Reborn After Widowhood

Reborn After Widowhood – Chapter 154

Chapter 154


Except for having dinner at a restaurant in a small town at noon and taking a short rest, Hua Yang and Chen Jingzong spent almost all of the day on the carriage.

Because there was nothing to do and her hands felt cold when reading, messing around on the couch with Chen Jingzong became her only pastime.

After a while, Hua Yang fell into a deep sleep. When she woke up, the light in the carriage had become dim. Chen Jingzong was sitting in the side seat on the right, adjusting his clothes.

“Did I disturb you?”

Chen Jingzong asked in a low voice before he got up.

The grand princess, who had just woken up, looked at the carriage window and asked, “What time is it?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s already dark outside. We’ll get there in about half an hour.”

Hua Yang hummed, grabbed the quilt next to her ear with one hand, and wrapped herself tightly.

This meant that she didn’t want to get up yet. Chen Jingzong looked at her clothes and jacket stacked on the low cabinet opposite, knelt down in front of the couch, supported the couch with his left arm, and touched the top of her exposed head with his right hand: “Get up, it will take a while to get dressed and comb your hair, and you have to get used to the cold outside. If you get off the carriage as soon as you get out of bed, you will easily catch the cold.”

Hua Yang understood that, but she just didn’t want to leave this warm bed.

Chen Jingzong took off her clothes and said, “I will help you get dress.”

Hua Yang still didn’t move.

Chen Jingzong just opened the quilt and picked her up, and then put the clothes on her body layer by layer as quickly as possible. When the warm and light carmine red satin fox fur jacket was put on her body, Hua Yang was still trembling a little, so Chen Jingzong took her cloak and wrapped it tightly around her, leaving only her long messy hair and head exposed.

The grand princess’s face was bright red, and there was a layer of water in her red eyes. At this time, she was less arrogant and more charming than usual.

Afraid that she was already sick, Chen Jingzong put his palm against her forehead for a while, and only put it down after making sure that it was not hot.

“So delicate, you should just stay in the capital during the winter from now on.” Chen Jingzong said helplessly while combing her hair. He also felt more and more that he had accumulated great fortune over several lifetimes. Only the year before last he was able to make such a noble and delicate ancestor ran to join the army for him.

Hua Yang stretched out her cloak with one hand and held a mirror the size of a plate with the other. Just now Chen Jingzong lit the lamp, and her flushed face was clearly reflected in the mirror, as well as Chen Jingzong’s not very skilled action on combing her hair.

After her hair was smooth, Hua Yang asked him to get out of the carriage and change place with Chao Yun and Chao Yue in the carriage behind.

Chen Jingzong held her long hair in his hand, kissed her jade-white ear, and then left.

When he got out of the carriage, Hua Yang noticed scattered snowflakes falling outside.

Soon, Chao Yun and Chao Yue came over and skillfully tied the grand princess’s hair into a bun, inserted the gold hairpin jewelry, and other things.

After drinking half a cup of warm water, Hua Yang opened the curtains and saw Chen Jingzong riding on the back of Snow Tower, three steps away from the window. The wind was so strong but he was only wearing his robe.

He also just came out of the bed. Is he really not afraid of the cold?

Hua Yang glanced at Chao Yue.

Chao Yue smiled and picked up the cloak that prince consort put in the carriage, and handed it out from the window. At this time, Hua Yang had already sat in the middle of the main couch.

Chen Jingzong smiled, took the cloak and put it on.

There were high and low hills nearby, and occasionally you could see villas with white walls and red tiles scattered among them. Eunuch Liu, who managed the villa for Eldest Princess Anle, had already picked up the grand princess outside Tangshan and was currently riding his horse to lead the way at the front.

When the night fell, the group finally arrived at the villa.

On the outside, Chen Jingzong looked over and saw that the eldest princess’s villa occupied a large area and was very elegant.

Zhou Ji was staying with his new wife at home, and Wu Run didn’t follow. Chen Jingzong got off his horse and personally helped Hua Yang get out the carriage.

