on!”

Hua Yang laughed.

Chen Jingzong: “What are you laughing at?”

Hua Yang patted his hands, stood up and said, “It’s nothing. Since Father won’t be coming, there’s no need for me to stay here any longer. You can rest by yourself.”

Chen Jingzong grabbed her little finger, and Hua Yang had to sit back because she was afraid that he would hurt the wound.

Chen Jingzong gritted his teeth and said, “Are you trying to piss me off on purpose? What do you mean you don’t have to stay here if the old man doesn’t come?”

Hua Yang: “Since you know I did it on purpose, why still care about it?”

Chen Jingzong: “Doing it on purpose also not allow. If you don’t make me feel better tonight, don’t even think about leaving.”

Hua Yang looked at him and suddenly raised her left hand. The wide scarlet sleeves were like a light cloud, covering the upper half of prince consort’s face.

However, the grand princess’ sleeves were made of the finest silk, and even through two layers of silk, Chen Jingzong could still vaguely see her figure and saw her slowly leaning closer.

This time, almost as soon as she kissed his lips, Chen Jingzong opened his mouth and at the same time held the back of her head with his left hand to prevent her from just giving light peck.

Hua Yang was afraid of pressuring the injured shoulder, so she used her left elbow instead.

After kissing her until she could hardly bear it any longer, Chen Jingzong let her go reluctantly, but held her hand again.

Hua Yang glared at him: “Are you still not feeling better?”

Chen Jingzong’s face showed deep meaning: “My heart feels better, but other parts of my body start to feel uncomfortable again.”

Hua Yang followed his gaze, caught a glimpse of a vague shadow, and pushed him away, quickly walking around the screen.

Chen Jingzong looked that she paused for a moment over there, probably waiting for her face to become less red before leaving.

As soon as the grand princess left, Fu Gui came in and looked at his family’s prince consort with a face full of heartache.

Chen Jingzong didn’t need his sympathy: “Turn off the lights, I’m going to sleep.”

Fu Gui: …

Before Fourth Master got married, he often talked and laughed with him. Ever since Fourth Master became a prince consort, his heart was always been devoted to grand princess, and he care less and less about him!

Despite this, Fu Gui still spread the bedding next to prince consort’s bed in case he needed someone to take care of him at night.

In the Chief Minister’s courtyard, Chen Tingjian was still reading by lamplight at night, reading memorials from various places handed in from the capital.

Uncle Liu, an old servant who had served him for more than forty years, came in and advised: “Cabinet Elder, it’s almost the second watch, please take a rest. You still have to accompany His Majesty tomorrow. What if you get tired?”

Chen Tingjian said without even looking up: “Read one more.”

Uncle Liu shook his head and placed the copper basin filled with hot water in front of the bed.

The foot washing water had been brought over, and Chen Tingjian could only read one memorial before sitting down beside the bed.

Uncle Liu squatted down to wash his feet, and said to himself: “I don’t know how Prince Consort is doing now. He has lost so much blood. My shoulders hurt just looking at him.”

Chen Tingjian snorted: “It’s his own fault, who can he blame?”

Uncle Liu: “You are just being stubborn, but in your heart you may feel sorry for Prince Consort more than anyone else.”

Chen Tingjian: “He doesn’t even treat me as his father, so why should I feel sorry for him?”

Uncle Liu: “You really are getting more stubborn as you get older. In the past, when you argued with your wife, you were always the first to give in in the end.”

Chen Tingjian sneered, meaning, how could a son compare to his wife?

However, Cabinet Elder Chen, who used to fall asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow after a busy day, lay in bed for a long time tonight and was still very awake. No one knew when he finally fell asleep.

The next morning, Chen Tingjian was still having breakfast when he saw Uncle Liu walked in from outside and report: “Cabinet Elder, I heard that General Qin came early and brought two large boxes of gifts, waiting to visit Prince Consort.”

Yesterday’s incident happened suddenly, and General Qin was with the emperor the whole time, so he was unable to fulfill the etiquette. Today he came to visit the injured, how could not prepare a gift?

Chen Tingjian frowned, but since Qin Yuantang had already brought the gifts over, he didn’t know what to say and just pretended he didn’t know.

This news also reached Emperor Yuanyou’s ears.

This was the most basic etiquette, and Emperor Yuanyou did not take it seriously. He asked Cao Li, “Did Cabinet Elder Chen went to visit?”

Cao Li: “He hasn’t gone.”

Emperor Yuanyou shook his head, thinking the old man sure had quite a temper. It must be because he had too many sons that he didn’t value them as much. If he had been the one to get injured so seriously, his late father emperor would probably be so anxious he’d come back to life.

After breakfast, Emperor Yuanyou brought Cao Li to visit his poor brother-in-law who was not liked by his own father.

Chen Jingzong had already changed the medicine and was eating, leaning against the head of the bed, while Fu Gui was feeding him a bowl of rice.

Emperor Yuanyou asked in confusion, “Why isn’t Sister here?”

Chen Jingzong swallowed and explained, “Grand Princess was too frightened yesterday and may not have slept well at night. She is still catching up on her sleep now.”

Emperor Yuanyou: …

Alright, his sister has bigger temper than Cabinet Elder Chen. Instead it was him who cares about his brother-in-law the most!

Emperor Yuanyou: “General is outside seeking an audience, do you know?”

Chen Jingzong said worriedly, “I know, but without Grand Princess’s signal, I dare not invite General in without authorization. I sent someone to persuade him, but he refused to leave.”

Emperor Yuanyou: …

At this time, footsteps were heard from outside. Not long after, the grand princess, dressed in her best clothes, came in late. When she entered the room, she asked Emperor Yuanyou, “Why did Your Majesty come so early? Have you had your breakfast yet?”