The snow was not heavy yet, but the wind was strong. Hua Yang looked around unintentionally while wearing a hood, and hurriedly followed Eunuch Liu in.

As they walked, Eunuch Liu said: “Eldest Princess has two of the best villas here. One is called Jade Pool Fairyland, and the other is called Moon Palace Cloud. Both have hot springs and pools in them, and they were already tidied up now. Grand Princess can just say, you and Prince Consort can live wherever you want.”

Hua Yang: “Where does my aunt usually live?”

Eunuch Liu: “Eldest Princess likes Jade Pool Fairyland the most.”

Hua Yang said: “Let’s live in Moon Palace Cloud.”

Eunuch Liu smiled and led them the way.

Chen Jingzong said at the edge of Hua Yang’s hood: “This name really suits you.”

Hua Yang glared at him.

After walking for a while, a house appeared in front of them. There was nothing unusual about the house. What was strange was that the whole house was surrounded by a connected circle of hot springs. White mist rose in spirals, merging with the steadily falling snowflakes. It was as ethereal as fairyland on earth, and indeed like the Moon Palace.

Even someone as experience and knowledgeable as Hua Yang, was amazed by the scene in front of her and slowed down unknowingly.

She then looked at Chen Jingzong.

Unexpectedly, Chen Jingzong was very steady, as if he would not be moved even if Chang’e really emerged from the pool.

There was a stone bridge over the hot spring pool. The group crossed the stone bridge and entered the “Moon Palace Cloud”.

In this three-entrance courtyard, Eunuch Liu arranged eight little maids here, but Hua Yang also brought four maids with her, two close maids and two little maids. In the end the eight people on her aunt’s side only had to be responsible for cleaning the courtyard.

“Grand Princess, please take a rest. Dinner will be sent from the kitchen soon.”

After Eunuch Liu finished introducing the place, he wisely withdrew.

Chao Yun took away the eight little maids and told them the rules they needed to abide when serving the grand princess these days.

Chao Yue made the bed inside.

Chen Jingzong: “Shall I go to the back and take a look?”

Hua Yang knew that he was going to find the real hot spring pool for their use, so she only reminded him to pay attention to his manners and not to be too awestruck and make the maids laugh.

Chen Jingzong gave her a “reassuring” look.

After leaving Hua Yang, Chen Jingzong went to the backyard.

There was a rockery piled up here. The height of the rockery was irregular. Even with his height, it was difficult to see what was going on inside.

Along the quiet and narrow path in the middle of the rockery, Chen Jingzong turned about three-quarters of the way around, and the view suddenly opened up to reveal a hot spring pool emitting white mist. The edges of the pool were entirely paved with smoothly polished stones of various sizes, creating a natural waterscape effect. To the north of the pool stood a cluster of verdant bamboo, and to the east and west were old plum trees. These two old plum trees had clearly been specially transplanted, with their branches extending towards the center of the pool, the longest ones intertwining in mid-air.

Maybe because it was warm enough here, the red plum blossoms were already in full bloom, and some petals fall into the pool, swaying with the water waves.

Chen Jingzong walked around the pond and returned to the south bank. He felt his blood surge, and he couldn’t wait to pick up the grand princess and throw her in here.

In the front room, Hua Yang had just washed her hands and face and was applying facial cream.

The door curtain was raised and Chen Jingzong walked in.

Hua Yang noticed that his face was a little red and asked worriedly: “Did you catch a cold?”

People who have just woken up in winter were indeed prone to catching cold, and blushing was the most common symptom.

Chen Jingzong answered evasively: “The food has been delivered over there, come out and eat.”

Hua Yang was indeed hungry. The restaurant they encountered at noon was just ordinary, and the food was almost unpalatable to her.

Eunuch Liu personally led several young eunuchs to serve the dinner. Even without the eldest princess’s instructions, he would treat the grand princess and her husband as his own masters and serve them diligently.

“It’s cold, this servant took the liberty to prepare fruit wine. Do you want to try it?”

Eunuch Liu picked up the exquisite celadon ewer from the warm pot with a smile on his face.

Hua Yang responded: “Half a cup is enough.”

The wine cup was not big to begin with, and half of it could only take three sips.

Eunuch Liu poured the wine with a smile.

Hua Yang told them to leave and there was no need to come back tonight.

The dinner was sumptuous, and Hua Yang ate happily. Chen Jingzong also had a good appetite, and drank a full jug of wine.

After dinner, Hua Yang put on her cloak and followed him to the back to look at the pool.

The snow was getting heavier and heavier, but the wind had stopped, making this hot spring that was surrounded by rockeries even more tranquil.

The more particular Hua Yang was, the more she appreciated her aunt’s arrangement of this pool, especially the two blooming red plums, which made her feel that her trip was worthwhile.

Her eyes were full of elegance, but a hoarse voice suddenly came to her ears: “When are we going to take a bath?”

Hua Yang glanced at him sideways: “I’ve been riding in the carriage all day. I just want to sleep tonight. You go take a bath by yourself.”

Chen Jingzong: “I have no experience, and I don’t know how long I should stay. To be safe, I’d better wait for you.”

The two of them returned to the house first.

There was another bathing pool in the west room, but it only had warm water. Hua Yang washed herself first, dried her hair and went back to the inner room to rest.

After Chen Jingzong washed himself, he put out the lotus bowl and looked at the grand princess who was already lying inside the bed. He directly soaked five of them to be prepared.


In the first half of the night, Hua Yang slept soundly. But probably because she slept too much in the carriage during the day, in the second half of the night, didn’t know which exact time, when Chen Jingzong next to her moved, Hua Yang also woke up.

As soon as she turned over, Chen Jingzong hugged her and kissed her ear, breathing rapidly.

Hua Yang: “…You haven’t been awake this whole time, have you?”

Chen Jingzong: “It’s alright, I only woke up a little earlier than you.”

Hua Yang was silent.

Chen Jingzong: “I want to go to the pool.”

Hua Yang’s body began to heat up.

Chen Jingzong wrapped her in a quilt: “I’ll carry you over.”

Hua Yang: “Wait! I’m thirsty, bring me a cup of water.”

Chen Jingzong immediately let go of her. While Hua Yang was drinking water, he ran to the washstand and brushed his teeth carefully.

Hua Yang:……

After putting on her clothes, she also went to brush and wash her face.

Her long hair was still messy. Even though she knew it would get wet later, Hua Yang still ran it through with a comb. At this time, Chen Jingzong went out with the lotus bowl.

When Chen Jingzong came back, he directly carried Hua Yang into his arms.

Hua Yang was a little nervous.

Chen Jingzong said: “Don’t worry, no one will come.”

The two doors leading to the backyard could be locked from the inside to prevent dishonest servants from peeping when the owner was bathing in the hot spring.

Hua Yang watched Chen Jingzong locked the door with her own eyes, but her heart was still pounding.

At least there was a shed to cover the boat, but there was nothing above the hot spring.

Chen Jingzong carried her down the corridor. He placed lanterns on the way in advance. The weak and soft light illuminated the falling snowflakes in the sky, and the entire rockery was covered in silver.

When they arrived at the pool, Chen Jingzong didn’t give the grand princess a chance to back off, and helped her take off her outer clothes in a few swift motions.

When only a thin red silk inner shirt was left, Hua Yang slapped his hand away and entered the pool first.

Like a full-fledged red carp, she briskly swam toward the plum tree, where the light was at its dimest.

Only halfway through the swim, there was a bigger sound of falling into the water in the distance. Hua Yang turned around in fear. There was no one on the shore or on the water.

But there was a slight sound of water, and the mist on the pool surface was shaking uneasily.

Hua Yang swam faster.

Just as her hands touched the round and smooth stones on the shore, her waist suddenly tightened. The next moment, the man emerging from the water suddenly turned her over and bullied her.

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