Emperor Yuanyou looked out the window which was already bright, but he didn’t want to say anything. He just replied to his sister’s greeting and mentioned Qin Yuantang again: “Sister, General is sincere, please invite him in quickly.”

Hua Yang gave face to her brother and asked someone to invite him in.

Qin Yuantang was dressed in the uniform of a general and looked very majestic, but when he saw the three nobles, he still looked as terrified as he was yesterday.

Hua Yang looked at her brother and said indifferently, “General, there is no need to be like this. Prince Consort said that it was his own impulse and it had nothing to do with General.”

Qin Yuantang smiled apologetically and said, “No matter what, Prince Consort was injured by my spear. I specially prepared some tonic for him. I hope he will recover soon.”

Hua Yang nodded, and thus the matter was over.

Chen Jingzong could not go anywhere for the next two days, so Emperor Yuanyou sat for a while and was about to leave.

Qin Yuantang hurriedly followed, and when they got outside, Qin Yuantang secretly glanced at Emperor Yuanyou several times.

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and asked, “General, is there something?”

When Qin Yuantang heard this, he knelt down in front of Emperor Yuanyou and said, “Your Majesty, this general really didn’t mean to hurt Prince Consort!”

Emperor Yuanyou: “Of course Zhen know, and Zhen doesn’t blame you. General, please get up quickly.”

Qin Yuantang couldn’t get up. He looked as if he was being hunted by his enemies, and only Emperor Yuanyou in front of him could save him. “Your Majesty is wise, but this general see that Grand Princess and Cabinet Elder Chen are still angry with this general. Grand Princess at least accepted the gift, but Cabinet Elder Chen refused to even see this general. It’s obvious that he still holds a grudge. If Cabinet Elder Chen is just giving a cold shoulder, this general will just bear with it. This general is just afraid that Cabinet Elder Chen will make things difficult for this general after returning to the capital…”

As he spoke, Qin Yuantang’s voice became lower and lower, and his expression became more and more aggrieved.     Emperor Yuanyou: …

He really didn’t expect that General Qin, who made the Japanese pirates, Tatars, and Duoyan tremble in fear, was actually such a person in private.

Emperor Yuanyou paused, and considerately gave Qin Yuantang some advice: “Then you should also prepare a generous gift for Cabinet Elder Chen.”

Qin Yuantang was worried: “This general doesn’t know what he likes. This general has given him a beauty and expensive supplements before, but Cabinet Elder Chen immediately returned them and scolded this general. This general had no choice but to give him some worthless local specialties to show his respect. But after yesterday, this general finally understood that worthless gifts didn’t work at all. The valuable ones, this general has just given to Grand Princess, so really don’t know what else should be given to Cabinet Elder Chen.”

Emperor Yuanyou seemed to have just learned about this and asked in surprise, “You also sent a beauty to Cabinet Elder Chen?”

Qin Yuantanghu’s face turned red, he looked around, and said in a muffled voice: “This general originally fighting against the Japanese in the southeast, and Cabinet Elder Chen recommended this general to come to Jizhen to become the Commander-in-chief. This general thought that since Cabinet Elder Chen promoted this general, he must want to get some benefits from this general, so…”

Emperor Yuanyou laughed and said, “General, you are overthinking. Cabinet Elder is a man of high character. He appointed you because he knows how to appoint the right person to the right position, not for personal gain.”

Qin Yuantang: “Yes, Cabinet Elder Chen is a man of high moral character, but now that this general has stabbed Prince Consort. He may be magnanimous, but he must be resentful in his heart! Your Majesty, this general is not afraid of losing his position, but just afraid that the Tatars and Duoyan will invade again. It’s not that this general looked down on the other generals, but this general must personally guard Jizhen for you, so that this general can feel at ease! This general wants to continue to train soldiers for you, build the Great Wall more solid, and make firearms more powerful. This general is full of ambitions, please fulfill them, Your Majesty!”

After saying this, he kowtowed heavily to Emperor Yuanyou.

Emperor Yuanyou had personally seen the Great Wall built under the supervision of Qin Yuantang, the 100,000 elite soldiers trained by Qin Yuantang, and the power of the Chariot Battalion and cannons.

Chen Tingjian valued talents, and Emperor Yuanyou also valued talents!

He helped Qin Yuantang up with both hands and promised: “General, rest assured, as long as you are loyal to Zhen and the court, Zhen will always use you to defend Jizhen.”

Qin Yuantang was overjoyed: “With your words, this general will no longer have to worry about anything, and won’t have to rack his brains to give gifts to anyone!”

Emperor Yuanyou smiled.

When the two returned to Emperor Yuanyou’s courtyard, Chen Tingjian and the other cabinet ministers, as well as Liu Jie, the governor of Ji Province, and Liu Shou, the commander of Jinyiwei, had been waiting for a long time.

He Qingxian: “Your Majesty, how is Prince Consort’s injury?”

Emperor Yuanyou smiled and said, “He’s better now. You don’t have to worry.”

Chen Tingjian looked at Qin Yuantang.

The others also observed Chen Tingjian and Qin Yuantang silently.

Qin Yuantang felt a little guilty at first, but then he remembered something and stood up straight, standing behind Emperor Yuanyou like a door god.

It was obvious that General Qin had obtained the support of the emperor and no longer afraid of Cabinet Elder Chen!

The author has something to say:

General Qin: Actually, I still respect you the most in my heart. As long as you ask, I will give you as many as sea lion kidneys as you want!

Cabinet Elder Chen: ….

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